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Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER SEVEN: � Eating and running By Quentin Collins ail)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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I had insisted to the Madsens that I wanted to host the luncheon after Annie”s service. Mirabella”s was the obvious location since it was across the street from the Schweitzer Funeral Home. Luckily they had top-notch catering if one were willing to pay top dollar. The place was a little bit threadbare, but they still put on an elegant event.

I had called in all the favors I needed from anyone within a 200-mile radius to make sure the party would honor Annie and could be thrown together within the ten days since she died.

It was all coordinated by my friend Lucas Jeffries, who is a party planner. He and I hooked up several times while in college. He has his own event planning company now and does many swanky events in the swanky northern suburbs of Pittsburgh.

He had two other events to coordinate that week, but I reminded him how patient I was with him when he was a shy sophomore virgin, eager but terrified to have a living breathing penis in his ass. I spent a couple weeks with him, using my tongue, fingers and various apparati to turn him into Carnegie Mellon”s premiere power bottom.

He groaned at the memory. “Are you going to fuck me?”

“Ha! You know me, Luke: I”ll do whatever it takes.”

“You have a deal. Bring me a big deposit and then fuck me until I cum twice.”

I laughed out loud. “If I remember correctly, that will take about ten minutes.”

“Oh, Drew, I have much better staying power now. I”m going to make you work every muscle in your gorgeous body until you”re dripping sweat all over me. You can lick me clean as you plow my ass. You can start at my nipples and then … oh, oh, oh shit!”

“Luke, you just came in your pants, didn”t you? I retract the ten minute claim. I”ll make you cum twice in seven minutes.” I teased him.

Luke sighed. “I hate you. Get here fast.”

I wired his company $25,000 and drove to Cranberry Township to meet him. Six minutes and forty-five seconds later I secured his services. So much for his staying power. He is still great fun when his knees are on his shoulders. I also came twice.

Luke and I spent several minutes reminiscing about old times and shared experiences as we enjoyed a postcoital cuddle. His emerald puppy dog eyes can get him almost anything he wants. I made him cum a third time as we lay on our left sides and we both enjoyed a more leisurely pace. It took almost a full ten minutes for him to cum the third time. He saw to it that I enjoyed myself too.

We eventually got down to business.

I told Lucas to get the best of everything, but not make it stuffy or ostentatious. I wanted everyone to be comfortable and have a good time.

My only restrictions were that there must be no alcohol and that the music should be fun, but not too loud to impede conversation. The last thing I wanted was that someone might get drunk at a party memorializing a person with addiction issues.

Somehow Lucas had convinced the Mirabella management to let him “freshen up” their main ballroom in exchange for the catering, and he got it done in a week. They made out like bandits because I paid a lot more for painters, light fixtures, silk taffeta wall coverings, and even hand sculpted carpeting than I would have paid for just the catering.

Everything fixed � the walls, moldings, sculpted carpeting � were done in tasteful shades of grey. The pops of color came from the movable fabric and d�cor that could be switched out if another customer wanted a different color scheme.

The only thing they couldn”t get done in time was the parquet dance floor. Lucas had to settle for a good cleaning, waxing, and buffing. They used a white tinted wax on the rock maple to give it almost a pickled look to better blend with the tones in the carpet.

There were new video screens on the walls, framed to match the window moldings. They were playing the slideshow that we saw during the visitation, but there were more pictures in this version.

I walked among the potted ficus trees in dark purple suede-covered planters, all lit with miniature white lights. I looked at the round tables laid out with quality linens, sterling flatware, plain white bone china, and cut crystal tumblers. Each table was surrounded by eight slipcovered chairs in shades of purple, pink and cream.

There were extravagant flower arrangements on each table, no two of which were alike. Orchids, lilac branches, tulips, peonies, hydrangea, lisianthus, anemones, pansies, coleus, roses, Hubble flowers and so many more varieties kept the eye moving from arrangement to arrangement.

There were also cascading arrangements on decorative pillars punctuating the room with trailing wisteria and clematis. My mom was at my side and gasped as she took in the changes to the place.

“How the hell did you get this done,” she asked, wonderstruck.

“I got a guy,” was all I said. I have deep pockets too.

People were streaming in as waiters filled water glasses and coffee cups, and others were taking orders for soft drinks, juices, and non-alcoholic cocktails. I think we had more people in the banquet hall than we had attending the service. I didn”t care. People could walk in off the street and enjoy a good meal as far as I was concerned.

Lucas had suggested a buffet lunch to make it less formal. We had tables set up with beef and turkey carving stations, an omelet station, a seafood buffet with some of the most massive king crab legs I”d ever seen, lobster thermidor, a raw bar, various soups, salads, and grilled vegetables, and, finally, a pasta bar.

I was confident everyone would find something to their liking. A dessert spread would be laid out later.

Chan came up to me with wide eyes.

“Holy shit, dad, this unbelievable. It”s like I”m at the Vanity Fair Oscar party or something. Do you think mom would have liked it?”

“I”m not sure if this would have been to her taste, Bunny, but I wanted to make sure people would know that we weren”t just going through the motions. She said she wanted people to have a good time. I think we”ve done everything we can to make that happen.”

“No doubt about it, dad. This is awesome!”

I looked around to see the paddle club, track team, and rugby club members circling the buffets. I pointed them out to Chan.

“I hope we”ll have enough food.”

“Oh, no, dad. Should I ask them to leave,” Chan asked with concern in his voice.

“No, sweet baby, I”m just joking. I told Lucas that we would likely be having some high school and college athletes, so to count each one as three people when figuring food supplies. There will definitely be enough food. They can eat all they want.”

I kissed my baby”s forehead and wrapped myself around him.

“How are you holding up, Bunny?”

“I”m doing ok, dad. I didn”t think it would affect me this much. It”s been a really emotional day.”

I held him tight.

“You are going through a lot, between the move to a new state, and planning for a new school, and then your mom”s death on top of it. That”s an enormous amount of stress.

“You know you can talk to me at any time about any of this, right? I will keep asking how you are but don”t wait for me to ask. If you”d rather call Dr. Katema to talk to him, you can do that too. You don”t need my permission to call him, and you don”t have to bother to tell me when you do talk to him if you”d rather keep it private. I think he would be disappointed if you didn”t call. He loves us both so much. I love you so much more, my sweet baby.”

I started kissing him all over his face. “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

“Dad stop. You”re embarrassing me!”

“Good, I”m doing my job.” I swatted his ass to make sure I was doing my job. My hand probably felt the sting more than that prime slab of teenage ass.

I told Chan that he should sit with his friends if he liked, and then he could change tables every time he goes back to get a new plate. That way he could be sure to talk to as many friends as possible.

“Thanks, dad. Will you miss me,” he asked.

“Of course, but most of your friends don”t know many other people here, so you will be doing them a favor to be a familiar face for them. I”m sure I”m going to end up going from table to table myself.”

“Hey, dad, can I lose the jacket and tie now?

“Yes, Chan. I”m going to do that too to let people know it”s time to relax. I”ll hang yours up with mine in the cloakroom. What are you going to do with your phone? You have no pockets in izmit escort bayan your pants, and you”re probably going to want to take pictures.”

“Oh yeah. I didn”t think of that. I guess I”ll have to carry it around. Maybe I can stuff it in my waist.”

“Whatever works. Just don”t lose it.”

Chan handed me his jacket and then took off his tie, which I rolled up and put in his jacket pocket. He opened the top four buttons of his perfectly-tailored shirt, so his chest was exposed past his sternum, and then turned to head to the rugby guys. His ass was almost irresistible in those tight suit pants. I was so glad Roger suggested taking out the pocket linings, so the pants smoothly caressed his delicious ass.

I hung up our coats and then started making the rounds. I suddenly realized I was famished but decided to wait until others had gotten their plates filled.

It was so much more pleasant talking to people here rather than at the funeral home. I was beginning to relax a little. I was surprised to see Roger, the tailor. He was, of course, dressed in a perfectly-fitted three-piece suit. I thanked him again for fitting Chan last night and apologized if things got a little out of hand.

“I enjoyed every minute of last night, Drew,” Roger told me. “You and Channing are probably the only people I know who look better without clothes. Thanks for including me in your fun. And I want to tell you that your speech during the service gave me a lot to think about. Thank you for that as well.”

I kissed him on the cheek and embraced him. As I was holding Roger, my eye caught the silhouette of two men walking through the door holding hands. One about 5″9″ and heavily muscled. His companion was a good six inches taller and lanky.


I rushed over to Shahin Pouran and his husband, Oliver. We called Shahin “Bird” since he says his name means “white falcon” in Persian. He went to high school with my brother Dan, and we informally adopted him when he feared that some of his relatives might want to perform an “honor killing” on him when he came out as gay.

Shahin and Oliver live in Sunnyvale, California where Bird is an engineer at NASA”s Ames wind tunnel facility and Oliver is a photographer.

“Oh, Andy, I”m so sorry we are late. Our flight from San Francisco got delayed, then canceled and we had to charter a jet if there was any hope of getting here by noon. We thought we could save time by flying into Cumberland airport instead, but our Uber driver was a half hour late picking us up,” Bird explained, looking distraught.

“Think nothing of it. Annie wanted this party to be the focus of her celebration, so you are here for the most important part. I can”t thank you enough for going through all that trouble to be with us. I love you both.”

I embraced Bird and kissed him tenderly on lips, feeling a reaction in my groin as I remembered all the times we had spent together, sometimes with my dad and brother Dan. I had met Oliver only a few times but reached up to kiss him also. His shock of red hair was getting ready to explode in the Pennsylvania humidity.

“Uncle Birdie!” Chan exclaimed as he came rushing over, running full-speed into Bird”s eager embrace. That drew the attention of my dad and then my mom. Dan and Patrice weren”t far behind. Bird could have raised a lot of money opening a kissing booth right there. They are both lovely and loving men. I have never heard a negative thing spoken about either one of them, except that they are too far away.

The California couple greeted the people they still knew in town and then sat with my parents to catch up.

The hall was abuzz with people circulating around the buffets for second, third, or fourth helpings. The waitstaff was kept busy collecting used plates and flatware and refilling glasses and cups.

I made the rounds of more tables, even though I didn”t know most of the people, or knew them only in passing. Since I was the informal host of the lunch, I felt it my duty to greet everyone.

We had all seemed to have eaten our fill, and the catering staff was laying out a decadent dessert table. I knew I shouldn”t partake, but I did anyway, having just a couple of bites of a walnut tort drizzled with hot fudge. It was worth however many hundreds of calories were in those few bites.

The dessert feeding frenzy was on full tilt. You”d never know most people had eaten three or four plates of food from the buffet just minutes ago.

Conversations seemed to be lively and friendly at every table. I hoped Annie would have been pleased.

I flagged down one of the waiters and ordered a cranberry tonic and asked him to make sure everyone had something in their glass to toast. I waited a few munites and then went to the DJ booth in the corner and asked for a microphone to make an announcement. He cut the music and handed me a cordless mic.

“Can I have your attention for just a moment please.”

“On behalf of the Madsens, Channing and myself, I”d like to thank you once again for coming today to show your support to our families. It means more than we can say.

“Remember Annie”s admonition that this should be a celebration, so I hope you take full advantage of the opportunity to celebrate old friendships and to make new ones. This beautifully polished dance floor in front of me is a great place to make new friends. Come on up and dance like no one”s watching.

“But before you do, I”d like to offer a toast, so please pick up a glass of whatever you”re drinking and join me.

“Let”s toast to Annika Madsen. From now until forever, always one of `us.”

“To Annie!! Hip-hip ..”


I cajoled them, “You can do better than that!”

“Hip-hip …”


“Hip-hip …”


“That”s better.

“And while I have your attention, Could we all raise our glasses one more time? As I mentioned before, it was fifteen years ago today that Annie gave birth to our perfect, beautiful, intelligent, caring, loving, generous, industrious … I better stop myself … To our wonderful son.

“There is no more perfect way to honor Annie than to celebrate Channing. Come up here, sweet baby.”

Chan came up to me with crimson washed across his face. He hates being the center of attention, except in bed. I kissed both cheeks and held him close to me.

“Let”s toast to Channing Daniel Madsen Tarnow. Every day that I am privileged to be with you, I understand more perfectly what love really is. Happy birthday, son.”

Chan grabbed the mic from me.

“You know today is dad”s birthday too. Happy birthday, dad. You”re not half as bad as people say.”

People laughed and raised their glasses and Chan kissed me on the lips. I heard the strains of “Happy Birthday” starting in the crowd. Chan and I joined in singing to each other as we held one another. People tell me I can carry a tune pretty well, but Chan has a beautiful voice. I could listen to him sing to me all day.

Cheers went up as the song ended, and I kissed my son again before grabbing the mic back from him.

“OK, everybody, let”s dance our asses off!”

With that, balloon shades came down over all the windows to dim the hall, and the DJ cranked the music.

Suddenly there were laser lights and a disco ball rotating with three small spotlights on it to spin a shimmer of diamonds around the room. Where did that come from?

Lucas is going to get a big bonus for his party planning prowess. Maybe he”ll cum four times.

I saw my niece Alice, Dan”s daughter, and she agreed to dance with me. We had a great time. Of course, I eventually ended up carrying around the eleven-year-old, but I didn”t mind a bit.

The next number was a three-way dance between Bird, Oliver and me. Oliver is a terrific dancer. I looked around and saw Chan dancing with Dave. They seemed very happy to be close to one another. A few of their teammates were also dancing with them. About halfway through the number, Chan”s shirt was off, and he was twirling it over his head. Dave joined in, as did a few of the others. The shirts ended up in a pile in the corner of the room. I was suddenly enjoying the party even more.

Dave is beautiful. Dave dancing is spectacular. I felt myself chubbing up watching Dave”s black skin barely concealing his muscles. I love him!

Focus, Drew.

I ended up dancing with my mom, dad, Dan, Patrice, many friends, both men, and women. I grabbed Dan”s nine-year-old son Andrew and picked him up to dance with him.

“Happy birthday, Uncle Drew!”

“Thank you, Andy. Do you wanna dance with me?”

“Yeah! Will you spin me?”

“Of course I”ll spin you. Let”s go!”

We were off dancing and spinning. I had the boy twirling over my head, swinging through my legs, and sitting on my hip. We had a great time. We both squealed and giggled like nine-year-olds.

Afterward, Andy wanted to go dance with the other birthday boy. I carried him on my shoulders over to my shirtless and sweaty son.

“Your cousin wants to dance with the birthday boy. Can you handle it?”

Chan grabbed his cousin and hoisted him while they both laughed.

“I can handle it, little man, can you?”

My little namesake laughed raucously izmit eve gelen escort and asked his cousin, “What happened to your shirt?”

“Well, Andy, dancing is hard work sometimes, and I got hot, so I took it off.”

“Oh. OK. You have big muscles, Channing.”

“Thanks, Andy. I do a lot of exercises to make my muscles grow.”

“Channing, I”m dancing really hard too, I wanna take off my shirt.”

“Go for it, little man.”

My nephew had little trouble wriggling out of his long-sleeve shirt which was sized with plenty of room to grow. I took his shirt to give to his parents. After about forty-five minutes of dancing, I was ready for a break.

The floor was filled with people laughing and having a good time. It made me happy to witness it. It was a fitting celebration of Annie too.

I saw one of the track kids sitting at a table. He had given Chan and Dave the stink eye when they kissed at the visitation. Chan and Dave were kissing again on the dance floor, and this kid was seething.

I asked him if something was upsetting him and if I could help.

“That”s not right, what they”re doing.” I sat down next to him. I had seen this guy at practices when I went to pick up Chan, but I had never spoken to him. He was about five-foot-seven and looked to be tightly muscled. He was a medium-hued African American and wore his hair in four-inch braids that weren”t quite long enough to hang down, so they .each went their own way. I found it very attractive.

He had a cute round face, even though right then it had a rather churlish expression on it as he toyed with his mixed berry parfait. I wondered what his skin would taste like.

Focus, Drew.

“Are you referring to Dave and Chan kissing? They really like each other. I think it”s nice that they feel free to show their affection.”

“Well, I think it”s disgusting. Look at the way Dave is going after him. He”s embarrassing himself.”

The upset young man went on complaining. I noticed he kept moaning about Dave but hardly mentioned Chan. I was trying to read his face, and eventually figured out why he was upset.

“I”m sure Dave would dance with you if you asked him.”

“What! Why would I want to dance with Dave? That”s stupid.”

I smiled. “What”s your name?”


“Well, Jaleel, look at him. He is gorgeous and sexy. He”s a great dancer too. And just look at the beautiful shimmering black skin.”

I spent a couple moments watching Dave dance. He really is a good dancer. I wanted to put my hands all over him. My dick told me it wanted to do things to him too.

“Come on, Jaleel, dance with me.”


I could see the conflict on Jaleel”s face. I didn”t give him much choice and hauled him over to the floor to dance to an upbeat number. I ended up taking off my shirt too. I was glad I shaved my underarms this morning.

“Come on, Jaleel, join me.”

“You can call me Jay,” He told me.

The kid was loosening up. We were both dancing, but not really dancing with each other. That made it less awkward for him. Soon his shirt went flying and landed against the wall.

I drank in Jay”s deep caramel torso. He was not heavily muscled, but everything was high and tight. I noticed a tiny gold ring in his left nipple. My tongue instinctively hung out before I caught myself.

Jay was performing a modified solo salsa. He was incredibly cute as his hips swayed as he alternated putting one hand and then the other on his tight belly. His braids boobed as he moved his head in time with the music.

I put a hand on his side and mimicked his moves while enjoying the feel of his skin. I”m not a particularly good dancer, but I can hold my own and usually enjoy myself on the dance floor.

I maneuvered us closer to Chan and Dave without Jay being aware of it. Jaleel was becoming downright carefree. My hand made its way up the side of his torso, and I flicked his nipple ring with my thumb while winking at him. I think he forgot that he was sporting the jewelry because his eyes bugged out briefly. I flicked his nipple ring again and smiled to let him know that I liked it. He shrugged his shoulders as we continued to salsa.

Our upbeat number was over, and a slow song came on. Jaleel suddenly realized we were adjacent to Chan and Dave.

I turned to my new love. “Dave, do you mind if I dance with my son?” I asked giving a subtle nod to Jaleel.

“Sure, Drew.”

Chan and I wrapped each other”s naked torsos in an embrace and started dancing. I nodded again to Dave. He got the hint.

“Come on, Jay, don”t leave me hanging here.”

Dave took Jaleel into his arms. The poor kid was scared again but slowly gave into his desire for the darker African-American stud. The two teens looked like they fit together perfectly, even though Jay was a few inches shorter than Dave.

I kissed Chan all over his face as we danced and he returned the favor. We just smiled and rocked together, sharing our love and perspiration.

“I think Jaleel”s wish is finally coming true,” I said into Chan”s ear.

We both looked over to see Dave leaning down to tease Jaleel”s lips with his talented tongue. Both Chan and I got hard remembering how much pleasure Dave”s tongue had given us just this morning. We didn”t make much of an effort to hide our arousal.

I turned Chan around, so his back was against my chest. I slipped my hand into his front pocket opening and felt his growing penis.

“Are you enjoying yourself, sweet baby?”

“Oh, dad, you”d better stop, or I”m going to stain my pants.”

“That would be a shame,” I said while holding his penis for a protracted moment before withdrawing my hand.

He turned around in my arms.

“I love you to the moon and back, dad.”

“I love you to Neptune and back, sweet Bunny.”

We both took a break from dancing after our slow number and grabbed a fresh drink. We meandered over to the Madsens.

“Mr. and Mrs. Madsen, I”m sorry that this has kind of turned into a shirtless rave.

Mrs. Madsen laughed. “I love, it Drew. This is the perfect way to honor Annie. By the way, happy birthday, both of you. I can”t believe how beautiful this place looks. Thank you so much for doing this, and especially for what you said at the service.

“Why don”t you two birthday boys come with me to look at these pictures and reminisce for a while?”

I sensed her statement was more a directive than a request as Mrs. Madsen walked us over to the closest video monitor while Mr. Madsen moved on to chat with a group of his employees from the Tractor Supply Company that he franchises.

I looked at Mrs. Madsen. “There are more pictures in this slideshow than the one at the funeral home.” I was looking at a picture of little Channing getting off the school bus. He must have been in first grade. There were also a few pictures of the two of us on a playground at various ages.

“Did my mom give you these photos? I don”t remember seeing them before.”

Lorraine Madsen looked at both of us. I was feeling a bit awkward without my shirt but tried not to show it. Chan never feels awkward with his clothes off. Chan”s grandmother wrapped her arm around his waist and pulled him close.

“Well, Drew,” Lorraine continued, “When you said that Annie saw Chan only one other time after she gave birth, you were incorrect.

“We found these pictures, and hundreds of others, that Annie had taken through the years. She had a file folder on her laptop titled `One-Good-Thing.” I thought it was something from one of the sobriety programs she had tried, but when we opened it, it was filled with pictures of Channing and some of you, too, Drew.”

I held on to Chan from the other side. I had no idea Annie was keeping tabs on her “One Good Thing.” I was speechless.

Mrs. Madsen turned to Channing and looked into his brimming eyes.

“Channing, my love, everything your dad said about how much your mom loved you � so much so that she was willing to sacrifice herself for you � all of that was true.

“She loved you very, very much and never, ever, not even for a minute, forgot about you.”

Chan fell into his grandmother”s embrace and cried freely for a few minutes.

“Grandma, I wish she would have believed in herself enough to know that she could never hurt me. I wish that she could have believed I would love her no matter what.” Chan continued to cry.

Lorraine patted his cheek and spoke to Chan reassuringly, “All that your mother wanted was to know that you were loved unconditionally and being raised to be a good man. Your father and your grandparents are doing an outstanding job on both fronts. Your grandfather and I are both proud of you. Your mother was always proud of you. Believe it. Always.”

She leaned forward and kissed my cheek while patting my bare chest, her fingers lingering briefly on my skin. I felt tears running down my cheeks as I returned her kiss.

“You know what I wish, Drew,” she asked.

“I wish that, just once, you would have taken Peter along with you when you got your chest waxed. I can”t stand all that wiry hair on his torso.”

I laughed through my tears. “Had I but known, Lorraine, izmit otele gelen escort I would have done just that.”

She laughed too. “I would have wanted to go with you just to hear him scream.”

“The chest is nothing,” I offered, “just try getting your scrotum ripped apart.”

She guffawed. “Hey, I have gotten more than one Brazilian in my life. I know of what you speak. But thank goodness he does shave and trim down there. Otherwise, he wouldn”t get his daily action and twice on Saturdays.”

Lorraine Madsen, the sixty-three-year-old sex kitten, was suddenly blushing furiously after she realized what she just disclosed.

“Oh please, Grandma,” Chan said, “If you weren”t my grandmother, and I weren”t gay, I”d shave or wax anything you tell me to keep you happy. You”re a stunner, and Pop”s a lucky guy. You want, maybe, that I should have a talk with him, man to man?” Chan suddenly turned on his best mafioso imitation.

“Oh, gosh, Channing, no! I”d be mortified.”

I turned to her, “Well, my son is correct: you are a stunner, and Pete is a lucky guy. I”m sure that he knows it. I think it”s wonderful you two have such an active love life. It speaks well of your marriage.”

Lorraine recovered her composure. “I”ll remind him how lucky he is if he ever forgets.”

“I love you, foxy grandma,” Chan said, hugging her again.

She returned the hug. “I love you too, my most handsomest grandson.”

We broke up, and I told Chan that we should start saying goodbye to people because we had a long drive ahead of us to get to South Carolina. It was already about 3:00. I had hoped to be on the road by this time.

“Dad, I”m kind of happy we”re going, but I didn”t realize until now how much I”m going to miss so many people here.”

“I know, sweet baby, I will miss them too. But we are going to be back for holidays and visits, and people will come to visit us too.”

Chan moped. “I know, it”s just sad after having everyone together like this and having so much fun.”

“Dad!” Chan suddenly lit up.

“Chan!” I imitated him.

“Let”s have a party like this every year! We can celebrate our birthday and remember mom and get everyone together. We can plan way ahead so everyone can come. Can we do that?”

I grabbed him. “My sweet Bunny. You are smarter than you are handsome. I”m going to the office right now to reserve the date for next year. We don”t have to call it a birthday party. It will be a celebration of friends and family. You came up with a marvelous idea.”

I found the Mirabella manager”s office and made quick work of booking the date. He didn”t even require a deposit. All that carpeting, wallcovering, and paint I paid for was deposit enough.

Now we faced the daunting challenge of taking our leave. Chan and I moved together from table to table, encouraging people to stay as long as they wished, but explaining that we needed to go.

It was a formality to say goodbye to most of the people, but there were others with whom we were sure to be shedding tears.

It started for Chan when we got to his rugby club. Half of them were also shirtless and the ones who were still dancing noticed us and came over. We both hugged them all. I thanked them for being so good to my son.

Chan seemed to have problems dislodging himself from the embrace of a man I learned was Sean. Sean looked to be about my age and was a hirsute and burly man. They rocked back and forth in a tight embrace.

Sean looked over at me and said, “I wish I had a son as good as Chan. I hope you know how lucky you are to have him.” Tears were running down his face.

I told him truthfully, “I am thankful every day for that beautiful young man you are holding. He is my world.”

Finally, another of the group broke up their embrace. “For god sakes! Are you girls done telling each other how pretty you are? Let someone else take a turn.”

A college-age man with a light brown top knot yanked Chan away from Sean and wrapped him up in a hug before kissing his mouth. Chan”s eyes flew open, but he seemed to be enjoying the kiss. When they separated Chan asked, “Why haven”t you ever kissed me like that before, Mitch, you dumbass?”

“I don”t know. But I couldn”t miss this chance. Don”t be a stranger.”

Chan grabbed Mitch”s ass with both hands and pulled him in for another kiss. Mitch returned the favor. I knew history was going to repeat itself. Sure enough, just like Quino in the tailor shop, Mitch was humping and vibrating and cumming in his pants.

“What the actual fuck?”

Chan just laughed and promised to keep in touch. He knew that was going to happen. Did Chan make it happen?

We made our way around a couple other tables and then came upon the track team, including Dave, Nick, and Pete. I started crying the instant I looked at Dave.

I greeted the others first. Most of them were fine, but a few were also misty-eyed. Chan embraced all of them. We both kissed Pete and Nick. When I got to the black teen stud, I grabbed onto him and broke down into a seriously ugly cry. I didn”t give a crap who saw how much I loved this boy.

I pulled myself together after a couple minutes and then we started kissing without holding anything back. His tongue is so magical to taste and feel. I did my best to taste all of him. I kissed his neck and his face before returning to his mouth. I noticed Jaleel staring at us slack-jawed. Perhaps he will very soon enjoy all the pleasures of Dave”s magnificent body.

I finally relented and allowed Chan to enjoy his last taste of Dave. He was no better composed than I was. He too left it all on the table in his kiss with Dave.

When they were finally finished, I told Dave, “I”m going to do everything in my power to make sure we see each other. I will not let this be our last time together.”

“I”d like that a lot,” said the weeping teen.

We moved through other tables, including the rowing club, the table where Roger the tailor was sitting with a few townsfolk. We got to the table where Mike Peacock and Liz White, Dave”s parents, were seated. Both Chan and I kissed them both. I enjoyed Mike”s mouth almost as much as Dave”s. He was the most skilled kissing partner I”d ever encountered.

When we broke our kiss, Mike said to me, “I know Dave has your numbers, but I want to make sure I have them too, as well as your new address. We are already planning a trip to South Carolina.”

I almost levitated. “Oh my God. That is the best thing I”ve heard all day. Chan, get out your phone too. I want to make sure we both have all the contacts.”

Chan reached down and pulled his phone out of his sock. Smart kid.

“Why don”t you just put it in your pocket,” Mike asked.

“Go ahead and put your hand in my pocket,” Chan encouraged him.

As Mike slid his hand into the pocket opening, he got a handful of Chan”s penis. I could tell he had to will his hand away from that lovely phallus. Mike smiled at me.

“Be assured, we are coming to visit,” Mike repeated.

“We will visit you, too,” I assured him.

We said another goodbye to the Madsens who extracted promises from us not to let Chan go too long without seeing his grandparents.

We stopped at my family”s table. We had already said our goodbyes over the past few days, but this was the last goodbye. Both Chan and I were sopping messes by the time we got around the table of mom, dad, Dan, Patrice, Andy, Alice, Shahin, and Oliver.

We made our way to the cloakroom to pick up our jackets when I realized we didn”t have our shirts. I decided to leave them wherever they landed. If someone figures out they”re ours, maybe they will send them to us. If not, no great loss.

As I exited the cloakroom, I saw Chan embracing Elias Katema with Magda joining in.

“You didn”t think I”d let you get away that easily, did you,” Dr. Katema asked me.

“I was hoping not.”

Elias turned his attention back to Chan.

“So, every Monday morning at 10:30, correct? That is a minimum. I don”t want you to wait until Monday if you want to talk. We”ll figure out a new schedule once school starts.”

“Yes, sir,” my son replied.

“And you,” He asked me


“We need to set up a weekly phone call, so it doesn”t slip off the radar. What time is good for you?”

I thought for a moment. “Well, I”ll be busy at work, especially the first few weeks, so maybe in the evening sometime?”

He looked at his calendar app. “How about Thursday evenings at 7:30?”

I checked my calendar, knowing it would be free. I entered a standing weekly appointment.

“We”re all set.”

I put my phone away and pulled him into an embrace.

“We”ll see you next month? The guest room will be ready.”

“Absolutely. I look forward to it.”

He wrapped both Chan and me in his arms.

“May I tell you truthfully that I think this move, although very stressful, will ultimately be good for the two of you?

“You are locked in place right now. This change will allow you both to reorganize your priorities and really grow as men.”

I sighed in his embrace, enjoying the feel of his hand on my skin as he rubbed up and down my back. “I hope you are right.”

“Trust your heart, Andy Andrew.”

I kissed his cheek and did the same to Magda. “I love you both.”

“And we love you both too,” She assured us, kissing Chan and then me.

We said our final goodbyes and walked hand in hand out of Mirabella”s and into the blazing July sun.