Prudish Aunt

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So I’d just finished helping the old battle axe, my favorite aunt. She’d asked me to help her move a few things and it’d only take a few minutes. It took most of the freakin day.

She’s always been a snooty know it all. What can I say, I like to help. All you have to do is ask and I’m there, often times putting my own needs aside.

She’s a little heavy, but not obese. According to her, however, she’s not fat. Well she had an ass I wouldn’t mind getting into. She quickly put together a snack for me and said she had to go have a shower. I started in on the treats she left on the kitchen table and she went off to her room.

I was enjoying a long cold soda when she then saunters out with a towel wrapped around her, telling me she doesn’t think she’s overweight.

She asked if she was wrong as she opened the towel to reveal herself. She still had her bra and panties on, and did a half twirl. I saw her panty clad area and got hard.

I told her that its still hard to tell with so much on. At this she sucked her teeth and asked if I needed her to take off her underwear too. Still grinning, I told her that she asked and if she wanted an honest opinion I couldn’t get a good enough view with the towel and other things in the way.

She poutingly told me that she isn’t taking them off, that I would have to take them off. Then teasingly suggested I take my clothes off.

She headed back to her room. I put the glass down and got up. Man, my pants were suddenly so damn tight! I went tentatively down the hallway. Still not a hundred percent sure what I was going to do. But I thought I could get a glimpse of her naked body at the very least.

I entered her room and rounded the corner to her ensuite. Her bra was on the floor and she turned when she heard me and removed her panties.

Not much was spoken. I was somewhat at a loss for words having seen her naked form. I didn’t say anything, just looked her over. This displeased her and she suggested I go back and finish my snack.

There was no way I wasn’t going to put my hands on that. I told her I wasn’t really hungry. With that I approached her escort ataşehir and removed my shirt at the same time. She said I could use the main bath as she wasn’t going to wait to take a shower.

I acknowledged but continued undressing, removing my pants as she made her way into the shower with her back to me. I was nude as she began to pull the curtain close.

I grabbed the curtain and stopped her. She gasped when she saw me standing there with my cock standing at attention. I stepped closer and placed my hand on her back as she fully turned to face me.

Since she wasn’t resisting I placed my mouth on her breast and licked the nipple, at which she shuddered. She asked what I was doing. I told her that I was just being naked with a naked woman. Then I kissed her lips to stop her talking.

I led her out of the tub and placed my hand between her legs searching for her hairy box. Turns out it was shaved. That got me hotter. I went down on my knees and kissed her bush but she kept her legs together. She said she has to shower first.

As she turned toward the shower, I bit her ass in several places. I climbed into the shower with her and grabbed the soap and handed it to her and asked her to wash me first. I wanted her down on her knees in front of me!

She lathered me up and down from behind getting her hands between my cheeks,rubbing my anus. I turned around so she could do me up front. She started at my neck and worked her way down to my hard cock. She had this coy smile on her face. I played with her tits and fingered her snatch the best I could. I told her to do my legs too. She lowered herself to her knees and lathered up my legs.

As the water washed the lather away, I leaned into her face and placed my hardon at her lips. She was reluctant so I placed one leg up on the wall so she couldn’t stand up. I told her that for what I was going to do to her body I deserved to have my cock licked and sucked.

She tentatively kissed my cock and I told her to put her lips around the head which she did. However she wouldn’t let it past her teeth. So I tea bagged her and asked her kadıköy escort to lick my balls. I turned so I was facing away and my ass was in her face. As she was kissing my balls I held her head to my ass and just ground it in her face.

She slapped my leg. Getting slapped on warm wet skin really stings! I stood up straight and this gave her the opportunity to stand up. She shouted something about not liking the idea of kissing somebody’s ass. I told her it was clean then I kissed her mouth and didn’t say anything else as I stepped out of the shower leaving her there to shower herself. I toweled off and jumped into her bed awaiting her arrival.

She appeared some minutes later with the towel draped over her shoulders and wearing different panties. I spread my legs and displayed my hard cock to her. I said we had some unfinished business. She stood there and told me to get serious then muttered something about having to dry her hair, which she commenced to do. This broad was really playing hard to get!

I got off the bed and approached her. I circled behind her and dropped to my knees. I yanked her panties down in one fluid motion and she almost tripped over onto the bed. She steadied herself with her hands, her towel fell to the floor. She was now standing with her legs apart leaning over the bed.

I parted her cheeks with my hands and started to kiss my way down her crack. She was moaning instantly while calling me nasty as I kissed her anus, so I gave it a lick. She moaned deeper and I made my way to her snatch. I inserted my tongue between her lips while my nose pressed against her anus. She was loving every second of it.

Very soon I was tasting her cum as she moaned in orgasm. I stood up and guided my cock into her pussy and she shrieked in ecstasy and ground her ass into my torso. I gave her a few deep thrusts until she fell flat onto the bed.

I rolled off her and lay back waiting to see what she’d do next. She rolled over onto her back and pulled herself up onto the bed. She then started to tell me how good that felt and she never thought I’d have the nerve to try something maltepe escort bayan like that, all the while caressing her mound.

Man, I hadn’t cum yet and this broad is into her after sex mood! That wouldn’t do. I told her that I wasn’t finished having sex with you yet. I wanted to feel her mouth on my cock. With that, I climbed on top of her and presented my cock to her mouth and stayed on top of her as I rubbed the head on her lips.

She was reluctant, but I was determined. It took a while but I got it into her mouth. Soon I was gliding back and forth into her mouth. I then turned around into a 69 with her still on the bottom, or is that a 96,lol!

I pulled her knees up and spread them. I guided my cock back towards her mouth and told her to keep sucking as I started tonguing her crack. I did circles around her asshole and she was soon sucking in the hardness I’d given her. We stayed like this for a while because I loved having my cock in her prudish mouth, just fucking it. Eventually her neck began to get sore from bobbing on my cock.

I climbed off her and got between her thick thighs. I planted my cock in her snatch and again raised her knees to her tits. I wrapped my biceps around her shins and held onto her back. I had her in a position in which she couldn’t move and I pumped her hard.

I slammed her pussy hard with every stroke. With every slam she moaned out loud. With one hand I reached down and rubbed my balls on her exposed asshole. She got louder and louder and I knew she was ready again. It put me on the verge of cumming knowing that I was about to make my Auntie cum.

I pumped harder and tried to go deeper as she got super slippery, that’s when I couldn’t hold back any longer. I gave her one last deep hard thrust and slammed my balls into her asshole. I gushed cum into her snatch, spasming over and over again.

I pumped her with every spasm till she went limp. I rolled off her and we both lay there for long time not saying anything.

I eventually asked her if she enjoyed it as much as I did. She said I surprised her but it was great. I told her I wanted to fuck her again. I told her I really enjoyed fucking my auntie and I didn’t want to stop.

This lead to a long and exciting relationship for both of us. I spent a lot of time at her place! Its been years now and none of our relatives have any idea we even see each other often!