Public sex at Bund of Shanghai

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Public sex at Bund of ShanghaiOn the first day of the our university’s summer vacations, the students in the whole dorm building left. I made some clean up for my room and prepared some special supplies, because tomorrow my girlfriend Jenna will come. The next day, when Jenna came, we couldn’t wait to make love. In the evening, there were still some students in the building, so we went to the Bund. It is really crowded there. The weather is very hot, many people wear very little, or women will take advantage of this opportunity to reveal their bodies. Jenna is no exception. She wears a pair of sandals barefoot. In addition to her tiny underwear, she only has a skirt. Her skirt is like a camisole, just barely cover her. It reaches between her ass and thighs. Her arms, shoulder, back and legs are almost all exposed. We are walking around. Many people are looking at me, she whispered.Let them envy, I whispered in her ear, we will soon have sex in the street.She said with a blushing face, then bornova escort you really want me to take off my underwear first in public?I know that exactly what you want, I said, yes, I will take off your underwear now!I took her hand and we walked to one side of the street until under a store display. I let her stand against the wall, I leaned on her with both hands behind her, then slipped to her ass, then a little downwards to the edge of her very short skirt. I gently pick up the skirt and put both hands into, one hand on one buttock. Her underwear is like a rope inside the groove between the buttocks and a small piece of cloth on the vaginal opening. I didn’t take off her underwear right away, but I rubbed it on her buttocks and curves. She leaned her head on me and my neck could feel her breath.I said, say please I will do now!She said, yes please, do everything just as what we said before we come here!I then stretched my finger to the top edge of her underwear, escort bornova slowly moved down. Her underwear has become a thick 8-line rope, wrapped around the thigh. If you didn’t look at it very closely, it may might look like the skirt decorative or rings on top of the socks.I paused for a moment, slowly squatting, at the same time pulling her panties in the hand and going down until to her ankle. I signalled her to lift her foot. I said Okay, then she lifted another foot. Her underwear was taken off on a very crowded street of downtown Shanghai. I put her underwear into my pants pocket. She now has only a short skirt and a pair of sandals. She is half naked. Nobody can see her genitals but can easily see her nipples erected. I asked her – are you shy? She said yes, very; too wet to wait, too!So hold each other and went to the Bund. There are even more people here than on the street. We just found a half chair still available. We looked at each other, and looked bornova escort bayan at the young couple who have similar ages as us at the other end of the chair, they hug each other closely, keep kissing and teasing. Jenna let me sit down first. Unzip you pant and erect it! she said very quickly and softly.Slowly, I use almost a minute to unzipped my pant. Then, I’m watching her, at the same time, I just use about one second to erect my penis! She then spent less than a second turning around her body and sitting on my legs.My penis is hard enough, but it is not yet inserted into her vagina. She lifted herself a little and moved it. With her groaning, my penis was completely submerged into her body.Even we didn’t make much noises, of course we are attracting the people around.I keep rubbing her breast, kissing her neck, feeling her smiles with shyness and cheerfulness. I hope my kissing with sounds may distract the voyeur from her half exposed, naked ass.I really want to strip you to full naked and lick your tits, I said.No, someone will call the police, she said.Then I just keep my penis inside her vagina for quite long time. After her first organism, my penis got soft. Then my penis got hard again; soft and hard, she had organism again till I ejaculated inside her.