Owned You know the Rules Bitchboy

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Owned You know the Rules BitchboyShe was cute. Nice tight body packaged and displayed in the latest fuck-me style. Trendy raver-style blond hair, and big blue doe eyes. She wanted to take me out into the back alley of the club and blow me and God knows what else. This is where things get a little complicated for me now. I told her no. She probably never heard that one before…Ever seen the movie “40 days and 40 nights”? The one about the guy who takes a pledge of chastity for 40 days, then of course all of a sudden he realizes that he’s constantly surrounded by hot women who want him for sex. Well my story isn’t that one, but well, it has it’s similarities. My chastity is enforced. Enforced by the everpresent cb-2000 device placed on me by Nicole. I knew the deal. I could ask her to take it off and of course she would, and that would be the end of our relationship.Our “relationship” as I put it, was me providing her with complete sexual servitude whenever she was in the mood for it, day or night. A booty call, as it were. She keeps me in chastity when I’m not in her prescence to assure that I’m constantly horny and my balls are full, rendering me helpless to resist whatever she has in store for our marathon fuck sessions. I never know whether it’s going to be two days or two weeks until her next call, nor do I know what she does (or who she fucks) in the interim. I looked around the club and the faces, the hot bodies, the flirting. The things that I cannot be a part of anymore. If these people knew what I was going through, they’d probably think I am crazy. But they are blissfully ignorant. Totally unaware that at that very moment Nicole is calling me. That my locked up cock is jumping in my pants due to the sudden vibration of the large vibrating dildo in my rectum that she ingeniously rigged up to a standard telephone pager. I knew that in 30 minutes her door would be locked for the evening and I would miss my chance until her next booty call. I had been late once before. I would not make that mistake again…Exactly 24 minutes later kadıköy escort I arrived at Nicole’s home. Exactly 2 minutes after that I had stripped off every stitch of clothing except the cb-2000 and assumed the postion that she required every time. Head facing the door, chest to the floor, ass in the air vulnerable for the taking, awaiting her arrival. “Hello slut. Ready to get fucked?”The language that she used with me was humiliating. Mostly because it was the type of language that I always fantasized about using on submissive women, but always wimped out in the end out of shyness. As a dominant, Nicole proved superior to me in every way. She was total uninhibited. Uninhibited in her actions as well as her words. No preliminaries, no music, no wine…just a dominant, vigorous anal examination by her educated fingers as she made me beg her to remove the chastity device that could barely contain my swelling cock. And she did, only to replace it with a leather cock and ball ring and stretcher that pulled my swollen balls obscenely away from my body and locked my cock in the fully erect position.There are as many sorts of dominant women as there are, well, women. The reasons, techniques and motivations vary. Some want to be pampered, some want lots of oral sex that they don’t usually get, some just want some guy to clean their house. Nicole isn’t in it for any of that stuff (although I’m sure she got lots of pampering, oral sex and house cleaning elsewhere). Nicole is one of the rare few who get off on the rough, and sometimes even violent taking of the male ass. And I possess the male ass currently on her agenda.She put me back down into her favorite position and resumed her finger fucking, exhorting me to open my “sweet ass” with my two hands stretched behind me. She placed her leather-booted foot on my face (which was turned to the side on the floor) and ordered me to lick the sole while she fucked me. Pre-cum drooled out my swollen dick onto the floor.Grabbing me by the hair, she pulled me up to a standing üsküdar escort position to face her, to look upon the woman who enslaved me. Long dark hair, penetrating eyes, full lips, fit, tan, toned, muscular – beautiful by any standard. She wore just the rings on her swollen nipples, her leather boots and her strap-on harness with 8 protruding inches of bad intentions. She spun me around and forced me to the wall, alternately spanking and finger fucking my ass, massaging and pulling the cock back through my spread legs, slapping the balls. Getting me ready for her…Ready or not, she took firm hold of my cock with one hand and lead me into her bedroom, the bedroom where she had broken me and made me her bitch several months before when she picked me up at a bar. She had to tie me down then. Now, no such formalities were necessary. Now she just bent me over the bed and impaled me from behind on her thick, lubed-up bitch cock with little ceremony. With one strong handfull of hair and the other painfully spanking my reddened ass while deflowering me for the (what was it now?) seventh time. With each long thrust my captive cock jumped, thickened, and leaked a steady stream of pre-cum onto the floor below. Never breaking rhythm, she reached around to capture some of the copius secretion in her hand and feed it to me, as if to prove what a submissive slut I had become. With each powerful thrust of her strap-on she came closer and closer to her orgasm, louder, dirtier and nastier in her male anal ****. Slapping my face, digging her fingers into each side of my open mouth and pulling and contorting my face into a mask of pain and pleasure. She yowled as she came, and the results of her explosive orgasm gushed down her thrusting legs…”Lick”, was her simple, sharp command as she pulled me by the hair to her muscled thighs. I slavishly licked up the rivulets of female ejaculate running down her magnificant legs. When this was done to her satisfaction, I was rewarded with a sharp slap to the cheek which tuzla escort caused my mouth to gape open as she quickly thrust her rubber cock in and began to fuck my face. It was a true face fuck, pinning my head against the bedroom wall, driving her thick dildo as far as she could into my throat, pulling it out, slapping and rubbing my face with it, spitting into my upturned mouth. I could tell that taking me this way really turned her on as her thighs began to quake and convulse in another orgasm….”Enough preliminaries bitch…Time for the main event. Gonna make you cum like a girl.”There is something profoundly intimidating and humiliating about being placed on your back by a woman and made to spread. It’s like an individual act of rebellion against patriarchal society. A perversion in the finest sense of the word. An indescribable and helpless turn-on. Nicole was an artist at fucking the very masculinity out of me, folding me in half, testing the limits of my flexibility, pinning my feet behind my head and power fucking my clutching ass with her big tool. The rhythym was relentless. The rubbing of the prostate was driving me insane. With each thrust more and more precum oozed onto my face. Standing, the backs of her thighs pinned my legs back immovably, as she cruelly squeezed my caputured, protruding balls. Thrust, squeeze, thrust, squeeze…At the point of no return, as my thighs began to quake and quiver, and my tightened and flexed on her cock, she took hold of my own cock and sprayed my face with erupting cum as I literally screamed my submission. Thick ropes of sticky semen covered my mouth and face. She made sure that as much as possible went straight down my throat.Watching me cum directly into my own face never failed to turn her on, and she quickly removed her strap-on and scrambled into a reverse facesit position, lowering her wet cunt onto my mouth, forcing my nose up her anus. While she worked herself towards another triumphant orgasm on my face, she went about the task of replacing the chastity device on my cock, and inserting the large buttplug back into my ass. She led my exhausted, trembling body to the door, and with one last fierce whack on my ass, pushed me out into the hall and tossed my clothes onto the hallway floor.”Thanks for the piece of ass boy. You know the rules bitchboy. See you soon…”