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Big Dicks

As soon as I heard the doorknob rattle, I bolted out of bed. Have you ever awoke and were totally clear-headed? I had gotten to my hotel room late, after a long business meeting. I pulled my clothes off and fell into bed. I didn’t even put the “Do not disturb” sign out. The rattling of the door brought me out of my stupor. I pulled the covers off and bolted out of bed. Just then the cleaning maid had switched on the light to my room. I was standing directly in front of her with my morning wood.

My cock was rock hard and a cute Hispanic girl was staring directly at my crotch. She had black hair pulled back into a bun. She also had large breasts and wide hips. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off my cock, When I wake in the morning my cock is normally hard for a long time. I walked to the door and place the sign out so the “Do not disturb” was facing out. I closed and locked the door.

“What is your name?” I asked my cleaning girl.

“Rosa” was her reply back.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked her.

She nodded with a big smile. I walked over to her. I placed my hands on her shoulders. istanbul escort She knew what I was going to do. I put pressure on her to kneel down. Rosa complied with my wishes. My cock was directly in line with her mouth.

“Open for me Rosa, please.”

Rosa parted her lips and I slid my cock in. Rosa took me deep down her throat. I have to admit I was sort of out of it. I was thrusting hard and making her gag on my stiff pecker. Rosa never backed off, she was eager to take every inch of me. My sacs were slapping against her chin. Rosa was a human sucking machine. She took every hard inch of me, right down to the root. I could feel her tongue sliding on the underside of my cock, with each stroke I gave her.

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth. I pulled out and lifted Rosa up off the floor. I started to strip off her cleaning uniform. Rosa might have wanted to suck cock, but I don’t think she was quite ready for the next step. Her eyes got big and she shook her head not to continue. I paid no attention to her. I undid avcılar escort her top and pulled her bra off. Rosa had big tits and they were topped off with giant hard nipples. I began to suck on each one.

Sucking those nips seemed to lessen Rosa’s resistance. I also slipped her skirt off as I took her nipples and chewing on them. Rosa was moaning as I finally had her totally naked. I pushed her onto my bed. Rosa had a hairy thatch between her legs. She certainly didn’t shave down there. Rosa was looking up at me and breathing hard. I stood in front of her stroking my erection. I then spread her legs and climbed in between. Rosa lost all her resistance when I began to rub the head of my cock up and down her wet opening.

Rosa threw her head back as I slid my cock between her folds. I lifted her legs up and started to drill her pussy. Rosa wanted it. She was soon begging for my cock. I pounded her tight hole and fed her with every inch I possessed. I was circling my cock around, hitting every square inch of her walls. She could feel my veined rod entering her şirinevler escort as deep as I could push into her. Our skin slapped together. My cum filled sacs were dancing off her ass.

Rosa squealed as I pummeled her pussy for the longest time. I could feel her juices running out and down her asscrack. I took my thumb and pressed it against her clit. The air went out of Rosa’s lungs and she began to squirt all her hot juices onto my groin. I didn’t stop, but kept pumping my long cock into her until I became soft.

Rosa lie there as if she were dead. She then started to shake uncontrollably. I leaned down and was kissing her nipples. Rosa squirted a bit more cum when I did that. I knew we needed to finish up. Someone would be wondering where Rosa had been. She went and showered as I lie on the bed waiting for her to finish. She got dressed and we kissed at the door. I got her phone number and we made a date to meet that night.

It was that evening where I took Rosa and made her mine. She said that our early morning fuck was all she could think of that entire day she was cleaning rooms. That night Rosa rode my cock into the wee hours of the morning. I was staring up at her big tits bouncing off her chest as she worked up and down my cock. It wasn’t took long before Rosa had moved in with me. I even made her shave her pussy just for me! We fuck all the time, I can barely keep her satisfied. It isn’t a bad deal for waking up late, is it?