Public Show

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Public ShowPenny was home alone and bored. It was too nice an evening to be cooped up at home, so on a whim, she put on a dress and some heels and went out to get a drink. As she entered the bar she could see that it was only a little busy, with about twenty people or so s**ttered around the various tables. One group of guys near to the door all turned their heads as Penny swept past them, her heels clacking on the hard floor. As luck would have it, she saw her friends Don and Laura sitting at the bar. She joined them and spent the next hour in relaxing, pleasant company with jovial conversation and a few glasses of an easy drinking Pinot Grigio.Don got up to go to the bathroom. Feeling relaxed and a bit tipsy, Penny confided in Laura about the secret fantasies she was starting to have. She couldn’t stop thinking about being manhandled, dominated and used sexually in public. She explained about how should would like to be used as an exhibition of how a submissive should be treated, in order to generate maximum shame and humiliation. She confessed that she had even been looking to join a club or something for like minded people. Where should could get to act all this out.”Wow, so you’d really like that? In front of a room full of people?””Oh, yeah….” stuttered Penny ashamedly. “It’s even turning me on just talking about it.””Ummmm, just go with me on this…..” replies Laura. Looking over Penny’s shoulder at the now returning Don, she grabs Penny’s right breast in her left hand and begins to fondle it.”What are you doing?” gasps Penny, but Laura isn’t listening. She sees Don’s quizzical look as he draws near and pulls Penny into a passionate kiss.”What’s going on?!” Don demands loudly. This developing scene is starting to draw the attention of some of the bar’s other kaçak iddaa patrons.”It was Penny. She’s been a bad girl and was leading me astray!”Realising what Laura is doing, Penny bravely decides to join the game. “Yes, it was my fault. I tried to seduce her.””Oh, really? Trying to steal my woman from me, were you? Well anyone who wants to try that has to get through me first. Do you think you’re ready to try out for a bit part in this relationship?””Yes. Of course. Just tell me what you need me to do.””Well I think we need to get a proper look at you first,” suggests Laura. “To see what you’ve got. Everything but the heels comes off, now!”Penny looks around to see that, of course, there are now quite a few people watching. All eager to see how this situation will develop.Taking a deep breath and a good swig of wine, Penny quickly complies. Denuded and with her clothes in a heap on the floor, Don and Laura circle around her, brushing their fingers over her waist and stomach, cupping their palms around her breasts, letting their thumbs linger over her nipples and grabbing at her ass.”Do you think we can make use of this one?” Laura taunts.”Hmmmm. I think so….” Don says as he moves his hand over Penny’s stomach and down to her pussy. Penny shudders as he strokes along her labia. Laura spanks her and pushes her down to her knees. “Now show us all what you can do.”Her heart pounding, Penny unzips Don’s pants and his burgeoning erection almost bursts out of them. Without missing a beat, Penny wraps her lips around it and begins to blow him enthusiastically. Laura grabs a handful of Penny’s hair and gently encourages her to take Don’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.Penny takes him as far into her throat as she can, then pulls back, gasping for air. “Looks like she’s kaçak bahis thirsty,” observes Laura as she picks up Don’s beer and pours some of it over Penny’s face.When she opens her eyes again, the flashing lights make Penny aware of just how many people are around them, taking photos and videos on their phones. Her arms by her sides, she takes Don back into her mouth and continues to suck.”Why don’t you show her what I’m going to expect of her, honey?”With this Laura smiles, hitches up her tight skirt and bends over a bar stool. Her ass about eighteen inches away from Penny’s face. Penny sees that all that her friend was wearing under her skirt is a large, red butt plug.Don removes this from Laura’s ass with a gentle pop as Penny stares at Laura’s gaping ass hole. Don pulls his dick out of Penny’s mouth and pushes the butt plug in its place. “Be a good girl and keep hold of that, will you,” he commands as he pushes his dick into Laura’s ass and starts to fuck her.The butt plug doesn’t fit Penny’s mouth, so she has to maintain suction on it to keep hold of it. Without warning Don pulls it back out and replaces it with his dick. Penny resumes bobbing her head up and down on his cock.”You’re right, she does look thirsty,” agrees Don. He pours some of his beer into Laura’s gaping ass hole. She gasps at the coldness of it and her ass hole contracts. “Help her out, would you?”Responding to Don’s request, Laura squirts a jet of the beer onto Penny’s face and over Don’s cock.”Well, time to see if you can meet our expectations,” Don says as he grabs Penny’s shoulder and helps her to her feet. Penny bends herself over a bar stool and tries to relax herself. Laura positions another stool in front of Penny’s face, sits down and leans herself back against the bar; thrusting her hips illegal bahis forward for Penny to lick her pussy.Don positions himself behind Penny and pushes his dick into her ass. As he penetrates her, a cheer erupts from the crowd of gathered onlookers who are watching, photographing and filming the unfolding spectacle.The sense of excitement from her humiliation makes Penny feel intensely giddy. She loves anal sex and responds instantly to Don’s powerful, deep thrusts. Her cheeks burn with shame as she realises she is about to come, in front of all these strangers and on film, from being degraded by her two friends and roughly ass fucked.Penny is by now too insensible with pleasure and embarrassment to lick to Laura. Her head simply lolls in her lap as she pants and gasps, then screams as she orgasms hard. Her body spasming over the bar stool.Another cheer goes up from the crowded bar.Don withdraws, then drags her off the stool and onto her knees. Partially returning to her senses, Penny opens her mouth and extends her tongue dutifully, as Don brings more whoops and shouts from the spectators with every splash of sperm he lands on Penny’s pretty face. Finally the biggest cheer of the night goes up as he plants the sticky end of his dick down onto Penny’s tongue and she wraps her lips around it to swallow down the last drops.Laura picks up Penny’s dress from the floor and throws in her face as soon as Don withdraws himself. As Penny moves the sticky, cum and beer stained dress from over her eyes, she sees the backs of her friends as they readjust their clothing and leave the bar.Quickly throwing her dirty dress back on and leaving her underwear discarded on the floor, Penny pushes her way through the group of guys encircling her and scurries out of the bar. As she gets out, she sees Don and Laura pulling away in the back of a taxi. She realises she too needs to hail a cab, to get home and get herself cleaned up.Penny’s fantasy was everything she had hoped it would be and more.