Out of this World

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David shuffled inside, closing the door softly behind him. He made his way around the living room, leaving his hat on the coat tree and his briefcase by the sofa. He felt tired and aimless.

“Hey,” called out a soft voice. David looked up to see Erica’s beautiful face, by the bedroom door. “… You okay?”

“Yeah, just a poor day at work.”

“Mmm… What happened?” Erica’s face was straight with concern, tilted to the side. She knew that her boyfriend’s been having a hard time with his new job, lately. It was always disappointing to see him enter the apartment late at night with a blank expression and bleary eyes.

“Nothing serious. I suggested a few changes to my supervisor. He took it as an opportunity to criticize my performance.” David smiled, “Humans are so… interesting.”

“Well, I think you’re interesting.”

“Perhaps I was, until I assimilated myself into your culture. It’s given me a rather dry routine, which breaks only every so often with astounding levels of free spirit. I can only hope, like every other human, that it is worth it; that something will yield.”

Erica was always disappointed to hear these things from him. She’s tried so hard to give him a reason to appreciate Earth and its culture, but not even people appreciate all of it. So she understands, David has come to respect its creativity and unrestrained social flourish, but it’s clearly a primitive step down from what he’s used to. David comes from an alien world of shapeshifters, which has allowed him to observe human society by blending in to it. And “David”, of course, is the “human name” he chose for himself. Other than that, he’s never been very clear about his home planet.

Facing no other options that were more fascinating, David elected to travel to Earth as part of a project to index all cultures in the galaxy. Upon arriving, nothing stood out as particularly impressive… until he became acquainted with Erica. She seemed to perfectly capture a glimpse of amazing, human life; astounding creativity and carefree expression, precariously fit around a day-to-day struggle. Beyond that, she had a capacity for understanding and caring for others. After long enough, this beckoned to David to investigate how humans maintained partnerships — “dating”.

Erica leaned closer, “Maybe I can make it worth it for you?”

“What do you mean?”

Erica slowly approached, rolling her eyes around, smiling coyly. “I mean, it’s been a hard day. Maybe I can make the end of the day better for you…?”

She placed her hand on David’s shoulder, at which point he understood what she was suggesting. He’s learned that humans have a fascinating range of nonverbal communication. He’s also learned that, despite being a vastly different species, their reproductive functions correlate well with his — it helps that he takes a human form, though. The form he chose to take is somewhat modest, but tall and respectable. It just so happens that he’s nearly a foot taller than his lovely partner, but it can be said that she is simply tiny.

David looked down at her, who was hovering around his chest. Glancing at the night sky, out the window, he said, “Hmm… What time is it?”

She giggled, “Time to take your clothes off.” Her eyes started twinkling.

With that, she bent over and started loosening his belt, slowly working his pants down. David just smiled and decided to relax and let her take it from here. By the time she’d pulled his pants off, his underwear was already tented. He sat down on the couch and removed his shoes, and then discarded all his other clothes. Then he stood up again, and let his companion do the honors.

Erica grinned and carefully yanked down David’s underwear, sending his cock bouncing. It calmed down and stood, glistening lightly, at seven inches. There was already a spot of precum at its head. Erica decided to give it a thorough oral examination.

She licked the tip, and slowly worked down the shaft, petting it lightly with kisses. Then she started to jack it softly up and down as she lapped the head with her tongue. David groaned quietly, feeling almost teased at this methodical bliss. Just as he was starting to get impatient, Erica sped up the pace, stroking the base of his length with her forefinger and thumb, taking in more and more with her mouth. Pretty soon, she was craning her neck in and out, sucking up and down his dick. David leaned his head back, eyes closed, and exhaled deeply… and…

“… — Oh… uhhhnnng… nng!” He stepped back and nearly lost his balance, falling back onto the couch. Erica was still on the floor, eyes wide and excited — like a puppy asking for approval. David leaned his head up and laughed kaçak iddaa a bit, showing that he was okay; at this, Erica crawled back to keep working over his rod. He sat up when he felt her tongue’s caressing continue, and looked down to see her beautiful display of cleavage in between his legs. Despite how tiny she was, her boobs stuck out a good four inches — making her a… D cup? It was hard to concentrate on earthly measurements, right now.

Erica could feel his cock pulsating from inside her mouth, which she was alright with. Still, after about ten minutes of this service, he must’ve been getting close. As she suspected, David’s breathing started to get heavy, and he leaned his head back again, getting ready to explode. She wanted to make sure she got this right. She didn’t relent, instead using a free hand to massage the insides of his legs. She tried humming a little to vibrate his cock, at which point he couldn’t take it anymore. David released everything that had been so pent up — his frustrations, his stress, his cum — all flowing out, pulse by pulse.

Erica leaned back, leaving David on the couch breathing shakily, eyes wide. She decided to do something new, tonight — she swallowed.

… It tasted kinda weird, she decided. But she had to remind herself that this was, in fact, an alien, who probably didn’t produce exactly the same fluids. Still, he was a sexy alien. He was her alien.

“… How was that, babe?” She called out in her most precious voice.

He was still breathing deeply. “Phenomenal. I won’t say that our species are too similar, but that was an experience I wouldn’t even find on my own planet.” Erica smiled.

Feeling a little worked up from the whole thing, she asked hopefully, “What’re we gonna do now?” She mindlessly rubbed her crotch through her pants. It felt… tender.

“… I think I should go to bed. Today was exhausting. You made it all the better, though.” He stared blankly at the ceiling.

… Although she was pleased with her performance tonight, she felt let down. David never really seemed considerate of things that didn’t directly cross his mind. She understood that he had to go back to work in the morning, but she was also silently aching for attention. She kept tracing her fingers over her throbbing clit.

… Throbbing? Huh. Maybe tonight, of all nights, she really needed him badly. Erica crept over to her partner on the couch and tried to cuddle, hoping to push him in the right direction. She curled her legs up on the cushion and leaned her head onto his shoulder, nuzzling it softly.

After a moment, David felt like he had a cat that was trying to ask for something. “You want to sleep here with me, tonight?”

“… That’s one way of putting it.”

She was slowly feeling more lusty, and now slightly irritated that he couldn’t catch a hint. She privately probed her crotch, feeling ever-stronger sensations down there. She tried again to arouse David, turning and rubbing her breasts up and down his arm. He didn’t seem to notice. She gave up dejectedly after about a minute.

… God, my pussy feels like it’s on fire, Erica thought to herself. Seeing no plans with David on the horizon, she decided to crawl back and masturbate at the end of the sofa. She stripped to her panties and rubbed her lips through the fabric, thinking back on the experience she gave David. It really has been too long, she thought, as she noticed how sensitive she was tonight.

She turned her head to David as she removed her panties, which were already moist. He was nearly asleep, now, sitting upright and leaning back on the couch. They were both exposed, spread openly across the living room sofa. She gazed over his body in admiration, turning to his now-flaccid dick. She started to rub her clit around in circles, breathing in and out slowly, her chest rising and falling. God, she was feeling really intense tonight… it felt like the blood never stopped rushing down to her sensitive areas. Erica bit her lip.

After a couple of minutes, though, it felt a little too good to be true. It seemed like each pass over her clit took longer and longer. She finally opened her eyes and looked down to see that something was longer, indeed.

“… No way.”

David stirred at the feeling of his girlfriend shaking him by the arm. He creaked open his bleary eyes and looked over to see—

… A very sexy, pantsless human female, with her vagina staring him in the face. She sounded frantic about something.

“Look, looklooklook, David, what the hell is this?”

He squinted, and answered, “That looks like your clitoris.”

“… I mean, yes, it is. And those are usually not this big! What’s going kaçak bahis on…?”

Upon closer inspection, it seemed to protrude a little over an inch, and it was visibly pulsing with blood and sex. As he looked on in bewilderment, Erica hummed and started to finger herself again.

She realized that she felt really electric, and she couldn’t help but rub herself more vigorously. The room blurred, and she almost could’ve sworn that, in the time David spent staring at her pussy, her clit grew to two inches long; a bit wider, too. Erica was nearly entranced when her boyfriend’s face resolved and he suggested, “Did you ingest any of my…?” She paused.

That’s when it hit them. Yes. His cum may very well have had adverse effects on her system. Maybe they weren’t as compatible as they first thought.

“… Yeah… I did. Tonight was the only time, though.”

“Then, there would be my reasoning. Hmm…”

With her hand still tracing below, she asked, “… What’s gonna happen to me…?”

“Not entirely sure. This is new to me. Though, I imagine you will be fine after a good night’s sleep. If not, I have a variety of medicines that should reverse this condition.”

She contemplated this for a moment. Then she looked back down at her swollen clit. She had to admit, it felt really good — even better than usual. She’s waited a long time for something like this, and the last thing her body was ready for right now was a good night’s sleep. She looked back up at her sexual partner, and made a rather bold decision, coming from her.

“… Actually… I want you to eat me.” Her clit surged, almost in response.

David gave her a confused look.

“… Dude, I’m really horny right now. I know you’re tired but would you please…?”

It suddenly dawned on him how neglectful he’d been all night. “O-Oh… my apologies. I… uh… ‘Eat’ you?”

Erica decided she couldn’t be any more patient. She decided to guide him down to his knees by his shoulders, and instructed him: “Lick me.”

He wasn’t sure how to take any of this, but he decided he had to make up for ignoring Erica’s silent pleas for attention. She was giving him a second chance. He leaned in, and… cautiously… started flicking her mound with his tongue.

This was a good start, but it needed to get a lot hotter from here. “Harder,” she whimpered.

Trying to take some personal liberty with his actions, David decided to switch gears; as long as it makes her happy, right? He nibbled aggressively with his lips, pulling and squeezing Erica’s clit gently. She started to tremble. “… Fingers… inside me, please… mm…” Erica was dripping wet, and wanted some attention there, too.

David was going to do better than fingers. He usually never altered his form, to keep some kind of realistic consistency on Earth, but tonight, he was going to break the rules. He raised a free hand and shaped it into a perfectly-sized dildo, and entered it through her vagina.

“O–…OH, I-I didn’t know you could do that!” She convulsed mildly around David’s hand, which was working its way in and out, as he kept up the pace on her clit. It cheerfully grew again.

Not just that, but it started to take a different shape. At four inches long and almost one wide, it started developing a head. David could feel it firming up between his lips.

David paused briefly to say, “Um, Erica? I think your sex is changing. Look.”

She glanced down to see something poking out that wasn’t always there. It was numb with ecstasy and it sorta resembled a dick. A hole was even starting to develop at the end.

Erica’s face was flush with arousal. Not knowing if she’d ever get to experience having a penis again, she wanted to milk the situation for all it was worth. She nodded approvingly and went, “… Keep going. Give me the best god damn blowjob you can muster.” He looked up with a blank protest, unsure of what to do from here. “C’mon, I’ve given you several; you should be an expert at it by now!”

David looked back down and exhaled, then went back to work. He tried replicating the experience she’d given him earlier that night — though he wasn’t perfect at it. She kept guiding him through every step, and as the minutes passed, she got hornier and hornier. David just kept pumping away, going in and out of her walls, working over her… appendage. It kept growing, in both length and girth. As he serviced her crotch, she stayed upstairs, massaging her boobs and pinching her erect nipples. She loved the attention.

She felt like she might’ve been close to cumming, juices dripping, but then David stopped. “Erica,” he started, “your penis is too big. I can’t continue to do this.”

“… illegal bahis Wha–?” She looked down to an unbelievable sight. Her eyes lit up, her mouth agape. Her dick reached nine inches in length, and significantly wider. She’s never even seen a strap-on like this, let alone an actual…

“… Plus,” David continued, “I am getting rather worn out, down here. I really need to—”

“Give me a vagina.”

“–… What?”

Erica had to stop him from finishing that sentence. They already made it this far; she wanted to finish. She’d always been able to give her boyfriend a good time; now, it was his turn to please her. He was the only guy that could service her, just the right way.

“You’re a shapeshifter. Can you change yourself into a girl? I want a vagina that I can stick this inside.”

“… Well, I am a male, so it wouldn’t exactly work the same way for me—”

“As long as you feel like a girl to me, that’s fine. It’s my turn, tonight.” To emphasize her point, she poked him in the cheek with her cock, arms at her chest.

David was just… baffled. She’d never been so commanding. He couldn’t argue with this passion, though; it’s what was so fascinating about humans in the first place.

He resigned himself, “Alright. Just for you.” With that, David began his slow transformation. Erica decided to try jacking off as she watched the show. She didn’t remember ever being bisexual, but she’s also never had a cock before. It was so amazing… It felt just like her clit, but with so much more surface area. She couldn’t wait to slide it between her partner’s slick flesh. She kept pumping back and forth as these thoughts went through her head.

Meanwhile, David was busy rearranging his form. Still a male, all he could do was just hide his reproductive facilities internally, and take the look and shape of a female. Basically, he didn’t expect to feel much from this. He was just happy to be able to please his human companion. His penis started retracting, eventually folding into his crotch until only a nub was visible. The part Erica was most interested in was how his balls became both sides of a female slit, with an opening forming down the middle. To go the extra mile with the transformation, David decided to give himself — herself — some feminine features; her breasts filled out a few cups, her nipples hardened, her hair lengthened and gained a lighter color. Her face softened, her hips widened, and her voice changed.

Afterwards, all she could do was ask, “How do I look?” Erica’s dick jumped up in response.

Erica pushed David down onto the couch, and spread her legs open. Erica thrust her dick into the virgin hole, getting partway inside before slowly easing in. All her nerves could feel every bit of it, as David’s vagina snuggled her cock. It was so tight and wet…

She almost got the whole thing inside, but there wasn’t quite enough room. She looked at David disappointedly, to which David chirped, “Let me fix that.” Erica could feel some flesh shifting around downstairs, sending even more electricity through her dick. Suddenly, the shapeshifter had more room in the back — they could go deeper. “Hell yeah, babe… ohh my god…”

Erica pulled out slowly, then went back in, and out, and in, panting more and more frequently. Despite her height, it was like she was towering over her lover, tits bouncing as she fucked and fucked. David let out some grunts with each thrust, while Erica started moaning louder and louder. Her cheeks were colored and her eyes were glassy.

“… Ooohhhhh…” Erica whimpered. “It’s so hard… you’re so tight… I’m so big… I… I’m gonna cum…!” The sofa was creaking obscenely. Erica’s vagina was sopping wet. Her dick was tensing, ready to shoot. She was about to have the most amazing orgasm in the world. David couldn’t help but try to probe her own clit, watching her partner’s tits fall up and down… watching her own tits fall up and down…

Before it all had to end, Erica cooed out, “I love you.”

Erica gave one final thrust which went all the way inside before she came. She screamed. It felt like every sensation just exploded at once; her dick pulsed out a shot of cum… then another… and another, as every nerve was rubbed the right way, with David hugging Erica’s cock with her pussy. Wetness gushed out of Erica’s vagina, throbbing methodically with all of her ejaculatory muscles. After a while of this, she teetered forward and passed out on top of her lover.

… When Erica woke up a few minutes later, her genitalia was already halfway back to normal. She looked up at David, who had returned to his usual male form. He was looking down at her in amazement. They just smiled, and laughed.

“… So… what happens if I swallow breast milk?” Erica looked at David, eyes wide.

They couldn’t wait to find out.

After a good night’s sleep.