Pleasant Dreams

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Several friends & I decided to go out one evening and toast the town. My girlfriend Donna, her best friend Jennifer, and my 2 long time buddies ,Jerry & Tony joined me at our favorite pub for a night of drinking. Tony, Jerry, and I talked about old times & did our best to impress the 2 lovely ladies. After 5 hours of heavy drinking, we all decided that we should call it a night. Jerry had disappeared from the table and we could see across the room that he had hooked up with a beautiful blonde. We were unsure whether to wait for him or if we should all just go. Seeing that Jen was drunk off her ass and that Donna looked very tired & had to work the next day, Tony told us to go on home & don’t worry about Jerry because he would stick around to make sure that our friend would get home o.k. Satisfied with that idea, the 3 of us finished our drinks & left.

After walking out the door, Donna & I realized just how wasted Jen actually was. We both had to wrap our arm around her to help her walk back to the car. We helped her into the backseat & got in ourselves. Donna asked if I could drop her off at our place first. She wanted to get to sleep soon so that she would be able to get to work on time tomorrow. We looked in the back to see if that was alright with Jen, but she was already napping.

I stopped at our apartment and ran in with Donna. She always gets so hot after she’s been drinking and I hoped to get some quick action before I dropped Jen off. I guessed that by the time I’d get back Donna would be asleep, so I had to try now. Once in the house, I helped Donna get undressed & ready for bed. I groped & caressed her all the while, hoping to get her excited. She told me that she was too tired though & that I shouldn’t be inside for too long with Jen out in the car. Finally I gave up trying to seduce her and kissed her goodnight. I headed back to the car with an unsatisfied arousal in my shorts.

I returned to the car & checked to see if Jen was still okay and then continue to deliver her home. We arrived at her place and she was still very groggy. I opened the door for her & helped eryaman escort her out and to her feet. She stumbled about and asked if I could help her get inside o.k. Being a good friend, I could hardly refuse. We made it up to the door and I helped her find her keys from her bag & unlocked the door. I aided her across her living room and over to the sofa. “Would you mind helping me get to bed?”, she asked. “No problem” I replied. Leaning heavily on me, we made our way down the hall to her bedroom. I set her down on her bed and proceeded to take off her heels for her. In my already partially aroused state, I took advantage of the opportunity to glance harmlessly up her dress. I stood up and told her that she should be fine now and that I should head home. “Wait!” she exclaimed, “Don’t go yet, help me up a sec”. I helped her stand back up again. “I just need a little support” she said. I sat on the edge of the mattress next to her & held out my arm for her to use as a railing of sorts while she took off her earrings & jewelry.

Now this is the part of my story where things take an unbelievable and unexpected turn. After removing her accessories she then proceeded to unbutton her top. In shock I just sat there in amazement watching the events unfold before me. She dropped her blouse to the floor after finishing the last button. She then zipped loose her skirt and let it fall as well. “I hope you don’t mind”, she quipped. She then let go of my arm momentarily & with some difficulty she undid her bra and dropped it to her feet. She quickly reached back & re-embraced her grip on my arm before she lost her flailing balance & fell. She released me again & leaned forward placing her hands on the dresser ahead of her. Still in disbelief, I stared in wonder at this wildly attractive woman who stood, though uneasily, half naked in front of me.

She tried several times before successfully pulling down her tight little panties. I was awestruck as she was bent forward, leaning on the dresser, pointing her fantastic bare ass directly at me. I could gaze directly into her pussy and fought my every desire sincan escort to reach out & grab her. Her lips were already parted and I was tempted just to whip out my dick and ram it into her waiting hole, but I thought better of myself and maintained my control. I stood back up and she reached her arm around me for support. “Can you get into bed alright?” I asked her. “Just a little help if you could…” she responded. I aided her in getting to the head of her bed. “…get the covers for me, please.”, she continued. She wrapped her arms around my waist & leaned her nude body against me while I bent forward & drew back the comforter on the bed. During the process her hands accidentally fell downward onto the front of my already hard cock. She felt that I was getting very excited by this little show of hers and asked “Oh!, is that because of me?” I had to admit to her that YES, it was because of her that I had a major stiffy. “I’m sorry” she apologized, “I didn’t mean to.” I told her not to worry about it, but she just responded by rubbing my cock through my shorts.

I sat her down on her bed and told her that I should really get going. “You’re going to leave?” she asked. “You can’t go off in that kind of condition” she said, “why don’t you let me help you out since it’s my fault you got that way”. Before I could respond she had pulled down the waistband of my shorts and pulled out my swollen penis. She cupped the fiery hot piece of meat in her hand and began to stroke it up and down. I let out an approving moan and she dipped her face forward and enveloped the head of my cock into her waiting mouth. Refusing to remove her lips from my cock, she moved me onto the bed & laid me down. She continued to suck my dick and used her free hand to push off my shoes & to pull off my shorts and underwear. I obliged her by pulling my shirt over my head as well.

She moved upwards to me and kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue into battle with her own. My hands darted all over her magnificent body. She crawled up me and threw one leg over my hips. Next thing I know, I was treated to batıkent escort the wettest, hottest, & most pleasurable cunt I’d ever been in. She slid her soft pussy down onto my stiff cock and pushed it all the way into her waiting hole. I reached up & grasped her heaving breasts, tweaking her nipples between my fingertips. She started riding me with increased pace. The feeling was pure ecstasy. I thrust my hips to meet her and slammed into her hard as I could. Without much effort she was soon yelling & groaning aloud until she exploded with orgasm. I was not far behind though as I was overcome with my own eruption. I pulled my cock out & fired several blows of cum all over her ass cheeks. She reached back and rubbed the pools over her cheeks & wiped it up and down her crack, from ass hole to slit. The sight of this way very stirring itself. I slid my hand onto her ass and joined her in the massaging. With the easy lubrication of her pussy mixed with my cum, I slid a couple of fingers into her. In no time at all, she was bucking and moaning, trying to fuck my fingers. I slid a free digit up and explored her asshole with it. Soon I was finger fucking both her holes at the same time.

My cock had now returned to it’s previous rock-hard condition and Jen was jerking me off. I rose up and rolled her onto her stomach. I then moved into position behind her and slammed my erect spear back into her sopping pussy. She got upon her knees and grabbed firmly onto her sheets as she started pushing back, fucking me as hard as she could. I fucked her for all she was worth. I reached forward and pulled back her hair to use as a handle as I rode her like a wild filly. I jammed my thumb into her asshole with my free hand and pushed it into her hard. She pushed back into me even more than before as I impaled her ferociously. She screeched through a double orgasm and collapsed under me. I continued pumping her for several minutes as she recovered her senses. She got up and pushed me back on my back and sucked me the rest of the way. I shot another load, this time into her waiting mouth and she swallowed up each drop.

We both lay there for a good half an hour until I decide I better get up and return home. We both agree to keep the encounter a secret. When I got home I snuck into the house and fell asleep in the easy chair. Pleasant Dreams abound.