Prom Problems

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Note – This includes strong non-consent elements in addition to incest. If that bothers you, please skip this story.


I blame my father for what happened. I am Juli and had just finished my junior year of high school when they told us that my father had been offered a job far away from where we currently lived.

“I want to stay here. I want to finish my senior year with all my friends.”

“We can’t do that, honey.”

“Why not?”

“We aren’t leaving you here by yourself, you’re too young.”

“What if Mom stays?”

“There’s your little sister, too. She needs your mother even more than you do.”

“So the three of us stay and join you in a year.”

“We aren’t doing that. First, I can’t afford to pay for two households, and besides that, I’m not ripping the family apart just so you can be with your friends.”

“I might be able to stay with the family of one of my friends.”

“No. We’re all going. Your friend’s parents might be wonderful people, but you’re my daughter, and until you graduate, you’re living in my home.”

Who wants to be uprooted and go to a new city and a new school for their senior year? I sure didn’t, but no amount of arguing could convince my Dad otherwise. I even tried persuading my mother, to see if she could get my Dad to relent. No chance.

I had a couple of weeks to say goodbye to everyone I knew – not nearly long enough. Then we packed up the household to move across the country. My little sister Kara was thrilled at the prospect. Kara had managed to make an enemy of the most popular girl in her school, and she had been suffering. Nothing Kara had done could get the other girl to ease up on her. Kara figured a new school had to be better.

Kara might think things were better but they were going to be hell for me. I had lots of friends, and lots of guys who wanted to go out with me. I was a good student, but didn’t get lumped in with the nerdy kids. My older brother Jason was going to transfer to a state school in the town where we were moving. He wasn’t thrilled with the move, but didn’t hate it either.

I should say, I’m 5’6″ and 125 pounds and very fit and athletic. I played soccer and was one of the better players on the team. I ran to keep in shape, and all the guys seemed to think my shape was pretty nice. My hair was light brown and shoulder length, though I put it in a ponytail when I played. I had a cute face, and the guys said I had a cute ass, to go along with my b-cup boobs.

We moved over the summer, and I got my transcripts transferred to my new school. They registered me for classes, and I found they did have a girl’s soccer team. The team had won the state championship the prior year, and only a couple of the team graduated. I talked to the coach, and he told me I could try out for the team, but I’d have to beat out players who had some experience.

I was never the best player on my old team, but I was pretty good. These girls were great, but then I have never been afraid of competition. I tried out and made the team. I played harder and better than I ever had at my old school – harder than I even knew I could. I cracked the starting lineup, but only by beating out the most popular girl in the school.

I’d been having trouble making friends at the new school as it was. Most everyone there had known each other since grade school. I was an outsider. Someone did a song about the new kid in town, and how everyone loved them – well that person never went to my school. At best I had a grudging acceptance, and even that was until I pissed off the person I beat out for the team.

Now I was really an outcast. I was still cute and smart, but the guys who had started to warm up to me, just a little, changed their minds once I made an enemy of Holly. Holly was about my height and weight, but truly gorgeous. Every boy in the school drooled over her. She had blonde hair and c-cup boobs and an hour glass figure, with nice hips and a beautiful face.

At any rate, I was highly unpopular. Even the nerds didn’t want much to do with me. They might be nerdy, but they weren’t stupid and pissing off the entire in-crowd is a way to get a lot of people unhappy with you. Most of the soccer team tolerated me, because I was good enough to deserve my spot. I got a decent number of assists, but no scores. They’d let me pass them the ball so they could score, but wouldn’t pass it to me so I could.

So I go from a popular girl to an outcast. Our soccer team won districts and went to the state tournament. We made it to the finals and were playing for the state championship. We were tied 2-2 nearing the end of the game. We got the ball and were doing a breakaway downfield. We made several great passes to keep the ball in play.

One of my teammates had the ball towards the right, and the goalkeeper moved to cover them. I was to her left and had an opening, but instead of passing the ball to me, she took a shot which was easily blocked. I was disappointed, but said nothing. We went into penalty escort ataşehir shootout. I made my kick, but we lost 4-3, losing the state championship.

I’d actually spotted a flaw in how their goalie handled penalty shots, which I used on my kick, which I made. I told my teammates, but they ignored me, missing their kicks. So I was the scapegoat and found most of the school blaming me for the championship loss. Now maybe even if they had passed the ball to me late, I might not have scored. But I’d liked to have had that chance.

Even though I had assisted on both of our scores during the game, somehow it became my fault that we had lost the championship. I guess somehow I was supposed to have magically kept their goalkeeper from blocking the shots that might have won the game. It was a sad ride home from the state tournament, even though we were runner-ups.

No one on the team sat with me on the bus. I’d played my heart out, but since we lost and I was the newcomer, I was the villain. It didn’t exactly endear me to the rest of the team, and didn’t make me love them much either. I had played some spring sports at my old school, but decided not to even try anything else at this school.

I hated my school, and they hated me. The next school day, there was an assembly where the team was introduced as state runner-ups. Although I was not the tallest, I was placed in the back, so no one could even see me. I had a total of five assists during the tournament, but another girl with two goals in the tournament was named as most valuable player.

I took my classes and tried to keep a low profile after that, to little effect. Miss popularity spread the word that it was my fault we hadn’t gotten the winning goal. Even though the other girl had a clear lane to pass to me, and I had a better shot at the goal, it was still my fault. I guess I was at fault for two of my teammates missing their kicks in the shootout.

I turned 18 late in the school year, just before prom. Not one guy in that school was willing to ask me out to prom. I could either skip it, or go alone, or find someone outside the school to go with. Since I was new in town, I knew very few people outside those I went to school with. I didn’t want to go to prom alone, so I was going to just skip it. My parents made it clear that they thought I should go to prom.

“Juli, it’s one of those things that later you’ll kick yourself if you miss.”

“Believe me, Mom, I’m not going to kick myself about missing prom at this school. My old one maybe, but not this one.”

“We’ll find you a nice prom dress darling. You really should go.”

“Mom, I don’t have a date, and I’m not going to find one – not at this school.”

“You’re such a pretty girl. Surely someone must have asked you.”

“No one has asked me, and no one is going to ask me.”

“Then why don’t you just have your brother Jason escort you to prom?”

“Mom, I don’t want to go to prom with my brother.”

My brother Jason is a year older than me and was attending a community college in our new town. He’s a sweet guy, about 5’10” and 160 pounds and reasonably fit. He is very much a computer nerd and actually quite shy. I don’t think he had even been on a date in his life. I love my brother but his first date of sorts should not be his sister.

“Jason, how do you feel about Mom’s idea of you being my prom escort?”

“I never went to my own prom. At least it would give me a chance to go to one.”

“But with me – your sister?”

“It’s not like a real prom date, Juli. It’s not like I’m going to kiss you or anything.”

“Have you kissed a girl, Jason?”

“I’ve kissed Mom, Grandma, Aunt Linda, and you on the cheek.”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.”

“I wouldn’t know how…”

“You’ll meet a girl who’ll teach you.”

“I don’t mind taking you to the prom. At least I can learn something about how to treat a woman on a date.”

“Be a sweet guy, which you are, and treat her with respect. That’s most of it.”

“Then why do so many girls seem to end up dating jerks.”

“Jason, those aren’t the women you want to go out with anyhow.”

“If you weren’t my sister…”

“But I am. And that’s why I’m not sure we should go to the prom together.”

“Don’t you want to go to the prom, Juli?”

“If we were back home, I’d love to go. But the kids there liked me and I could get a date.”

“This is home now.”

“Doesn’t feel like it to me. And everyone here hates me. And I never even did anything to them.”

“You should at least try to go and have a good time. I know I’m a lousy excuse for a date. It’s better than going alone though isn’t it?”

“If I don’t go with you, no one will talk to me or dance with me – boys or girls.”

“Just try to pretend you’re with someone besides your stupid brother.”

“You’re not stupid, you’re smart – just shy and nerdy.”

I hugged Jason. No, I really didn’t want to go to the prom with him, but it kadıköy escort was only because he was my brother. If he hadn’t been my brother and had asked me, I’d have gone with him gladly. Okay, back home, I could have gotten all manner of popular guys asking me to prom. I didn’t live there or go to school there anymore though. Now I just had to make the best of things.

I didn’t really want to go to prom with my brother, but my mother was such a pain about it, that I had to at least consider it. Jason tried to be supportive, but I got the feeling that he was quite amenable to a prom date even if it was his sister. My father fully supported my mother, so it was mostly me against the rest of the family. My little sister Kara didn’t even seem to think it was so bad.

School was as miserable as ever. Hardly anyone would even talk to me, except to sneer at me. Even the other unpopular kids stayed clear of me. I guess they were just unpopular, but I was truly toxic. All I ever heard anything about was who was going to prom with whom, and what they planned to do afterwards. Some had reserved hotel rooms and were planning to make a night of it.

Given the choice, I’d rather have spent the evening at home watching Netflix or Hallmark and wishing I was almost anywhere other than the school and town where I was. It wasn’t my choice though. My mother took me out to get a prom dress. She wanted me to get something flashy to make a statement. What I wanted was to disappear into the woodwork.

We ended up compromising on a cute party dress that was not over the top. Some of the guys planned to get tuxes, but I persuaded my folks that if Jason just wore a nice suit that would be fine. My parents bought a corsage for me to wear, then took a picture of the two of us before we left. Jason drove us to the prom, so at least we didn’t have my parents around for that.

The prom was held in a facility that had a large ballroom, along with a number of meeting rooms. Our prom was obviously in the ballroom and had a live band along with recorded music for when the band took its breaks. There were hundreds of kids there, some dressed like they were going to a coronation, others like they’d wandered in off the streets.

We looked pretty decent, if not as flashy as some of the others. Some were dancing, others were flirting or just talking. There was punch at a couple of stations around the room. Of course there was no alcohol allowed, so teachers were there checking the punch occasionally to make sure no one snuck anything into it.

I felt uncomfortable and wished we had never come, but Jason tried to get me to relax. He got us each a little punch. We drank some, then Jason asked me to dance. I felt a little weird about dancing with my brother at this kind of event.

“Juli, we’ve danced together at home.”

“That was just us and our family, and no one thought it was anything other than just having a little fun.”

“So why can’t we have a little fun now. What else are we doing to do, stand around and drink punch all night?”

We went out and danced a few fast numbers and I started to feel comfortable. I kind of ignored all the jerks around me who had given me so much grief this year. After several fast songs, a slow one came on.

“Jason, I don’t know if we should…”

“Juli, we should.”

Jason gently took me and wrapped his arms around me and we danced. It felt reassuring in one sense, though it still felt weird in another sense. Okay, we would curl up on the sofa cuddling with each other while watching shows, but it seemed different. This seemed more real, more personal, and more intimate. The dance ended, but Jason still held onto me.

“Jason – I think I need something to drink.”

Jason wrapped an arm around my waist and we walked over to the nearest table where there was some punch. There was another student there, who saw us coming, and reached around and grabbed two cups of punch and handed them to us. We thanked him and walked over to the side, well out of the way of the dancers.

“Look, Juli. I know this isn’t what you wanted, but I’m enjoying this.”

“My objection wasn’t about you as a person. My objection was based on our relationship.”

There were people around us, and while I didn’t necessarily think they were listening to us, I couldn’t be too sure and didn’t want to say outright that Jason was my brother anywhere that someone might hear. There was more than enough shit that came my way as it was. To have people know that I came to prom with my brother and that I even slow danced with him was too much.

We talked and drank our punch and as we did, I began to feel a little tired and woozy. I didn’t think it was all that late, but I couldn’t seem to shake it. I looked at Jason and he looked a little out of it too.

“Jason, why don’t we call it a night and go?”

“You may be right, Juli. I hope one of us is okay to drive.”

We walked toward what appeared to be an exit and went out the door. We were in maltepe escort bayan a hallway that I didn’t remember, but I figured we ought to be able to find our way out. We stumbled down the hall, and didn’t see a building exit, just lots of doors to what were rooms. We opened a few, just to make sure that one of them didn’t lead out.

As we stumbled along, I could hear some voices nearby. I couldn’t tell who it was, but it sounded like a few guys. I didn’t think I wanted to run into them, whoever they were, so I grabbed Jason and went in the nearest room. It was a dimly lit room set up for a meeting, with a number of chairs and a table and lectern at the front.

I led Jason over and we sat on the edge of the table. I could still hear the male voices somewhere close by, though I couldn’t tell what they were saying. As we sat there, the door opened and six large guys walked in the room. They all appeared to be football players, big and with muscles. The one in the lead saw us and laughed.

“Well, what have we here, boys? Looks like the bitch queen and her date. Wonder why they came in here? You think they came in here to get it on?”

“We got turned around and came in here by mistake. We were tired and sat down for a minute. But we need to go.”

“Not so fast, girlie. You’re on our turf now.”

“I’m sorry we encroached on your turf. We’ll just leave and get out of your way.”

I took Jason’s hand and got up and began to move toward the door, but found my way blocked by six big guys. The leader put out his hand to stop us, not that we could get by them anyhow. I started getting really nervous. I knew they were real jerks, some of them had proven it repeatedly over the school year. I didn’t know what they wanted, but didn’t think I wanted to know.

“Okay, girlie, you got two choices. You can either put on a show for us, and do exactly what we say, or we’ll just use you for our own fun.”

“No, please don’t do this. Please just let us leave.”

“That ain’t happening, girlie. So make up your mind which it will be.”

“I’ll scream.”

“Bitch, with the music in the other hall, and where we are, no one will hear you. But if you try that, I’ll slap shit out of you.”

“What did you want?”

“Like I said, girlie. You put on a show for us.”

“What kind of a show?”

“You start by taking off that pretty little dress.”

“Please. Nothing like that. I’m begging you.”

Two of the other guys had grabbed Jason and were holding him by his arms. The leader stepped toward me, and pointed at me, menacingly.

“You’ll either do it, or I’ll take it off you. And if I take it off, I’ll have fun with what I uncover.”

“Please – don’t touch me.”

“Then take it off, and do it now.”

I was starting to cry as I stepped back from him. Jason tried to get loose from the two guys holding him, so one of them twisted his arm behind his back. I reached behind me and unfastened the top of my dress and began to unzip it. I got it part way down from the top, then reached up from the bottom to unzip it the rest of the way.

I looked at the leader and he had an evil smile on his face. He gestured for me to keep going so I shrugged the dress off my shoulders and let it fall forward. I slipped my arms out and let the dress drop to where I could step out of it. At that point, I had on a full slip, bra, panties, and shoes. I laid the dress across a chair near me.

“Okay, time to lose the slip, girlie.”

I lifted the slip from the bottom and pulled it up over my head. I wished I could hide my face inside the slip forever, but knew this clown would never let me do that. I took the slip and neatly put it over my dress in the chair.

“Now we’re down to the good shit. Lose the bra.”

Tears were running down my face, and I know my makeup was destroyed. I also knew that with the number of guys we were facing, I had little choice but to do exactly what he said. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra and turned loose of the straps. I was hesitant to take it completely off, but he made an impatient gesture for me to continue. I took it off and added it to my pile of clothes.

“Time to lose the panties and let us see that cunt.”

“Please don’t do this to me. Haven’t you humiliated me enough?”

“No, we haven’t. Now take them off, or I will.”

I pulled my panties down over my hips and let them drop to the floor. I stepped out of them, then picked them up and added them to my clothes pile. As I picked them up I was shocked to see how wet the panties were in the crotch. As humiliating as this was, I was getting turned on by it. In one way, that made the whole thing even worse.

“Now it’s show time, girlie. Walk over to your little date.”

I was afraid of what they were going to ask, but I was also afraid of what they’d do if I didn’t do what they said. Jason was still struggling as I walked over to him. I stopped when I was right in front of him and just looked him in the face. I had almost gone numb by this point, but Jason had a look of horror on his face as I stood there.

“Get down on your knees, girlie. Unzip his pants and get his dick out, then suck it. You were probably going to do at least that much for him anyhow. Now you just have an audience for it.”