Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 05

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Dear Readers: Please read the other Piercing for National Nude Day stories to understand this tale – Thank you.


Breakfast was stretching into brunch, when Parlour Girl remembered that she was the manageress of an upmarket piercing parlour.

She thought for a few seconds, then decided that she should put a notice in the window when they went shopping for see through dresses.

She felt that the notice should say something about not opening until Tuesday, and that it should apologise to clients. There should be no mention of our probable take over. We all agreed. She settled down again.

She became very thoughtful from the moment that I dropped her in the corner of the bed, naked except for fluffy bath towels.

After depositing my bundle I walked to the other side of the bed. I lent over to kiss Chestnut’s sexy pouting lips. This did not do my member any good at all. Then I settled down to eat breakfast close to my partner.

Parlour Girl behaved provocatively; she let the towelling slip exposing a nipple ring here, and allowed her cunt to be exposed there. This went on until Chestnut described loosing her unborn child.

At that moment she stood up, walked around the mattress, knelt down. She laid her head in Chestnut’s naked lap, her nose almost touching the curls of that luxuriant bush. She stretched up to whisper, “I am so sorry, Darling, I had no idea”. They kissed, and Parlour Girl began to grow up.

She buried her face into the flat brown belly, nuzzling her growth. We realised that she was weeping, her tears wetting smooth skin, then trickling down into her bush.

She held Chestnut’s left hand with one hand, while her other hand reached out to my Partner. She placed this hand in Chestnut’s right hand. My Partner took one of my hands. She carried it to her own, and I griped both.

We held hands in silent communion for a very long time. We all shed tears for the lost life, for the child that never was. We drew Chestnut closer into our family.

As our long breakfast finished we knew that Parlour Girl had to visit to the Mall. She needed to go to the Parlour. Chestnut asked that somebody dropped by her home. She wanted to pick up one or two things. We were very intrigued by what! After all we did not need many clothes.

My wonderful sexy Partner would drive, and pay for everything. Now all they needed was to get dressed. Well…………….

It was Saturday, and they were going to be nude in public.

The two girls took Parlour Girl into the workshop to fit one or two new pieces of jewellery. She was told that training was to start again, so she was not to speak without permission. Then her first new pieces were fitted.

During our early morning talk we had decided that Chestnut might be Bi, and that this would be fun for us all. She had no compunction about dealing with Parlour girl, while my other half busied herself with new jewellery.

Firstly her right wrist, then her left, were tied so that her arms were as wide, and as high as, possible. Then a simple spreader bar was placed between her ankles. She appeared to love it

Chestnut knelt in front of the naked creature, and began to lick her crevasse. She sucked a labia minora lip into her mouth, then took it between two fingers. She spread it as far as she could.

She reached behind her to pick up a large, fan shaped, gold plated clip. It was metal, but for once it was not gold. It was from a young girl’s hair. It had quite deep, rounded, teeth.

Parlour girl wriggled with delight when the clip closed on her tender flesh. Later we were sure that she knew instantly what would happen when Chestnut started to suck.

The second lip received the same delicate treatment, and two clips adorned her cunt.

A six inch gold chain was hooked onto each clip. My Partner came, and knelt with Chestnut. They decided how much weight should be added. Several small weights were fitted to each, one at a time. The delectable labia began to stretch. The young woman was in ecstasy. She continued to wriggle and squirm. She moved more each time an additional weight was added, but was held in her cruciform position.

When they agreed that the tender flesh was stretched enough a single polished gold weight replaced the many.

I was called in. I saw this beautiful young woman, whom I had almost fucked all night. Her breast were rising, and falling, in desire. Two large gold coloured discs swung between her legs. There was no need for the girls to attend to my erection; it began to rise as I surveyed the erotic scene.

I was told that Parlour Girl needed lubrication before other jewellery was fitted, and the best lubrication was from me. I was to cum inside her yet again. She wanted to be pregnant.

From the look on our captives’ face, it appeared that she agreed. I was asked if I thought that I could fuck her there and then, with her still strapped up.

My erection was rigid at the thought, but I could not see how we would keep her still.

The erotik film izle slave asked permission to speak. It was granted, then she asked, ”Please will you fill my cunt with your sperm, then fuck my arse. I love the feeling of it up my arse!” She was told to say no more, and that we would see.

Only three hours had passed since I emptied myself into her cunt, and then penetrated her virgin arse for the first time. I was not super human. I needed stimulation, and both agreed that it was not to come from Parlour Girl.

She was to stand, and watch, in envy!

I found that plans had already been made. Chestnut walked to me, and held her gorgeous enhanced breasts up to my face. Her teats had begun to dominate her wonderful rounded globes. Her nipple piercings were obviously healing fast. She asked me to kiss them gently.

I lent forwards, bending at the hips, this allowed room for my other person to crawl between my legs. She sucked my whole scrotum into her mouth, and began an extraordinary tongue dance, while my balls were sealed in her mouth by her lips. My penis was rocketing in size.

I licked each nipple with great care. Then, wetting my tongue more, I began to circle the root. First one, then the other, hardened, and wrinkled, as first one tit, and then the other became alive.

She held the back of my head, grasping a clump of hair, as though she wanted to control my position.

One of my hands went into the short blond curly hair of the head that ministered to my balls. The other crept down a flat brown belly. It reached the boundary of curls, stopping at a frontier that, to date, none of us had passed. A soft, “Please”, and slight additional pressure on the back of my head, gave me customs clearance.

I began to explore.

My hand found her clit, buried deep in the chestnut forest. I explored the hood, and her hole, over which my Partner had threaded two loops of the gold chain, before we went out to dinner on Friday. I was feeling where the chains had trapped her folds. They had almost caused her to cum as she walked across the road to dinner.

I ran two of my fingers up and down to her opening, gathered her juices. I lubricated her all.

She forced my face harder onto her breast. It was a different feeling to either of the other two. She was firm, almost hard, where the others were springy and pliant.

I stroked my fingers slowly up and down her folds, then back to pick up more lubrication. She murmured her appreciation.

I could not help myself; I began to draw her teats outwards from her globes. I did everything I could to avoid her piercing, but she pressed me harder to her breasts.

I have always found that there is a direct link between my sucking on a nipple, my nipples being sucked, and my cock. It was working wonders for us both. I must have become a sperm manufacturing for our little, probably pregnant, friend. She was coming nearer and nearer.

The two were working in consort, and Chestnut was nearing the first orgasm of our friendship.

She came with loud murmurings, and a delicious shudder. This gathered speed to roll on, and on, like an earthquake, with many aftershocks.

Her knees buckled, and she sank down to my cock sucking Partner. My cock was taken in hand and two beauties were administering to my needs. Chestnut took me into her mouth.

It was time to stop, and fuck Parlour Girl.

She stared on with unbelievable lust, while I was being brought to the point of no return.


She was unshackled from her cruciform bindings, and led to a freestanding wooden silversmiths workbench. It was a perfect choice. It was low enough for her cunt, and arsehole, to be at my level, yet for her feet to be spread apart. It had no underpinnings, so her labia stretchers could swing free in time with my ministrations.

Best of all it was cut away at the front in the traditional manner of these benches. Her tits would hang free!

My Partner bent her over the bench, her stomach on the hard wood. She whispered, “Thank you, Mistress”, and she was ready. Chestnut took both her arms and stretched her out. Her arse looked as rounded, and beautiful, as when I had plunged into it in the early hours of the morning.

My partner aligned my raging cock and pushed me from behind. I went straight in, a horizontal ramrod. I felt I was considerably deeper than ever before. Parlour Girl gasped, but that was all.

I rushed in and out. Her stretcher weights began to arc backwards and forwards. At first it was only through a few degrees, but the sawing built up to ninety degrees or more. The weights would have hit my legs, had I not been leaning so much of my body onto her slight frame, with my feet wide apart.

My delectable, ever inventive friend went to another workbench. She collected a long double ended chain, and crawled between my legs. She took some time stopping Parlour Girls swinging rounded breasts. They too were moving in synchronised motion with the chains. Everything film izle was swaying together.

She clipped an end of the chain to each teat, then slid back so that she could work on her clitoris. One hand tugged, and pulled, on her tits, the other began to circle her clit. Both her hands kept time together.

Then, almost by telepathy her two tormenters stopped. Parlour Girl was very close to cumming. She could see over the ridge, she was at the edge, but she halted.

I was a stoke away. I plunged in again, spurting all the cum I could manage into her beautiful tight cunt. She was not to be allowed to cum then.

Well not all my sperm went into her cunt, I pulled out to shoot a single spurt onto her arse.

She yelled, “Mistress may I speak”. She was told no, and that she was to stay as she was, she must not move, and she must not cum. She was beginning to understand.

I lent forward again. I smeared the last spurt of my seed over, and into, her anal passage. She wriggled, and was told to be still.

I felt my cock shrinking, but the others had also seen. Chestnut took it in hand, and wanked it, once or twice, up, and down. It hardened a little. She aligned it to the upper hole, a huge red tip against a small rosebud. My blessed, curly haired, partner went behind me. She looked to one side. I lifted an elbow so she could see Parlour Girl’s arse.

These two partners in crime showed no mercy to either of us. My cock head was stilled by an experienced hand. Suddenly my bum was pushed by a shoulder. I was not in control, a shoulder was.

I careered into her anal hole. Nothing stopped me until my balls squashed hard against her overflowing cunt. I was held there by this shoulder. All was still, except my cock pulsing deep in the virgin’s arse.

She really was extraordinary. Her ecstasy knew no bounds. She did not ask permission to grab the chain swinging from teat to teat. Both hands rushed to it, and her arms shot straight out in front of her face.

She completely distorted her beautiful round globes. She pulled them upwards hard, her nipples stretched obscenely, almost to her shoulders. She tugged, and released, in rhythm to my plunging in and out. All my inward movements were aided by a shoulder.

Eroticism was taking our lives over.

Chestnut took over control of her clit, and cunt. She was totally contented to sit cross legged, her face within inches of that delectable place, and to orchestrate the cumming.

And cum she did. A hand reached between my legs to massage, and fondle my balls. A shoulder kept me in time, and Parlour Girl stretched and stretched her nipples towards her shoulders.

The chain was now close to her both cheeks as it went taut. It pulled her teats towards each other, almost to her chin. She screamed, “Mistress, permission to cum please”. That was all I needed. I doubt that any sperm came out. That would have been super human, but I came pulsing deep in her glorious new hole.

She came as permission was given. Now that was control, then she was totally out of control.

I collapsed onto her back; four hands gently stroked us both. Chestnut kissed me. My Partner kissed her slave.

My penis went limp, and I realised that all this work was making me sore. I harked back to the comment from my virgin. I was in for a lot of carrying.

We would be sore together, and that would be our secret!

Parlour Girl shuddered, and shook, as she came down from her heights. She was ready for more jewellery.

The girls had planned to strap her up again, so that her arms were stretched wide above her head, and her legs spread by a spreader. She would have liked that, but she looked so wonderful, folded over the workbench that they decided to dress her there. She was certainly ready.

My Partner fetched her butt and cunt plug strap. The egg sized gold plug snapped into place. There was a slight wriggle of appreciation. Chestnut grabbed her hips, and pulled then slightly away from the bench. The cunt plug had been modified, a very elegant, slightly coned, cap fitted over the original stretcher hole. It tapered so that it was easy to push in, but it ended up stretching her hole more.

It would also keep most of her juices, and my sperm, in her vagina.

Chestnut fitted it with a hard pull sidewise on the egg. Her bum hole stretched slightly. Then she simply pushed it completely home. The young woman was loving it. Everything had been thought of, so Parlour Girl could continue to wear her weights.

The spreader wings had been unhinged, and two separate tight fitting bars passed either side of her most tender puffy self. She was pressed and pushed through in an almost obscene manner. She bulged out between the gold bars, wet and tender.

Later we were to find that a finger rubbed slowly over the distended red flesh took her to the edge in a moment.

She was told to stand up straight. Chestnut turned her around, and looked at my Partner. She nodded her approval, so Chestnut placed her clit in the over large seks filmi izle thimble. She unscrewed the end, and sucked the whole into the tube. She pulled it right out, quite hard, and fitted the retaining bar in a second hole possibly half an inch further out than the one used on Friday.

She pushed the enraged hood skin back, pressed her clit end into the remaining space, and screwed the jewelled end home.

Parlour Girl was being stretched everywhere, and she loved it.

Only now could we see how distended the dear girl’s nipples had become. She had pulled so hard on the outer rings that I suspected that a 10 gauge ring would have fitted. That is a big hole!

Yet she simply loved the feelings. My Partner became quite motherly, and possessive. She, and Chestnut, took one breast each. They massaged soothing oil into her teats, and told her not to do it again as they were sure that she would want to breast feed her baby.

Massaging oil into her distended teats made her squirm again, but she took the scolding well. She promised to behave herself.

Her teats easily fitted the cages that had been made for Friday night. A small spacer was now required. The amazing goldsmith had the very thing. Long, fairly heavy, gold drops that fitted behind the inner vertical bars took up the gap. She looked absolutely beautiful.

It was agreed that she should keep the chain that she had pulled so hard, but that it should loop to her clit. An additional loop was added to her clit cover. The chain threaded from nipple to clit ring, and back to her other nipple.

It would just begin to tighten when she stood erect and still. I wondered if she had ever been still.

Parlour Girl asked for permission to speak, it was granted. She said that she was very sore, and asked to be carried into my studio while the others dressed.

I scooped the divine creature up without a moment’s hesitation, and carried her across the hallway to my studio. She kissed me tenderly as we went, gently toying with the bars in my right nipple.

She observed, to nobody in particular, that the new, outer bar, piercing looked fine. This was the one that she had only recently pierced, and that she had removed just before I took her virginity during the night.

She told me that both vertical piercings now belonged to her. They were my payment to her. She carefully looked at the other, left, nipple. It was given a light kiss as it passed muster.

I dumped my naked Parlour Girl unceremoniously in an armchair, and told her that I had to start the Business Plan for Monday. Chestnut would also need to work with me when they returned from shopping.

It was all panning out well, but the thought of working with a stark naked beautiful accountant all afternoon had me stirring again. I wondered if the girls would want to refit my jewellery, and the cock ring.

My stirrings continued when my Partner and Chestnut had finished dressing each other. They came into my studio, and I rose to the occasion.

Chestnut was back in all her Friday evening glory. Chains held her breasts proud and high. Two chains followed the crease of her leg from her hips into the edge of her bush, and a whole group came together to form a single set that vanished into the centre of her glory.

I knew that these would part, two looping over her hood, and clitoris, to passing either side. I knew that they would be tight, and that she would feel wonderful as she walked.

There were two spectacularly erotic additions. Her pubic hair appeared to be full of pearl beads. They threaded in and out of the curls along the boundary, the frontier that I had recently crossed. They threaded in and out held by some magic.

My Goldsmith had also fashioned two polished caps to pass behind her newly fitted bars. They complimented her breast supports completely.

She looked ravishing.

My Partner, the Goldsmith creator of all this eroticism, had dressed again in her Starbursts. She said that Chestnut had refitted her chains, and suggested one addition. The lower chain, not the one through the clit ring, but the one that formed such a perfect catenary curve, now carried a small gold coloured purse.

It was their moneybag, their possessions bag, and they were ready to go out shopping.

Just as they were leaving my Partner asked if I would like to wear the cock ring, and simple nipple jewellery like she had fitted to Chestnut. I thought it a wonderful idea.

The cock ring took little fitting. The two guards, which were like those on Chestnut’s nipples, were a revelation. They were slightly coned, and opened at an overlapped joint. The magic Goldsmith had beaten the thin gold until it was springy enough to be pulled passed nipple bars, and snapped back onto my breasts. They were all on in a trice.

I kissed them all, patted them lightly on their derrières, and they left. I retired to my studio to work on the plan.


I did not expect them back for at least two hours, so settled down to some serious business planning.

I was about an hour into my deliberations when the doorbell rang. I did not think, I stood up, and went to the front door, rather as I had early on Friday evening to meet Chestnut.