Pink LIXx

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Pink LIXxPink LIXXJahn looked at his wife with her legs spread-eagled in front of Sir. He kind of envied the sexy black leather wrist restraints and matching collar and leash that were her only attire exceot for hr dark stockings and heels. Jahn twisted his head away and looked down at his own leather restraints, collar and leash. They were a humiliating pink.It turned him on. He’d been a submissive man all his life, but this was something new and arousing. Treated like a complete whore by Sir, Jahn had found his sexual niche he felt. His reverie of imagining being permitted to service Sir’s cock was broken suddenly at the sharp bark of Sir’s voice.“Come here, Jahn!”Jahn crawled on his hands and knees closer to Sir. He visibly trembled when Sir’s fingers grabbed the fastener of his leash and removed it fro his collar ring. Jahn felt stripped to the bone, as if Sir were rejecting canlı bahis him, dismissing him. No, please, Sir! He thought to himself.Sir held the leash’s clip close to Jahn’s eyes and shook it…then immediately fastened it to the hard black cockring circling Jahn’s cockhead and tugged it hard and fast. Jahn gasped at the stretching as Sir reached around and twisted Jahn’s balls. Jahn bit his lower lip, trying not to cum. He almost came again when Sir stood and pulled the leash The ring just below his cockhead felt like it was shrinking, tightening around his upper shaft and it felt like a strong hand gripping, squeezing…Sir’s hand, stroking, pulling. Jahn’s body shook as he fought to keep from cumming.Sir whispered at Jahn’s ear, “You’re a dirty little pink whore, aren’t you? MY whore, Jahn. And so is your wife.” He pointed at Gin, still lying helplessly spread-eagled on the floor. bahis siteleri Sir reached down and grasped Jahn’s cock strongly. “Shall I give you permission to put this in your wife’s pussy, Jahn? It looks very wet from here.” Sir roughly shoved Jahn to his knees in front of his wife gaping thighs. Sir’s other hand lightly brushed up and down Gin’s pussy lips and dragged a thumbnail over her clit which made her cringe.“She’s ready for it,” he told Jahn. Pulling Jahn tighter and clasping both Gin and Jahn’s leashes in one hand, he guided Jahn’s engorged cock in and out of his wife’s pussy. Teasing and plunging it deeper with each stroke. Gin’s eyes closed and her mouth wordlessly opened in ecstasy until Sir stepped closer and stuck his cock in her mouth, Gin gagged with the deppth and then greedily started sucking Sir’s cock as he also guided Jahn’s cock to fuck her. She felt…she bahis şirketleri felt Mastered, whatever that meant. He could do anything to her he wanted. And she knew Jahn felt the same way. It was what each separately and together wanted for years. Now, they had a Master, a Sir to lead them and protect them and whom they adored to serve, pleasure, and make cum.Sir pulled out of Gin’s mouth and bent down to rearrange her and Jahn. He pulled her ankles around behind Jahn’s back and hips and tied them lightly with rope. The contraint sent messages straight to Gin’s libido and she started grinding more rapidly on her husband’s cock. She looked pleadingly to Sir.“Please, Sir, may I suck your cock some more?” she whispered.Sir smiled at her brightly. “No,” he said. “But Jahn will.”Grabbing up Jahn by the hair, Sir drove his cock brtween Jahn’s lips to the balls and began fucking his mouth hard and fast.Gin squirmed trying to reach Sir’s cock, too. She stretched her tongue to its furthest and was just able to lick the tip of Sir’s cock as it came all the way out of Jahn’s mouth.It felt perfect.