Paula and Tina – Shaving

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Pubic hair, I’m not sure why we really have pubic hair. Why do we? I vaguely remember the little twisted dark growths of beginning puberty. A few strands around my otherwise naked little puss that soon sprouted into little tufts. Two little patches of thin hair that I played with as my experience with masturbation grew and matured. Then suddenly, FUMPT, a full patch of hair. “Shave it?” Tina asked.“Yeah, I don’t like it.” I said.“You are crazy, it’s going to grow back all funny.” “No it’s not! …Is it?” I asked.“Yeah…well I don’t know… but you are weird.” “And you are just now figuring that out?” I asked.“Has the hot couple been out again?” Tina asked changing the subject. She stood at the window and looked down the hill to the hot couple’s house. We called them “ the hot couple ” because, unlike most the people living around me, they were young, fairly well off, and attractive. We didn’t see much of the hot guy. He seemed to leave early every morning and show up outside on random evenings. Hot chick, on the other hand, was often around and either out in the yard or lying by the pool. My bedroom window had a nice view of their property through the trees. However a wall obscured the view of their pool where they spent most of their time.“Yeah, you missed her giving him a blow job!” “God Paula!”I giggled and watched her face turn red. It was so easy to embarrass Tina and so easy to get her started. “Did she really?” Tina asked.“Yep, right there on the side of the pool.” I said and moved my hand up and down in front of my mouth like I was sucking dick.“NO WAY! Well they aren’t out there now.” Tina said. Tina stood on her tippy-toes and tried to see over the wall around the pool. Her cute little tight cheerleader butt tightened and released güvenilir bahis as she leaned against the window. I could see the lines of her panties pressed into her tight shorts. My eyes lingered and then trailed down her lean athletic legs. Years of sports and cheerleading had sculpted Tina’s legs. I found them impossibly inviting.“So will you help me?” I asked.“What?”“Shave.”“Eww, no way!” Tina scrunched up her cute nose in such a delightful little way. Her eyes flicked down to my crotch and back up. “What do you mean Eww?” I asked.Tina didn’t answer but fumbled with my CD collection. She was really nervous. I knew she considered what we had done “wrong” and didn’t think we should do it again. She had told me she was no “lesbo” and I had agreed that it was just something we just did. No big deal. Only to me it was more than a big deal. I worshiped every inch of her tanned soft skin. I memorized and cherished the way she poked out her hip when she stood waiting for something. I loved the way she giggled at inappropriate moments when she was nervous. But most of all I loved that I could push her into dirty thoughts so easily. I knew that something was going to happen already.“Come on.”“No!”“Oh come on, at least just talk to me while I do it.” I didn’t wait for her to protest again, I knew by her shy little glances at me that she would follow me into the bathroom. After she walked in I closed the door. I didn’t expect my Mom to come home, in fact I knew she wouldn’t, but closing the door would make it just her and I. I knew that with the door closed Tina would relax a little more. Just the two of us, closed off from the world the way I would have wished it could always be. God if that moment could have just lasted forever.“You güvenilir bahis siteleri are totally going to do this aren’t you?” She asked.“Yep.” “God, you are crazy!”I pulled my little top over my head and threw it down on the floor. There wasn’t a bra under my top. I never wore one at home and didn’t need to. I had no boobs. All my bras came padded. Gel inserts were my friend. Yet what little tiny bit of breast I had Tina locked eyes with. I found her interest intensely erotic. I stripped off my bottoms and jerked down my undies. Stepping out of my undies I tried to decide where I was going to sit for the nuding of my pussy.“I, like, don’t think you have enough hair there to shave.” Tina commented.“Are you kidding me? It’s like a forest!” I said.“Whatever.” Tina said. She giggled her nervous giggle. “Just trim.”“What?” I asked.“Just, like, trim it! Why are you shaving?”“I don’t know, I just don’t like it.”“I trim, you should just trim.” “I’m going to sit on the edge of the tub. Can you hand me the gel?”Tina stepped closer but I could see she was trembling. Her entire body shivered with the anticipation of something happening between us. She handed me the gel and I squirted some into my hand. I opened my legs wide and lathered all around my pussy. Tina didn’t speak. The look on her face would have made someone think I was getting ready to do heart surgery instead of take a razor to my kitty.“God! Sit down before you have a heart attack.”Tina sat down in front of me. I turned on the water and ran the razor under it. I pulled the pink little plastic razor across the top most hair and it pulled at them as some shaved away. “Oh well, no turning back now!” I said.Tina watched intently. Her hands were at her mouth and iddaa siteleri she was biting her fingers. Her sweet brown eyes watched my pussy and didn’t move. I felt more naked than ever with the way she was looking at me. It really made me horny. A few more strokes of the razor and I had shaved most of the hairs above my little slit, now I opened my legs as wide as I could and thrust my hips forward to expose my labia and the hairs around them. I carefully pulled the razor up the sides while my fingers held the lips of my pussy away from the blades.“Does it hurt?” Tina asked.“No, actually it’s really cool. It’s kinda nice!” I said.“Really?”“Yeah, I’m serious. It feels good.”“Ok.” Tina said. There was decision in her voice. She wasn’t just agreeing, she had decided something. I thought I knew what but I asked anyway, “Ok, what?”“You can shave me.”“What?” I asked.“I’ll do it but YOU gotta shave me. I’m too chicken to do it myself.”“Ok, let me finish.” I said.Carefully I finished removing the last traces of hair. It was now my turn to tremble but with excitement at the idea of touching and shaving Tina’s little pussy. I cleaned off my now hairless pussy with warm water from a cup and while it felt good, it also burned. My first shaving experience was like most people’s, completely wrong.“Ok strip.” I said.Tina pulled her top over her head and threw her shirt down on the bathroom floor beside mine. Her yellow bra held her perfect little breasts tight together to give them more cleavage. Her tightly pressed nipples were clearly visible through the laced fabric. I resisted the urge to reach between my legs, Tina turned me on so much! She reached around and shrugged her way out of her bra. It fell to the floor with our tops. Her tight little teenage breasts wiggled only slightly as she leaned back while hooking her thumbs under her shorts. Her cute little butt lifted off the floor and her shorts and undies slipped down her smooth legs. The two of us were now naked in the bathroom.