Playing “Doctor” with sister

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Playing “Doctor” with sisterBased on a true storyMy sister and I had always had a great relationship. I was the younger “protective” brother and she was the older “troubled” c***d that always had me on my toes. You see my sister and I were the only ones we could count on after my dad died in a plane accident. My mother was a local gynecologist, and always busy with patients and rarely at home. So that left my sister and I with a lot of time together to talk and lounge around until mom’s arrival.One afternoon, Amy confided to me that she thought about sex all the time. Anything sexual was never too taboo for her to discuss with me, after all I was the one who often kept her out of trouble. Amy at the age of 22 attended a local community college, and I was 18 and in my senior year of high school. My sister was a tease and sometimes wore clothing in the house that would get my attention. One Friday after school, I was coming up the stairs when Amy appeared out of the master bedroom wearing moms favorite white teddy. I tried to look away but couldn’t when I noticed the teddy had what I called “see through fabric”. I could clearly see the outline of Amy’s bush with her D cup breast matching her thin waistline and wide hips like a goddess. Her nipples pushed into the fabric catching my stare and her aureoles were the size of a tennis ball. I asked her what she was doing and she simply said “nothing, just wondering what it would look like”. On days when mom wasn’t around we would often play games to pass the time. Monopoly, chess, and cards were some popular ones, but playing doctor was our all time favorite. In the house mom had a spare bedroom made into a examination room for the interns she taught. Having real equipment to play with made it exciting as I played Doctor Ryan wearing my white jacket, and Amy wearing shorts and a tank top played the patient. I would get Amy’s height measurements at 5’5″ and then look at her throat and ears on the examination table. With a full report making sure she was in top running order, I tried to keep things at an innocent level. One day I had Amy on the table fully clothed when I was checking her heart rate. The stethoscope was getting stuck on her low cut blouse and her huge tits weren’t helping. As we were just playing, I was almost ready to skip to the next part of the examination when Amy said “doctor shouldn’t you just have me take off my blouse?”. I looked at her in disbelief, knowing that mom could be home at any time. I said to her “what if mom would catch us?” She replied “I’ll just run to my room if she comes home its right down the hall.”With a reluctant “OK” I helped Amy off with the blouse and put it on a chair next to me.It was the first time I had ever seen Amy’s bra covered tits other than in the white teddy and it was always a jaw dropping experience.After hearing her quickening heart rate and getting more nervous about being caught, Amy said to me “doctor isn’t it time you checked my breast for lumps? After all I don’t think we did that on my last visit.”Looking nervous I reached for my clipboard to act like I was actually reading the last time I did a breast exam to clear my head and decide if I wanted this to go on.Amy again spoke up after clearing her voice ” doctor without my bra on.”I timidly agreed and reached around her back to unclasp the huge boulder holder while holding onto my thoughts of what would happen if mom saw the two of us like this. There were 7 clasps undone and the bra still didn’t unfasten. I had some girlfriends who had maybe 4 clasps but never this many. Fearing I had lost my touch, I looked up at my sister waiting patiently for help. Amy just smiled and said, “silly you almost had it” and she removed yet another garment after undoing the final clasp.I was taken back as my sisters breast were freed from their confines and brought to my unabated gaze for the first time. Her nipples were perfect her globes of flesh were so firm you could knock golf balls off the top of them. I looked them over for a long period of time when Amy interrupted and said, “are you going to feel for lumps or what doctor?””Of course” I said, “what kind of doctor would I be if I didn’t?” My hands roamed around feeling her huge milk makers and paying special attention to her pencil eraser shaped nipples. I don’t know what came over me at that moment, but I bent down and sucked on both nipples, fully expecting Amy to end our play time together. I looked up and was really fearing the time as moms arrival was sure to come when Amy spoke yet again with another medical question, “do I feel warm to you doctor?”I replied “I’m not sure, I think to be careful we should take your temperature” I looked around the room and sure enough there was moms glass flask full of mercury thermometers and soaking in alcohol. Funny I thought, I always use the digital one and can’t seem to find it. Amy must have moved it earlier. I approached Amy and presented her with a thermometer and tried to insert it in her mouth. “Yuk! That’s not the way doctors do it” she shouted topless and naked from the waist up.”Excuse me, but I’m the doctor and I think I would know how to take a patients temperature.”She looked at me with that naughty smile and said, “that’s not what I mean, you see there are two colors of thermometers in the flask red and blue. The blue ones are oral and the red ones are anal. Your holding a red one and you know where that goes right doc?”I grinned, “well maybe you should decide where your temp is to be taken, close your eyes and choose a thermometer from the flask Ms Ryan” I stated as professionally as I could.Amy closed her eyes and although I saw her peek, picked out none other than a red thermometer.”Sorry” I said. “I’m afraid I’m going to need you to assume the position on your hands and knees with bottoms up. Looks like it’s your unlucky day.”My sister looking brave said “I guess that depends on how you define unlucky.” Amy laid back on the examination table and watching her tits flop to the sides of her chest, I began undoing her belt on her khaki shorts while looking down at my own rocket cock trying to launch its way out of the silo. Amy assisted by lifting her bottom to help me slide her shorts off along with her shoes and socks. Gazing at my sister on the paper covered table that made a distinctive crinkling noise, I made my way over to the cabinet where latex gloves and KY Jelly were stored. After being satisfied that there was enough KY on the thermometer, I came back to my panty covered sister who had turned over and assumed the position with her ass to my full view. Anticipating my first look at her naked bottom, I grabbed the elastic of her pink cotton panties and began nudging them down. Amy resuming her role as patient stopped me and loudly stated, “I know this isn’t a good time doctor, but I’ve heard you are writing canlı bahis a book about the female anatomy and looking for research am I right?””Yes…..yes I am Ms Ryan”, I said dying from expectation.Amy looking over her shoulder with a look of someone about to have her temperature taken up her ass replied, “well it’s OK with me if you use your camera and camcorder over there to record my examination for your medical research to complete your book if you want to.”Thinking of the possibilities of sending my friends e-mail attachments with pictures of my sisters naked pussy, I realized I should hurry up and take the porn pictures before she changed her mind. “Great idea Ms Ryan, but I should make you aware first that a lot of people are going to see these pictures in my new book, people you may or may not know.”My sister now rubbing her panties into the lips of her sex looked back again and replied “may I know some examples of whom may see these pictorials doctor?”Quickly I said, “Well I do have some colleagues whose names are notorious in the gynecology field, like my friend Dr Livingston (aka best friend), Dr Cape (aka second best friend), and maybe just maybe Dr Lilienthal(aka my sisters best friend).” Testing the waters as my sister has told me countless times she is bi-curious. “Yessss” My nympho sister said as if a shocked doctor wasn’t there, “not only do I know all those doctors but you can show them to others as well if you want. I trust you Dr. Ryan. I’m all yours to display to the medical community and the eyes of professionals like yourself.”Thinking fast I said, “Can I have copies made for my wallet, you never know when reference anatomy pictures would come in handy to show to others.””Anything you want doctor, including a full pictorial for self stimulation maybe or to add to a closet wall or a screen saver on a computer. Amy caught me by surprise by referring to the back of my closet where several well placed Playboy centerfolds are hanging that my mom hasn’t found yet. In view of how far my sister was in sexual pleasure, I thought it best to try out my good fortune again, “Ms. Ryan with your permission and signed consent, I would like to post your medical pictorials on the internet and give you the profits from their sale. Would you agree to that?”Impatiently Amy cried out “all that sounds great now let’s take my temperature and continue with this discussion later shall we”. Positioning the HD camcorder and bringing the Cannon SLR digital camera into arms reach, I began to dwell again about all the ramifications of what I was doing and what mom would say if we were to get caught. Getting the best possible ass and pussy camera shot, I began pulling the sides of Amy’s panties around her flared shaped hips in the hope that she wouldn’t interrupt me again.Sliding her panties slowly down to her thighs, Amy displayed her untouched furry fuck hole to me for the first time. I picked up the SLR and as on cue, she took two of her sexy fingers and opened her womanhood to my camera’s gaze. I noticed a wet spot at the entrance to her slit and an odor that I can only describe as sweet.”I can’t wait till we show the tape to everybody whom is helping with the research. Do you think they will like it?” My sexual vixen cried out.”I’m sure they will Ms Ryan because you have a beautiful vagina. Lets remove the panties fully so I can view your pussy easier with the camera shall we”Amy hurriedly removed the rest of her clothing and naked bent over and spread her pink gash more fully for my viewing pleasure. “If it’s OK with you doctor can we use the technical term for my vagina.””Sure thing” I said while hitting the shutter button of my Cannon Rebel to record the event.”I think you should refer to it as a cunt, don’t you agree Dr. Ryan””Yes Amy that sounds nice, cunt it is”.Wanting to move on I put away the camera and loosened my top polo shirt button. Looking into the view finder, I adjusted the camcorder to view as much of my sisters naked body as possible. Gently I took the thermometer and placed it on Amy’s brown flexing hole to prepare her for the intrusion.”Are you ready Amy?” I asked.”Stick it in doc.” Amy replied holding her ass cheeks as far apart as possible.I slowly inserted and held the thermometer in my sisters ass harboring thoughts again of my mom walking in on the two of us. What should we do or say I thought? How could we explain this? Thoughts of us being grounded, thoughts of mom joining in, and thoughts of my life ending as I knew it were all possibilities. Pulling out the thermometer it read 98.6, perfect just like the ass it came from I thought. “Have you had your prostrate checked lately Ms Ryan?” I asked watching my sisters hand get wet playing with her furry beaver to my delight. “No could you please doc, I’ve never had one done and you never can be too careful these days.” Amy said while getting us both aroused.I prepped my latex finger with KY and told my sister to just relax and back up so it would go in easier. She looked back and shocked me yet again, “do your worse doc!”I took this as an invitation and shoved my finger fully into my sisters ass as she impaled herself on my single digit. “Yesssss” she screamed, bewildering me if she was actually enjoying this or just trying not hurt my feelings and end it. I wiggled my finger in her brown hole and withdrew it taking pride in that another barrier had been torn down between myself and Amy. I began scribbling on my clipboard a note that said in large capital letters, “PERFECT BUTT”. I laughed at its symbolism and showed Amy who giggled along with me.Moving on Amy turned over and let me fire off more pictures of her lovely hot box with a smile to go along with it. I was flabbergasted as she made known to me her next request, “Dr Ryan I heard this is the best fertility clinic around am I right?””Yes I believe it is” I told her.”You see my girlfriend and I are thinking the time is right for me to have a baby, and she told me to come here so you I can try out your special equipped fertility thermometer for my other hole.” “You know the one that everyone says supposedly gets girls pregnant” Amy said with a stupid look on her cute face. Thinking about what she just asked, I put her legs up in the stirrups at the end of the examination table and ordered Amy to unfold her hairy love petals so I could obtain photo’s of my sisters snatch. “This one’s for the internet” I thought to myself with a smile and a click.Pausing briefly with the camera I said, “This can be done Ms Ryan but I need to know a couples of things first?””Sure like what?” My sister said while letting me take more photos of her most intimate parts.Staying in character I said, “if this doesn’t work on you I may need to see your girlfriend for some special fertility treatments to get herself a baby, do you think she’s up for that?” “I know bahis siteleri she’ll do whatever it takes doctor she wants a baby too”Rapidly I added “also I may need permission granted for some nude photographs of the two of you for my book, some erotic if that’s OK?”Looking a little distracted at my camera my sister looked up and mouthed “whatever you want doc.””Great!” I said, “now I need to ask you one serious question before we begin the treatment.””Go on?” my sister replied.Thinking of mom hearing the news that my sister was pregnant I had to ask, “are you on birth control?”Amy looked as if lost in thought for a moment and said in a uneasy manner “No, is that going to be a problem doctor. I mean I am trying to get pregnant you know.” Quibbling on and reminiscent of her desire to have sex with me.”Well you can’t be careful enough with the types of diseases that are out today. So I’m afraid we’ll have to use the precautionary mode until certain tests are negative. Is that OK Ms Ryan?””Yeah, whatever, yor the doc” My disappointed sister winded out.I pulled out my lucky condom from my wallet that I always had in case of emergencies, and took off all my clothes except for the white lab coat to stay in character. Amy’s eyes widened with approval when she saw my cock for the first time. I wasn’t huge but 8 inches was not only the longest, but also the thickest from what she told me later .I was now stroking my rocket when Amy piped in, “you want me to prime your special fertility tool doc?”Shaking my head yes I stepped up to the examination table and stuck my dick in my sisters mouth for the first time polishing my knob. Trying to imprint every second to memory, I looked up only to realize that everything was already recorded on HD tape. How sweet life is I thought to myself. Look a sister and brother porn star team. I started to think of these silly screen names that all the porn stars have to hide their real ones. For Amy I thought, “Hairyhunny” because she tastes sweet as honey. Myself, “Spaceshuttle” because I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex in zero gravity. Would you ultimately end up bouncing off the walls? I chuckled at the thought.After several minutes of coming on the brink of orgasm and then the thoughts of mom catching us to bring me back down, I decided to go for broke and complete the act of i****t by fucking my sisters hairy twat for the first time.”Are you ready Ms Ryan I think you have my instrument primed properly?” I said “Yeah doctor, put your fertility tool in me now” Amy impatiently cried.I walked around the table sliding the rubber over my hardon and putting on some KY put my cock at the forbidden entrance of i****t. Holding Amy’s pink hairy folds as far apart as they would go, I gave my sister her last final chance to back out. She looked me in the eye and said “Do it! Do it now! Make me pregnant with your fertility tool Doctor Ryan!”Hearing her talk that way made my purple headed prick lose control, and plunge to her womanly depths instantly.”Time to make you a woman Ms Ryan” I said bringing my cock out and rubbing it on her pubic hairs then plunging it back into her hairy canal.My sister shrieked and yelled out of character for the first time “Yessssss fuck me brother my body is yours. Order me and I’ll show my hairy pussy to anyone you want. I like it when your friends see me like the slut I am. I want to be your personal whore at your beckoning call. I’ll call you master and do whatever you want as long as you show my body to your friends.” My naked patient decried to me out of breath and in sexual bliss. Talking like this in the heat of the moment, I couldn’t resist getting my sisters complete control while fucking her and I knew once she calmed down she would recant all comments she had just made. So I said in a more businesslike brotherly tone “are you serious about doing anything Amy?” While standing at the end of the examination table and pumping my protected cock in and out of my naked sister. Calming down a little she looked me in the eye and said “tell me what you want and I’ll tell you what I want little brother.” As if fucking my nasty sister wasn’t enough, bartering was always a way for one of us to get what the other would not give. At this moment I couldn’t think of what my sister could want from me since we were already having sex so I laid down my terms of the agreement.I spoke wisely, ” I want to bump uglies with your best friend (Brittany). Tonight if possible in the woods out back while moms asleep”. Brittany is 22 years old and my sisters best friend. I have always wanted in her pants since she and Amy became friends.Amy smiled a evil grin and looking between her legs said “I think I can get her to sneak out”” Do you think she’ll do it?” I asked.My sister looked up “Yeah she’s good at sneaking out.””That’s not what I meant, I’m talking about fucking” I frantically replied.The next thing my sister told me was something I’ll never forget to this day. Impaling herself as far as my cock would go in her she told me in her exact words, “if she doesn’t agree to fuck you (which I think she will), I’ll help you hold her down and **** her. Promise”Now it was happening to me as well as my sister when an evil grin appeared on my face, “Do you think she will tell anyone?”Amy replied “she didn’t say a thing when she turned 18 and her mom held her down and let her dad ****d her!””Get out of town!! I don’t believe that!” I shouted while still pumping my man meat inside my sister . Amy looking down at her hairy pussy told me, “that’s not all.””It isn’t?” I quizzically stated.”When I got Brittany to actually talk about it she said she actually began to like the idea so much she helped her mom hold down her sister while her dad had his way with her. Imagine losing your cherry to your dad and then helping him with your sister. Its fucked up and I laugh every time I talk to her about it, that family has been into i****t ever since. i****t is the best!” My sister chanted.My bubbly eyed Amy was starting to freak me out with all this weird talk but who was I to judge, I still had my prick in her. So I asked her, “in return what do you want for this deal we are making?”My sister smiled, “a couple of small things, first of all I want to fuck you anyway I want and I do mean anyway!””Oh you want me to do you doggie style, try out different positions. Agreed!” I declared and…………….. “”Second I want you to know that all the things I said about being your whore and showing me to anyone you want”I was getting ready for her renouncement of all previous statements, so I paused in mid stroke.”I meant everything, I can’t control myself anymore, instead of fucking every guy around I want it to be you and anyone that you approve. I want you to protect and use my body anyway you want. I give myself to you little brother, you have bahis şirketleri always looked after me so I know I’m in good hands and don’t care anymore. Use my body and show it to your friends. I’ll personally deliver my nude pictures to their houses myself and lift up my skirt and show them the real deal. I’ll even help you seduce mom if you want. I’m a nymph little brother and I want it to stay that way. Just don’t stop fucking me”I was taken back at how bad my crazy sister was addicted to sex. I knew that I should get her professional help but my cock had other ideas.”OK I agree to the terms, shake on it. I spit on my hand and she did the same like when we were k**s and sealed the deal so that neither one of us could back out now. My sister was the first to act on my half of the agreement as I was getting ready to get up on the table to fuck her from behind. “We’ll little brother as per terms of our NEW agreement I want you to fuck me unprotected right now.”She held out her hand and began stroking my cock rolling the rubber slowly off my thick shaft. I yelled out knowing damn well what she was doing, “don’t do it Amy you can get pregnant, what if mom finds out?” I tried pleading with her sanity.Amy remarked in a harsh tone, ” the deal is done little brother, stick that cock back in my cunt and knock up your big titted, hairy pussy, nymphomaniac sister. “I knew it couldn’t be undone, I never backed out on my word. Pictures of my pregnant sister flooded my mind as she stroked my cock back to life in order to flood her pussy with my seed.Amy was saying things that were a milestone first today then she struck me with another blow of her crazy and nasty talk. “I want you to cum every drop in my cunt and my best friends also. And after taking our cream pie pictures together maybe we’ll get pregnant together. You can fuck us at the same time and if we are due on the same day you can tell everyone you had twins. If you jack off I want you to promise me you will save the seed for me. Promise me brother. I want the cum in a glass not so I can drink it but put it into moms medical oral syringe so I can inject it into a cunt where it belongs”I couldn’t take her talk anymore. I shoved my unprotected cock back into Amy, prayed she wouldn’t end up pregnant and stupidly asked “who’s cunt do you have in mind that you want to (turkey base) big sister.” She replied in a defining tone “you’ll have to help me hold her down when she is asleep and I will stick it in her pussy and inject her with your seed””Who!” I asked “who!” She looked me in the eyes and said the last thing I thought she was going to say “mom”I immediately lost all control and started fucking my sisters hairy cunt hard. Looking up I saw her huge tits bouncing all over the place and the thoughts of mom catching us was something I no longer lingered on since fucking Amy was taking its toll both physically and mentally. My sister started feeding me unclean thoughts about mom that was somehow making me feel that I was the Nymph not her . Amy said “I want you to make mom get on top of me and hump our hairy pussies together. After you have your fill of nasty photo’s of us together, I want you to fuck us at the same time alternating between snatches. Then when you’re about to shoot your sperm, mom and I are going to hold our cunts apart for you so that you can spray both our holes with your baby makers. Sound good little brother?”I cried out “Yessssss” “I want to fuck mom and you.”My sister started bucking her hips up into the air with screams as her face turned beet red in orgasm.I was having a hard time holding back and knew it wasn’t much longer as I heard Amy again, “knock me up little brother, do it, put your baby in me and complete the act of i****t” I looked at the clock on the wall mom was overdue to arrive home and then back at my cock sliding in then out of my sisters womanhood.”Hurry up and cum with me Yesssssssss” Amy yelled out as she threw herself on my prick and contracted all around my huge red headed monster. “I’m cuuummmming”. I saw stars as I knew Amy was having an orgasm that was sending us both down a road in our relationship that was certain to change us forever. My thoughts of impregnating my sister was overwhelming as she screamed multiple times “Knock up my big tits and hairy cunt with your big tool brother!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my ears when my sister was talking this way. It made me want to fuck her more.Amy screamed at the top of her lungs “Yessssssssssssssssssss” As I put my mouth over hers’ to quiet her down in case mom was home and heard us.Tongue wrestling with my sister, I began to erupt my i****tuous seed and make my slut sister from a girl into a woman. Babies are what pussies are made for I reasoned as my cock began taking over my thoughts again. Spurt after spurt I came a gallon of i****tuous seed into a dazed Amy who mumbled “make me pregnant with your baby master.” A name I could get used to I thought. After pulling out I immediately picked up the camera to take pictures of what I now hoped would be one of many cream pie pictures. Sweating profusely Amy hugged me and said to me “can we play doctor again tomorrow? You didn’t get to try out the speculum s””Speculum s as in plural I asked??””Yes one for my pussy and another for my ass” “You bet I can play doctor again” I said as Amy began to put my sticky cock back into her slippery hole. Amy whispered in my ear “my room 11 PM after moms asleep to fuck you know who, be there or be square ” She giggled”What the hell are you two doi………….!!!!”I turned around to see my mother in a raincoat soaked to the bone with a red look to her face standing in the door. Lord knows how long she was standing there. It wasn’t good and I was thinking hell would be better than this house right now.Mom spoke softly as if constraining herself not to lose her temper and shout, “you two in the master bed room now, obviously we are in need of an adult talk. And bring that camcorder and camera with you so I can take a good look at what you two do while I’m not here. I looked at mom who had this vertigo look in her eyes that I was almost sure was fixed at Amy’s hole leaking my sperm that I had just deposited. There was no doubt about it now we were busted. “FUCK” I said to myself knowing full well we documented everything on tape. How stupid am I?Shaking her head and with a stern voice, she spoke authoritative and loud as I bent down to pick up my boxers “neither one of you need to bother putting any clothing on, there isn’t anything in this house that hasn’t been seen as of today. Since we are all adults, all pussy’s and dicks are all coming into the open, no hiding them anymore. Besides I’m sick and tired of doing your laundry and I could use a good look at a pussy or cock from time to time. Come on, you two know the drill. Get your hind ends in the master bedroom and get them over my knee for a good spanking”What did she exactly meant by all that? Confused my sister and I looked at each other and shrugged our naked shoulders at each other on our way to endure moms wrath…..