Prom With Daddy (Part 1)

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Prom With Daddy (Part 1)As an 18-year-old senior in high school, I am very excited for my upcoming senior prom. I can’t wait to pick out a pretty dress and get all dolled up for the evening. Today, at school, we found out the theme of our prom- a vintage circus. I love the circus, and all things vintage, so I couldn’t wait to rush home and tell you.The second the bus drops me off at the corner, I run towards the house. My loose skirt from my school uniform flies in the air behind me. I don’t care. I don’t care if the boys from around the block see, I don’t care if my friends see, I just care that I get home to Daddy as fast as I can.”Daddy!” I yell repeatedly as I burst through the door. I dash through the kitchen to the dining area, where you sit, calmly sipping your coffee.”Yes, Darling?” you say. Your voice is soft and sweet, but I can tell you aren’t happy with my giddiness.”I get to go to prom!” I exclaim. I’m practically bouncing up and down from the excitement.”Can we go dress shopping, Daddy? Please, please, please,” I beg. I clasp my hands together in front of my chest to plead with you. I give you the biggest, most tempting puppy dog eyes I can manage. I poof my lower lip out to be even more pouty and pleading than usual.”You have to türbanlı kırşehir escort earn it first,” you say, after thinking. My heart pounds in my chest. I can only imagine what you have in mind for me.”I’ll do anything you want, Daddy, I really need to go to prom,” I say.A subtle smirk flashes across your face. I’ve just given you permission to use me as you please, a pleasure you’ve never had the opportunity to take advantage of before. I’ve always been rather reluctant to do certain things, but now I have no choice but to comply.”You’ll do anything?” you ask, making sure I understand the extent of what I had just said.”Anything,” I confirm.”Clothes off, in my room, on the bed, now,” you demand.I quickly follow your orders. Removing my blouse and my plaid skirt. I eagerly unhook my bra and let it drop to the floor. I slide off my lacy pink panties and let them join the pile of fabric around my feet. Now fully exposed, I prance to your bedroom and sit softly on the edge of your bed. You follow.You walk to the tall wardrobe in the corner. The wardrobe contains all of the items we would ever need to fulfill your deepest and darkest fantasies. Luckily for me, we don’t need any of the stranger türbanlı kırşehir escort bayan items in the wardrobe. You grab a bottle of lubricant. You walk over to where I’m sitting and unbuckle your pants.”Suck,” you instruct me. I grab your semi-erect cock in my small hand. I move my hand to the base of your shaft and take the head into my mouth. I swirl my tongue slowly around the tip of your cock before allowing as much as I can into my throat. I can feel the very tip tickling the back of my throat as I push myself as far down as I can manage. I work up and down your cock with my mouth and hand, covering it with my spit. I try to take all of you in my mouth, but I can’t. Instead, I gag.”We haven’t practiced enough,” you say. “We’ll have to work on that.” I moan in agreement as I continue to suck your shaft.”Enough.” You push me away. I look up at you, slightly confused. Was I not good enough?”On your back,” You command. I lie on my back, my ass hanging over the edge of the bed. You open the bottle of lube and rub a decent amount over your cock. You squeeze a small bit onto my asshole, and rub it in with the tip of your penis. I feel my face turn pale and my eyes widen as türbanlı escort kırşehir I come to realize your intentions.”Daddy, no,” I whisper. I’ve never taken anything in my ass before and I’m terrified.”You said anything,” you say with a smirk as you push into me. I can’t help but scream. The pain is intense. My ass isn’t used to having things forced into it, especially not a big cock.Seeing the pain on my face, you stop, but you don’t remove your cock. Instead, you give me time to become accustomed to having something inside me. Tears stream down my face and I bite my lip as I try not to scream more. The pain slowly begins to subside, and I let you continue.With each thrust, your cock goes harder and deeper inside my tight, virgin hole. Slowly, it begins to feel somewhat good. I can feel myself getting moist as you pound me. My pussy begins to throb and I can feel an orgasm coming on.”Daddy?” I say between thrusts.”Yes?””May I cum?” I ask. You shake your head.”Daddy, please,” I beg. My pussy is tingling and the sensation is becoming overwhelming. You shake your head, and instead of giving me permission, you reach down to rub my clit. It’s too much.”Daddy!” I yell.”Cum for me, baby,” you say.I cum, hard. My ass pulsates rapidly around your cock as my body shakes from pleasure. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. My ass squeezing your cock must have been too much for you, as I feel your cum squirt deep inside my ass. You collapse on top of me.”Wow, Daddy,” I pant. Both of us are exhausted from our recent first. You kiss my ear.”That was wonderful, Sweetheart,” you whisper. “You were wonderful.”to be continued…