Put Your Mouth Where Your Hand Is Ch. 02

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Alex Tanner

It wasn’t like I was prying, it was lunch break right? I usually go out to a local café, have a smoke and a couple of bacon rolls, but on this occasion I’d forgot my bloody fags and had to go back to the office for them.

Opening my office door I heard this shuffle and a couple of grunts – who was there, bent proudly across my desk with Heather behind – yes I did say ‘behind’ and fitted with the latest strap-on taboot, she’d obviously been giving Martin a good seeing to.

Not knowing quite what to do or say, (it took me a while to regain my senses, I mean who would have thought – Heather of all people, that shy quiet prim and proper assistant of mine having it away with my associate. And he the one with his trousers down too offering himself, ass at full prop, to this demure lady.

I decided just to collect what I had come back for, thing is they, the cigarettes, were in my desk drawer which Martin was leant over against, so I simply gave him a nudge, asking him – in his obvious overwhelming embarrassment, to nudge over a bit so I could open the drawer.

They sort of just stopped what they were doing, almost if it wasn’t happening, that they had really been caught out their little secret and all, I wondered just how long this had been going on during the lunch hour. Whatever, it seemed they were quite practiced at it, they stood their in their copulating position, stiff and still, just like statues, although I could hear them both panting.

I just decided to leave them to it, even apologised for disturbing them, apologised! Yes and it was my office, but I just wanted somehow to subdue their embarrassment and try to be the very broad minded guy I always aimed to be.

So I left and returned back to the office after lunch and everything was as before, Martin busy with his computer in the adjoining office and Heather sorting the ongoing files.

Nothing more was said – well until going home time that was, Heather said she wanted to talk to me privately and so did Martin, but not at the same time – I resolved to solve it by telling Heather to stay back after work and Martin could see me the following morning. That seemed fine with them both, they looked almost relieved – possible at my attitude, that I hadn’t made a big issue of them using my office as, putting it bluntly, a lunch time shagging pad.

Heather looked brave when she approached me, stuttering – she was obviously trying to make a point of that which happed lunch time, and in my office too, would not happen again and she was deeply ashamed and sorry.

All the same, whilst I accepted her statement I was curious as to why Heather would go with Martin of all people, a most unlikely pair they were, him gay and her, well I did think maybe she could be a virgin, the way she was and I knew she was unmarried. And coupled with all that, her apparently taking the stand, with that strap-on tied around her middle.

“Was he alright, Heather?! I asked inquisitively.

She responded with a very surprised look. “Pardon, John?”

“Let’s be blunt, was he a good shag?” I continued unashamedly – feeling an arousal starting, and being honest with myself, I had carnal thoughts every day about our so assumed ‘demure’ Heather. Perhaps now was the time not to hold back my feelings any more, now was the opportunity to get into her skirts -something I had always dreamed of when she was taking my notes, the smell of her perfume, the succulent way she crossed her legs in her below the knee pleated woven skirt. That was a turn on for me any time. And the scenery beneath would really be worth a nice long assessment that would be for sure.

She sort of wiggled in her chair, I could see her taut expression change, now she was more relaxed and there was a glimpse of a smile. “And there was me thinking this may be the end, ” she said, ” that you would fire me, John.”

“I am human, if you two had the need then who am I to judge, but please, not in my office any more!”

“There wont be another time, we are both too embarrassed , and anyway I felt sorry for him, he’s been dumped.”

“By his boy friend?” I asked candidly

” His boy friend,” she replied coyly.

“Ahh! The penny starts to drop, so that’s why you were …?”

She wasn’t forthcoming, just looked a trifle awkward. Instead – after a pause she said she hoped I would forgive her.

The recollection of what they were up to made me stiffen. But I was sat behind the desk so no way could she see. I would be bold, I wanted her, even more now – I’d make a proposition – in a sort of a light hearted way.

“Come to dinner with me tonight and I will say no more Heather.”

She smiled, there was an expression of relief about kaçak iddaa her, me wondering was that because I would not make a big thing of what she was doing with Martin or was it because she fancied me. Hopefully I would find out later when I’d ask her to return home with me…

She looked ravishing in her low cut burgundy dress, altogether different from her office attire, and the make up too, it seemed she was really making a play for me, well that’s what I was hoping over the steak medallion, Heather nibbling her prawn omelette. “Is that enough for you, Heather?”

“I’m on a strict diet.”

“You on a diet? You look absolutely stunning with that figure, why diet?”

“To keep it that way,” she smiled looking rather delicious. I could really have her now.

We talked more, about our wants and needs, I wanted to delve into her sexual deviation, what made her want that, but I had to be tactful, I didn’t want to shut her down, the idea aroused me. I had to tell her I was bisexual. I had this notion that by coming out with it straight on the line might just relax her to talk about ‘that act’ with Martin.

I prompted her by saying that there must be more and more girls using strap-ons now, according to Ann Summers sales, but I’d always assumed they were used by Lesbians, surprise, surprise – not so. And I wondered if she and I would get it together later, whether she would like to …. Well, maybe try what she was doing with Martin. What was I thinking, it was not me anyway, never was, with my special friend Daniel I was always the giver and never the taker, and we seemed to get on fine that way.

But for now I was more concentrated on this delectable young woman opposite me who had just finished her prawns thing and delicately tackled a sugar free ice cream for desert.

She paused again before she replied and said it was Martin’s idea, because he was missing that, because his boy friend had dumped him.

“Couldn’t be the same though” I suggested, “not compared with the real thing surely?”

Heather sipped her wine now, her eyes mellowing , was she going to come out and tell me what I wanted to know, that she enjoyed it – but then women rarely do, do they? They keep you guessing and that added to the attraction, Now I was thumping down under with the table cloth hiding any embarrassment.

Then we finished and left. “Come home with me Heather? I asked

“Okay John I would like that, but I have to confess I don’t have my strap on!”

She was teasing surely. I laughed it off and assured her we would not need it. She seemed relieved and smiled gorgeously, she was some girl and I was already obsessed by her. But I wouldn’t rush it, I’d pamper her, show her what a romancer I was.

But I had not accounted for how she would be …that alone and given the opportunity she would be a right goer! we’d hardly got back to my place and settled on the red leather settee when she closed to me, like she was expecting something from me, I wonder what! Come on John, you are not that naïve! My mind was saying. I kissed her lips gently, running the tip of my tongue along them. She liked that, she moaned quietly pressing her lips to mine to encounter a deep long and passionate kiss. I felt her tongue touch mine and the vibrations below were enticing me to take her straight away. It was like we were in perfect harmony as my fingers teased the back of her neck – venturing down, down until I felt the rim of her skirt, her kiss grew more intense as I continued to explore down there, rolling back her skirt and admiring the scenery, she had gorgeous red laced panties adorned by red suspenders which were attached to the most delightful black fish nets, exposing those very luscious white thighs between, I could not hold back, my finger tips soon found her, teasing her around and around as I felt a moistness there which was so wonderfully tempting. She did something I could never have envisaged , she took my hand, lifted it to her lips between our kiss, and licked them, then she put my hand back where it was. Now I was in a sexual fever as I tasted her in her kiss. We both continued enjoying that sublime deep kiss as I wanted to explore beneath the seam of her panties, and then I felt the velvety touch of her wetness as she pulled one leg upwards and outwards, whispering to me to put my mouth where my hand was.

She was absolutely gorgeous and I toyed with the thought of the touch of her femininity with my mouth. Having already sampled her sweet flavour. I was already take in her scent which was very stimulating , the sweet scent of her womanhood was driving me mad. But when I got to smothering her, rolling down her panties she sweetly opened for me and declared kaçak bahis that she was a virgin. I looked to see that she was right, a woman untouched made my heart thump and I was soon deep with tongue exploring her tightness.

“You see ,” she sighed as I enjoyed her – “I was not having intercourse with your associate in the way you may have thought.”

Heather seemed to want me to know that.

“Then what you were doing would not have led to that?”

“We were trying something that’s all. And if you must know it was something that attracted me.”

“But you are not wanting then to be with a guy in the true sense, Heather?”

“I have waited and saved myself for the right guy that’s all. I want it to be special with a guy I adore.”

I was still enjoying her nectar, her sweetness, a combination of her perfume and her natural feminine odour.

She looked up at me as I rose from my kneeling position, tasting her in my mouth like I was still there, enjoying her. She wanted me I could now see that, I felt her hands touch me, so warm and firm she squeezed me, her eyes opened wide as she taunted me, teasing me back and forwards, exposing my all as her eyes closed, her nostrils tightening as and she breathed in my aroma, me thinking any minute she would realise she had gone too far and she would stop, maybe thinking I was not the sort of guy she could adore enough to fuck. – for that very first time. And me thinking how good it might be with a virgin, it would be a first for me, never had a virgin before, what would it be like. But for now Heather had something else on her mind and I was enjoying the most delightful pampering I’d ever had from any woman. She whispered that I was wonderful, so complete and lovely, so warm and big, that she could not resist and soon she was enjoying me whole with her mouth, not to kiss me this time but to take me deep with her mouth, those first feelings were out of this world and she did enjoy it so very much, that was so apparent and it was simply a delight to watch her, taking it slowly at first, her sucks firm and deep, then deeper as I felt she was going to swallow me all up. It was heaven indeed and I stood there, leaning forward as she kneeled before me and took it all like she was having a meal, her fingers finding my balls, caressing and squeezing with each deep and deeper suck.

When eventually she came away for air, her eyes looked up at me so longingly, I could see the love, the absolute passion there and felt we had really something together. Then she told me that all this time she had a thing for me. That I was simply delightful and so good, she gently rubbed my being as she spoke, it was so thrilling and now I wanted her fuck deep and sure.

She looked at me in that certain way, her fingers squeezing harder there, “I want you to be my first lover, ” she said. “I want that, John. You are beautiful…”

Now we stripped completely, both eager to fuck, she bending for me, like she wanted it on all fours. How could I resist, her gorgeous hind bent for me in perfect readiness before me, those gorgeous curves of womanhood , the delightful space between her thighs so appealing and tempting, I was soon on my knees behind her, perched between her thighs, just touching her with my now aching appendage, she screamed for my fuck, yes screamed for me to fuck her with all my being. And when I pushed it into her she let out such a yell, she was no longer a virgin and from them onwards her craving for her regular taste of cock seemed to surmount all else, even her thing for wearing a strap-on, and her fuck was absolutely delightful; heaven on earth. We made it last and last, I took her sideways and on top too, I reached it three times and felt the depth and strength of her pounding orgasm swallow me up

When we’d finished I asked if I had hurt her. She said the initial pain was worth the wonderful pleasure I gave her and I felt her mouth want me again, first sucking me, a long and slow suck and then the taste of us both in her mouth as we kissed the deep kiss of passion, now we were indeed lovers and to me that was wonderful. The aches gone, I was truly gratified and felt on top of the world, Heather’s passion had done it for me in a way I have never imagined and there was lots more to come.

She asked if what had happened had sufficed in excusing her for being with Martin, that she always wanted me above all.

I assured her that she had done more than that and I would want her again and again in every way imaginable. She told me she wanted that, very much as she went to the bathroom me following to share a nice long very friendly shower.,,

But next day I would confront Martin and would discover another new illegal bahis happening in my life I could never, never have imagined …

“Okay so I should never have done such a deed, and in your office too” Martin groaned. Now you know our secret.

“I know about your boy friend dumping you, James wasn’t it?”

Martin liked sad. “I do miss him terribly, more than I ever imagined, and who would have thought me of all people would bare solace from a woman, but as you discovered not in the usual man woman style.”

This was Martin talking to me, the way I had looked at him before was different to now, seeing him bent over in that very prominent way, and Heather pounding him with her strap on appendage. Looking back it seemed almost comical – and yet, talking to Martin now I realised something I had not felt before, I wanted to do it with him

“Come home with me tonight, to my place” I asked. “We shall have a bar meal first and have a real heart to heart about your dilemma?” I suggested.

“But you and me, we are working associates, is it not the thing to mix pleasure with business”

“So you’d rather not. You are happy to be shagged by a substitute,” I said hoping he would give me the reply I wanted.

“If I come with you, you’ll forget what I was doing with Heather, I do feel quite guilty about that, with being with a woman.”

“Why” I asked.

“It’s okay for you, you are Bi – I knew that long ago but although I liked you, I never dared suggest anything – and here we are, now you ask me.”

“So what you did with Heather, what for you was unnatural, has served it’s purpose.?”

Martin paused thoughtfully and then replied ” I guess you are right.”

I realised then just how appealing he was – how I wanted that ass big time, to take him like Heather was, but with a real live hard appreciative cock.

Later after our pub meal and drink we chatted at home, on the red leather sofa you guessed, and I told him how I had had Heather the night before.

He was fascinated. “Was she good, I bet she was if what she did with me was anything to go by.”

“She was fine, but you, how do you fair I wonder?”

Martin looked down at me, “I can see you are interested” he smiled. And then quite unreservedly he touched me, just gently over my trousers, his fingers fiddling nervously with my zip.

“How do you like to be touched, like this?” he whispered squeezing me over my trousers as I grew quickly in the palm of his busy hand, his other wasting no time to unzip and pull me out as he sighed and said he so longed for the taste and feel of cock again.

“It is all yours but first over my lap you, I want you bent over to feel the palm of my hand slap that gorgeous red bottom of yours.

“You into spanking then John, mmm. Will it hurt?”

“Just a firm slapping to get you ripened up, like I want to see it flush bright pink/ Without further ado Martin bent for me, slipping down his jeans and boxer shorts, revealing that rather stimulating round and beautifully proportioned man ass. It was just made for the spanking and I came down on each cheek, just like I said, until they glowed, He grunted and then I felt him harden on my lap as I smoother his curves and kneaded them , stretching his ass cheeks to discover his very appealing dark brown ring, sitting there between his crutch as if waiting for my presence.

He stated he wanted to be all ass for me., we sucked each other for a while and enjoyed each others pampering of cock and balls, and the tough of his ring as I slithered some baby oil into him, making him moist and soft and ready for a nice deep and meaningful fucking.

“Shall we do it now, Martin are you ready” I asked.

What a silly question that was, he was begging for it, moving his ass to and fro, wiggling and spreading to show me his ripened ring, I could see it winking at me, yes I could and it was utterly delightful, I needed just a few more moments before the fuck to get to know that beautiful ass a little more, to kiss and lick and spread apart wider and wider as I sampled him with my busy tongue, making him shudder and cry out for it.

He was truly ready and I knelt behind him, just as I hade done with Heather the night before and I felt his first deep sigh as I entered him and moved with hi, his hips moving with mine to enjoy a good deep fucking. The throb of him inside was so good, I felt him squeeze me when I was deep up inside with his rectal muscles, this guy knew how to take cock and I realised just how much he had missed it.

We fucked and fucked the evening away, taking short pauses to enjoy a drink or two.

Somehow it had all seemed so easy and right with both Martin and Heather. I felt we would make a jolly good threesome and that was my next project, to see if I could lure the three of us together and already my carnal thoughts were turning the mind.

Watch this space ….