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PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 13CHAPTER 13: AWAKING TO TROUBLEWhen my eyes flickered open, I only knew that my whole body hurt. A lot! And I didn’t know why or even if I should know why. Or even where I was. I felt like I was in some kind of dream. My brain was slow, my body was not reacting to my thoughts at all. “Help! Where am I? What’s happening to me?” But I literally freaked when the person I would later remember was Danna rushed into my room saying my name. All my brain was registering was seeing a monster, a creature from a late Saturday night horror movie. I screamed and went out again.When I came to again, I didn’t remember anything of the previous time. This time when my eyes opened, I realized I was lying on my front in a hospital bed. The room looked like the same one I had occupied on past occasions. My brain was working better because the thought that came to me was maybe they should put my name on the door. As I took inventory of my situation, I came up with the following: I hurt like hell, everywhere; I didn’t quite remember why I should hurt so much; I was very weak; I was hooked up to something feeding a liquid into me; and, I was restrained. Moving my hands as much as I could I felt something with a knob on one end. I pushed it. I pushed it several times. Then I heard footsteps coming to me fast. Then Danna and Martac were kneeling down in front of my face. Danna said, “Welcome back, Alexa. You’ve been out for a while. We were worried we might lose you for a while there. How are you feeling?”I looked at her and then Martac and said, “How am I feeling? I feel like shit. Why am I restrained and why do I hurt so much?”Danna glanced at Martac who was recording any information into her data device. “Short term memory loss. It will come back. Probably just the trauma and d**gs.”“What trauma? What am I not remembering?”“I think we need Otton here. Give her some fluids to sip on while she waits.”Very quickly, Otton was at my side with Danna. He began, “Alexa, what a relief. Danna says you don’t remember much but that it is almost certainly temporary. Let me fill in some of the blanks so you know what happened and what has been done since then. You have been u*********s for about three days. At that time, you were giving the two warrior Units a ‘thank you’ party.” He looked at Danna with some guilt but continued, “Everything was going great, from our side, especially. You took a break after you had taken the fifth guy and took a shower. It had already been a long night and we had consumed much of the drink. I am sorry, Alexa, but I didn’t see a reason to be suspicious at the time. But Oltor suggested that the rest of us go out and find more drink and some food. That left him and two others behind. We said we would be back soon, we were still eager for more, if you were. Obviously, none of us saw what happened after that. But someone chased us down and said there was a terrible noise coming from our barracks but the entrance was locked. We raced down there, used the bypass system to get inside and found b**st ready to tear apart Oltor. I yelled at him to stop. I wasn’t at all sure he would. He listens to you but … Anyway, he did. He must have recognized the respect you showed to me and honored that. It was then that we saw the rest. His other two mates were on the ground and clearly been hit over the head. You were across the bunk, still on your knees, but u*********s. But worse was your back. You had been sliced repeatedly and there was blood everywhere. We didn’t dare move you but called Danna to come immediately. While she attended to you, the other two slowly came to. We had somehow gotten b**st into the shower area and Actab stood in the entry to watch him. No offence, Alexa, but he is a wild a****l and there was so much blood. The other two confirmed that it was Oltor. Until they were clubbed, you were fine. The only thing that makes sense is that before you lost consciousness you must have screamed and made enough noise that b**st became suspicious and then … but he didn’t kill Oltor. Not sure why. Maybe we just got there too soon. He was essentially batting him across the room. He received numerous wounds from the claws.”“Wow. I’m not sure I want to remember all that.” I smiled a guilty smile, looking at Olton and then Danna and back to Olton, “But from the sounds of it I would definitely like to remember the before part.”Danna gasped and said, “You slut! Even on a hospital bed, d**gged and in pain, your mind still goes to a sexual pleasure.”“You’re right, of course. I am an awful person and should be deeply ashamed of myself.”“But you aren’t, are you.”“Oh, you do know me so well.” I beamed at her. “Okay, doc, so what is the prognosis? From the sounds of it, I will live. What does it look like back there?”“Alexa, I won’t lie to you. It looks bad. It will heal. In fact, it already is. It was a very sharp knife and he appears to have been trying for disfigurement, not death, because he didn’t push into you hard or penetrate far. At least not with the knife.”“Now who is thinking sexual?”“Around you, what chance does a person have? So, the truth is that you will have scars. Lots of scars across your back. Of course, for a warrior that might be a turn-on. The thing I am amazed at is the healing. It is much faster than it should be for what we were able to do for them.”Otton was silent and then offered, “Danna, remember when I said that when we got b**st to stop, he went to Alexa? I didn’t think about it before, but he went to her and gently started licking her back. Over and over. It seemed to be more than cleaning off the blood. After a few licks he had already done that.”Danna said, “Alexa, I would really like to get a sample of b**sts saliva. When you are feeling up to it, could you help me?”“Of course. Speaking of which, where is b**st now?”Otton said, “We felt it was best to lock him into a cargo hold. He was getting increasingly anxious. He doesn’t respond to what we say like he does to you.”“Can he stay here? It would help him and me.”“I’ll figure it out. You said that he was led to you on the planet with leashes? We might have to do that to get him here. He’ll be okay here with you?”“Yes. I can manage him. I just need to explain everything. Wait … that’s what we need to do. Get me a comm unit and let him hear my voice through another comm unit. We can make sure he understands that it is me talking to him and then he should be manageable.”So later that day Sinnar arrived with one comm unit and said that Otton had another with a small speaker to transmit my voice. “b**st, do you hear me?” There was silence. Then Otton came back with, “He seems confused. He heard you but can’t locate you. You’re going to have to keep talking, maybe he will accept that it is you even if he doesn’t see you.”“Okay. b**st, do you know who this is? Hold a front paw up in the air if you do.” And he did. “This might be confusing for you so I will try to help you. I miss you and want you to be with me but people are nervous. They think you might be afraid because you have not seen me. We have to show them that you can be trusted and want to help me. You do want to help me, don’t you?”Otton came back, “He already has his paw in the air, again. He knows it’s you.”“b**st, I am in a room where people are trying to help me. Do you remember me being hurt? Do you remember the blood on me?”“He has his paw up, again.”“Good boy. Now, that person is not around me, any more. He can’t hurt me. Do you understand that I am safe now and others are trying to make me feel better?”“Again.”“Good boy. I want you to be with me now. Do you want to be with me?”“Yes, he raised his paw, again.”“Good anadolu yakası escort boy. The men with you now will need to bring you to me. They will need to put ropes around your neck to guide you to me. I want you to know that it is only until you get to where I am and then they will be taken off. Okay? Do you understand?”“Okay, he has it. This is amazing, Alexa. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”Shortly after that, Otton arrived with b**st right behind him. When b**st saw her, he jumped to her side with a single bound. Scared everyone including Alexa but only that he might knock her bed over. He happily licked her face and through her laughing, protested that she couldn’t move out of the way being restrained so Otton got a hold of him and moved him aside just a bit. I told b**st to sit and he did. Damn, he was big. There wasn’t much room left with him there. Otton asked Danna, “Isn’t there a larger room Alexa can use? b**st takes up a lot of room and we’ll need to have meetings with her soon.”“We’ll have to rearrange some, but yes. There is a double that is unoccupied. We’ll moved one of the sections out of the way and open the curtain between them.”I caught the mention of meetings with me and asked, “What do you mean, need to have meetings?”“We didn’t want to get into that right now. You’ll need a couple of weeks for your skin to properly heal and for your body to replenish itself from the loss of blood.”Danna added, “Alexa, you lost a lot of blood. The wounds themselves just required some stitches and time to heal over. We have to watch for infection, but there hasn’t been any sign of that to be concerned with. We don’t have a blood supply of your kind of blood. We should have thought of that and stored some of yours prior to the mission, just in case. But we didn’t. Now your body just has to take care of itself and it will take a little longer. You can be up in a few days. Your back will be very sore and still need exposure to the air to heal but as long as you are slow and don’t exert yourself, you can move around a little.”Danna continued, “Okay, Otton, we can start discussing this, but you, Alexa, have to promise to remain calm. If you can’t, we stop.”Otton started, “We have big problems, Alexa. Since the attack on you, there has been a lot of controversy about that, about b**st … about you. And, it’s important to remember that a lot of people were taking a big gamble when they originally agreed to let you stay with us from Earth. That was against all procedure. For security reasons we are never to allow an alien on board one of our ships. We broke that. We since felt vindicated by everything that happened since. Your performance in the competition, your acceptance by the people on the ship, your performance on the first mission and then your stepping forward and volunteering for the mission we just completed. Volunteering essentially for a potential suicide role in the plan. Everyone on this ship was totally on your side. But we were still gambling that when we needed to confront High Command that the evidence would be so overwhelming that they couldn’t disagree.”“But?”“But information got to High Command too soon. We are certain it was Oltor. He’s been a problem since you defeated him twice at the competition. Much of the information sent was inaccurate and has been corrected. But you know how that works. Once a negative is seen, it is hard to turn it into a positive. And while trying to argue, the problem behind all the arguments was that we broke procedure. We’re going to continue to fight, but you have to understand that it doesn’t look good.”“Otton, I’m the victim here. I did everything that was ever asked and then more. What else could I have done?”“Probably, I should never have invited you on board. And you should never have accepted.”“That’s not fair!”Danna interrupted, “Okay, this is over. I can’t have her opening those wounds. Alexa, I am going to give you a shot to relax you. Don’t fight me. We are doing what we can, but you understand what the military is like.”And, it went black … again.Sometime later my eyes opened and I saw very little. It occurred to me that the lights were out and it must be night. b**st must have heard a change in my breathing because he was suddenly licking my face, again. I said, “Thank you, big boy. I’m glad to see you, too.” He sat down and looked me. “What is it, boy? I wish I could understand your thought like you understand mine. I suppose that makes you smarter than me.” And, damn, he raised his paw! That was the sign earlier for saying, ‘yes’. Too weird. Since all I could do is lay there, “Oh, so now you’re a comedian, too? Okay, let’s get this communication thing a little easier for us, smarty. This is what I want you to do from now on when you mean ‘yes’. I want you to nod your head up and down, like this.” I did an exaggerated head nod. “Now you do it. Say ‘yes’ by using your head.”He nodded his head up and down. I was so happy. I was happier than maybe warranted but there was something between us and this continued, increasing connection went straight into my heart, maybe my very soul. He saw my reaction and came to me and licked my face, again. Then he sat. I wondered, is he wanting more? Okay.“Okay, boy. Next lesson. When you mean ‘no’, I want you to shake your head from side to side like this.” And I showed him. Actually, it’s amazing he even got either one given how hard it was for me to move my head that much laying on my front. “Now you do it. Say ‘no’ by using your head.” He did it right then, too. “Good boy. Now the test, smarty. Is my name b**st?” He shook his head.“Okay, is my name Alexa?” He nodded his head. Wow, I wasn’t sure he would even know that. He must have heard others say my name.“Is your name b**st?” He hesitated a long time, stood up, moved to one end of the room and returned, sat down, again. Then he looked at me long and hard. Then he nodded his head. There was more to that. He was thinking about something, working something out in his head. He made a decision. That decision was to accept the name.“Does the name bother you?” Shake of the head.“Do you trust me?” Nod.“Do you believe that on the planet I didn’t want to leave you because you were very important to me?” Nod.“Do you also believe that I want to stay with you?” Nod.“Do you want to go back to your planet?” Shake.“I may have to leave this ship. It’s a long story and sometime I may try to explain it but, then, it just may not be important enough in the end. But if I do have to leave, will you come with me?” Nod.“No matter where?” Nod.“Do you believe I will always try to protect you and love you?” Nod. Where did that come from? But I think that is how I feel. When I was most vulnerable and exposed, he protected me, did only as I asked him and stayed with me.“Will you always try to protect me and love me?” Nod. Take it easy, Alexa. Maybe it’s the d**g wearing off. But I don’t think so.“Are you aware of the trouble from that night when that guy hurt me and you hurt him?” Nod.“Are you sorry you hurt him?” Shake.“Answer me truthfully, now. Did you hurt because you wanted to, liked to?” Nod. Shake.“Which is it?” He just looked at me. Question he couldn’t answer, I guess. “Okay, it was both?” Nod.“Okay. So, you wanted to but also didn’t like it?” Nod.“Did you do it because he hurt me and so you wanted to hurt him right back?” Repeated nodding.“Wow, big guy. We are communicating. But I am really getting tired again. Will you be here when I wake up?” Nod.“If you’re as smart as you might be, you’re really going question me now; do you know what a kiss is?” Shake.“Someday, I’ll pendik escort show you. Thank you for helping me.”When I wake up, there a buzz of activity in the area. b**st gives out a growl noise and Danna comes in. “I told him to let me know the moment you woke up. Damned if he didn’t. Your restraints are coming off. We have to get you ready faster than I had planned. The Leadership Council will meet the day after tomorrow to hear your case and that of Oltor. You need to be present.”“Danna, you’re on the Leadership Council, what are my chances?”“Alexa, this isn’t like a death sentence or even a prison sentence against you. This affects you but is more about the leadership here. But, obviously, if it goes against you being able to stay on board, to stay with us, it will impact you more.”“What would happen then?”“Let’s leave that to a discussion with Otton, okay? I am not military. I am on the Council because of my status as the doctor. But, Alexa, we feel responsibility for letting you on board to begin with. We will do everything we can. I promise.”“Okay. Thank you. I am just a bit anxious about all this.”“I know. But now let’s get you up and moving again.” She called out to Martac and the two of them began undoing the restraints that had firmly held in place. It wasn’t until Martac went between my thighs to reach a strap that I realized I was naked. What is it with me being naked around here? I wasn’t a prude on Earth, but I wasn’t comfortable being naked in front of so many people. Nor was I a slut, but I guess I am that now, too.Once the restraints were off, they helped me to sit up. My back was sensitive to every movement of my muscles. I needed to see the damage. No time like the present.“I need a mirror. I want to see what it looks like.”“There is no need, Alexa. It doesn’t matter any longer. It’s done.”“No, I need to know. Once I know, then I can deal with it, to accept what it is.”I was shocked when I saw it. My back looked like I had been whipped brutally over and over. Although the healing was nearly complete, many of the scars were raised. “My god! Look at that. My poor body. What kind of a****l would do such a thing?” I saw movement to the side, looked and saw b**st. “No. Not an a****l. An a****l wouldn’t do anything like this. Someone who can do this to someone else is just evil. Evil.” On shaky legs, I walked over to where b**st lay, looked down on him and spread myself out on top of his side, hugged his huge neck and cried. I didn’t care what anyone else thought, b**st cared for me, always had from the first time we connected (literally). And he wouldn’t care what my back looked like.A day later, there was more commotion outside the room with others moving about, talking among themselves and now approaching. They found me on the floor leaning against b**st’s chest as he slept on his side, softly snoring. I guess our contact comforted him as well. I was barely covered. I still didn’t like clothes on my back. But the warmth from b**st’s body felt good.In came Danna, Otton, Sinnar, and the leader of the other Unit. They looked anxious. The tension now in the room woke b**st who raised his massive head and watched them approach, glancing at me as if to check my mood. Otton spoke first, “Alexa, we have to prepare you for the Council tomorrow. We are concerned. Fairness is only a part of this and perhaps not a major part. There are those who stand to lose much if they don’t handle this situation correctly.”“Correctly?” I asked.“Yes, Alexa. You were military on Earth. You know how the military councils work. Much of the final outcome is about what is best for the military and about careers. Our Leader is not such a man. He has honor, but he knows when to stop fighting a lost cause and to find the best solution for all. I fear, we all fear, that is what is coming tomorrow. We must be ready. We will argue your case, all of us will tomorrow. But you must understand an outcome in our favor does not look good right now.”I looked at them and finally at the other Unit Leader. “Do you also feel this strongly?”“Yes. In the other Unit it was easy to downplay your worth or contribution. But you won even us over. I think that is what may it so difficult for Oltor. He lost to you in the competition, twice, and the rest of us started accepting you. Your actions on that planet won us over completely. You were willing to sacrifice yourself completely for a people that weren’t even yours. But I agree with Otton. My arguments will mean nothing in the end. The decision has essentially been handed to them by the High Command.”“Is that true, Danna?”“I think so. But you have to understand that my place on the Council is not military. I am not privy to all the communications. Only what I need to know. I am in the end just a doctor.”“So, I prepare myself. What will we be arguing for then?”Sinnar spoke, “First, for a potential complete win. If that isn’t going to happen, our second effort is Oltor. We want him punished severely. That is likely possible because they will have sympathy for you. You are popular with the people. And, third, if we are going to lose, the best commitment to finding a good, hospitable place to put you down. And, with supplies and equipment to aid you in establishing yourself.”Otton added, “We assume you will take b**st with you.”“Of course. I couldn’t leave him now.”“That’s good because he certainly wouldn’t stay on board. He is one of the problems with protocol and nobody else can communicate with him like you can. But it also presents a limitation to a new home for you.”“What’s that limitation?”“Obviously, it can’t be a civilized area. b**st wouldn’t be accepted there, either.”I thought about that. b**st wouldn’t be happy anywhere if he couldn’t be free and wild, hunt, chase, and lay in the sun if he wanted. They were right, of course. I had thinking to do. For b**st, the best outcome might be if the second and third things were achieved and not the first. If it was better for b**st, maybe it was better for me, too. I looked at the four of them and then at b**st who had been watching me intently. I thought to him, ‘Are you afraid of what comes if we are together?’ He shook his head. ‘If I am afraid, will you protect me?’ He nodded. ‘Okay, then we can get through this. Tomorrow we will know.’ I leaned back against him and he put his head back down.I looked up at everyone and said, “Thank you. All of you. You have been wonderful to me. I know I didn’t really fit in and wasn’t really a part of your people, but it felt good to be here with you. Whatever happens tomorrow, whatever the outcome, please remember that. I truly appreciate the time I had with you and thank you for that.”I had a long night of thinking ahead of me. But I noticed that Danna hadn’t left. She checked over her shoulder and then asked, “Have you given up? Have you resigned yourself to having to leave?”“It’s not that simple, Danna. I am preparing myself for the worse, of course. That’s how I handle situations like this. There is a part of me that can’t really handle the idea of having to leave after everything that has happened. But there is also a part of me that perhaps feels leaving would be the best thing. There has always been this tension. Knowing I didn’t belong and that sooner or later we would be faced with that fact from someone beyond this ship. It was, in the end, inevitable. But, no, I haven’t even made up my mind. I am preparing for either eventuality.”After Danna left and the area got quiet, I rolled onto my side still on b**st’s chest and asked him in my mind, ‘Did you follow any of that? At least the part of my talking?’ Nod. ‘We have to think tuzla escort of ourselves now, right?’ Nod. ‘You’ve had time since we talked. Do you want to stay on the ship?’ Shake. I sat up and knelt next to him looking at him, his body, his easy breathing, and his head. ‘You are not at ease on the ship, are you?’ Shake. ‘You don’t like the movements, do you?’ Shake. ‘Wish you were on solid ground where you could run?’ Nod. I looked at him hard, intently, again. He looked at me and I smiled. He actually tilted his head like he was trying to understand my intention. I leaned into his face, placed my hands on either side, and whispered, “Remember when I asked about kisses?” Nod. It felt like my heart was in my throat. I was feeling overwhelmed suddenly. “I want to show you. Is that okay?” Nod. What the hell? I’ve fucked the whole Unit and others on this ship; I’ve had numerous gangbangs with the Unit; eaten the pussies of Danna and Martac; and I’m getting emotional about this kiss? Am I actually blushing? I leaned into his snout and kissed his snout, his closed mouth. “That’s the way we do it but you can’t so we have to modify our kiss. Like this …” I came up to his mouth again but this time put my tongue out and licked his mouth. I looked at him. He leaned in this time and licked my face, maybe my mouth but he got most of my face in the process. With his tongue out, I put mine out and we touched tongues. I pulled back and looked at him. “Okay?” Nod. I leaned in and so did he. Our tongues met and I opened my mouth wide and came to his. Our tongues came together. Mine went into his mouth. When his came into mine, I closed mine and sucked on it. I put mine back into his mouth and he closed his mouth very gently. He couldn’t suck but he gave me the contact. I groaned at the contact we shared. I pulled my face away and buried it into his neck and held on tight. I was cumming!The next day, the Council Hearing was held in private chambers to allow open dialog and privacy. I am sure it would also allow making an unpopular decision easier.For the first time since the attack I was fully dressed. Now in the same warrior uniform that Otton, Sinnar, and the other Unit Leader were wearing. I was still moving gently in the rough material. The four of us stood in front of the Council waiting for the Council Leader to open the hearing. When he did, it was clear this was not going to be easy for anyone here. As expected, the leadership was between the proverbial rock and hard place. My popularity and outstanding service was at odds with the politics of the situation. You could see it in their eyes as they looked at me. Otton, the other Unit Leader and Sinnar all presented outstanding arguments, complete with details of mission history and service, weapons innovations I had stimulated, and testimonials from whole groups of the people on board. But it was clear, none of it was going to matter.The Council members listened, asked questions, and made notes. In the end the Council Leader adjourned the hearing for discussion by the Council. We were excused but told to remain close by. It didn’t take long to be called back into the chambers. The Council Leader addressed us, “The entire Council has shared how impressed and thankful we are for your service to the People. Your leaders have detailed your contribution, service, bravery, and honor. And we are deeply impressed. We are also deeply saddened. Unfortunately, we have not been given any leeway in judgment on this matter. We wanted the hearing to properly detail you service for the record so you will forever be identified as a Predator Warrior whose service and actions are noted with honor and respect. However, the action of this Council hearing must be to follow the direction of our High Command and put you off this ship at our earliest convenience. Also, according to our directive, we are limited to assisting and supplying you to avoid our developed technology leaving our ship. Otton, you are directed to make necessary plans to carry out these directives. Is that understood?”Otton hung his head and looked at the Council, then answered, “Yes, sir. That is understood.”“Very good. This hearing is now concluded.” And with that he indicated for all recordings to be stopped. He held up his hand for everyone to remain where they were and said, “That was the official record of our actions. What High Command doesn’t know, can’t hurt us.” He looked around the room and continued, “If anyone has a problem with going forward with action that may not be quite to the exact intent of our directive, please leave these chambers now.” No one moved but waited for what was to come. “There are two things I want to have discussion about. Oltor and Alexa, separately. First, let’s resolve what should be done with Oltor. I have seen the reports on the history between him and you, Alexa. I have also seen medical reports regarding the latest incident. I would like to see the extent of your injuries if I may.”I just looked at the Council and then to Otton who nodded his encouragement. I began removing my uniform above my waist. I approached the Council table and turned around as I removed my top and took it off, fully exposing my entire back for their inspection. I heard several gasps but didn’t know from whom. Not Danna, obviously, since she has been treating me. I watched Otton until he indicated for me to return. I put my clothes back on and stood next to him, again. They huddled together at the table and the Leader asked, “Both Units are represented here. Do either have anything to say in Oltor’s defense for this action?”Both Leaders responded in the negative. “We have interviewed Oltor and others involved. We find his actions a discredit to the People and especially to the code of warriors. We intend to handle this quietly and not to draw attention beyond this ship. He will be assigned to being point on a recon patrol to a planet that has extremely harsh environmental conditions and barren geography. He will be ordered to take point position upon disembarking the shuttle. Once he has moved away from the shuttle, it will close with the remainder of the team still on board and will return. He will be left to survive as he is able. This will give him status of missing in action, but will have the matter ended. Does anyone have an objection to this course of action?”Nobody objected.“The second matter is you, Alexa. This Council is truly saddened for having to take this action regarding you. You have done nothing but fully and completely served the People since being here as though we were your people. Some of your actions will undoubtedly live on in legend being passed from one to another as stories do. Your service has already been fully documented on the record. We only mean to express our acknowledgement and appreciation. Like Oltor we will have to leave you on a planet surface to survive as you can. Unlike Oltor we will select, with you input, a planet environment much more agreeable to you and easier for survival. We will be feeding options to Otton for his review and suggestions for further survey. I trust he will get input from you.”Otton offered, “Sir, in preparation for this outcome she has already indicated to us that she wishes to take the b**st with her. That will, by necessity, limit the appropriate locations to more primitive environments.”“Yes, the b**st. Quite an a****l. Amazing you can control him. I recall a report on a planet just this morning that might be a good option, then. I will instruct the navigation crew to adjust their search accordingly. I would estimate that an appropriate system might be two weeks away, yet. But that is a limiting factor for preparation. There is much to do to prepare, assemble supplies, equipment and weapons. Please let the appropriate groups know what is required, Otton. You will have our support. Thank you, and good fortune, Alexa.”* * * Part 14 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.