ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #9

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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #9iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #9 – Freddie “I wish Jade and Sam could be combined into one person so I wouldn’t have to choose.”Freddie Benson was having a really good morning to say the least. He couldn’t believe that his wish came true, but the woman whose head was now bobbing between his legs truly was everything he had hoped for. He had been woken up by, who he thought was Jade, but as he looked down, he saw light brown hair and quickly realized it was someone else. Once the covers were pulled back, he could see her completely, as she smiled up at him. She was just… gorgeous.She had light brown shoulder length hair and the most piercing blue-grey eyes he had ever seen. Her lips were so soft and pouty that he felt like he had fallen in love at first sight. As he looked further he was amazed at how perfect her body was. Her breasts were bigger than Jade’s and had better form than Sam’s- quite honestly the most perfect rack in history. Her skin was very fair and soft to the touch, like Jade’s but she was warm like Sam. She truly was the perfect combo.Freddie reached his hands down and entangled his fingers into her perfectly soft hair and pushed her head down a bit as she serviced him. She pulled away once he signalled he was getting close and she climbed back up his body, and Freddie admired hers once more. Her ass, clearly a gift from Sam, was amazing and he couldn’t help grabbing it as the two shared a deep kiss.Freddie pulled away and smirked at her and looked a bit embarrassed. “I… uh… don’t even know what to call you,” he said, hoping she wouldn’t be offended.”You could start with Mrs. Benson,” she said, not wanting to break the kiss at all.Freddie laughed, “Yeah, I do like the sound of that… but you’re like the perfect girl, I don’t even know your first name.””Ummm…” she said, finally pulling from the kiss. “Jasmine. What’s wrong with you?””Now? Absolutely nothing,” he smirked as he pulled her in for a deep kiss while she got on top of him and straddled his abdomen, his erection nestled comfortably in the crack of her ass as she grinded against him softly. As Jasmine leaned back on top of him, the light of the morning coloured her body beautifully, showing every perfect curve of her body.Eventually jasmine’s teasing had reached the breaking point and she shifted her body backwards and impaled herself slowly on his member. It was so tight, Freddie could not believe it and the look in her eyes which screamed ecstasy and love without a word. Freddie’s hands massaged her hips and he watched her supple chest bounce as she began to grind and bounce on him.”Fuck, that’s nice,” he said, his hands climbing up her body, all the way to her breasts so he could pinch and massage her nipples while she threw her hair and arms back and began bouncing like there was no tomorrow. But then something caught Freddie’s eye on his hand.He pulled his left hand to his face and saw a gold ring wrapped around his ring finger and a quick look at her hands showed that she was also sporting wedding jewellery. Freddie started to panic despite feeling real perfection at his core, and looked around the room. It was all very unfamiliar of both Jade’s room and his own, and the more shocking factor was that there were clothes strewn all over the floor. Nice clothes. Like a tux and if Freddie was right, there was a wedding dress in a big pile near the door.Freddie looked up at Jasmine, but she was changing, like she was getting older by the second and before long, his beautiful ideal of perfection was getting wrinkled, but still very much having sex with him. As she reached something that resembled 60, Freddie was desperately trying to get away, but he couldn’t squirm from under her and so he shut his eyes and prayed the moment would end. As his eyes felt a weird feeling like something was on them he looked up at her body turning to dust and now his penis was stuck in a skeleton.* * *He sat up in Jade’s bed, breathing a thousand shallow breaths a minute, wiping the cold sweat from his face. Finally having calmed himself down, he looked over next to him and felt his bl*od run cold as he saw blonde hair slowly shifting to face him.Shit, it’s Sam, he thought. How the hell did she get in here? Did we… No, that’s not possible. Jade will kill them both if she catches Sam in this bed. He rubbed her shoulder softly to quicken her awakening and as her eyes fluttered open, she smiled up at him.”This is a really good dream,” she said calmly.”Not a dream, Sam,” he said, looking dead serious. “How did you get in here?”Sam looked around and quickly recognized this as being Jade’s room. “Holy fuckin’ chizz,” she said, covering herself up quickly. What the fuck am I wearing?”As she pulled back the covers, Freddie could see that she was wearing very thin purple lingerie that he thought he saw on Jade at one point.”I don’t know, but we need to get you out of here before Jade comes in here…” Freddie sprang into action and seeing that it was still pretty early, quickly led Sam to her own room.”Freddie…” Sam said, softly touching his shoulder.”Look, I don’t know what happened, Sam, but we need to talk about this later, ok?””Whatever, nub,” She murmured, recoiling her hand back. “Your fuckin’ life. I don’t give a shit.”Freddie looked at her and sighed, mouthing “I’m sorry” as he shut her bedroom door, leaving her alone and wearing Jade’s lingerie. She ripped it off her body in one swift move and quickly replaced it with her own clothes- a t shirt and some panties.Where the fuck did he get off, she thought. She had just as little of a clue as he did on what just happened and yet he treats her like some dark secret to toss out? Sam felt so pissed, but the thought of waking up next to him and the way he felt against her skin really was perfect. As she reflected further, she felt herself being less and less angry and more loving of her former beau. She imagined the way he would hold her and talk to her and make her feel like she really was the only one in the world, and laid her head back on the bed, hoping to have dreams of Freddie.And that’s when the sharp pain inside her torso began.* * *Freddie raced back to Jade’s room, checking for her around the house as he looked, just to ankara escort make sure she wasn’t going to pop out and scare him or anything. When it seemed like she really wasn’t anywhere to be found, his fear turned into a deep confusion. It was like she’d just vanished into thin air. He had just lain back down in the bed, feeling like he needed to sl*ep some more to make sense of all this, when the bedroom door flew open.* * *”Where the fuck am I?” Jade asked as she looked all around the room she was in. Judging by the mess and the sheer amount of flannel hung up in the closet, she made an educated guess that she was in Sam’s room. “Ok… why the fuck am I here?”Jade’s stomach was killing her as she rolled out of bed and looked down to see herself wearing a large t-shirt that said GRAVY SALAD and panties, which was a surprise since she was wearing her special purple lingerie for Freddie last night. The mystery of where that article could be was answered as Jade looked near the trash can and saw where the fabric had been ripped.”Ooooh,” she exclaimed, sneering, “She’s fucking dead.”Then an image popped into Jade’s head that made her even more furious. If she was in Sam’s room, then Sam must be in hers… with Freddie. Jade grabbed her lingerie and ran down the hallway and nearly kicked open her own bedroom’s door, finding Freddie sitting up in her bed.”Where the fuck is she?””Who, Jade?””Sam, duh…” Jade stared daggers into Freddie’s eyes and she could tell he knew something but he wasn’t saying a single word. “Where the fuck is she? I just woke up in her room and she’s fucking gank enough to try and dr*g me and take my place with you. She’s-“”Jade, calm down,” he said, sitting up and reaches out to take her hand and pull her to him. “Why are you wearing Sam’s shirt?””Fuck if I know?! I woke up with this shit on in her room. I don’t know-“”Jade… umm… are you sure that’s where you were? Because I was in there just a few-“”WHY WERE YOU IN HER ROOM?!”Freddie took a deep breath before he started talking, hoping Jade wouldn’t murder him. “Look, about 15 minutes ago, I woke up, and when I rolled over, Sam was in your bed with me and was wearing your purple thing. I-“”She was in my bed with you?! Oh I’m going to mount her stupid fucking head on a pike when I find her!””Let me finish, please…” he sighed. “I immediately freaked, and so did she, and I rushed her to her bedroom and told her that we’d talk about this later because I couldn’t find you. I left her there and she was just as pissed at the situation as you are now.””Somehow I doubt that,” she said, sneering.”Well, she seemed it, but I promise you that nothing happened. But her room was empty when I got there, and I’ve been looking all over for you since then.”Jade stared at her boyfriend for several seconds, trying to figure all this stuff out. There really was no explanation and while that drove her crazy, knowing that Freddie didn’t mess around with Sam made her feel more comfortable. Freddie took some of her hair and tucked it behind her ear softly and kissed her cheek, giving her the sign that it was ok.She smiled weakly back and nestled her face into his neck, hoping her head would stop spinning. While Jade was certainly feeling a bit better, Freddie was making her head spin in a whole new way, holding her close and nibbling right on her ear’s sweet spot. She released a soft moan and threw off Sam’s oversized t-shirt, revealing her nearly nude form.Freddie’s warm mouth immediately went from her ear, tracing down her neck slowly and then latched onto her right nipple. Using his tongue to worship her glorious chest, he pulled himself closer and Jade pushed his head into her chest more. Freddie took more and more of her soft and vulnerable flesh into his mouth and he covered her torso with deep kisses.Jade was enjoying herself, but her mind was pretty stuck on the crisis; more specifically, she wanted to get away from her bed since Sam was in there with him.The Goth teen backed from Freddie, her breasts nipple slowly pulling from his mouth as he applied his teeth softly. God, he feels good, she thought. She kissed him softly and led him to her bathroom, still kissing deep, and quickly turned on the shower, not breaking their kiss.They each slipped from their underwear slowly as their faces refused to separate, and as their bodies came together once they were stripped down, Jade felt a pain in the pit of her stomach and began making noises, but Freddie didn’t stop. She was getting pissed but then she suddenly felt better. Her first thought was gas, and she certainly didn’t want Freddie to know about that.As they entered the hot water, they separated so that that they didn’t drown in the shower while being too busy making out. They shared smiles as they watched each other be covered in the cleansing liquid. Freddie grabbed a handful of her body wash and quickly lathered Jade up while she did the same to him. Naturally, he paid special attention to her chest, while Jade’s hand went a bit lower and focused on ‘cleaning’ Freddie’s growing member. The two kissed while they explored each other’s bodies for what always seemed like the first time.Once he was good and hard, Jade spun around and pressed her back against him, his member resting between her legs where he could feel a very different kind of wetness beckoning him. She bent down a bit and grinded against his rigid tool, teasing him with her love hole until finally Freddie gripped her body and his member and gave her what she needed.As he pressed inside her wet folds until he reached her very core, he gripped her sides tightly, bending her a bit more for a better angle. His pace increased as he began ploughing her against her shower wall, her moans echoing in the tiny white encasing booth. While having full control of pushing inside of her and pulling her body back to fuck her harder and faster was a great feeling, he really loved to touch her breasts as he railed.Staccato moans escaped Jade’s lips as her body was losing all control as he fucked her like an absolute anim*l. In her mind, she was being kept alive solely by lust, but her heart knew that this truly was love. And this is what love is all about, expressing-Her brain was overtaken by two things at once. The familiar white ankara escort bayan oblivion of her orgasm was rapidly approaching, but her body felt like it was being crushed inside. Like a girl possessed, Jade put all her energy to finishing before the pain got any worse, and she almost made it, but as Freddie held her body close, something went wrong.Her body convulsed as her pussy tightened around his member, but it kept shaking as she fell to her knees. Her body was seizing badly and making cracking sounds, and Freddie immediately shut the water off and pulled from her, getting down to face her. But that was a problem.As if she was a witch, Jade’s face had begun to melt, her features now just a glob of flesh that was quickly gaining features. She was clearly screaming in agony but she wasn’t responding to him at all. He then noticed her black hair turning lighter and lighter until it was a very blonde mess. The face had nearly fully formed and it became rapidly clear that this was Sam for sure. Jade’s pale skin darkened up and muscles began to appear all over the body, including an ass that seemed to be plumping up, and before Freddie even realized it, the transformation was complete and Jade had become Sam.He was absolutely speechless, and he couldn’t even process what he had just seen. It was awful, gross and clearly painful, but he was honestly worried for her wellbeing.When Sam awoke, she was not expecting to see Freddie’s cock hanging over her, and despite being pissed at him the last time she recalled, she swooned a bit as she remembered all the amazing things that he did to her with it. She shook her head and found herself naked in a shower with Freddie sitting on the edge of the tub and looking down at her.”What’s going on?””I… uh… I don’t know,” he muttered.”Well… how the fuck did I get here?” she asked standing up, and Freddie felt ashamed for checking her out as she did it. And Sam felt ashamed that seeing him do that really turned her on.”You kinda just showed up, honestly.””I just showed up?” she felt herself getting pissed and grabbed a towel to cover herself up. “What in the fuck does that mean?””I actually am still working on that.”Sam quickly grabbed the nude teen and pressed him against the bathroom door, and raised her fist top threaten him. “You’re going to tell me exactly what is going on or I’m going punch you so hard, you’ll…” she said, trailing off as she felt his member between her legs, and felt a little weak in the knees, “something. Just say something.””Ok fine…” he said, drying himself off and sighing, knowing that she would never believe his story. “Jade and I were getting a shower together and right as we finished, she just sorta collapsed and started just shaking like she was having a seizure. And her body just kinda melted and reformed into you. And then you woke up.””What?””That’s what happened. One minute, you were Jade and then one horrifying minute later, you’re here now. And I’m… just at a loss. What’s the last thing you remember?” Freddie opened the door and the two headed into Jade’s room.”You ditched me in my room and I was just changing clothes and I think I laid down and fell asl*ep,” she said, sitting on Jade’s bed.”Wait, were you wearing that Gravy Salad shirt when you fell out?””Umm… Yeah. Stalk much?””No… it’s just… when Jade came back in here she was wearing that shirt and your panties, and-“”Ugh… I hate that word.””Sorry… but she was wearing your clothes. I think you turned into her this morning and then came over.”The two sat on the bed and looked around for a few minutes. Sam eventually grabbed her towel tightly around her and said she was going to go change, leaving Freddie naked and alone.He sat there for what felt like hours before an idea sprung into his head and he felt like an idiot for not thinking of it earlier: The wish. That would explain it. He wished that there would only be one of them and now that has happened. But he never anticipated this. The trigger for the change was still a mystery for sure. He needed more information if he wanted to form a hypothesis.Freddie rushed down the hall to Sam’s room and knocked quickly before entering the room.”Ever hear of privacy, nub?!” she called out, standing in a bra and pyjama pants.”Sorry… I just need to know what you were thinking when you changed. Like, something happened while Jade was sl*eping that caused it. Then you must have felt or thought something before sl*eping. Then she changed after we… were together in the shower. Have you had any pain recently?””Are we counting the part where you just told me you fucked her? Other than that… well… actually I did feel really queasy this morning and right as I got on the bed, my stomach felt like I had been kicked by a horse.”Freddie sat down on the bed, trying not to watch Sam change clothes. “Ok… what were you thinking about?””Truth?” she stopped short of getting her shirt on.”Please.”Sam sighed and finished putting her shirt on and sat beside Freddie on the bed. “I was thinking about us. How nice it was to wake up next to you, to be held while I slept. I don’t remember if that’s what happened, but I know that’s how it used to be. I… miss it. And I miss you,” the blonde said, putting her head on his shoulder.”Sam… I don’t-“He was silenced as her lips enveloped his, leading to a kiss that felt like it was made of fire and longing and everything that Sam imagined it to be. And Freddie felt a lot of repressed thoughts about his friend well up as he brought his hand to her face. And that’s when things went sour fast.Sam wanted the kiss to last forever, but she winced back in pain, her body beginning to contort. She began screaming and Freddie could hear bones crunching and reforming, and the colour of her skin was lightening to Jade’s porcelain shade and darkening the hair to the jet black and coloured locks of Jade. Somewhere in the middle of the transformation, Freddie saw the girl from his dream and she mouthed an “I love you” before her eyes split and changed to Jade’s.Jade’s body lay still on the floor for several seconds before she sat up with a mighty breath, like a ch*ld waking from a nightmare.For the next few moments, Freddie and Jade shared an exchange very similar to what he shared with Sam, explaining escort ankara what happened and this time, and once he figured out the cause of the changes, it made his own stomach turn.”I think these changes are caused by love. Like moments of extreme happiness or love. You changed last night, Sam changed when she thought about how much she loved me, you changed when you finished in the shower, and then Sam kissed me and started to change,” he said, making sure to leave out the part where he kissed her back.”That doesn’t answer why this is happening,” she said, stretching out and trying not to sneer as she searched Sam’s clothes for something decent to wear.”Well, I think I did it. I made a wish last night.””What?!” she exclaimed, eyes growing wide. “What did you wish?””I just wished that you both would be one person so I wouldn’t feel so torn.””Are you fucking serious?” Jade said, throwing her arms in the air. “Why would you wish for something like that? You are a fucking selfish asshole.””Babe, I’m-“”Don’t you fucking start! You’re going to fix this or I’m going to stab out your beady little fucking eyes.””I don’t even know how to separate you two.””Look, I’m going to tell you how to fix this, and then I don’t want you to speak to me until I say so. We were together and you did something despicable and maybe I didn’t help by the way we jumped back into things and that’s the only reason you’re still alive. That and I don’t want to share my body with some backwoods gank.””Jade, look, I’m sorry. I didn’t think-“”The fuck you didn’t!” she shouted at him through gritted teeth as she stabbed his chest over and over with her finger. “You didn’t think about the consequences, did you? That if love is what triggers this painful change; and believe me, it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced, then neither of us will or even could lead a normal life. We will constantly change and our entire existence will be pain. But whatever… Sikowitz once told me how to get out of a wish. You have to stop wanting it and wish for the opposite. And you have to mean it.””Ok, but-“”Not another fucking word,” she said pushing him onto Sam’s bed and walking back to her own room. She saw Carly and Gibby sitting on the couch in the den. They looked up at her, but she just flicked them off as she headed in her room and slammed the door shut.* * *Freddie sat in Sam’s room for several hours, almost frozen in place as his mind reeled, clouded by anger, shame, and total confusion. Desperate to get out of the house, his friends left and went to lunch with Jade at some taco joint and returned hours later, seeming like they might becoming friends.He considered the option of breaking up with one of them, but that could be an even bigger problem. Because if the dumped one ever stopped loving him, which would be likely if he really dumped her, it would impossible for them to change, and thus the one he chose would be lost to him forever. And similarly, all it would take is one time for the chosen one to feel love and she’d turn and the cycle would be the same.Freddie also knew he couldn’t just do nothing and not choose either of them. That’s what got him into this mess. But he’d be lying if he said that he wanted to close either door and as long as he felt that way, this wish was never going to unravel.The only way to fix this, he slowly realized was to make a choice and stick with it. He needed to commit and let the other go and be happy. The realization came with a wave of memories where he reflected on all the good times he had with both Sam and Jade. Sam was the sensible choice. They had so much history, lived close together and they could spend time together while Jade was a thousand miles away. But he felt like Jade had the better connection and he just felt right with her.As with most issues where the head and the heart are at odds, usually it’s the stomach that ends up losing, Freddie had to throw up to try and keep himself together. He stared in the mirror as he washed his face and washed his mouth out to get rid of the taste. He had to do the right thing and no matter how much he wanted all this, their lives were more important than his selfishness.He took a deep breath and went to Jade to talk to her. Enough time had passed that she wasn’t planning to murder him any longer so she allowed him to talk to her in the hallway as she exited her room.”I’ve been thinking-“”Well, I would fucking hope so given the shit tornado that you caused.””I’m sorry… Look, I made the wish because the idea of making a decision scares the shit out of me. I don’t know which the right choice is and I’m scared that by making a choice, I am throwing away possibilities, but I don’t really have that option now. I love you both and a part of me will certainly regret this, but I have to make a choice.”Jade adjusted how she was leaning on the wall, and felt her stomach tighten as she faced the fear that he was going to not choose her. She thought about how much fun they had and how he made her feel, and that’s when the pain started.”Fucking tell me,” she said through gritted teeth, as she tried not to think about how she really felt about him.”I choose…”Jade couldn’t hear anything else as she toppled over into the floor, and while Freddie tried to catch her, she pushed him away, and began crawling towards him until they were at the stairs and the banister, her skin starting to change as her body writhed in pain.Freddie was trying to catch his balance from the hard push and saw that her body seemed to be rejecting both girls, as the hair kept flickering between and the face was some nightmare feature with Sam’s nose, Jade’s eyes and no mouth.The thing managed to get up and grab Freddie by his shirt, shouting into his face, but without a mouth, no sound was coming out. She shook him and managed to get the words “Tell me” out before her face changed around again, making sick cracking and squishing noises.”I love you both but I have to choose-“”Nooo!” she screamed out, and pushed Freddie and it was unclear who had control of the body until the last moment as he peered into Jade’s fiery and pained eyes and felt himself falling over the railing off her upstairs walkway.It felt like a lifetime to Freddie as he fell, and he saw his life and choices flash before his eyes and what the futures could have been with either of them. As the cold, hard, wooden floor made contact with his skull, things went dark very quickly with one thought surging to his mind:I wish I could have finished that sentence.