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“Penny! That’s her name!” I told myself as the image of the young girl appeared dimly from out of the grey hazy depths of my memory. Suddenly, I was sitting back at the edge of the lunch counter of the HoJo’s in Tempe. I was a college undergraduate in my junior year, trying to experience a social life in the midst of the never-ending routine of reading, memorizing and term paper writing.

She was absolutely lovely, having a delicate facial structure with sharp blue eyes, enhanced by thin gold eyeglass frames which drew my momentary attention, and a tight, happy smile in the middle of a mouth at seemed ready-made to wrap around a hard penis. Her brownish-blond was pulled back in a nice little pony-tail that cascaded down her back in a shower of curls to a mid-point between her shoulders and her waist. She was not tall, standing only about five foot five in her bare feet which put her just a few inches shorter than I am, but she was perfectly proportioned with hips and a 34 inch bust completely balanced by an ass sculpted like a Buns of Steele exercise video which demanded my hands be wrapped around her firm cheeks. Her legs were strong and appropriately developed, no doubt from several years of athletic exercise, and even her feet looked kissable.

It was about a month or so into the fall semester and the Valley of the Sun was still as hot at night as most places in the northern half of the country get during the day. That was why a select few of us older students would gather at the hotel restaurant counter across the street from the dorms. We could eat decent food, sample as many of the 31 flavors as we could afford, drink as much coffee as we could hold, study or talk 24 hours a day and hide from the heat in reefer-like air conditioning. The place had big windows that looked out at the south end of the campus and we could watch out for our friends or check out the opposite sex without being blatantly obvious.

That’s how I saw Penney for the first time. Like most freshmen girls that fall, she was dressed in faded blue-jeans with a wear-hole in one knee and a collar-less, sleeve-less old sweatshirt at least one and maybe two sizes too large that hung passed one bare shoulder, ala-Flash Dance. I noticed her just as she half-jogged and half-bounded across the four lane street between the dorms and the restaurant. It was easy to tell that she was well-endowed and braless. Fortunately for me, I was the only person sitting at the counter right then. I had just arrived after attending a really useless English lit class. All of my usual coffee shop companions had different class schedules and would not appear for another hour or so.

After she came into the nearly empty restaurant she stopped in front of the cash register stand to look around for one of the employees. Greg, the tall, good looking and totally gay waiter who was on counter duty came out of the double swinging doors leading from the kitchen to find out what she wanted. A minute later he reached down to grab an employment application. He handed the paper to her and indicated that she should sit at the counter to fill it out. That was when she came to my end of the counter and took a seat two stools away from my perch. I silently nodded my head to her as she looked around then turned my attention back to the textbook I was reading. Every few seconds I lifted my eyes to watch her as she filled out the form. Finally she had it finished and waved for Greg to come over.

He brought the coffee pot with him and filled my cup before turning to her. That was one of the nice things about having a gay waiter, the guys always come first. Not that I was the slightest bit interested, of course. My boat just doesn’t float in that direction and Greg knew it. Usually I can not abide a “swishie” guy and just about every gay male I had ever met fell into that category. All of them are rude, obnoxious, judgmental and overly opinionated. But I did enjoy talking to Greg. He was open about his orientation but not blatantly so and did not try to mask his insecurity by any aggressive or embarrassing behavior or language. His humorous outlook on life was so totally opposite mine that it was actually quite refreshing. Of course, he was not an older student trying to compete in an academic world dominated by a younger crowd.

Well, next Greg asked her if she wanted some coffee while he took her application back to the office for the manager to look over.

“Please.” She responded. “Can I ask that he call me back tomorrow afternoon. I’ve got classes all morning.”

“Well, if that’s what you really want, sure, I can tell him.” Greg told her. “But he might have time for you right now so why don’t you wait while I find out. Old Danny here can keep you company.” He added and sort of nodded his head in my direction. With that, Greg disappeared back behind the double swinging door, leaving me to look a bit sour as I was inspected by a pair of the clearest blue eyes I had ever seen.

“Yea.” I said, “I’m Danny.” I extended my hand to her and she lightly shook it.

“My name is Penny.” kadıköy escort She responded. “You don’t look so old.”

“I’ll be twenty-six next month.”

“Oh. That’s not old. I hear that there are a lot of grad students here.”

“I guess,” I admitted, “but I’m still an undergrad. Four years in the Navy put me behind my high school classmates in getting through college.”

“That’s a bummer.” She said, half looking in my direction and half watching the doors to the kitchen. “What’s your major?”

It was THE standard question in college. Girls seemed to use it as a means of determining a guy’s future economic potential. The guys asked each other the same question as a way of gauging the competition. I’ve always enjoyed the responses I get when I answer, “Geography. What’s yours?”

“Fine arts. I really want to do lithography.” She said with a sort of inner glow which turned into a questioning expression. “Why Geography?” Gotcha! Already I had this girl categorized and my interest was beginning to intensify. A young, fine looking arts major who applied for regular jobs braless told me at least a volume about her attitude and zest for life. This girl was definitely some one I wanted to know a lot better.

“I was an enlisted weatherman in the Navy and now I’m learning all the stuff I didn’t know when I first joined up. No more ships, though. From now on I’ll either be working for the government down at the national weather service in Florida or be a weatherman on TV. That is, if I don’t become a professor myself. The main point being that I’ll be somewhere on dry land.”

“Cool.” Penny responded and her face showed me signs that I had really drawn her attention.

I was about to turn the tables of our conversation on to her goals and interests when Big Mike, the assistant manager of the restaurant, came out of the kitchen with her application in his big black hand. He quickly collected her and off they went into the dark lounge which was accessed off the far end of the restaurant dining room. She managed to look back at me and wave her hand as she followed him into the lounge. I smiled at her in return and then put my nose back into my textbook. A quick check at my wristwatch told me it was about fifteen minutes later when she reappeared off my right shoulder with a big smile on her face.

“I got the job.” She declared as she took the seat next to me.

“Congratulations. When do you start?”

“Tomorrow evening, thank God.” She shook her head. “I can really use the money. I never realized that fine arts books were so expensive. The book store took almost all of my money.”

“Yeah, they get more than their fair share from me, too.” I agreed. “Are you going to be waiting table or cooking, or what?”

“Tables. I did that at my aunt’s café back home for the last three years of high school.”

“Three years? How old are you?”

“Half past eighteen. I started waiting table when I was fifteen. It’s my aunt’s place and my uncle is the county sheriff. Legionnaire is a small place and everybody knew I was too young but nobody said anything. Good waitresses are hard to find.”

“Well, I guess we will see each other often, then. I spend more time here than I do at my apartment so I guess I’m a regular now. My friends are all here and I don’t like being alone all that much.”

“Me, either.” She admitted. “But I would kill to have my own apartment. I’ve been over in the west dorm since the middle of August and the place is driving me crazy. My roommate is nice but she has a boyfriend she sneaks into our room and there just isn’t enough space for the three of us, if you know what I mean. It’s bad enough when she walks in on me in the shower, but when he does it, I freak out.” “I remember those days. Bodies everywhere and not even enough room to change your mind.” Suddenly, I had an inspiration. Mid-terms were still two to three weeks away and my first paper had been handed in an hour ago. “Hey, you got any plans for this evening?”

“Ugh, no. Not really. I mean, I just got a job so I don’t have to look anymore. I’m all caught up studying so all I have to do is laundry.” Then she added suggestively, “There’s a good movie tonight at the MU.”

“Actually, I was think about dinner, dancing or sightseeing. Have you ever been up on the top of South Mountain?” I asked, feeling a little more animated than usual.

“Where’s that at?”

“What? Where are you from, anyway?”

“Legionnaire, Pennsylvania.” She said a little bashfully. “This is my first time in Arizona and I’ve only been here since the semester began. I’ve never been outside of Tempe except to come from the airport.”

“Well, then, speaking as a Geography major, let me broaden your horizons.”

“Okey. How are we going to do this. I don’t have a bike.”

“My car is right outside. One of the nice things about being a HoJo’s regular is being able to park my car in the lot here without a hassle.” I didn’t tell her that I also pay for the privilege üsküdar escort by slipping the hotel manager a fifty each month. That was more information than anyone outside of that transaction needed to know.

“Well, then, how about a ride over to my dorm?” She asked. “I need to get a shower and change.”

“Yeah, me too.” I had been sweating plenty both before and after leaving the Language and Lit building and walking across campus to HoJo’s. “Tell ya what, how about you ride with me over to my apartment building first. You can wait in the pool area for me to shower and put on some clean clothes. It’ll only take me ten minutes or so and then we’ll go over to your dorm and I’ll wait for you. How’s that?”

“You have a pool?”

“Sure do.”

“All right, let’s go.” She agreed and with that I grabbed up my stuff, stuffed it into my old backpack and we headed for the door.

Four O’clock in the metro-Phoenix area is supposedly the hottest time of day and I am sure it is. During the summer I try to avoid being out in the sun for anything longer than the time it takes me to walk from my car to whatever building I am headed for. Granted, summer had officially ended just over a week ago but you couldn’t tell that yet. I had found that the worst of the summer heat didn’t end until mid-October which was still a couple of weeks into the future.

Fortunately, if you have been in an air conditioned place and have dried out and cooled down, it takes a couple of minutes before you start sweating again so making the short walk over to my car was done quickly. Of course, getting into a hot car was like jumping into a forced air furnace, even cloth covered seats will burn your ass, but there is no help for it. As soon as we were in I cranked up the air as far as it could go and got the windows down in the hopes of finding some sort of breeze. Wishful thinking, of course, but once the car started moving the hot air did dry us out again. We chit-chatted a little as we drove over to my apartment complex. Mostly it was Penny covering her nervousness with conversation until I turned off Southern into the complex.

“Wow! This is nice.” She cried, drawing out the last syllable as her head swung around to see the hard-core tennis players out on the sun-screen shaded courts and then back over to the pool area on the other side of the car. “I’ll bet you even have a Jacuzzi.”

“Of course. That’s standard equipment in an apartment complex these days.” I told her as I climbed out of the car. I didn’t want to tell her that my Jacuzzi was actually one that I had installed on the back patio, not available to other complex residents and certainly not to the general public.

“Come on. My place is right over there.” I indicated and reached for her hand as she came around the car. Hand in hand, we went to my front patio where I had a couple of cheap plastic chairs kind of hidden behind a row of large shrubs and under the small balcony that opened off of my bedroom. My unit faced north-east and away from direct sunlight which was a feature hard to find anywhere in the Valley. That put my back patio constantly in the sun which was great for tanning.

“You can come in, if you want, or you can wait here. I’ll be quick.” I told her as I unlocked the front door. “Want something to drink?”

“I’ll wait here.” She said, looking up at me. “Anything cold will do.”

I got her a cold beer and left her sitting on the front patio while I went upstairs to jump in and out of the shower and find some clean clothes. I selected what I call a white New Mexico-style shirt, tan walking shorts that fit loosely around the legs and crotch area, and a pair of loafers. Wearing underwear in Arizona is something I generally don’t do unless I have to wear a suit. I came back down from the second floor to find her in my living room, holding the beer and looking through my selection of movies. “I see you ventured into the Lion’s Den.”

“Are you rich or something?” Penny bluntly demanded, using a tone of voice that was half accusing and half concluding. It kind of stopped me in my tracks, so to speak.

“No. I’m not rich.”

“It looks that way to me. An undergraduate with his own car, great furnished apartment with a bar, in a classy neighborhood, all the boy toys and stuff. Sure seems that way.”

“I’ll explain on the way to your dorm.” I told her as I ushered her back outside and towards my car. I talked all the way to her dorm.

I had come to Arizona to go to school and had stayed with my great uncle John and great aunt Wanda in Phoenix during my freshman year. Between working part time, taking six hours at the university and another six hours at one of the community colleges, I hadn’t really thought much about anything except getting my in-state residency. But it must have impressed the hell out of my aunt and uncle. They made me the sole beneficiary of their will, a fact I didn’t know until after they were killed in a traffic accident on Indian School road a year ago. I got some cash out of the settlement which tuzla escort was enough to buy my new car and pay a couple of bills but not much more. I also got title to all property that my uncle still owned around the state. He had once been into real estate quite a bit and had some Colorado River-front property in Havasu City which I still own. Some day Arizona is going to allow casinos in Havasu City and I’ll cash in big time.

I didn’t tell her that I owned the complex where I live but I did say that the state of Arizona helped me find and move into my apartment. You see, my uncle really knew what he was doing when it came to real estate, he just couldn’t drive a car worth a shit. When he and my great aunt first moved to Arizona back in the mid-1950s he purposely selected an old house right where the plans for the new Interstate Highway system showed the placement of an exit ramp. The problem was that the whole thing was tied up in law suits. Even though Phoenix grew around them and the old section of the city went to hell, they stayed there. Every summer they would go to Payson, high up on the Tonto Rim, to live in a cabin they had there. That was where they were going when they were killed. Well, six months ago the last civil suit preventing the highway construction was settled and the state didn’t wait very long before they were contacting property owners and buying them out. I got a real nice wad of cash for moving expenses and a big check which allowed me to buy the apartment complex. I still own the cabin in Payson, too, and I go up there periodically to get away from the rat race in the Valley.

Of course, I didn’t tell Penny all of that, only enough to vaguely answer her questions and keep her from getting weird on me. It was enough, though, and by the time we got near enough to her dorm to drop her off she seemed relaxed. Not finding a parking place along that section of the Tempe campus is kind of a given so I drove around all of the parking lots facing the Salt River at least three times before I spotted her standing at the place where I had dropped her off. I almost didn’t recognize her. She still sported the pony-tail but was now wearing a black, mid-thigh length mini-skirt and a bright yellow fuzzy-kite pull-over that was somewhat tight without revealing every contour of her boobs. The two sharply defined points her hard nipples made in the pull-over contrasted suggestively with her rather demure attire.

“Nice.” I muttered as she got in my car. She curled one sexy looking leg under her other one as she half-turned to sit so she could look at me. Before I got a chance to say anything else, some bimbo in a car behind me blew her car horn in annoyance. A quick glance in my mirror told me I was blocking her way out of the parking lot and the audacity of someone impeding her movement could not be tolerated. I accelerated out of the parking lot area a little faster I should have and headed east toward the nearest bridge over the Salt River. That was where the main road to Scottsdale connected with the street grid in Tempe.

We went all the way out to Rawhide for dinner and she was thrilled with the place. I’ve always thought it was sort of touristy but the food was good and I’ve always liked their 1880s bar. A good steak is one of the best meals in the world and Penny said she was a meat-eater but had not had one in a long time. A wicked smile and a twinkle in her eyes told me that she might have had more than one meaning to that statement.

We went dancing at a new club in north Scottsdale afterward and what I had to do to get her past the door security is something I shouldn’t talk about. Let’s just say that it’s good to have friends. Being on a first name basis with the doorman did make Penny wonder and at first we were a little distant with each other on the dance floor. It soon grew crowded and the press of other bodies around us forced us together. After a couple of hours we were pressed together hip and thigh and I could tell she was dancing with her crotch pressed against my thigh on purpose. My cock was as stiff as a steel pole and rubbing against her lower stomach.

My hands were full, too. I was squeezing her amazingly soft breasts through the fuzzy knit pull-over and her nipples were hard and proud. Finally she reached up and pulled my head down to hers and kissed me, at first tenderly then passionately. “Let’s get out of here.” She commanded in my ear before pulling me off the dance floor and toward the club exit.

Outside, it was another warm night. I remembered where I had parked the car and there was enough ambient glow from the city street lights to easily find it. When we got to my car I pulled her to me and wrapped her up in my arms.

We kissed and played dueling tongues while my hands roamed from her neck to the bottom of her ass. As soon as one hand wrapped around the bottom curve of one of her ass-cheeks, she hiked one of her legs up to my hip which put her panty covered pussy in direct contact with my hard meat. I moved my hand under her skirt and spread my fingers to grab as much of her ass cheek as I could. My middle finger was barely touching the edge of her asshole through her silk panties. Supported by my hand underneath and her arms locked around my shoulders, she rubbed her pussy up and down the side of my shaft. Bare skin-on-skin contact was only prevented by the thin material of her underwear.