Outside in woman’s clothes

14 Haziran 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri

Bent Over

Outside in woman’s clothesThis is a true story.I’m an exhibitionist, but the climate for doing this outside is changing and I’m not risking it that much anymore. The last years I’ve gotten a fetish with wearing woman’s clothes. This has always been inside my home (see my galleries) or sometimes outside where the chance of being seen is small, but this I wanted to change…I also like to get naked in the wild and open nature, I haver some nice pictures of that too which I still need to upload.But more about that later, now it’s time for my hot friday, went to work like usual but today it was something special, I was horny and had my lady lace panties with me. I was not wearing them yet… During the afternoon I switched my panties in the toilet and I was ready for the afternoon. canlı bahis Imagine it like this: jeans, short t-shirt just covering the belt and underneath some nice lace, when bending over it sure is noticeable… It made me hot but, I was a bit cautious.So after work I went to the shop in the hope to bend over much in the neighbourhood of some nice women, but that didn’t happen… Anyone suggestions how to do it?That evening I went to a concert and changed my clothes a but, removed my socks I wore my stockings with the nice panties under my lowhung jeans, in the hope someone would notice, but that didn’t happen…I also had a miniskirt under my jeans and was planning on removing my jeans when walking back to the car so that I was outside as woman, but I didn’t dared bahis siteleri it. Arriving at my car, I was so hot and still wanted to walk outside in my skirt and stocking without jeans. So I removed my jeans and started driving, I was so hot I couldn’t resist fumbling with myself :)Drove around cruising at my old exhibitionist hotspots I used. It was around 22:30, so it was already dark and thought at a spot with little traffic I went for it. I parked my car and went outside for a walk, wow this was hot, I almost had the urge to start masturbating and doing some dickflashing, but no-one around to enjoy it, but at least I went out of the car for 10 minutes walking around, but nobody saw me, at least step 1 was taken. At this point I decided I’ll try it with my high bahis şirketleri heels, and tried walking around in them, which I did but still no viewers. I needed to cruise more and went for my absolute hotspot where I flashed successfully in the past, that location is good to flash cyclists which I could see coming from far away, so planning was easy. I spotted a subject which was a nice girl in her late twenties. Parked my car, went outside in my ladies wear, like this:. Walked around on my high heels, not easy for a male 😉 and timed it about right so that I was walking towards her when she came by, my adrenaline was charging through my veins when she looked at me with a look like ” a man in woman’s clothes “, she drove past and I almost exploded without toughing myself, this is the kind of rush I had when dickflashing in the past, only this time around it was “safe”.It was hot and I need to repeat that, next time I need a wig, to look more like a woman, maybe I’ll risk more like that too…