Panty Shopping with Penny

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Someone once wrote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” and that seemed to summarize how I was feeling. I had finally tasted the nectar that seemed so far away, but yet so close and I yearned for more.

I came home from working out, and Penny had left me a present. As I entered my room, my eyes immediately focused on the lacy black panties that were on display upon my pillow. As my gym bag hit the floor, my cock was in full swell. My heart pounded as my eyes focused what a wonderful present. She knew what it would do to me, and I was eager to comply.

Since I’d been caught by her, our dynamic had changed, and my deepest fantasies now seemed within reach. As I walked to my bed, my mind swirled captivated by the gift that had carefully been left for me.

The note simply read: “Enjoy. I did.”

The panties were black, bikini cut, lacy in the front, and silky in the back. Closer inspection revealed a magical scent that was distinctly Penny’s pretty pussy. The crotch was still slightly damp, and decorated with white matter that could only be cum.

As I held my prize to my nose, I realized that my right hand had found my throbbing cock within my underwear, and I was already caressing my member with purposeful aggression.

I licked the gusset of the panties, tasting Penny’s cum, and my dick began to spill pre-cum all over my fingers. I took her panties away from my mouth just long enough to lick my fingers clean, only to quickly return them to my wanting cock.

“You like, panty-boy?” said the voice behind me.

As my balls boiled, I could only sigh, “yes. Thank you.”

“Good. Lay down.” The voice instructed.

As I did, pretty Penny came to me, wearing only a t-shirt that came down just below her waist, and her panty covered pussy straddled my right thigh. My leg hair seemed to be electrified and my skin sensed every silky fiber of the damp panties that covered the moist, delicate, beautiful object of my desire.

For an instant, there was a pang of guilt as I thought, “This is my sister.” But that brief moment of hesitation only served to fuel my lust. Not only was this my sister, but this was the object of my most private fantasies ever since I noticed the diminutive swellings beneath her t-shirt that would go on to blossom into her now perky 34b titties, sporting nipples hard like number two pencil erasers, protruding through the fabric of her shirt. My cock ached, and I would have done anything she asked. Anything.

I inhaled her scent from her panties again, and looked down to see the white lace that covered the auburn wisps of pussy hair which ground against my muscular thigh, flexing to provide friction against her swollen clit and labia. My mind felt wicked, and my eyes roamed from her damp panty-covered pussy, over the t-shirt that covered her toned, tanned tummy, up to the erect nubs that pressed out to greet me, over her sensual jaw line, to her emerald green eyes that engaged me with a stare so full of lust I could have cum right then and there.

“Show me. Do it for me” was all the encouragement I needed.

Penny had been leaving me precious gifts in unusual places since our encounter a few weeks ago; in my car, in my gym bag, in my room. Without fail, my cock would become rock-hard, and I couldn’t resist my need to stroke my cock with her pretty panties until I my balls would boil over with cum.

I was well and truly captivated.

As she slowly, deliberately, humped my thigh, my tongue lapped at the silky black panties that my left hand held to my face. My right hand struggled to get my shorts and underwear down below my clean-shaved balls so I could have free access to my aching cock.

Penny’s beautiful auburn hair framed her face and as her eyes burned into my soul. My breathing became deep and ragged. I’d been jacking-off to her image for as long as I could remember, and now her soft, silky skin caressed my thigh, and for a moment, I actually questioned whether or not I was dreaming.

As my hand tugged on my stiff prick, I felt her lean forward to steady herself as her legs tensed and clamp down on my thigh. As she began to quiver, I felt my balls tighten, and my stomach clench jet-after-jet of jizz rocketed from the tip of my dick. The first strand landed square on my cheek, the second hitting me just under my chin, and the third and fourth drained onto my chest.

“Oh yesssss.” She hissed as her juices flooded through her panties, coating my leg.

Penny’s pussy was soaking wet, and my dick barely softened. Penny ran her tongue over my hairless chest, collecting as much of my spunk as she could, then she leaned to me, kissing my full on the lips, sharing my cum with me. I ran my fingers through her hair, and over her muscular back, as I eagerly drank down my seed.

Abruptly, she sat upright, “Come on, you’re going shopping with me,” she instructed.

I feigned objection for a moment, but then easily gave in. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” she beamed in a radiant glow that I’ve only ever seen her possess.

She escort bostancı used her black panties to wipe my cum from my face and chin as she said, “Come here.” She lead me to her room, where she went to her panty drawer and pulled out a sexy pair of white, nylon panties with red hearts all over them. “Put these on” she instructed.

As I extended out my hand and took the pretty panties, I gave her a bewildered look.

“You heard me. Put these on. We’re going shopping.”

Without objection, I took the panties and headed to my room, my hard dick bouncing before me with each step. I resisted the urge to wrap the panties around my cock. Instead, I slid my feet through the leg-holes, feeling the delicate material against my skin, pulling the dainty panties up until the material strained to cover my rock hard dick. I had to tuck the head down to the left to try to get everything in place. The material between my legs and over my ass strained to conform to my shape. My heart was pounding over the prospect of wearing these forbidden treasures in public, and I was delirious with anticipation.

I wanted to cum again so badly, but it was so thrilling to save the sensation, I just stood staring at my cock throbbing against the silky material. I turned to notice Penny wearing a pair of short, pink athletic shorts and a skin-tight white tank top, and given the appearance of her still erect nipples, apparently no bra.

“Whaddya think, panty-freak? Do they make your dick feel nice?”

Breathlessly, I stammered, “They’re fantastic.”

“Good. Put some shorts on, we’re going shopping.”

Forty minutes later we were standing at the threshold of Fredericks of Hollywood. The silk of my panties caressed my now perpetually hard dick, and my senses raced, as my sister took me by the hand.

“Come-on, this will be fun!” Penny said with a sparkle in her eye.

With each step, the khaki of my shorts rubbed against my panties, and I could feel the pre-cum oozing from the tip of my hard dick. As we approached the first table covered with panties, Penny said “Help me find something pretty, something that you can’t resist.” My eyes scanned the table, and my mouth went dry.

“It makes you horny just to be in here, doesn’t it?” she whispered to me as she noticed my cock straining against my shorts.

The look in my eyes, and blush in my cheeks undoubtedly spoke for me, but I managed to stammer, “Oh yeah. Does it to you, too?”

“Being here with you, my panty-perv-of-a-brother, does,” she said with a wink.

We had selected three or four pairs of panties when an attractive brunette sales woman approached. She must have been in her early twenties, and she was only two or three inches shorter than me. I didn’t feel the least bit ashamed as my swollen dick strained against my panties and shorts, which was painfully obvious to anyone who would care to notice. Lyn’s nametag offered introduction, and the black skirt served to highlight her long, tanned legs. The pale blue blouse she wore unbuttoned to the spot right between her breasts accentuated her narrow waist and full, round tits. Her hair cascaded to her shoulders, and she carried herself with confidence and grace. My eyes scanned her form, and as she asked if she could assist us, I felt my face redden as though I’d just been caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

“Yes, we’re looking for something sexy. Something he won’t be able to keep his hands off of.” Penny said, exuding command over the situation.

With a nod, and a slow turn, Lyn said, “I have exactly what you’re looking for. Please follow me.” She walked away with a smooth sashay that neither Penny nor I could resist staring at.

At a table near the rear of the store, Lyn showed us a heavenly array of panties in every color, in the silkiest of materials, all cut in a high thong style. “The comfort and sensuality of these are something that neither you, nor he, will be able to resist” she said, absent-mindedly caressing the crotch of a yellow pair.

“Mmmmm” Penny cooed as her fingers traveled over the same yellow material. “I’ll bet this feels great between your legs.”

For my part, I was speechless.

“But how do they look?” Penny asked.

“Wanna see?” Lyn shot back with a wicked grin.

“Oh, sure” Penny chimed in, not entirely sure what to expect.

With a lookout glance to either side, Lyn calmly and carefully raised the hem of her skirt so the pair of sexy white panties she was wearing came into plain view.

I heard myself audibly gasp as she ran her finger under the elastic of the leg-band to display the softness of the silk. “The way they caresses your pussy is unbelievable.”

I glanced at Penny, and her eyes were riveted to Lyn’s crotch. “You’re beautiful, er, uh, they’re beautiful,” she stammered.

“Why, thank you.” Lyn blushed. “Let me show you to a fitting room” she offered as she selected several colors, “size 4?”

Penny politely nodded, and took me by the hand as Lyn lead us yet further to the rear of the ümraniye escort store, behind the rear display wall. As we entered the curtained room, Lyn pulled the drape behind her, offering the three of us a measure of privacy.

“Here, try these on,” Lyn said as she offered Penny a black pair of panties.

Without saying a word, Penny pushed down her shorts and panties in one motion, and separating the pair after they were off, handing me her panties, which I quickly noticed were wet. Unabashedly, Penny stepped into the silky material before Lyn and my watchful eyes, snuggling them into place. “How do they look?” she asked as she turned to display her ass to Lyn and me.

I silently watched as Lyn extended her hand to caress the soft, smooth skin of Penny’s ass, and as she stepped to her to kiss her, she said, “they look wonderful.” Lyn stepped close to Penny, and they kissed a deep soul kiss that I’d only seen women share in movies.

As they broke their kiss, Penny asked, “you wanna see something cool?”

“Sure,” Lyn replied.

Penny looked at me as I stood there like a dope, and said “drop your shorts.”

It took my mind a moment to register her demand, but once I did, without hesitation, I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, letting them fall to the floor, revealing my white panties with reddish pink hearts. They had become nearly transparent where my pre-cum had leaked from the tip of my dick and soaked the material.

Lyn’s eyes filled with lust as she stared at the panties that restrained my throbbing cock. She glanced at Penny and simply moaned her approval. “Panties”, she purred.

“May I have your panties?” Penny asked Lyn.

Lyn silently nodded, and reached up under her skirt, removing her panties with one smooth motion, handing them to Penny while staring into her eyes. Penny, held the treasure to her nose, and inhaled deeply.

“Mmmmm…” was all my sister could moan.

“Knock yourself out” was all Penny said as she handed me Lyn’s panties, sinking to her knees in front of Lyn’s skirt, lifting it gently to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy.

Lyn’s panties were incredibly soft and delicate. I ran my fingers through the material, and lifted them to my face as I inhaled her musky scent. The crotch was damp, and there was the faint aroma of pee. For a moment I didn’t know what to do next. I looked over as Lyn stood with one foot up on the changing room bench, steadying herself by running her fingers through Penny’s hair. Penny ravenously attacked Lyn’s pussy with her mouth as if she might not live to see another moment of such lust.

For my part, my heart was racing, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was my sister gay? I didn’t know she was into chicks. This was easily the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

Lyn reached out, and gave my thick cock a squeeze within its silky confines, while biting seductively on her lower lip. I watched my sister snake her hand between Lyn’s thighs, causing her eyes to close momentarily in sexual enjoyment.

Soon Lyn’s breathing became ragged and wanting. She stared at me as I pulled my cock from the white panties I was wearing, only to wrap Lyn’s sticky, wet panties around the thick shaft with one hand, and I held Penny’s panties to my face with the other. The term ‘heaven’ only begins to describe what I was feeling. Instinctively I stroked my cock and caressed my balls as I watched Penny pleasure Lyn’s pussy with her mouth and fingers.

In seconds, Lyn was bucking her pelvis, forcefully grinding her cunt against Penny’s wanting mouth, her eyes locked on to the stroking of my thick, purple cock coated with her panties, her left hand roughly squeezing her own tits.

Then it hit.

Lyn bucked hard, nearly dislodging my sister from her cunt, but Penny held on while Lyn came as she stood over her.

That’s all it took for me. With several grunts, rope after rope of thick, white cum shot from the tip of my dick, all over the back of Penny’s shirt, and on her ass. As Lyn’s orgasm subsided, Penny stood, her face glistening with Lyn’s cum, and she kissed me full on the lips, sharing Lyn’s cum with me. I turned Penny quickly around, and she leaned over on the bench, knelt down, and licked my cum from her coated ass cheeks, being sure to rake my tongue over the thin band of material that separated the firm globes, teasing her little rose-bud through the fabric, savoring every drop of my own man-juice, much to Lyn’s approval. God I wanted nothing more than to fuck her right then and there.

Our goodbyes were brief. We paid for the new panties, which amazingly were on sale for 50% off, though we didn’t notice any signs to that affect.

As we headed to the car I carried Penny’s shopping bag filled with her new panties, amazed at what had just happened. The back of Penny’s shirt was soaked and nearly transparent from the splattering of cum I’d given her, and she seemed to enjoy the display of unknown origins she was putting on as we left the mall.

Not truly believing what I’d just witnessed and participated in, I kartal escort bayan said, “Sis, I gotta go shopping with you more often.”

“Yeah,” she giggled, “we make quite a team. Do you think we should have mentioned that we were brother and sister?”

“We’ll just have to make it a point to visit her again, soon.”

As Penny and I walked through the parking lot to our car, I was still in a state of sexual euphoria. My mind was literally spinning with images of what had just occurred.

Penny jumped in the passenger seat with a devious giggle, and I took my place behind the wheel with a non-descript “Wow.”

We looked at each other and I said, “I have never seen anything so hot, so amazing, so INCREDIBLE, in my entire life! I gotta go shopping with you more often!”

Again, Penny simply giggled, and she was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

As I started the car, and backed from our parking spot, I noticed that Penny was sitting with her legs slightly splayed, her pink shorts cupping her crotch snuggly, leaving the smooth, bronze skin of sexy thigh entirely on display. Her tits pressed against the thin material of her white tank top, and it was obvious her nipples were still at attention. Her skin seemed to virtually glow, and the sunlight caught her beautiful auburn hair as we merged with the other vehicles leaving the mall.

We traveled along in relative silence for several minutes, the sound of rock music from the radio only serving as ambient noise. I was beginning to realize that we both were suffering from perm-a-grin.

“I didn’t know you were bi,” I said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, well, up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know you were a panty-perv,” she shot back with a playful smile. “I mean, I had my suspicions, but…”

“Yeah, yeah. Touché’.”

“Is there a problem with me being bi?” she teased.

“No, no. Of course not, I think it’s really cool. Obviously!”

“I know, I know, ‘every guy’s fantasy’, blah, blah.”

“Well, YEAH! So sue me!” I said with a laugh.

“That was pretty fucking hot, wasn’t it.” She said with a nod and a smile.

“Oh yeah.” Was all I could muster. My cock remained semi-stiff inside my panties. “Wow.” Again seemed like the only appropriate comment.

“Have you ever kissed a guy, I mean really kissed him?” Penny asked, somewhat out of the blue.

“Uh, no.” I responded quickly.

“Have you ever thought about it?”

“Uh, again, no. Why?”

“I dunno. I guess I think it’s hot to see two guys together,” she said, her gorgeous thighs now tight together with both hands clenched in her lap, pressing down as she shrugged.

“Ewww! Really?!”

“Well, yeah!” she said. “You think it’s sexy to see two girls together, right? Why is it different with two guys?”

“I don’t know. ‘Cause women’s bodies are beautiful,” I reasoned, “guys aren’t. Think of it: if one naked girl is awesome, then two naked girls is doubly awesome!” Clearly, there was no arguing such profound, iron-clad, sound reasoning.

“You’re such a knob!” Penny laughed. “Guy’s bodies are beautiful, at least I think so. And apparently so did the great Greek and Roman sculptors who chose the male form for their work. I’ve seen plenty of girl-on-girl action in movies and in porn, you mean to tell me you’ve never watched a guy-on-guy porn? You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“I guess I’ll have to take your word on that one.”

We continued to make our way home, and I asked with a sly smile, “Can I ask you who the first girl you ever kissed was? I mean really kissed.”

“Yeah, you can ask, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna answer” she shot back.

“Come on, please? Who? When? Where? Details, please!”

I could swear I noticed her squirm. “It was Debbie. A while ago.”

“Debbie?! Your best-friend Debbie?!” You could have knocked me over with a feather. I never suspected. How did I manage to overlook this one?!?

Debbie was a gorgeous blond who’s most notable physical attribute was her huge boobs, and she had been Penny’s best-friend for as long as I could remember. Her hair normally hung to midway down her back, and she had blue eyes that always reminded me of a perfectly clear sky. Because Debbie developed so early, and so thoroughly, she was never terribly athletic, but she had a natural ‘womanhood’ about her. Standing roughly 5’6″, and weighing about 130, she was pretty to the extent that you’d expect her to be somewhat aloof, but when she smiled at you, the way her face lit up, and her eyes would gleam; you knew she could be nothing but genuine and sincere. She made friends easily, and of course was the object of many a teenager’s attention apparently, both male and female alike. But because she developed so early, she was somewhat self-conscious about her big boobs. I couldn’t ever recall seeing her without wearing a bra, except perhaps for when she would wear a bikini at the pool. Even then, the top appeared to be much more like a heavy-duty sports bra. So-much-so, that it often seemed like she would go out of her way to put her legs and ass on display, which only succeeded to create a feast for the eyes that would send people into a catatonic stare. Most often, she treated me just like her very own little brother: Acknowledging my presence, but barely giving me the time of day.