Paybacks Are A Bitch! Chapter 3

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“Nicholas! Wha-what are you doing?” Honey asked, alarmed.”Mrs. Davidson, you have agreed to come work for me to pay off you and your husband’s debt to me. That is all well and good. But that is for future payments. It does not cover this month’s payment–which is, I might add, overdue now.”Like any other lender, there are penalties for missing a payment or being late with it. So we are going to take care of that late penalty tonight. I will tack this month’s payment back onto what you owe me, and we’ll start our new payment plan from here on,” he said calmly.”What do you mean… penalty?” she asked fearfully.”Why, I’m going to spank your ass good and proper and then I’m going to fuck your ass good and proper. Between the two, you will remember to make your payments on time in the future!” he said, matter-of-factly.”WHAT? Nicholas, you can’t! Please, you can’t!” she cried.”Mrs. Davidson, do I really have to explain this to you again? You are not in a position to make the rules here. You owe me a debt and were supposed to make a payment on that today. Since you obviously do not have my money, I must impose a penalty for not making the payment.”I cannot charge you a monetary penalty–you don’t have my payment this month, so why would I expect you to have the money for a late fee?”No, I have to figure out another way. And this is what I have chosen. And it stands to reason if you are going to work off your debt in my club, I should see what I am hiring. Think of it as a job interview!” he said. “But… but, Nicholas!” she said, wide-eyed.”Enough talk, Mrs. Davidson, I am a busy man. Now get over here and lay over my knees like a good girl!” he said. Honey approached him slowly… cautiously. She wasn’t sure about this idea and was wondering if she’d bitten off more than she could chew. Maybe Charles had been right, maybe Mr. Sarantos wasn’t a man to be trifled with. But it was too late to back out now. Honey moved a bit closer and that’s when Mr. Sarantos took action. With the speed of a cobra, he reached out and grabbed Honey by the upper arm. Nearly jerking the poor woman off her feet, he pulled her over his knees in one smooth quick motion.In the blink of an eye, Honey found herself laying over his lap with her legs and upper body on the leather sofa on either side of him and her ass and hips directly over his legs.He hiked up her dress and pulled down her panties, exposing her creamy ass to his view… and his hand. He rubbed bahis siteleri his hand over her smooth, warm flesh, and at first Honey trembled, unsure of what he was going to do next.But as he caressed her silky firm cheeks, she slowly relaxed a bit and began to almost enjoy what he was doing to her.”You know, Mrs. Davidson, you are a very lovely woman… you certainly do not look your age. I am quite sure you will be a hit at the club and hopefully, your dancing will bring us both the financial benefits we desire.”I am a very good judge of talent, and while you may not have experience dancing as a stripper, you have the looks for one and I think you could do well once you get over your initial shyness and moralities,” he said, stroking her ass gently.”Please, Nicholas…” Honey said, half-moaning and half-pleading.She was embarrassed–an adult woman being put over a strange man’s lap and her panties pulled down for a bare-assed spanking. Yet at the same time, his words and caresses, coupled with the whole naughty girl getting spanked idea was beginning to really turn her on.Honey didn’t want to admit it, but she could feel herself getting damp and was a little curious to see where this would lead.”Yes, you have a lovely ass here… I’m sure the men at the club will be most interested in seeing you shake it for them,” he said. Honey had always been proud of her body. That’s why she took such good care of herself. And she thought her ass was one of her best features. She always believed in leaving the men with a good impression!Now laying over this handsome man’s lap, she was getting complimented as well as caressed on her tight, firm ass. Honey moaned louder, knowing she was pleasing him.Just as she was relaxing and enjoying his hands on her, he raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her upturned ass unexpectedly.SMACK!Honey whirled her head around to look at him, her eyes wide with stunned surprise. “OH! Nicholas!”SMACK! Another blow landed, this time on the other cheek and now she sported two large red handprints one on each cheek almost as if they were shaking hands.”Nicholas, please!” But her pleas fell on deaf ears as he was determined to finish his work.With her ass warmed a bit now, he wanted to move things along. So without warning, he launched into a barrage of hard blows, swatting her ass with his open hand and alternating cheeks and target areas to cover her ass completely. He didn’t pause for more than canlı bahis siteleri a second until the string of swats had finished.”OH! Ouch! Nicholas! Oh, please! Owch!” Honey cried with each blow. She squirmed and wriggled trying to avoid or at least lessen the blows to her tender backside, but he held her firmly and she couldn’t do much more than complain.After the flurry of swats was finished, he let her rest for a minute. She wasn’t crying, but her ass was red and hot from the stinging blows. As he examined her ass, rubbing his hand over the hot skin, he noticed a glint of moisture between her legs.Mr. Sarantos smiled. He had been right–this refined, classy, proud woman had a secret side to her… one which she tried hard to keep from showing to anyone. But he had discovered it, and now he was going to exploit it for his personal benefit!”So, Mrs. Davidson, it would seem that you aren’t the prim and proper homemaker you would like us all to think you are! You are wet from being spanked by a strange man! You have a bit of naughty slut tucked inside that sweet wife exterior, don’t you, my dear!””Ohhh…” Honey moaned.Mr. Sarantos didn’t know it, but Honey Davidson had a weakness when it came to sex. Actually, she had several turn-ons, but one of the major ones was dirty talk. She just loved to be called names and talked dirty too! And she loved talking dirty right back as well.Being called a naughty slut–especially right after being bare-assed spanked–was all it took to light her fire.He ran his hand down between her thighs and rubbed her pussy for a moment, feeling the wetness there and getting a good whiff of the delicious aroma she was giving off. But the sofa they were on prevented her from spreading her legs too far and hampered his efforts.”Stand up!” he said, pushing her up off him. Honey got off his lap and stood up, straightening her dress a bit to look presentable.”No need for that. Take off the dress.””W-what?””You heard me, slut. Take off that dress and hand it to me.” Mr. Sarantos held out his hand expectedly.Knowing it was pointless to argue with him (and it would probably end up getting her another spanking), she began undressing.With trembling fingers she unzipped the back of her dress and slipped the shoulder straps off, letting the dress slide down her body and puddle on the floor around her feet. She gingerly stepped out of the cloth circle and picked it up, handing it to him.Mr. Sarantos neatly canlı bahis folded the dress and hung it over the arm of the sofa, taking care not to wrinkle the dress. Honey appreciated the concern he took for her dress, it was the best dress she had.The first thing that Mr. Sarantos noticed about Honey’s new state of undress was her bra. Honey had worn a suggestive, risque’ open-cup shelf bra, the kind that supports a woman’s breasts but doesn’t cover up anything.She had hoped dressing sexy and the little poke in her dress would work in her favor. Now, however, she stood in front of him barely wearing anything at all! “Very nice, Mrs. Davidson. I see you did come to negotiate after all!” he smiled.Honey’s cheeks turned as red as her ass and she felt a familiar, yet inappropriate, wetness in her skimpy panties.Once he had hung the dress over the sofa arm, he turned back to her. “Now then, let’s see just what we can do about that leaky pussy shall we?” He pulled her by the arm around to the back of the sofa then bent her forward so she was holding onto the back of the sofa. He reached up and pulled her panties down again. But this time instead of just pulling them down a little, he removed them completely. “Now the bra,” he said.Honey removed her bra handing it to him as well. He tossed them onto the sofa cushion in front of her so she could see that she was totally exposed to him now. The idea that she was now practically naked and bent over the sofa with her ass in the air had a definite effect on her, leaving her feeling aroused and euphoric.He lightly tapped the inside of her ankles with his foot, “Spread those legs wide for me, slut.”Honey spread her legs as wide as she dared–she was already weak-kneed from the spanking and the sexual references and innuendos he had already made, and she knew that he was far from finished with her. She couldn’t have been any more correct.Kneeling down behind her, he ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, starting just above her knee. He moved excruciatingly slowly, letting her imagine what he was planning to do and letting the suspense build.She trembled more with every inch he climbed until he got so close to her wet, needy pussy she sucked in a breath, ready to scream out her pleasure as he toyed with her. But instead of sliding his fingers into her dripping hole, he moved his hand around to the meat of her ass cheek to squeeze and maul the fleshy globe. His other hand did likewise with her other cheek and he spread them apart to see her glistening pink interior.”Oh, God! Oh, Nicholas! Ohhh…” she squealed as she felt a hot tongue push deep into her pussy and his face squeeze between her spread cheeks.