Passion Never Fades Ch. 01

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Marie slept in the next morning, a Saturday. She had plans to go to the beach later in the afternoon with Stephanie.

When she got out of the shower she was putting on her bikini when the phone rang. Her heart skipped a beat when it was Jacob. He was in town — her heart soared with excitement — with his wife — and just like that she came crashing back to Earth. He wanted to pick up the dog that they shared when they were going out.

Marie was fine with that and still a little excited to be seeing him again. Even though she had been laid the night before, she managed to push thoughts like that out of her head a little easier these days and her pussy was buzzing again. Her bikini was navy blue and she put on a pair of white capri pants with a blue design on them. She also wore a rather snug orange/red t-shirt. To complete the casual look, she threw her dirty blonde hair into two pigtails.

She couldn’t deny that there was a tingle in her crotch when she heard the knock on her door about an hour later. It was Jacob. He was wearing a green t-shirt and shorts.

“Hi!” she said cheerfully, and gave him a quick and rather awkward hug. They hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks — since they last slept together — but did have some emails go back and forth. In them, they had agreed that nothing like that would happen again. So things were awkward, as they didn’t know where the line was that they couldn’t cross. They couldn’t be themselves.

After a few minutes of nervous conversation, Jacob stood there by her doorway holding the leash while the dog sat patiently. He was looking into her dark, beautiful eyes and thinking about how badly he wanted her. He was thinking about how he shouldn’t fight it. But he was married. Yet…this was Marie.

As he stood there awkwardly, she was wondering why he was hesitant to open the door. Smiling, she took the moment to give him a goodbye hug — she would be at the beach when he brought the dog back later and who knows when she’ll see him next. He hugged her with one arm, as the other was holding the leash, but he squeezed her tight. It made her feel so good. It made her feel safe. She squeezed him harder around his neck, closing her eyes and losing herself in the embrace. She felt close to him and she turned and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before returning to her hug. Her heart was pounding — was that going too far? She hoped it was okay. It was innocent — and she felt like it needed to be done.

Jacob felt the kiss near his ear and his heart skipped a beat.

“Here, I’m gonna give you a proper hug.” He mumbled, setting the leash down on the back of the couch. The dog promptly walked off, and the leash spool smacked onto the floor with a loud bang. He ignored it, wrapping his other arm around his ex-girlfriend and holding her even closer. She squeezed him again really hard and he closed his eyes and enjoyed every moment of it. His hands caressed up and down her back over her shirt. He felt her turn her head and give him another quick kiss on the cheek and as she was turning back away, he turned and caught her cheek with a little peck. They squeezed each other tight again.

“I miss you.” He whispered. Thrills went up her spine and her pussy grew moist. She needed him. She was still afraid to cross that line, but perhaps the line was a little further back, given what he just said. Her heart was beating even faster as she nervously turned and kissed his cheek again, and then a second time a little closer to his mouth.

Jacob turned and kissed her briefly, just barely catching the corner of her mouth as she was turning back away. They hugged tightly again, their breathing starting to get heavy as he continued caressing her back.

“I miss you too, baby.” Marie said softly. She turned to him, pulling back a bit and he could see a bit of a smile on her lips. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips and then turned away again. They squeezed tighter than ever, and she pressed her body against him. She could feel a bit of a bulge growing in his shorts. She turned again and kissed his mouth once, lips smacking. Then she kissed him a second time.

Electricity shot up their spines as they resumed their hug. He was happy when she turned yet again and kissed his mouth. He kissed her a second time and then a third, closing his eyes. When he kissed her a fourth time, he realized that her mouth was open slightly so he kept his mouth there. Her tongue was wiggling up and down at the entrance to his mouth and he hungrily teased his tongue along it and into her mouth.

Her tongue darted into his mouth and the two ex-lovers kissed passionately. She kissed him hard, her tongue exploring deep inside his mouth. His hands slid down her back to her ass, and he grabbed onto her cheeks over her capri pants. It was so nice and soft as he squeezed it lustfully. Their tongues danced around each other as his hands squeezed her cheeks again and again. The room was filled with the sounds of their loud kissing anadolu yakası escort and heavy breathing.

His cock was rock-hard now and she could feel it pressing against her stomach through their clothes. A wave of desire went through her and her tongue moved even faster in his mouth.

He slid his hands into the back of her capri pants and into her bikini bottoms. Her pants were tied tight around her waist and he had trouble really getting his hands in there. But he was able to feel the top part of her smooth bum as their kissing grew in passion. As they kissed, Jacob tried to move a hand around to the front of her body, but her pants were so tight around the waist that he had trouble. Withdrawing his hands, he grabbed the tie at the front and undid it, loosening things.

Their kissing grew sloppy as their arousal deepened, and he slid his hand down the front of her pants and into her bikini bottoms as his tongue rubbed against hers. The curls of her pubic hair ran through his fingers until he felt the top of her moist slit. She sucked in her breath and broke the kiss.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked, panting. He looked into her dark eyes and was lost. He kissed her mouth hard, lips smacking. Then he grabbed her shirt with both hands and raised it up her torso. She raised her arms and allowed him to pull her shirt over her head and off, revealing her blue bikini top and brown skin. His cock twitched at the sight of more of her sexy skin. Then he was pulling her against him again, his lips finding hers. His hands easily slid down the back of her capri pants this time, right into her bathing suit and grabbing each of her soft, smooth cheeks. He squeezed them hard as he rubbed his tongue against hers.

Marie’s heart pounded with love and lust and she lost herself in the kiss. Her pussy was tingling like crazy and in the back of her mind she could feel his strong hands squeezing her ass. She liked it. It felt right. This was Jacob — the love of her life for over four years. She barely noticed that her capri pants had fallen from her hips and dropped to the floor.

Jacob ran one hand up her back while his other hand went across the crack of her ass to her other cheek and then back again, giving a squeeze each time. Panting, he broke the kiss and kissed down her cheek to her neck. She raised her head as he began kissing down her chest to her tanned cleavage. His hand slid her strap down off her shoulder and then grabbed the cup of her bikini top and pulled it down off her breast. The top was pretty firm and it was hard to pull down, but he still caught a glimpse of her brownish pink areola and erect nipple before it was covered again. Giving her cleavage another kiss, he reached behind her back with both hands and unsnapped the bikini top. It loosened and fell to the floor.

“Uh…I kinda need that.” Marie joked, trying to ease any nervous tension that remained. He ignored her though — all he noticed were her tits. Grabbing one he pushed it upwards, hungrily sucking it into his mouth. He teased his tongue back and forth across the nipple. He kissed down into her cleavage and up the slope of her other breast, eagerly sucking that one into his mouth. By this point he was far gone — this beautiful goddess was almost completely naked.

Grabbing the sides of her bikini bottoms he shoved them downwards, half expecting them to just fall to her ankles. But they were surprisingly tight, much like the top was. So he pulled downwards again, this time actually dragging them down to her knees and revealing the rectangle of her pubic hair. Once at her knees, they then fell to her ankles.

“Uh…I kinda need that too.” She joked again, but she had no problem stepping each foot out of them and becoming completely naked for her ex-boyfriend.

He kissed her again, forcing his tongue into her mouth as his hands reached around her naked body and grabbed her soft ass. He backed her up a step. And then another. She broke the kiss.

“Are you sure?” she asked, giving him one last opportunity. She didn’t want to be the one to break their agreement. She wanted to be certain that this is what he wanted.

Wordlessly, he took her by the arm and spun her towards the other couch. He caught sight of her beautiful tanned ass for the first time in years — the last time they slept together it was dark, so it had been years since he’d last seen those cheeks shake with each step she took. He tore off his shirt and dropped it on the floor. As he stepped up to her, he undid his shorts and shoved them and his underwear down, unleashing his rigid cock.

Then he was kissing her again and slowly laying her down on the couch. He was straddling her leg as his tongue darted into her mouth, and his hand slid up her smooth stomach to grasp her soft breast. Tingles shot through her body when he squeezed it and she was also conscious of his hard penis pressing against her upper leg. Their lips smacked ataşehir escort loudly as they kissed over and over again, and then he was kissing down her neck.

She raised her head and he sucked on her skin hungrily. He kissed down her warm chest as she opened her legs a little wider, allowing him to get in between them. They were breathing laboriously as he ran his mouth up the slope of her breast and eagerly sucked her hard nipple. He released it loudly and then sucked it again, this time teasing his tongue back and forth across it. He kissed down into her cleavage and then up her other breast as his hand squeezed it lustfully. He briefly sucked that nipple into his mouth.

Jacob then began to kiss his way down Marie’s tanned stomach. He sucked the skin just beneath her belly button ring. Lower and lower he kissed, getting closer to the tuft of neatly-trimmed pubic hair. He noticed that she had recently shaved her bikini line — the rectangle was smaller than he remembered and he could see a tiny little cut from shaving. It drove the point home that this was for real — this was really happening.

He slid his hands underneath her soft ass as he slid a little lower into position. Her pussy lips were very swollen and quivering. He gave them a soft kiss for the first time in years and she sucked in her breath. He turned and kiss the inside of her thigh at the very top, sucking on her skin. Then he turned and kissed the other side. Then he gave her slit another gentle kiss. Then another one. Then he looked at her lips for a moment, taking in their beauty, as well as the situation that he was in.

Should he continue? He was married. He could hurt her. What if Marie became too attached to him again and he to her? It could ruin things. All these questions bounced around his head.

But he was staring at such a beautiful pussy. And he was drawn to it. He leaned forward and gently kissed her slit again. He was lost.

Jacob’s tongue darted out and he slowly licked from the bottom of Marie’s vaginal lips up to the top, nudging her clit.

“Ohhhh…” she purred softly, looking down over her nakedness at him. He kissed just beside her cunt again, and then on the other side. His hands squeezed her soft cheeks. He kissed the skin that ran between her asshole and her pussy. Then he kissed just a bit higher. He kissed the very bottom of her two petals and then slowly kissed his way up her slit. Taking about twenty kisses, he kissed every part of her vaginal entrance, worshipping her. Then his tongue snaked out and he licked from just below her slit on up to her petals and up to the top, just teasing her clit.

Then he pressed his face right in between Marie’s thighs and jammed his tongue into her hot tunnel. He could hear her moan as her delicious flavor surrounded his tongue. She was writhing against his face as he licked all around inside her treasure. He squeezed her cushy bum, holding her in place as pulled her nectar into his mouth. Then he sucked on her swollen lips, pulling them outwards as far as they would stretch. Then he slowly let them slip out of his mouth.

“Ungh…” Marie grunted as he watched her petals slowly withdraw back towards her body. He sucked them back inside, trapping them there as he lashed his tongue up and down them. “Ohhh gawd, you’re so good at that…” she moaned, closing her eyes.

And he was. When they were going out he never failed to get her off when he went down on her. It felt so nice. She could feel her pussy in Jacob’s mouth and his nimble tongue teasing up and down it. Her lips were so sensitive and the tingling had spread throughout her body. Her feet were planted on the couch and she was writhing up into his face, wanting more.

He released her slit, again staring at it for a moment. The brownish-pink lips were so incredibly thick and alluring, and the moisture was glistening off it. He gave her slit another kiss and then he teased his tongue up it. This time when he reached her button, he sucked it into his mouth.

“UNNGH!” she moaned loudly. He lashed his tongue up and down over her clitoris as fast as he could. “Ohhh don’t stop…” Marie breathed. Her writhing was starting to become more like bucking as the tingles reached a crescendo. He relentlessly lapped at her button as the buzzing rose. “UNNNNGH!”

Her cries rang throughout the room as an orgasm exploded inside her. Wave after wave of pleasure slammed into her as she came and came and came. Jacob continued to mercilessly lick at her clit, dragging out the pleasure until it became unbearable. She squeezed her thighs against his head as she bucked into his face. Finally, she opened her legs and pushed his head out of there, unable to take anymore.

“Ohhhh…” she gasped. Her naked chest was heaving and she was looking at him through half-open eyes. “Ohhh gawd…”

At this point there was no stopping him. He had to be inside her. He had to make love to his ex-girlfriend.

His rigid pole ümraniye escort waved back and forth as he crawled up the couch towards her. Marie reached across her nude body and her slender, tanned hand grabbed his thick pole, her fingers wrapping around his shaft. Her dark, beautiful eyes looked up at him as she aimed his dick at her treasure, slowly running the head down her slit.

When it reached Marie’s entrance, he could feel her just gripping the very top in her heat, and her hand let him go. Her sexy legs were spread wide and her feet were hovering in the air on either side of him.

Jacob looked into her brown eyes as he pushed forward. He felt Marie’s vagina open up and absorb the head of his manhood into its hot tightness. She sighed, eyebrows rising a bit as he continued to push. The entrance to her pussy was exceptionally tight, and deeper inside the heat grew even more intense. She was wet and he was able to slowly push inch after inch into her aching hole until his groin was pressing against her.

He was inside Marie. They were one.

They looked at each other for a moment, relishing in the pleasure that they were giving and receiving. Her entrance was really gripping his base and the depths of her vagina were cooking the rest of his cock. Looking into her eyes, he wanted to tell her that he loved her. He felt it. But he couldn’t. For her sake. He couldn’t break her heart by rekindling her feelings for him.

He was as hard as ever inside her as he got lost in her eyes. He slowly eased his organ out of her and then pushed it back in.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned, closing her eyes for a moment. He kissed her mouth, lips smacking as they slowly made love. When he started to pull away, her arms pulled him back down and forced him to kiss her again. This time her tongue shot into his mouth eagerly as her tight pussy caressed his shaft again and again.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Marie purred into his mouth as her tongue danced nimbly against his. She raised her feet higher in the air as he thrust his stiff member into her needy cunt. Her legs opened wider as she took Jacob inside her again and again. She was conscious of every inch of his cock sliding along the sensitive walls of her vagina and the buzzing in her crotch increased. She broke the kiss.

“Ohhh baby…” she moaned. “Oh you’re so hard…”

Again he just about told her that he loved her. She was so beautiful and such an incredible woman. His dick had expanded as long and as wide as it could possibly go. And he plunged that dick into her tight, hot pussy a little faster, increasing the strokes.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Marie’s moans grew louder as her orgasm rose. Her tanned feet were waving back and forth with the motion as she took her ex-lover’s cock inside her again and again. “Oh gawd baby!” she breathed, wincing. “You’re so hard!”

She managed to gasp that out before an orgasm took her. Her legs straightened out above him, her muscles tensing and squeezing him on either side. It slowed his thrusts. He slid his arms underneath her and kissed at her cheek and mouth as he dipped his penis into her wet cunt over and over.

“Ohhhh…” Marie groaned, turning and finding his lips with hers. Her tongue darted sloppily into his mouth as he continued to fuck her. The minutes rolled by as they writhed passionately on her couch and they broke the kiss again. He held himself up on his arms above her and began thrusting into her using longer strokes. She couldn’t believe that he was still so hard! He was fucking her faster and her ass was bouncing off the couch and forcing her to meet his thrusts, increasing the velocity. She had a feeling that he was about to cum. She wanted it. She needed to feel his love. She was his true love — not his wife. And she needed to prove that by taking his seed.

“Cum inside me…” she breathed, opening her legs wider.

Her words pushed him towards the edge. He couldn’t cum in her though. He couldn’t! But he wanted to. He loved this woman so much! And it showed in how hard he was thrusting. He was stabbing his rigid pole into Marie’s welcoming cunt as fast as he could. He saw her look up at him, wincing.

“Cum inside me baby…” she panted, her dark eyes pleading.

He lost it.

Jacob slid his entire penis inside Marie’s vagina and hadn’t the strength or will to pull it back out again. Her legs fell around his waist and squeezed and he found himself grinding his groin against her, really burying his cock inside her.

His penis jerked violently and a thick wad of his hot cum spurted out the end and into the depths of her pussy. His hard pole spasmed again and again, spraying his potent semen into Marie’s fertile vagina. He moaned, lips finding hers as his organ pulsated inside her hot, tight cunt. He could feel his thick fluid filling up his shaft and spurting out the end as he ground his groin against her. Their lips smacked loudly as they kissed sloppily.

Marie’s heart was pounding as she felt Jacob’s penis expand and contract inside her sensitive pussy and her legs squeezed him tighter as she forced her tongue into his mouth. For the next few moments, all that could be heard was the sounds of their kissing as his manhood slowly softened inside her. Their kissing eventually slowed and finally, reluctantly, he pulled his soft dick out of her.