Paige Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: The next morning

I woke up and opened my eyes slowly. I looked around and saw stuffed animals and posters of pop stars, and realized where I was. “Damn it!” I thought, “What have I done?” I’d had sex with my niece, Paige, and slept in her bed.

I lay there and pictured my lovely little Paige. How often had I gazed upon her and thought how much she looked like her mother, in the last year or so. In the past weeks she reminded me even more of Sarah at the age when I’d first met her. I imagined for a second that it was Sarah lying next to me, but then it came to mean more to me to relish the fact that it was Paige who was in my arms. It was Paige who loved me, unconditionally, in all the ways I needed and longed to be loved. It was Paige that had made love to me. It was Paige that wrapped her soft little lips around my throbbing, aching cock, and swallowed every drop of my cum. It was Paige that drew me into her bed and pulled me into her hot, wet, tight little pussy and fucked me. It was Paige that I really loved.

I didn’t want to wake up there. If I had gotten out, she might not have remembered the things that we had done, the things that we had said. I was thinking that maybe I might have meant the things I’d said. Maybe I was in love with her. Maybe I would marry her, if it was possible, if it was legal. Strangely, I didn’t regret the things that we had done.Still, I couldn’t help but think that everyone might have been better off if I had woke up on her mother’s couch, and she had awakened in her own bed, alone, with a hangover and little or no memory of the night before.

I lay very still and thought of who Paige really was. I thought back to when Paige was born and how proud Carl had been. He was a great dad and they were such a beautiful little family. I remembered how jealous I was, not only that Carl had Sarah, but that he had such a wonderful life.

Paige was barely three years old when Carl died. She hardly remembered him at all. I stepped right up after Carl’s passing and helped “my girls” in any way I could. I became a surrogate father to Paige and hoped I could be a surrogate husband to Sarah, and then, perhaps take Carl’s place once and for all.

Paige became my little buddy. I taught her how to ride a bike, how to throw a ball, how to swim, how to spit between her teeth.

I helped coach her Little League team. I took her to gymnastics lessons. I took her fishing and to ball games. I tried so hard to endear myself to Sarah and show her I could be a good father, and also a good husband. None of that was meant to be.

When Paige was six, Sarah met Tom. A year later she and Tom were married. I gave Sarah away. Sarah, Tom and Paige became the perfect little family, or so it would appear. I was crushed. I had to get away.

I kicked around different parts of the country, doing different jobs for years. I eventually got married, but that only lasted five years. No one could measure up to Sarah. I wasn’t a very good husband, either, I must admit.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Tom escort bostancı had set up a nice home and led a pleasant life as Paige matured into an angry and rebellious young lady. She was angry with me when ever I went home. She was angry that had I left her. She felt that I had abandoned her. Never mind that she had a wonderful home and loving parents. She missed me and wanted me in her life. So I returned to my home town and became friends with Tom and tried to play the part of the “good uncle”.

I lived my life, dating various women as I watched Sarah and her family from afar. I watched as Sarah struggled to keep her marriage together. I watched as Paige tested her mother’s will at every turn. I did what I could to help council her. We had tons of heart to heart talks. It always came back to, “If you really loved me, we would have never left me!” I could never make her understand why I had to leave.

I lay there, in Paige’s bed, with all those thoughts in my head, watching the room grow brighter, thinking, “I shouldn’t be here. I should be on Sarah’s couch.”

But here I was, with Paige snuggled up close to me, with her pretty little head on my shoulder and her hand on my stomach, just inches away from member, which was throbbing with morning wood. There was no way I could get out of her bed without waking her, but I needed to try.

As soon as I moved, she slid her hand down to my hard cock, and wrapped her slender fingers around it. She started to gently stoke it. “Good morning,” she whispered.

“Good morning,” I answered.

She turned her cute, impish face up to look at me and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I said, and I meant it. Looking into her eyes, I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I had never seen a face that looked so fine the first thing in the morning. I knew then, that I was in love with her. We kissed, softly and sweetly. “So,” she said, “It wasn’t a dream after all.”

“Oh, it was a dream, my dear,” I said. “I brought you home and put you to bed, that’s all.”

“That’s not all,” she said. “You took off my clothes… and you touched me, and slept with me. I’m not a virgin any more! I’m tellin’ Mom!” My heart jumped into my throat for a second. She couldn’t fight the urge to giggle. She had the cutest little giggle.

“Damn it!” I exclaimed, “You little nut.”

“Scared the shit out of you, didn’t I?” she said, and giggled again.

We kissed again and she slid her soft warm tongue into my mouth. I loved the taste of her morning mouth, the lingering hint of liquor, mixed with the remnants of my juices, and hers. We kissed deeply, drinking of one another’s saliva.

My left hand found her firm young breast as she heaved a sigh into my mouth and gripped my cock a little tighter.

“You’re not really a virgin are you?” I whispered.

“Not any more,” she breathed.

“You know what I mean.”

“Oh, I was. Until last night. I’m glad you were my first. Aren’t you?”

“I am,” I said, although I didn’t believe ümraniye escort it. But I was satisfied to go along with her lies for the time.. At that moment I couldn’t bare the thought of her with any one other than me. I slid my hand down to her soft little pussy. It was hot and wet. I slid my finger tip in and she flinched.

“Does that hurt?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I love it,” she said. She drew a deep breath through her teeth. “It hurts so good!” She placed her hand on mine and pushed my finger into her tender little twat. “Ow-w-w-w-m-m-m!”

“Let me kiss it and make it better,” I said, and licked my way down her neck. As much as I wanted to suck her titties, I didn’t, I licked down across her tight little stomach, pausing just long enough to kiss her navel and marvel at the sparkling jewel there, then right to her waiting snatch.

“Oh yeah!” she cried, “Eat me!”

In the early morning light I could see her beautiful little treasure. The hair was soft and light brown. It was dripping wet. Her juices flowed out onto her creamy white thighs and down onto her soft tender ass cheeks. I thought it looked a little pink, so I asked, “Its not that time for you is it?”

“No, why?”

“I think I see a little blood.”

“You’ve hurt my little pussy, you mean ol’ man,” she said in a little baby voice. “Now kiss her and make her better.”

I did just that. I leaned in and pressed my lips against her soft, plump, swollen labia. I stretched out my tongue as far down her ass as I could and lapped up her juices that had run out. I could taste just a hint of salty blood in her juices. She raised her hips and I licked down farther. She lifted her ass higher, so I hooked my hands under her knees and pressed her legs up toward her shoulders exposing all of her ass. I ran my tongue up and down the crack until I had gotten every drop of her bloody love juice. I nibbled and licked each soft alabaster cheek in turn. I ran my tongue back up the crack to her hot swollen little pussy.

I slowly pushed my tongue deep inside her and gently licked her tender young snatch. I imagined that my kisses and my tongue had some healing power. I felt the need to undo any harm I might have done to this sweet little flower. It was the most precious thing on earth at that moment. I still had her ass in the air and she had thrown her legs over my shoulders. She was raking my back with her heels.

She was moaning softly, “Oh yes! Oh my god!” Then she sighed, “Fuck me Mister! Give me that dick!”

“I don’t want to hurt you any more,” I said.

“I don’t care,” she said. “I gotta have it. I gotta feel your cum in me.”

“That might not be a great idea either,” I said.

“I’m on the pill, you big dumb ass,” she blurted. “You ain’t gonna get me pregnant. Not yet. We’ll talk about babies after you marry me.” She stared me squarely in the eyes with a very serious look for just a second, before blowing me a kiss and whispering, “I love you.” Then she took on a sheepish little expression and giggled. This young kartal escort bayan lady was the most beautiful creature that I had ever beheld.

I let her buttocks slide down my chest. My rock-hard cock slid up her still wet ass crack and found it’s way into her warm and waiting niche. I eased in slowly and carefully. She inhaled the whole time I was entering her and once I was all the way in, she let go a long and soulful moan. I held that position and gazed down upon my gorgeous young lover. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. It was at that moment that I realized that this was an extremely important time in her life and it became important to me to make it as special as possible. I was honored that it was I, that was bestowed this privilege, and not some clumsy young jerk. I would treat her the way she deserved to be treated.

I slowly pulled my throbbing member back and she inhaled all the way. She moaned as I thrust slowly forward again. Once I had all my manhood inside her, she dug her heels into my back and pushed her bush against me as hard as she could.

I kept up the slow motion stroking until she could stand it no longer. She began to buck against me and I worked to match her pace. No sooner had I caught up with her feverish rhythm, than she began to shiver and shake. She let out a moan that seemed to rise from the bottom of her soul. She was cumming. I started to come as well. It was to be the most satisfying orgasm of my life. I felt her hot juices running down my legs and she felt my hot cum shoot deep into her quim.

I gently lowered her to the bed and slowly rolled over, pulling her on top of me. I wished that I could stay in her forever.

She pressed her cheek against mine. Her face was wet with sweat and tears. She was crying. “Are you OK, Baby,” I asked. It would have broken my heart if there had been something wrong.

“Its more than OK, you big dummy,” she sobbed. “I’ve always been in love with you, don’t you know that? Even as a little girl, I dreamed that I would marry you some day. But little girls can’t even imagine this.”

Her tears dripped on my face. She was slobbering on my cheek. Her nose was running. She sniffed deep and hard, and sobbed again. I had to kiss her. Her mouth was wet, and hot with passion, the likes of which I had hadn’t shared in years and years. I tasted her sweat, her saliva and tears. In the last few hours, she had given me her virginity, I had tasted her blood, her sweat and now her tears. She was mine, totally mine, more than anyone had ever been. I was determined to keep her mine and keep her forever.

“I love you so much!” she sobbed.

“I love you too, Baby,” I said, “God, I love you!”

“I’m gonna be the best lover you ever had,” she sobbed into my ear. She was still crying. “What I don’t know, I want you to teach me. OK?”

“You’re already the best lover I’ve ever had, Baby!” I sighed.

“You mean that?” she begged. “Really?”

I pulled her strong, tight, young, sweaty body as close to mine as I possibly could and held her tight. I felt my cock getting hard again, inside of her.

She felt it too, and said, “I guess you do mean it.” She wriggled down to make sure she had all of me inside of her.”M-m-m-m. Sex is good, huh?”

“It can be Baby, it can be.”