Parent Trouble Ch. 03

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Bailey Brooke

I had to go about this very carefully. One wrong step and I could ruin what I had built up. The plan was to keep spying on her in her bedroom as much as possible. This would be easier now that dad was sleeping on the couch. Since he’d been fucking me, he didn’t want to be anywhere near her. Anyway, she wasn’t exactly complaining, they were pretty much estranged at this point. My idea was to catch her masturbating. I knew she had to be, cause she wasn’t fucking anybody. She’s human; she’d have to get off some how.

The next night, I again waited until she was showering and snuck into her room and waited for her to come in. She came in and started drying herself off. She sat on her bed and rubbed the towel up and down her legs. I watched as her wet hair hanging off her shoulders caused water to drip from her nipples. Then she brought the towel up to her breasts and dried them off. I noticed how she spent just a little more time on her tits. Then she went to her vanity mirror and started brushing her hair. This was right in front of me and I got the profile view, perfect. Her tits were sticking straight up and she brushed and brushed. When she finished, she rubbed some cream on her tits and put on her nightgown.

When she got into bed, I waited to see if she would start to pleasure herself. I waited and waited and waited and after about 2 hours I gave up. I started to sneak back out, but then I saw her move in her bed so I went back into the closet. My heart began to pound in my chest as I saw her reach between her legs and start fondling herself. I couldn’t see anything cause she had the covers on, but that didn’t last long. After about a minute, she flung the covers off and I could see her hand feverously rubbing between her legs. Then with her other hand she started squeezing her tits. Fuck this was making soo horny.

It was cramped in the closet but I managed to get my shorts off and started jacking off. I kept my eyes locked on mom’s pussy. I couldn’t see it clearly as it was dark, but I stayed focused between her legs. She was moaning pretty load now and convulsing her body. Then, she let out a small scream and tensed up her whole body. She was cumming on her hand. I thought my head would explode. What a fucking sight!

As she started to relax her body, I could see her massaging her pussy as her orgasm passed. This sight overwhelmed me, so I jacked my cock until I was shooting streams past my head. I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t be heard. When I finally finished, I realized I had to clean up and get out of there. But I was so spent; I actually fell asleep for a while. When I woke up, it was about 3 am, so I had to use my underwear to clean up my jizz from the closet. I had to go slow so as not to be heard. When I finished, I tried to open the closet door quietly, but then I saw her move in her bed again. This time she was awake and moving with purpose.

She reached for her drawer and I saw her pull out a vibrator. WOW. I went right back in to enjoy the show. For the next 30 minutes I watched her fuck herself with fervor. She was moaning loudly and talking to herself. She was saying things like, “Oh fuck yeah. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. MAKE ME CUM.” I got an instant hard on again. Without even thinking, I was jerking hard on my cock. Never taking my eyes of her cunt, I was blowing another wad, and this one caught me in my eye! Damn, it took me a while to clear my vision. Shit, does semen burn your eyes or what? When I did, she was done. She fell asleep naked and with her dildo between her legs. I cleaned up the best I could and got the hell outta there.

Now I know; mom needs to get fucked! And I’m gonna be the one to fuck her. My plan to get her to want me was in hindsight not very good, but at the time I thought it was a sure thing. It was to take pictures of her naked and make sure she would find them and that she would know that it was me who took them. Sounds dumb, right? It’s unbelievable the ideas you get when you’re thinking with your cock.

I got my digital camera ready and hid in her closet again. My plan was to wait until she was done jerking off and fell asleep, then I would come out and take some pictures. So I waited again, and this time she took a long time before she went to bed. I was really uncomfortable in that damn closet. But the good thing was that I didn’t have to wait so long before she was jerking off. She went right at it, toys and all. This time she was really going to town. She had this big dildo that she was thrusting into herself. She used her feet to try to keep it in place as she moved it in and out of her pussy. This left her hands free to play with her tits. Then she did something that really got me horny, she started sucking her own tits! FUCK, I couldn’t take this anymore, but I had to wait til she finished.

My cock was so hard, it was throbbing in my short without even toughing it. It took all I had not to open the door and jump all over her. At one point I actually had to look away just so I kartal escort wouldn’t go too far, but that didn’t help much as she was moaning breathlessly with desire. When I looked back, she put both hands on the dildo and was fucking herself almost violently. Then she stopped and tensed her body. She was cumming and I could see better this time cause she left the bedside lamp on. When she finished I could hear her purring as she pulled the dildo out of her now sloppy wet cunt. Then she did something that told me that not only was she intensely horny, but nasty too. She put the dildo up to her mouth and licked up her own juices. Damn it, I have to fuck this woman!

After about 20 minutes, she finally fell asleep. I came out of the closet and crept over to her bed. She was lying on her back totally naked. I took about 4 different pics from different angles. I only took 4 cause I didn’t want to risk waking her up. Standing inches from my mother’s naked body had a powerful effect on me. I couldn’t help but lean into her crotch to take in the smell of her sex. I could see the big wet spot on her bed. My face was inches from her gorgeous pussy. With the smell of her cunt and my cock pulsating in my shorts, I just couldn’t help myself. I flicked my tongue over her pussy lips. I got some of her juices on my tongue. My mouth was on fire. I was almost in a daze cause my head felt like it was spinning. I got greedy and gave her pussy a big lick. She didn’t even flinch. So I put my tongue into her pussy and moved it around to get as much of her taste as I could get.

Within a minute she started to stir. I looked up and saw her twitch her eyes. I didn’t want to risk anymore so I stopped. Before I left her room I picked up her used panties and put them in my pocket. I rushed back to my room to jack off and found dad in my bed, naked with a raging hard on. He tells me, “I’ve been waiting for you baby. I need that sweet ass of yours.”

I was so fucking horny; I didn’t even care who was in my bed. I quickly went over to him and grabbed his cock and started sucking hard on his cock. I just kept thinking of mom’s cunt. I started talking nasty to him.

“You want me don’t you? You wanna fuck me hard. Well come on fuck me. Fuck me good.” I was imaging saying this to mom. Of course he didn’t know this. He loved the hell out of this. He bent me over and started pounding my ass. I just needed sex anyway so I didn’t mind. He turned me over and fucked me missionary and my cock was so hard it was slapping my stomach. Without even touching it, I started shooting loads everywhere. This was so intense, I seem to cum forever. I didn’t even noticed when dad came in my ass. I just noticed he stopped, pulled out and gave me a wink while putting his underwear back on. Not even one word to me, he just left me there, cum all over me.

After this I grabbed mom’s panties from my pocket and took them to my nose. I took in her odor again and remembered what she tasted like. I then wiped my cum from my body with her panties. I kept them under my bed and knew exactly what I would do with them. I told myself, before the week is out; I’m going to fuck my mom.

The next day, I waited until I knew she would go into the shower, which was usually around 9:00pm. So fifteen minutes before, I took her panties and jacked off on them, saturating them with my semen. I then quickly went into the bathroom and placed them on the floor, next to the shower stall. She couldn’t miss them. The idea was to make sure she sees me coming out of the restroom and finds her panties on the floor with cum on them. When I walked out of the restroom, I pretended to be a little out of breath and giving her an ‘oh shit’ look.

“Are you ok, Jim?” she asked me as she passed by me.

“Uh…yeah. Sure.” I went back to my room and waited. She had to see them. I waited for about half an hour, nothing. Then I heard her open the bathroom door. I peeked out of my door to see if she was coming towards my room. She was fully clothed and headed straight for my room. I left the door and went to my computer and brought up the pictures I had taken of her. She knocked on the door and I told her to come in. I switched the image on the screen but you could see the tab at the bottom said ‘Mom naked’. When she came in I pretend to fumble around with my keyboard as if I was trying to hide something. She came up to me and looked at the screen. Again I pretended I was trying to hide something by turning my computer off.

“Jim, we need to talk.”

“Okay, mom, what’s up?” She sat on my bed and pulled out her panties from her pocket.

“Can you explain these?”

“Uh…wha…what are you talking about?”

“Look, let’s not play this game. I know it was you that did this.”

“Did what!”

“This is your semen on my panties! Now what the hell is going on?”

I made a look like I had been busted and embarrassed. I was trying to get some sympathy rather than anger from her.

“Alright look maltepe escort bayan mom, to be perfectly honest, I’ve been feeling very sexually frustrated lately. I haven’t had sex in about a year, since I broke up with Karen. Lately I’ve been seeing you walk around in your shorts and t-shirts. I mean, well, you really turned me on.”

At this point she was somewhat stunned by this revelation. Her eyes were opened wide and her mouth slightly open. I don’t think she quite knew what to say. So I went on.

“I see you in your shorts, you’ve got great legs. Smooth, long beautiful. When you bend over, I can’t help but stare at you. When you lean over in front of me, I look up your shirt to see if I can get a look at your breasts.”

She stayed quiet, but I could tell she was getting a little hot cause I saw the panties she was holding and she was rubbing them between her fingers. I knew I was getting to her.

“I have to be honest mom, I’ve actually seen you change before. I walked into the bathroom once and I saw you getting into your panties. I couldn’t help…”

“STOP. Are you telling me you’ve got sexual feelings for me?”

“I…I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so horny lately and I see you around here half naked sometimes. Seeing a beautiful woman everyday like that, well it gets to me.”

“But…why my panties?”

“Well, when I saw you changing into them, I wanted something to remind me of the sight I saw. I picked up a pair from the hamper. I don’t know why, but I put them to my face. When I smelled them, I got very horny. I had to relieve myself. I’m so sorry, mom. Please don’t hate me.”

“Jim, please, I don’t hate you. I just can’t understand why. How can you be physically attracted to me? I mean, I’m your mother!” I leaned in and put my hand on her leg.

“Why, mom? You’re a gorgeous woman. I know you and dad don’t sleep together anymore. You deserve better. You can have any man you want. Do you think because dad doesn’t want to sleep with you anymore that you’re not attractive?”

“Jim, please this is a conversation we should not be having.” She started sobbing at this point. I leaned in a little closer and put my hand on her shoulder.

“Mom, please don’t cry. I didn’t want to upset you. I knew I shouldn’t have said anything. I should’ve kept my feelings to myself.”

“No, it’s not you. Ever since your father and I started sleeping separate, I have felt very alone and unwanted. And to hear from my own son, that he finds me sexually attractive…it’s just not right.”

“Mom, I love you, you know that I would never do anything to hurt you. I hate to see you upset like this. I am so sorry.”

I fake a little sobbing and go in for a hug. She hugs me back and cries a little. I start rubbing my hands up and down her back. I give her a little hot breath on her neck. I give her a little kiss where her shoulder and neck meet. She leans back and we lock eyes for a few seconds. Now is the time. I move in slowly and give her a very passionate kiss on her lips. At first she didn’t kiss me back, but she didn’t stop me either. My hands now move to her face. I caress her cheeks gently. Now she kisses me back. Our tongues lock in each other’s mouth. I can hear her moaning softly. This is the most erotic moment of my life.

I was so caught up in the moment, that I reached down and softly caressed her breast. This jolted her back into reality; the reality that she was making out with her own son. She broke our kiss and just looked at me for a second. She abruptly got up and left. I didn’t know at this point if she left because she wanted it to happen or was disgusted with herself. Either way there was no going back now. I was going to take this to the limit.

I stayed in my room the rest of the night. I decided I would strike when the iron was hot. I waited until late night to make the move. In the mean time, I got myself worked up by looking at those pictures on my computer. Seeing her naked body on the bed then closing my eyes and remembering our passionate kiss. My cock was throbbing and I hadn’t even touched it yet. I was so ready to take her and make her mine. I striped down to my underwear, with my cock stretching to get out; I went to her room.

I crept up to her door and cracked it open ever so slowly. I wasn’t disappointed. She was fucking herself with her dildo, and going at it pretty good too. I wanted so much to just jump on her lusting body. Then I heard her say through baited breath, “Oh fuck yeah, fuck me Jim.” My heart was pounding into my throat. This confirmed it; she wanted me to fuck her. A million thoughts went through my head all at once. I was ready to go but I guess I got a little nervous, cause I just stayed frozen for a few minutes. She had already cum and was just rubbing her tits. I could tell she was starting to fall asleep. I had to move now.

I went in and moved ever so slowly to her. I got up to the foot of the bed, trying not to make any noise. escort pendik Her legs were spread out wide and I could see the juices flowing from her swelled up pussy. I looked up at her and she was half asleep and had one hand on her right tit, lightly massaging it and purring softly. This was the most incredibly erotic sight I could imagine. I was so aroused I was literally panting in front of my naked mother.

I moved down between her legs and slid my head up closer to her pussy. I kept glancing up to her face to see if she was awake. I went right for it. I needed her so bad. I started licking up her cum. Mmmm…it was warm and tasted as sweet as nectar. Then I licked at her lips, gently at first then a little faster. She still didn’t react to what I was doing, but I wanted her to. So I stuck my tongue deep inside her cunt and moved it around. She started to stir a little, but didn’t open her eyes. I slowly removed my tongue and ran it up to her clit. I circled it around and then pressed down a little. This got her attention. She let out a load moan as she opened her eyes and looked down at me.

“Oh…no..Jim..please don’t do this.’s no..not right.” I looked right up at her and we locked eyes with my tongue buried deep in her cunt. She bit her lip and threw her head back.

I stopped and moved my body up to her face and said to her softly, “Mom, we both want this. Don’t fight it. I need to make love to you so bad.” I could feel her body writhing underneath me and my cock was rubbing her pussy through my underwear. I kissed her ever so gently, lightly licking her lips. She responded with passion. She grabbed my head and lustfully shoved her tongue in my mouth. I felt her wrap her legs around me and start grinding her body against mine. She was so impassioned that she actually bit my lip. I not only made her want me, but I made her need me.

She gave me a dead serious look and said, “Jim, I need you now. I need to you fuck me. Fuck me, Jim, please fuck me.” Before I could even respond, she was pulling my underwear down and freed my cock. In a heartbeat, my cock was in my mother pussy. It felt like a hot knife through butter. The heat was so intense; it literally felt like we were on fire. We both reacted powerfully. I was breathing heavily and she had a glassy look in her eyes. Almost like she was in a trance.

She squeezed her legs tightly around my ass, so I took my cue and began thrusting her for all I was worth. I looked at her face and she was swinging her head back and forth; uttering phrases like, “Fuck me baby. Make me cum. Give me all your cock.” I’ve never seen anyone so much enthralled in the heat of passion. I looked down at her heaving breasts and began to suck them like I was trying to draw milk. At this point, I was so much in a sexual frenzy that I started grunting like an animal in heat. She started burying her nails in my back. I was so hot I didn’t even feel the pain.

The intensity was too much that it couldn’t last. I felt my balls tingle and I guess she could sense my movements, cause she put a vise grip on me with her legs. She told me, “Cum inside me. I need to feel you’re cum.” That did it for me. I let out a scream and began spewing an amazing load deep in my mother’s cunt. It was so hot it felt like fire shooting from my cock and it must have felt like that for her too, cause she tensed her body up and let out a good scream.

I stopped pumping and just let all my sperm squirt into mom’s pussy. But that didn’t stop her from bucking underneath me. That’s when I felt her hot juices hit my cock. That was so fucking awesome to see her underneath me, writhing in an uncontrollable lust. I kept my cock buried inside her for what seemed like hours. I began kissing her passionately again and she loved it.

“Mom, I love you so much. I never felt closer to you that right now.”

“Oh, Jim, you’re so fucking good. You don’t know how bad I needed that. I haven’t been fucked this good in years.”

“You’re the hottest sex I’ve ever had, mom. I want to be you’re lover.”

“Jim, we have to be careful about this. No one can ever find out about this. I want to keep fucking you too, but we have to be very careful whenever we decide to do this again. Can you understand that?”

“Yeah, mom, I get it. I just want you so much, I can’t help when I want to fuck you.”

“We can’t be sloppy about this and you sound too anxious. I think it’ll be better if I let you know when we can fuck. Ok.”

“All right, but this is gonna be hard. Speaking of hard. Can you feel me growing inside you mom?”

With that we went at it again and again and again. All night. I actually woke up with my cock inside her. I had to look at her again to make sure this wasn’t a dream. Of course, I could feel my cock in her and that told me last night really happened. I had my usual morning wood and decide to take advantage of it. I started pumping her and she woke up. She stopped me and said, “Not now Jim, I’ve got to go to work.” She abruptly got up and went in to take a shower. I followed her in and tried to get in with her. She stopped me again and got mad.

“God dammit, Jim. What did I tell you, I’ll let you know when we can or can’t. Now get out before your father sees you.”