Out Of Afrika, Chapter 50

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 50A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi******?Our story thus far:Rhino the South African electronics conglomerate had transformed the lives of many in and around the small town of Hawksville by virtue of the products they manufactured which were all embedded with software which transmitted mind-controlling commands that compelled the recipients to accept and encourage the domination of the black man over white women and for their husbands and partners in one way or another to become subservient cuckolds.However there were ‘pockets of resistance’ to the insidious Rhino effect and traditional racist attitudes still persisted with some inhabitants, particularly amongst the rural community who were somewhat isolated from the mainstream of Hawksville life.******?Over the years since Rhino’s arrival in Hawksville and the slow introduction of a different way of living to the sleepy town residents, there were some things that seemingly were destined to never change. The surrounding countryside for instance was always going to be dominated by farming and fields; the slow pace of life was never going to be accelerated beyond what passed for an easy amble; respect for the church and heeding the word of the elders was always going to be paramount and, to the shame and frustration of those who were now true converts to the creed of the Church of the Black Staff, there were still racist attitudes being expressed by those who had yet to see the light.Rhino and the Church of the Black Staff (led respectively by CEO Oskar Botha and Bishop Erasmus) recognised that if the mission to convert the world to the ideal of White being subservient to Black was to succeed then these attitudes needed to be confronted and eradicated. They had spent many hours together exploring ways of bringing this about before coming up with a solution.One of the answers the weekly brainstorming session in Rhino’s conference room provided was ‘Home Delivery’; Zaire, Oskar’s deputy, was given the task of implementing a solution.*******?’Red’ Ellis liked nothing better than to spend his free time (of which he had an abundant amount) spouting out his views on the world of Red Ellis. He was, to describe him delicately, an overweight guy who had never done a day’s exercise or hard work in his life which went some way to explain a waistline which only a baggy pair of bibbed overalls could conceal .. and not very effectively at that! In point of fact, the rolls of fat that masqueraded as his waist also did a good job on concealing his cock from view; had he been asked he would have to admit he had no recollection of when he last saw it in the flesh, so to speak.Red was a farmer who had taken over the tenancy of a few hundred acres of Soy beans and corn from his daddy who in turn had inherited before him. The farm had been in the family’s possession since, well, forever, and while the world had been moving on nothing much had changed in this corner of Hawksville, especially the idea that Black folks were regarded and to be treated as if they were still the slaves that begat them. It was an idea that didn’t have much support amongst the more enlightened residents of Hawksville but, nevertheless some sympathy for his views could be found in isolated pockets and one such pocket was his favourite watering hole, ‘Bubba’s Cafe and Diner’ which was located just a short tractor ride away from the farm.’BCD’, as it was known, was a roadside restaurant that catered for the nutritional needs of passing travelers and for the likes of Red who would each day after he had made a perfunctory inspection of his crops would go and take breakfast. He was not alone in following this routine for his neighbour Stan McGraw did exactly the same and each and every day (Sundays excepted when they went to church) they would share the same booth where they both would order and eat the same items from Bubba’s menu and go through the same conversation as days previous as they devoured their eggs, bacon and grits washed down with coffee. Between mouthfuls Red would share his interpretation of the world of Hawksville as he saw it with a presumption that Stan shared the same outlook.Stan listened but didn’t say too much as Red ranted once again about the feckless manner and laziness of the hired help he had around the farm and how the only way to get anything done was to berate and belittle the Black workers into some kind of submission. It never occurred to Red that maybe if he treated his hired help with a bit more respect and paid them at least the minimum wage then maybe he might get a better return on his outlay. Stan just nodded at appropriate moments as this thought went through his head but still said nothing.Red, as usual, took Stan’s silence as proof that his views were shared before launching into his favourite theme, the one that said ‘Blacks’ were interested in only one thing and that was fucking and breeding like rabbits and how important it was to protect white women from the attention of ‘these a****ls’; how he was pleased to know that his wife and daughter would never countenance the interest or company of a ‘Black Boy’ … and so on and so on.Stan didn’t say anything for the simple reason that he knew at this moment that Becky, his own wife, and his daughter Sandy were indeed entertaining the interests of Black boys. Today was the weekly visit of Rhino’s 2-man Tech team to inspect the transmitter mast on his property and he figured that at the same time as Red was talking about the purity of white women that Becky was most probably being included in the inspection and her white pussy had already been filled by one or maybe both of the technicians. Sandy, being the dutiful daughter, would be waiting her turn.No, Stan didn’t say anything at all. Least of all because due to the exposure to Rhino and their products over the years he had become thoroughly indoctrinated into the belief that the Black man and their larger cocks were indeed the superior race and should be encouraged to fuck white wives and daughters.It had taken a while to come around to this attitude but Stan was now totally on-board with ‘allowing’ his wife to be fucked by Black men and indeed had become used to watching her mewl her way through orgasms as her pussy and womb was filled with black seed. He was still a little uneasy thinking about Sandy participating in the weekly inspection process should she be home rather than at school on ‘Tech visit day’ but only because he knew that after she had been fucked by a black cock that she would have no interest in her father’s for a few days. Certainly he would not be sharing a description of that scenario with Red.Red wiped his plate with the remains of a slice of toast and popped the yolk-soaked morsel in his fat mouth. He made a show of looking at the watch on his chubby wrist and declared, “.. hell man, is that the time? I gotta go.”It wasn’t kadıköy escort a statement made with any great conviction for both he and Stan knew that he really didn’t have anything to do. It was just something that he always said once his plate was cleared and the coffee cup was empty for Red wasn’t a very imaginative person.He also wasn’t known for his powers of observation which made it a bit of a surprise when he looked outside the window and noticed the brown delivery truck parked alongside his tractor outside in the lot and commented to Stan of the gold coloured logo that decorated the side panel. “Hey, look at that, ‘BCD – Home Service’. Guess that Bubba is starting to do take-outs and home deliveries.”He chuckled as they passed the counter, “Good luck with that one Bubba. Home Service, that’s funny, heh, heh …”Bubba had not the slightest clue what the heck that ‘fat fool’ was talking about.The black driver of the truck who had just received his breakfast order overheard the exchange and smiled to himself . He had just delivered a new fridge to a nearby farm. The wife and daughter had been most appreciative!*******?Chrissy Ellis heard the vehicle crunch its way to a parking spot outside and looked up to see the familiar sight of a UPS delivery van … only it wasn’t, it just looked like one but she had already made the assumption as wiped her hands down the front of her old housecoat as she went to the kitchen door.A large handsome black man holding a clipboard was already on the porch as she opened the door just wide enough to peek through the crack, ” Good Morning, is Mr. Ellis at home? I have a delivery.”Chrissy responded nervously by shaking her head. Her husband had told her countless times that he ‘didn’t countenance no Blacks coming to my house’. She was confused when such a situation as now occurred for surely, she thought, ‘… there’s gotta be times when the rule didn’t apply.’ Anyway, he wasn’t around to make a protest and she knew that he would be absent for a couple of hours so rather than just close the door in the attractive man’s face she stammered an almost inaudible, “No, he’s around the farm doing chores …””Hmm, OK, not a problem. I have a fridge for delivery to … ” he made a show of looking at the address on his board, “.. Mr. Ellis, Small Acres Farm ….”.Chrissy opened the door wider and stopped him, “Yeah, that’s us. He did say we had one coming. I can sign for it if that’s OK.”The driver nodded, for sure it would be ‘OK’ and the timing of the delivery was all part of the scheme to make certain that everything would be ‘OK’.The Ellis family had been under some kind of surveillance by Rhino for some time. Red’s attitudes were no secret around town and Oskar had identified Red as being a prime target for ‘indoctrination’. Indeed, Oskar made it a personal mission to turn the fat racist into being a cuckold to black cock. He would take great satisfaction from hearing that he had been ‘turned’.The driver went back to his truck, deftly unloaded the large unit onto a sack truck and returned to the house. Chrissy said nothing as she admired the sight of this powerfully built man so easily maneuver the heavy fridge up the steps and wheel into the kitchen.”Where do want it?” he said with a smirk.The innuendo passed over her head and she pointed to a spot alongside a closet, “Over there will be fine.”Without another word being said the remaining packaging protecting the fridge was removed and a socket found for the cord to be plugged in. The fridge jumped into life and it was only then that Chrissy noticed that the facia had a small screen and control panel set in the face of the freezer door. She had been far too busy focusing her attention on the muscular frame of the guy who was pushing the thing into position.”You’ll need to come and take a look at this, I need to show you how to operate the settings and such before I get you to sign.”The kitchen door opened and Chrissy’s heart gave a jump as she thought that her husband had come home early but, no, it was just daughter Missy who had been out tending the horses.”Hi Ma, … oh, hello, what’s going on here?””Perfect,” thought the driver, ‘Chrissy and Missy’, that’s got a nice ring about it, mother and daughter, that’ll kill two birds with one stone.”Our new fridge has arrived. This, uh, nice man is just about to show me how it works and what we need to do. Come here, you can listen in, you know what a dummy I am about remembering things.”Missy came over and stood behind her mother and they both peered at the small screen which displayed the Rhino logo. The driver touched an icon and suddenly the logo on the screen faded out and showed in its place a swirl of colours accompanied by a soft melodic humming noise. The driver said nothing but waited for what he knew would inevitably be happening … very soon.Chrissy’s gaze was transfixed on the psychedelic display and she slowly became aware of images beginning to form in her head. The pictures that began to take shape were quite unlike anything she could have imagined herself and she was bemused to find herself becoming warm and feeling kind of funny inside. She concentrated harder on the screen and then without any prompting she asked the freezer door, “What did you say; what was that you said?’ in a dreamy robotic voice.Missy was having a similar experience as she looked over her mother’s shoulder with an unblinking stare. She likewise could hear voices in her head which were suggesting the most delicious ideas and commands. She could also feel her pussy becoming warmer by the moment as she concentrated on what the screen was showing and telling her but it was unlikely it could become any wetter for she was still stimulated from having just been with her horses and the sight of the mare being ‘served’ by the fat horse cock of the stallion. How she loved to see that happening.The driver stepped away from the fridge and allowed the two women a few moments more to look at the screen. Knowing what was going to happen, he prepared himself by undoing his overalls, shrugging his shoulders and allowing them to drop to the floor.The girls both shared the same blank expressions as they straightened up and turned away from the fridge. If they were surprised at the sight of the driver standing behind them leaning against the counter with his stiffening cock bulging within the confines of his boxer shorts then they certainly didn’t show it. Why should they have been surprised, the ‘fridge’ had told them to expect it. It had also told them a number of other things and all of them sounded perfectly plausible and they had no reason to question anything that they were about to do.Chrissy undid her housecoat and let it fall from her shoulders and it fell, symbolically, to lay on top of the driver’s overall which was on the floor. She revealed underwear that üsküdar escort was more likely sourced from Walmart rather than Victoria’s Secret but nevertheless the driver nodded his approval at the sight of her full breasts supported within the white cotton. He bid her to come over to where he stood and with no hesitation and to the accompaniment of the low melodic hum still emanating from the fridge she quickly joined him. So far; so good.He glanced down at his tented underwear and then gave her a knowing look. She knew exactly what to do. She knelt before him and with fumbling hands tugged at the waistband of his boxers and with a little difficulty pulled them down so that his cock which was now almost at full mast sprung up to slap against her chin. Had she not have had her head filled with the pleasant noises of the fridge she might have heard Missy’s sigh of approval at the sight. She certainly would have had no inkling that her daughter was thinking, “Oh my God, that cock looks almost as big as my horse’s …”The kneeling housewife had no such thoughts of her own. Her attention was now fully concentrated on the magnificent black throbbing penis she now held in her trembling white tiny hands. She was trembling because although she was totally under the influence of the hypnotic commands that swirled around her that she was still sufficiently aware that this cock which was at least four times the size of the thing that her fat husband possessed. It was a beautiful sight and her trembles came from knowing that she was soon to be fucked by it and that to be ‘loved’ would be so heavenly …. the fridge had promised it would. More than that, the fridge had also assured her that her husband wouldn’t be mad when he discovered she had been fucked by another man (a black man at that) and that he would eventually would be applauding and encouraging her to do it again. The biggest wonder of all was how quickly the fridge had managed to convince her of such things but, then again, it was a measure of the power of the ‘Rhino Effect’.She needed no further instructions, she tentatively poked out her wet tongue (‘she just had to taste it’) and licked around the bulb of the glans until it was coated with her spit; it tasted good. He murmured something unheard by the watching Missy and she opened her mouth fully, he gave a slight shove and with no resistance the fat knob popped into her and she began to suck as if she was born to it. Missy gave a groan of her own as she looked on thinking that her mother must be enjoying a similar experience to herself when she had been with her horses in the stable.The driver looked over at the daughter who had similarly taken off her clothes and gave her a smile of encouragement to continue with the soft masturbation she was enjoying. He knew how erotic and arousing it must appear to the watching girl to be seeing her mother in such a position … even if the fridge hadn’t already instructed her to do what she was doing as she waited for her turn.Chrissy’s hands grasped the stiff shaft and she instinctively began to softly wank the warm veiny flesh as he just as gently began to face-fuck her. It was when he felt one hand move to begin tickling his hanging hairy balls and for the sure signs that a climax was stirring that he pulled away. She had no time to be disappointed, he reached down and pulled her to her feet, turned her around and pushed her to lean over the low counter. In one smooth movement he stepped behind her spread form, yanked her sensible white cotton Walmart knickers down and shoved his stiff wet cock into the waiting maw of her cunt. She wailed out her approval.The farmer’s daughter looked on, one hand almost a blur as she continued to pleasure herself, rubbing at her clit while caressing her tits with the other. She listened to her mother squealing with pleasure as the fat black cock plunged back and forth; she heard the squishing as more and more ‘juice’ dribbled from her; she looked with wonder as his balls slapped against the fat cheeks as he bottomed out; she listened to his grunts that accompanied each thrust until, just like when she watched the stallion, she saw the muscles of his ‘haunches’ stiffen up and she knew that his almost a****l-like bellow meant he was shooting his black seed deep into her mother’s womb.He held his position for a few moments longer before eventually slowly withdrawing to leave the older woman gasping to recover her breath after having had the most amazing and fulfilling fucking of her life. She made no move to get up from her position spread-eagled on the counter top and with her eyes still closed as she enjoyed her post-orgasmic bliss didn’t see the ravager of her white pussy turn his attention to her daughter who was patiently waiting for him as she leant against the fridge. No words were exchanged as he beckoned her to lay down on the kitchen floor. She needed no further invitation and did as he indicated (and as the fridge had previously instructed).”You ready for this girl?” he asked as he brandished his rampant dripping cock.”Yessir, I’m ready,” she whimpered.He knelt between the young girl’s spread legs and rubbed the purple bulb between the virgin lips. He eased himself slowly forward expecting to feel resistance but was pleasantly surprised when his cock slipped easily between her pouting lips. She sighed as she felt him slide into her with the satisfaction of knowing that all those hours she had spent with her toys in her lonely bedroom at night had made the taking of her first black cock so much easier than should have been the case. As he began to rhythmically push back and forth and she had her first orgasm she had a fleeting thought as to whether this would be what it would feel like the next time she visited the stable. (The fridge hadn’t made any mention about that).Her pussy once more began to give out the series of contractions that along with her sighs and moans told him she was having yet another climax. As he pawed at her heaving tits he glanced at his watch. “Shit, is that the time?” he thought. “Gotta be going.” Being the consummate professional he allowed himself the luxury of relaxing his self-control and with a final thrust he buried himself to the hilt and blasted off for the second time. She squealed even louder as she felt the hot spunk fill her insides.If the two woman thought it to be strange that one should be completely naked and the other to be standing wearing just her bra (bought at Walmart) then neither mention it as the black delivery driver handed the mother the clipboard. She listened in her post-orgasmic haze as he said, “…. if you would sign here to say that you’re satisfied with the service I’ll be able to get the warranty validated.”She scribbled her signature on the form and returned the clipboard.He nodded his satisfaction as struggled to zip up his coveralls and then looked around to tuzla escort see where he had parked his sack truck.”Right, OK … that all looks good. I’ll be on my way then. Ah, tell your husband I’ll come by next week to check that everything is working fine and, oh, tell him that you have qualified for a free gift from Rhino. We are giving our new and satisfied customers a Smart TV by way of a thank you for your custom. I’ll deliver and install it at the same time but he really needs to be here so that I can demonstrate how it all works.” He added as a final piece of advice, “Our TVs have got some really neat features .. see you next week. Oh, and by the way, you need to tell him that there will be a delivery charge for the service.”With that the contented driver departed whistling the Rhino signature non-tune still emanating from the fridge and thinking to himself that not only was he making a cuckold of the fat white guy but he was actually making him pay for the privilege!The two disheveled females were left listening to the continuing humming from the control panel not knowing what to do until a whispered command broke through the soothing noise and told them to ‘clean yourselves up and get the mess tidied away’. Without protest they did exactly as directed under the gaze of the unblinking eye of the hidden camera that was also an integral feature of the panel.The duty technician back in the Rhino Tech Centre watched and waited until he was satisfied that the farm house kitchen was returned to its normal condition and then he pressed a button that caused a final command to be issued.With a start the girls looked at each other and both wondered where the last hour and a half had gone and also why, for whatever grounds, they were both feeling so utterly satisfied with life. (Missy, for some unknown reason, couldn’t shake the image of her horse’s erect cock out of head.) Neither of them admitted to each other that they were already looking forward to the delivery driver’s visit the following week.******?Oskar once again called the meeting to order. It was the end of the week and, as always before the weekend could be declared as having arrived, he insisted that the heads of divisions, his direct reports, gave a summary of their activities and progress their departments were making towards Rhino’s quest in establishing Black superiority.Everyone sat around the conference table and, as usual, told him that all their workers had been working incredibly hard; that more white wives had seen the light (or rather, the dark) and more husbands and partners had become willing cuckolds; that sales of Rhino devices continued to be strong; that the segregation policy of the Rhino Gentlemen’s Clubs was a success with white husbands only being allowed entry on the condition of having to watch remotely their wives being entertained by black cock. He heard Bishop Erasmus spout forth about the past 7 days activities of the Church of the Black Staff and how the Young Men’s Bible study groups under the tutelage of the older ladies of the church had been such a revelation and joy. Of the young men who had never previously done anything with their stiff cocks other than masturbate now understood that they were free to use the new skills in the way that God intended and to go forth and impregnate any white woman who had been similarly shown the right path. (As a side comment he mentioned with a chuckle that the leader of the group, Melanie Baker, had confided that she had long lost count of the number of young black cocks that she had personally initiated into the art of Bible reading and fucking!)Hilda, head of the new fertility clinic, reported there was a virtual queue of potential donors who had heard about the clinic’s technique of ‘milking’ black men for their sperm and were keen to be added to the ‘JOS List’. Oskar asked what the acronym stood for; she told him with a giggle that it was a clinic ‘in-joke’, they called it their ‘Jerk Off Service’. Oskar was not amused and told her to stick to business and that he expected in future for the clinic to be couching their procedures in more formal terms.Rhino Media Services told of the expansion of the empire to the West Coast where a new TV station had been established and that their star news presenter was heading a ratings battle with other stations due to her raunchy but subtle way of ‘exposing’ current affairs. Oskar said that he was looking forward to hearing more and expected a fuller report the following week.And so it went on around the table until everyone had given their summaries.Zaire, Oskar’s second-in-command, was the last to report and he had little to add to the meeting other than remind everyone that Rhino now had a new service to offer the community and that the first few weeks since its launch had proven to be doing well and that a previously missing sector of ‘customers’ were now being targeted with great success. He didn’t say so in as many words that he was targeting the white racists who were dotted around the county but everyone knew to whom he was referring. He gave as an example of the on-going case study of Small Acres Farm and the farmer, his wife, daughter and the talking fridge. As he spoke Oskar noted the time was dragging on and decided enough was enough.”Zaire, time’s getting on, can you just quickly summarize so we can close up shop and get home?””OK, sorry. Suffice to say that ‘BCD – Home Service’ is working well and we expect great results for the future.”Oskar had a great aversion to acronyms as he had just recently demonstrated with Hilda and her clinic. “BCD; what the hell is that? How many times have I told you I don’t like riddles; people need to understand what we stand for and I don’t think that talking in code helps that. Tell you what, to prove my point let’s go round the table and ask anyone what they think ‘BCD’ stands for.”Zaire sat down as Oskar gestured at the people sitting around the table to contribute.Bishop Erasmus put up his hand, “Umm, could be ‘Basic Christian Doctrine’, I mean that’s what we are all doing here isn’t it?” Oskar looked at him with bemusement that anyone could be that stupid.Amy, the Finance Director, who up until then had not had much to say attempted to put some humor into the proceedings and said, “How about ‘Banking Consolidation Directive’?” Oskar ignored her.The head of the Tech Centre got into the whimsical mood and suggested ‘Binary Coded Decimal’ but soon shut up as Oskar glared in his direction.Hilda not wishing to be left out of what was turning into a game gave her thought that it stood for ‘Birth Control Device’. That was given short shrift by a look from Oskar.Zaire once again put up his hand, “Stop people! You’re all way off.”He turned to Oskar, “Sorry Boss, it’s an in-joke of our own. It stands for ‘Black Cock Delivery’ but we can’t really be painting that on the side of the truck, can we?”Oskar waved his hands in a gesture of dismissal. “… and on that note; let’s get out of here and go home.”Janice Baldwin, Zaire’s PA who had been taking notes gave a silent sigh of relief that the dragged out meeting was finally over. She had things to do at home which included over the weekend trying to finish off reading the journal of her ancestor. From what she had read so far it indicated that BCD was no new thing!