Part 1 Meeting Candice and Tarryn

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Part 1 Meeting Candice and TarrynPart 1: Meeting Candice and Tarryn.Starting my Matric year dating Amanda, our relationship soon came to an end after a few good fuck sessions but nothing to exciting. We broke up due to the stress of studying, playing sports and honestly from myside wanting to see and be with other girls. On a friday movie night out with friends, a few weeks before April school holidays,I met this pretty brunette girl with blue eyes. Beautiful she was. Candice was her name. Her and I immediately hit it off, flirting and enjoying each other’s company and candice and I exchanged numbers that night. She was in another school to me, in matric but a year younger, a clever lady. During the school week we exchanged a number of messages getting to know each other better and better as we made plans too see each other on the Friday night.Friday night soon arrived and Candice and I met up to go watch a movie together. During the movie we explored, my hand moving around on her leg, high up her inner thigh over the soft jeans she was wearing. The moment her head turned towards mine I took the opportunity and our lips met and opened as we exchanged our first kiss together. As our lips aparted and we started watching the movie again, Candice placed her hand on my leg and slowly moved it up and onto my crotch. She gently played with my cock and balls through my jean pants as we watched on. My hand to moved over her pubic area and I so badly want to feel how her pussy felt. My cock soon grew throbbing hard and Candice turned to me and whispered into my ear saying 1 word, ” impressive”. Thank you I replied and whispered into her ear asking, would you like to meet him in person? She replied teasingly maybe one day, which was a good enough sign for me to see that she was rather into me. The movie went by quickly and soon it was over, taking Candice’s hand, her and I walked out together. A few minutes after exiting the movie her parents called saying that they were here to fetch her. She tried saying goodbye but I refused and told her I would walk her too her parents car and greet them. A short quick walk, and we were by there car, she introduced me to her dad and mom before I gave her a hug goodbye and opened the car door for her to get in. A wave goodbye as they drove off and I then made my way back inside and a few minutes later my parents came to fetch me. Once home I got a message from Candice saying,” do you even want to know, how many questions my parents asked on the way home?” I replied saying I’m sorry and hope they were positive questions. And she responded say yes they were as they seem to like you and are inviting you over for a braai next Friday night too get to know you better. Awesome I thought, as I really liked this pretty young girl and I couldn’t wait for the next Friday to arrive as my parent said it was fine for me too go to the braai. Soon in bed texting Candice I started exploring more boundaries, as I asked did she enjoy feeling my hard cock. She responded hmmm yes I did, in fact i enjoyed everything about our evening together. I then asked exploring more boundaries, ” do you shave your pubic area?” And Candice replied saying, “that’s for me to know and you to find out in person if you lucky enough? I replied, ” I take that as a yes and I would really love to be lucky enough.” Candice soon replied, while I was laying stroking my throbbing hard cock, saying, ” well if you play your cards correctly, then you will most definitely be lucky enough.” And I responded saying, ” to the sounds of the way you replying, you want me to play my cards right, dont you?” “Yes handsome I do,” she replied and I then said I can’t wait to see you again. Candice replied nor can I, and her and exchanged a few more messages before saying good night, while I stroked my cock and eventually exploded covering my chest as I imagined how her body, tits and pussy looked. The rest of the weekend as well as the next week Candice and I exchanged many messages as we both waited for Friday to arrive. It eventually did and once it reached midday it was April school holidays and all anxiety and anticipation started to build up. Straight home we went after school and home alone with my sister, her and I had an interesting conversation as we discussed our holiday secrets as to her wanting to see her boyfriend and myself wanting to have time alone to explore Candices body. My sister soon asked what is sex like and I replied saying for me its personally amazing. “I’m sure I will find out soon she replied and I said just be safe, make sure he wears a condom. Yes I will she said and then asked me if I have one to give her just incase the time arrives and he doesn’t have 1. Not I problem I said güvenilir bahis as we then walked up to my room and I then said I will rather show you where I keep mine as dad and mom know that I’m in the stage of fucking, but might be surprised if they find you with condoms in your possession. Thank you. She replied and I then said I’m gonna have a shower and slowly get ready for the evening. Grabbed clothes, I then headed to the bathroom and as I undressed I started thinking about Candice and wondering how her body would look naked. The thoughts got my cock hard and as I got into the shower I soaped it up. Closing my eyes, as I lean against the wall, I picture Candice in the shower with me. Her naked body against mine as I held her up, my cockni her pussy, her hips around my waste and then I exploded shooting my cum onto the shower glass as I imagined fucking her. After relieving my balls from the pressure of my hot cum, I washed and cleaned up. Getting out the shower and once dressed, my sister and I chatted for a while as time passed and soon our mom was home and able to take me to Candice. My sister drove with us a short 10 min car drive away, arriving by Candice her, her mom and dad came outside to greet me and meet my mom and sister before driving off. A little Nervous at first with a bit of unknown tension that lasted a bit, but soo everything settled down. Meeting Candice’s younger brother, Henny, him and I had a lot in common regarding sports, as well as her dad. The sporting conversation kicked off as we lit the fire for the braai and soon we all were having a good time. The night went by quickly, we had supper, after supper watched a movie and during the time spent with Candice we only exchanged a few soft kisses and hugs before the time arrived where my parents fetched me. Back home, my parents soon said good night and headed too bed, which left my sister and I in the lounge to chat, and she asked me a number of questions about the night. As my sister and I chatted, Candice and I texted each other as we started making plans to see each other in the week. As her parents were Wednesday away for the day and night as they were heading to a combined work conference, we agreed that I come past then. Something I really couldn’t wait for. Just before texting Candice goid night, she told me, that her dad said to her, I know you guys are gonna see each other during the holidays, please just be safe while doing so. It gave me a bit of relief knowing that and at the same time as my head let the thoughts of seeing Candice alone ran through my head got my cock hard and while still chatting to my sister she noticed my bulge in my pants and said you obviously dying to see her. A bit embarrassed I replied saying you have no idea. My sister and I then said good and we headed to our rooms, closing my door and stripping down naked, I immediately started rubbing my cock. Picturing Candice’s pretty face sucking my cock I exploded in seconds shooting my hot cum onto my belly, relieving the sexual pressure for the night. Saturday and Sunday we spent as a family together which went by quickly, soon Monday arrived my parents saying goodbye to my sister and I in the morning and then headed to work, leaving the two off us alone. The morning past and just on midday her and I took a walk to the shops together. At the shop, we went to the sex section, where all the condoms and lube were, I grabbed a box of rough rider and my sister to a box of wet and wild. Wet and wild you want to be I teased her, and she replied, I’m just gonna try it out and I smiled back at her. Once at the counter to pay, the lady ringing up the price, said as we were paying, glad to see you young couple are being safe, a bit embarrassed we responded say we related brother and sister, the lady then embarrassed herself said well glad you guys are being safe and we all left with a bit of an embarrassing smile on our faces. My sister and I laughed about it as we walked back home. Once home we put the condoms away and then discussed holiday plans once again. Monday soon ended and as Tuesday arrived, being home with my Sister as well as Candice just being home with her brother. Around midday I was laying in my room, door closed listening to music as Candice and I texted. She told me that her brother was sleeping by a friend for the night only coming back on Thursday and that her friend Tarryn, was gonna be over for Wednesday and Thursday while her parents were away. Bit of a bummer at first, but as we continued texting, our conversation began to get heat. Candice told me she can’t wait to have alone time with me and that Tarryn wouldn’t mind as its happened before. “What exactly happened before” I asked and Candice replied güvenilir bahis siteleri telling me that before her and an ex ended up in a room while Tarryn watched TV and Visa versa. ” oh so you want me alone in your room” I asked and Candice replied saying I can’t wait for that. My cock immediately started throbbing and I pulled it out my pants as I replied asking, what all do you plan to do to me while in the room alone together. Candice replied saying, well it all depends on how well you play your cards but definitely some pleasurable fun. Such a tease aren’t you I replied and she said that’s exactly what I am. I said cause of that I think I need to punish you. And Candice replied asking, just how are you wanting to punish me. I thought about it for a moment and then while stroking my hard cock, I replied saying, I’m gonna make you kneel on all 4s like a dog, take my hard cock and enter you from behind, spank your sexy ass while I fuck you hard and rough. In anticipation I awaited her reply while jerking my cock and then to a fright my bedroom door opened and my sister walked in on me playing with my cock. Oh shit sorry she said and turned around back out and closing the door behind her. Seconds later as I stood up to go to my sister Candice’s reply came, ” that sounds like that I need, can’t wait for it,” she said. My mind was running all over at this stage, cock throbbing, wanting to cum, not able to wait to see Candice as well as wanting to go speak to my sister. Deciding to release my balls from the sexual pressure, I continued stroking my cock as I replied to Candice saying I really can’t wait to see and spend some quality time with you tomorrow. The thoughts of her on her hands and knees waiting for my cock to enter her hot me to explosion point and cum shot out onto my chest as I lay thinking about tomorrow and wishing time could go by quicker.After cleaning up my cum, I went to see my sister who was in the lounge watching TV and as I walked in, she immediately apologized once again for not knocking and see me playing with my cock. Telling her not to worry, she soon asked me what got me hard and horny. I gave her my phone to have a read of the messages myself and Candice were exchanging and she suddenly was excited for me. The rest of the day past by quickly and soon it was night and I found myself laying in bed looking forward to the next day seeing Candice. The night was long as I spent most of thinking and wondering about Candice and what all was going to happen. Eventually I managed to fall asleep and was woken up as my parents were leaving for work. Messaging Candice a morning message before heading to the bathroom for a shower where I quickly rub one out releasing my balls of the cum pressure build up if all the naughty sexual thoughts throughout the night as I laid awake. After a good wank in the shower I got dressed, wearing shorts as it was still very hot. Checking my phone Candice had replied saying morning handsome, my parents have left, Tarryn is on her way over and I’m ready to see you when ever you get here. Awesome I thought and I replied see you shortly sexy. I quickly popped into my sisters room after getting condoms from mine, to say goodbye to her telling her I would see her in the afternoon, and then I head out, hopping onto my bicycle and cycling to Candice’s house. A 20 minute cycle, so much easier by car I thought but nevertheless my hormones were high and I really wanted to see this sexy babe naked. Arriving by her house, she let me in and met me by the front door standing in flowery dress. She greeted me with a passionate welcoming kiss while hugging strongly before inviting me in and introducing me to her Friend Tarryn who was an average looking blonde girl. Having a glass of cold drink to cool off while chatting for a while, before Candice stood up and took my hand. As she started leading me, she said to Tarryn see you in a bit and Tarryn replied enjoy you horny bitch. Candice giggled and then led me to her room. Closing the door behind us, I asked how often has your friend been around when you take guys to you room. An immediate reply of twice with my ex bf she said and then through herself into my arms. Our mouths locked as we started kissing passionately, her hands feeling my back and chest while I grabbed onto her tight sexy ass. Lifting up her dress and taking it off as our lips aparted exposing her flat sexy body just in her matching purple lingerie and I complimented her saying damn you have a wonderful body. She blushed smiled saying thank you as she removed my shirt and then said God that’s handsome. I smiled at her as I pulled her into me and looked her in the eyes and said now I’m curious to see the rest of you. Her iddaa siteleri hand went onto my cock as she replied so am I. Unclipping her bra while maintaining eye contact until her tits where free I then looked down to see her firm boobs with hard erect nipples that I immediately moved to suck. Moans came from Candice and when I released her nipple from my mouth, she moved backwards to sit down on her bed. Standing in front of her, she removed my pants and underpants simultaneously and said impressive cock. Thanks I said as I looked down and felt her lips moving over my cock head and shaft as she started sucking my cock. After Gagging a few times on my cock, I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her to lay on her back. Grabbing her purple thong, she lifted her legs and pelvis allowing me to expose her sexily shaven pussy that had a thin sexy landing strip. Down I went on her, sucking and licking her pussy, stimulating her swollen clit, making her moan from the pleasure. Her moans got louder as she reached climax, her body tensed up and I continued to eat her and as she orgasmed I licked up her orgasm juices. Standing up after she finished cumming I reach for a condom and put it on my throbbing hard cock. Candice took control as she sat me down on the edge of the bed and then climbed ontop of me, lowering her wet tight pussy down onto my throbbing hard cock. Watching her face expression as my cock entered her I asked how many guys had she fucked already. 2 she replied and asked how about you. You my 4th I replied as I leaned back and watched her ride back and forth on my cock. Her tits bounce up and down as she road, placing my hands on her hips helping her move back and forth as I enjoyed the pleasure. After a minute or I sat completely up, our lips aparted and we started kissing passionately until I stood up, picking Candice up while still on my cock and then laying her down on her bed. I pulled my cock out her wet cunt and then turned her onto her hands and knees. Just like I texted her, my right hand crashed down, spanking her ass on each cheek, then I guided my throbbing cock into her tight pussy, grabbed onto her hips and started pounding hard and rough, in and out of her pussy. She screamed from pleasure as my cock hit deep in her pussy against her inner walls as I fucked her. Sliding in and out her wet cunt, my cock soon heated and my balls released the pressure of my cum, as it shot out my cock, while I pounded deep and hard into her pussy. After I finished cumming I pulled out of Candice’s sexy puss, she fell down onto her bell to catch her breath and I again spanked each of her ass cheeks. I turn her around to see the smile on her face and watched as she said that was amazing. I smile back at her and then gave her a passionate kiss. After our lips aparted, we looked into each other’s eyes and I then said, I guess we are now a couple, Candice replied saying yes as I want you all to myself. I smiled and said by all means you can have me to yourself and we then exchanged another passionate kiss before standing up. Looking down at my cock, the condom was real full of my hot cum even though I had a morning shower wank, I removed it and cleaned myself and then put my pants back on. Being hot and sweaty, Candice put on a blue bikini. She Grabbed three towels and we then made our way to the lounge where Tarryn was watching TV. “Damn you guys are noisy”, Tarryn commented and Candice replied asking are you Jealous. “The way you moaned, yes I am,” Tarryn replied and the Candice said while grabbing onto my cock in front of Tarryn, “unluckily for you, he’s all mine.” And Tarryn Replied, “You little bitch, you won’t even share him with me?” No replied Candice and she then told Tarryn to go get her bikini on. Into the pool Candice and I jumped to cool off and while waiting for Tarryn to join, I said it seems you and her have a real close friendship. Candice replied saying that yes we definitely do and I asked just how close, or what are the boundaries. “Hmmmm, not many boundaries”, she answered which got me thinking and she then said as Tarryn walked out, we pretty much share everything we have and or what we have gone. That’s rather awesome I replied as I looked at Tarryn as she dived into the pool to join us. Sitting down on the step in the pool, I asked Tarryn if she had a boyfriend, the answer was no that shes recently single, and busy looking. I asked her what exactly is she looking for and her answer was pretty straightforward as she said any guy with manners and not fat. Knowing my mate Mike had also broken up with his girl I asked her if she would be interested in meeting him. Yes she replied after a while, saying that would be nice. I soon got out the pool and messaged Mike to see what he was doing. The two girls were still in the pool chatting as I looked on. Mike then phoned saying that he’s home alone and bored. Candice said to invite him over, which he accepted and I texted him the address. End of part 1