P I am in a happy in my relationship

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 My boyfriend and I had be together for about 5 1/2 years years . I have never had thoughts of cheating on him. Physically I am an average 35 year old middle class white collar guy. I have a thin build and I’m about 5’5 1/2″.” I have never been in a fight in my life and I have not been exposed to a lot of riffraff. I guess hindsight is 20/20, I can see where I could have avoided one of the most dramatic experiences of my life if I had just had some street smarts. “Babe wake up!” I could hear the voice of Tucker my boyfriend. I didn’t really want to get up and we often played this game in the morning. “Hummmzzz’. I groaned and turned over in be but Tucker knew just how to get me going in the morning. A few seconds later I felt his soft lips on my cock. I opened my eyes to look at the clock (7:30). I would have to be up shortly because today I had an important meeting halfway across the town. I grabbed Tucker’s head though he already knew how to make me cum. “Mmmmm,” he loved to give head. I know a lot of my friends cooled down after their 20s but Tucker and I were as hot as ever for each-other. He got me off in no time at all. I said good bye and started on the road… I was 4 hours into my ride when I started to really have to go to the bathroom. I spotted a rest stop so I pulled in but I wasn’t paying attention to the two entrances to the rest stop and by the time I noticed the mistake I was already on the truckers side of the rest stop. Well what the fuck I’ll just park at the far end (there are plenty of empty spaces). If I had known better I would done better to find another place to park. I got out of my car and started walking to the bathrooms. I had to go between several of the trucks. I thought I saw some flashing lights like someone had maybe leaned on their brighters by mistake (whatever I thought). As soon as I saw the urinal I unzipped an started to pee. I heard the door open and slam but I thought nothing of it until I realized a big beefy trucker started to unzip right next to me. I felt a bit threatened so I redoubled my efforts to finishing my piss and I zipped up to get out of there. To my shock the trucker turned and grabbed my arm. “Where the hell do you think you are going cocksucker?” he asked with his other hand still on his uncut fat cock. I couldn’t help it but in shock I gazed down. What I saw left me speechless. I was stroking a semi-hard uncut monster cock sticking out of his zipper. “I…” I didn’t know what to say. “Fuck off I’m no cocksucker.” I pulled my arm back but I wasn’t able to break free. “Ha yeah, suck it fag,” he spoke with a commanding tone and jerked me toward his cock. I froze. My heart started beating a 100 times a second and I felt the rush of adrenaline. I still couldn’t take my eyes of his massive tool. It was thick and long yet it hung as if it was a soft cock. I was frightened but also very impressed by the size of it. “I said suck it fag.” He pulled my arm toward his cock and as my hand got closer to his cock I opened my hand to grab his cock. I gasp as my hand rapped around his cock. We both knew I had willingly graded his cock. I felt it pulse and get harder. As mush as I couldn’t look away before now I couldn’t look at my own hand holding his monster. Though I didn’t let go right away I locked eyes with him. “Please,” I begged him to let me go and then I released my grip on his hardening tool. Though my arm was still locked in place I tried to pull away. I don’t know why I grabbed his cock but I wished I hadn’t. “You are gonna suck this cock,” he let go of my arm and pushed me down to my knees by the shoulders. Some part of me understood the inevitability of sucking his cock the moment I rapped my hand around it but I was not ready to accept that. This man was going to make me give him head right here in the open bathroom but not if I could help it. “Wait, I’ll get you a girl, I’ll pay anything,” I started to reach for my wallet but I did get the chance. Pow! He punched me bahis şirketleri right in the eye. It hurt bad and I knew there was going to be more if I didn’t just suck his cock. “You corporate fag!” He shouted. I had defiantly hit a nerve. “I bet I make more money than you and your gonna suck my cock.” “I’m not gonna wait faggot, get to sucking I will NOT ask again,” he let go of my shoulders and lifted his head closing his eyes. I started to cry as I leaned in closer to his cock. “Get it all the way hard first, stroke it fag,” it was a heard blow being called a faggot while on my knees with a monster cock in my face. I really was a faggot now. I reached up to hold his cock. It was still getting harder as I tugged on it. “Take out my balls.” I adjusted his pants and reached in to pull out his balls. They were larger then I thought. It was a bit hard to get them fully out of his pants and required me to readjust his pants several times. “Lick my balls, get me hard or I’ll kick your ass,” he reminded me. I didn’t want to suck his dick but part of me was curious to see his large balls until finally I got them out. Once I exposed his hairy nut sack. I leaned in closer to lick them. I could feel the skin and his hair. I could feel the sack roll over the balls inside under the pressure of my licking. I had done the deed. I put my tongue on another mans junk. Rather I licked it once or a thousand times I had licked a mans nut sack. They were hairy but much more clean then I had expected. There was a masculine odor and the smell of soap. Maybe I could get out of this. “Don’t stop now cocksucker finish licking my nuts; get my cock hard so you can worship it.” He said as if I wanted to be on my knees on the bathroom floor of a rest stop with his cock in my face. I was being humiliated and I hated being called a cocksucker. I didn’t want to worship him. This asshole is going to make me suck no matter what I do. I knew I could bite him and try to get away but I would still be putting his cock in my mouth. Instead I opened my mouth as wide as I could and got closer. I figured if I bite his nuts I could run away. To my surprise his nuts filled my mouth and I couldn’t get the leverage to bite down with enough sudden force so the effect was more like a wet tightening around the balls. Now it just looks like I was going above and beyond putting his whole left nut in my mouth. “Ahhhh,” He called out but he didn’t push me off, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer. Suddenly I couldn’t breath. My whole face was being smashed up agents his scrotum and hardening shaft. “Yeah harder! You cock sucking faggot, finally some service.” The fucker liked it! I got visibly angry at hearing myself being called a cocksucker. He looked me dead in the eyes and scowled, “Yeah you’re a cock sucker. You should see yourself with my balls deep in your mouth, I didn’t even ask you for a teabag faggot. You are a natural born cocksucker.” I tried to bite down harder and I checked to see if I tasted blood, I didn’t. “Mmmmmm,” he only moaned and let go of my head. I pulled away and he pulled me back with one firm hand on the shoulder. “look at that boner cocksucker, you got me totally hard’. I looked up at him but I couldn’t completely see the cock on my face because his nuts where blacking my view. I could feel his erection on my four head. He pulled his balls out of my mouth and his cock bounced in front of my face. I was actually impressed. I just looked at it. “Ha, yeah you like that cocksucker fag.” He bounced his cock for me again. “Go ahead and feel a real man’s cock, get use to what cock feels like fag.” I had no choice; I also wanted to see how heavy and hard it was, it was too big to be natural. When I rapped my hands around his cock he made it pulse and I realized it was all solid beef. He was as thick as a soda can and twice as long. After I felt it I decided to just get it over with before someone came in and saw me. I placed my finger over bahis firmaları the piss hole to remove the goo that was dripping out of it. I didn’t want to taste his cum . I put my mouth on his cock and I felt his mushroom head. It was smooth and clean. I started to go down on his cock, just then I felt it twitch and I tasted his goo. I was disgusted at first because I had his cock and pre-cum in my mouth. I could taste him. I could taste the man in my mouth. I stopped moving and I hoped that he would stop squirting goo but he didn’t. All stopping did was allow me more time to taste his pre-cum. It wasn’t as disgusting as I thought after a while. It had a certain flavor that I could put my finger on, it wasn’t actually disgusting at all. I thought about excepting his pre-cum but I new that would make me a faggot so I decided to spit. As I tried to take the cock out of my mouth I realized he was holding my head. There was no tuning back. I decided to swallow it down so it could breath. I had tasted and swallowed a mans pre-cum and honestly it wasn’t so bad. The mood of the situation started to have a forceful kind of sexuality to it. “Come on cocksucker, we don’t have all day.” With his cock in my mouth I could only moan my objections. I hated being being called a cocksucker but it was the first time he had called me that with me sucking his cock. I realized he was right. I had a cock in my moth and I was sucking it. I paused for a second to think about what I had become. He moved my head back and forward on his cock to give me the idea of how he liked it. “Like that faggot.” He let go of the back of my head expecting me to keep up the pace on his cock. I was a cocksucking faggot and if I didn’t want anyone else to know I had better hurry up and get his guy off. I moved my head over has cock at the same speed he had showed me. As I did so more goo started ejected from his cock. I swallowed without slowing down, after a while my saliva started to take on the flavor of his goo rather or not I swallowed. The flavors were starting to grown on me. “Mmmm that’s nice good boy.” It was the first nice thing this guy had ever said to me. I was clearly being ****d by this man but I couldn’t help feel some sense of pride that I was going a good job. He pulled my sucking head off his cock so I could get a good look at it. I could see the wet slimy part were my mouth had been and I had only sucked about a 3rd of his cock. I wondered if I could get the whole cock in my mouth. “Lick my shaft,” He barked. I moved in to lick his shaft it was hard hand was covered in veins. This man had a powerful tool and I made him moaned the whole time I licked up and down his shaft. “Good cockersucker,” He rubbed the back of my head and occasionally rubbed his cock on my face. I had started to get turned on by his big cock or his dominance (I couldn’t tell). “Damn you’re one cock hungry faggggg AHH god-damn,” he was really starting to enjoy my services. I had moved back down to his balls and was licking them. I moved up to the shaft where a saw a big drop of goo oozing out of his cock. I lapped it up before sticking his cock in my mouth. I got a better taste of his pre-cum. I wasn’t sure what it reminded me of but I was ready to admit to myself that I liked the taste (how can I get him to pre-cum faster). I started trying new things and going further down on his cock. Periodically I would check his piss slit and draw a little harder to suck some of his goo out. When he liked something he would grunt and tell me what a great cock sucker I was, by contrast if he hated something he would shift away from me or toward a more comfortable angel or direction. I had mixed results and over the next few minutes as I learned how to suck his dick. Here I was on my knees on the floor of a dirty rest stop bobbing my head 2 thirds down his monster cock while jacking him in my right hand and playing with his balls with my left. I learned the best intervals to suck and slobber kaçak bahis siteleri on his head. I needed to keep his cock wet and I wanted to suck the goo out of him. “Damn fag hot damn!” he would exclaim every now and again as I worked over his cock. “You’re a true natural cocksucker, you love my big dick don’t cha boy.” I didn’t want to agree with him (I love fucking my wife) but there was no denying how turned on I was by the shape of his cock in my mouth, the taste of his pre-cum and his dominance over me. I didn’t deny it. I looked him dead in the eyes as I sucked his cock. “You’re a real cocksucker boy,” he gave me a serious look. I’m about to blow my full load into you faggot.” I couldn’t stop sucking but (I was too turned on to do anything else but suck) I know I had had his pre-cum but I didn’t want him to KNOW he had cum in me. I didn’t want him to feel himself GOING in me and using me to the finish. I DID want to feel his cock pulse as he blows his wad. “That’s right faggot I’m going to unload in you and make you into a cum-swallowing cocksucker wouldn’t your dad be proud,” he smiled while on the brink of orgasm. I slowed my sucking (if I could just keep him from inseminating my mouth) then I remembered the door (I had to get him off fast). “MHHH!” I begged him not to cum in my mouth. I looked at him with a panic-stricken expression. “You have been eating my cum anyway,” he started to help my head up and down his cock. “You are gonna love it fag,” He started to speed face-fuck. I could feel his balls getting tighter in my hands. I had never felt mans balls right before climax (this was so exciting). I could feel his balls getting ready and that only made me want to touch them more (the balls that are about to unload in me). My eyes were locked with his. His cock swelled in my mouth. I gave him one final pleading look. Maybe he could cum on my face. He only looked back at me with lust (this man is going to do it). I felt a strong jerk from his cock, a twitch from just behind his cock and his balls pulled tighter to his body; then they all relaxed. I knew his load was going to be powerful and a fraction of a second later I felt him squirt his first load into me (it felt like a poke in the back of the throat I reflexively swallowed without tasting it). His cock pumped again just as he was moving his cock out of my throat so I would get it in the mouth. “Ahhhgggg.” He grunted as he gushed into my mouth. The taste hit me just as he called out. “Congrats you’re a faggot!” I swallowed down and his cock pulsed again. I knew it would be good. He had already got me to swallow his cum so I just locked my mouth around it and enjoyed his continuing gushes of man-goo. “Suck down the cum faggot.” He was right I was a faggot! I loved it. I love cock. I love cum. I love being on my knees on this dirty floor being used by a real man! This was pure sexual ecstasy. I came for the first time with a cock in my face. I moaned as a swallowed. Suddenly he pulled the cock from my mouth and his cum started blasting on my face. “Lick my balls,” he ordered. I was horrified by all of the cum being wasted so I tried to get his cock back in my mouth. “I said lick um!” Obediently I started to lick his balls. His cum continued to blast up into the air until the presser eased and it started trickling down his cock onto my face. I could still taste his load but I wanted more, “Please please,” I begged him with his balls in my mouth. “Worship my cock and clean it up.” The irony was not as intense as my pleasure. I literally started licking all around his cock. It was a big hard cock with cum all over it. I didn’t lick it in such a way to move the cum around or wet his cock. I licked his cock and balls dry, scooping the cum, saliva and whatever else was making his cock dirty. I was so satisfied I didn’t exist (nothing did) just his cock, the filth on it and my licking cleaning mouth. I snapped back to reality as he pulled his cock away from my desperately sucking mouth. “Gasp,” he was taking the cock away. He tucked it in and started to walk out. “Wait!” “HAA!” He turned back to look at me and said, “Faggot.” I noticed the cum on the floor and started licking. I guess he was right. How exciting!