Rainy Day Experience

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I had been working at the same company for over 10 years and during that time, I had done pretty well in terms of getting promotions and moving up the ladder but the best part about the company was that it was like a family and I developed a lot of close relationships with people.

Our receptionist, Lynn, had been with us for about 8 years and I always found her to be one of the nicest people I had ever met, perfect for that type of position. She is in her mid 60s, a little overweight, and wears a wig and glasses, but she still looks pretty good. Lynn always dressed very professionally and was meticulous about her appearance. Her best features though were a great set of legs and the best breasts you would ever want to see. She tried for the most part to minimize them but every once in a while in the summer time, she would wear something that showed off some cleavage. They had to be at least 40DD and they really stood out as she was only about 5 feet 2 inches.

Lynn had a great smile and always had something nice to say. She remembered everyone’s birthdays and was always the first one to say an encouraging word if things were not going well. Lynn had come to us a few years ago to work after her husband had suddenly died, leaving her widowed. Needing something to do and not wanting to sit around at home, she took the job and quickly became one of the most popular people in the company. I had gotten to know her just chatting and we had become pretty good friends over the last couple of years, bringing her coffee on my way to my office a couple of times a week.

However, it seemed that the last few months, our conversations had gotten a bit flirty, and we would Instant Message each other in the office and she would come by my desk whenever she could, and I would do the same. We began to go to lunch every so often and no one really thought anything of it as no one would ever think that the two of us would ever do anything, as she was like everyone’s Mom. Of course, I would occasionally sneak peeks at her chest whenever I thought she was not looking.

Anyway, one day, I came in and saw her and said good morning. She was wearing a black top that was straining to bahis siteleri hold her in, and a brown skirt with heels. You could definitely see the outline of her bra pressed against her silk blouse. Damn, she looks really hot today, I thought to myself.

“Hey Lynn, would you like to go to lunch today?”

“Hi Mark, sure, why not, although it looks a bit wet today.”

“That is ok, I brought my umbrella.”

“Alright, see you at noon then.”

The morning went uneventfully and I was looking forward to having a pleasant lunch with Lynn, and kept thinking about how nice she looked. For a moment, I fantasized about seeing those boobs but tried to put the thought out of my mind as I noticed I was getting hard just thinking about it. Come on man, I was thinking to myself, concentrate.

We went to the restaurant and the only place I could find to park was a good walk from the door in the back corner of the parking lot.

“Do you want me to drop you at the door and I will join you inside?” I asked. As I said that, the skies opened up and it really started to pour.

“Oh man, no you would get soaked too, Mark. Let’s just sit here for a few minutes and see if it lets up a bit.”

As the rain poured down we chatted to pass the time.

“Hey Lynn, I meant to tell you earlier, you look very pretty today.”

“Why thanks, Mark, you always have such nice things to say. I really enjoy spending time with you.”

“Me too, Lynn. You are definitely one of the nicest people I have ever met.”

“Aw, that is so sweet.” As she said that, she leaned over and gave me a hug. We held the embrace and it seemed like neither one of us wanted to break it. As we hugged each other, my left arm was resting along the side of her large breasts. For some reason, I looked over and instinctively kissed her on the cheek.

She looked back at me and kissed me on the cheek and we looked at each other

“That was nice,” she said.

“I agree,” I said and we both looked at each other for a moment. Slowly, we moved back together, still holding our embrace. The smell of her perfume filled me and I could feel my heartbeat picking up a bit as our lips touched. We kissed canlı bahis siteleri each other gently a few times and then our lips parted, our tongues pressing together, and I could hear her audibly sigh as we kissed long and hard.

“Hmm guess we won’t be eating lunch today will we?” I said laughingly.

She giggled and said, “Well we ate yesterday I guess.”

“I have wanted you to do this for a long time,” she said.

“Wow, I wish you had said something. I have thought about it before”

“Remember, I am from a little different time. Women don’t make the first move.”

With that, I leaned back in and began to kiss, her our tongues dancing. As we continued to make out, the rain poured down outside, making it like our own private little island in the car. As we made out, I gently put my hand on her right breast and began gently rubbing it, and I could feel the outline of her hardening nipples through the fabric of her blouse and bra.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she said as she grabbed my hand and pressed it harder against her chest. As we kissed I could feel my hard on straining against my pants, and I figured what the hell. I grabbed her hand and slowly moved it to my crotch. For a second, I thought I had pushed her too hard as she broke our kiss but left her hand there not moving.

“What is the matter,” I asked.

“I have not done anything like this in a long time. It just shocked me is all.”

I moved in again and as I did she began rubbing the outline of my cock through my pants, as I started unbuttoning her blouse. Getting a few undone, I slipped my hand inside and felt the smooth texture of her satin bra, her nipple feeling like a large pencil eraser sticking out.

“God, Lynn, you have the best boobs of any woman at work. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought of being able to do this.”

“Play your cards right and you will get to do more than this.”

By this time, my cock was starting to hurt from being restrained. Reading my mind, she slowly unzipped my fly and unbuttoning my boxers, pulled out my now fully erect cock.

“Mmm this is nice and thick, I love that.” she purred as she slowly ran her hand along canlı bahis it and gripped it, my precum oozing from the tip. As she did so, I ran my hand along her thigh and under her skirt, feeling the warmth of her pussy through her pantyhose and underwear, and began to gently rub my fingers along the outline of her pussy.

She moaned even more and pressed her tongue against mine more intensely now as both of us began breathing even more heavily. I could feel the wetness of my precum oozing even more as my cock would occasionally twitch to her touch. By now, I had gotten her blouse untucked and completely unbuttoned and slid my hand underneath her bra. I slowly rolled her erect nipple and began rubbing my hand across her entire breast.

“Oh that feels so good, you naughty boy.”

“Mmm it does.” As I said that I looked at the clock and saw that we only had about 15 minutes to get back from lunch.

“I hate to break this to you but we need to think about getting back Lynn”

“Damn, I know. I am so wet and you well we can’t have you going back to the office like that.”

“Yeah,” I said laughingly, “No way can I go back like this. Do you mind if I jerk myself off?”

“What? No way. I will do it for you, it is the least I can do.”

With that, she smeared some of my precum around my cock and began stroking me as she leaned over and kissed me, our tongues wrestling, and my hand reaching over to caress her exposed breast. It did not take long before I could feel my cock begin to spasm and she tightened her grip as she stroked harder and reached over and began to gently knead my balls. As she did this, I erupted, shooting a long thick rope of cum that shot onto the dash. As I grunted and groaned at the release, she continued to pump furiously, as wave after wave of hot, white, sticky semen flew out. As the flow started to cease, she slowed down and kept a loose grip on my cock. We kissed again.

“Oh man I don’t think I have ever seen a guy cum that much in my life,” she said.

“I don’t think I have ever come that much either.”

I reached into the glove compartment and pulled out some tissues and we cleaned up. As we drove back to the office, she reached for and held my hand.

“What now?” I said

“Well first thing is to find something in the snack machine at work, ” she laughed, “And then we need to figure out when to meet again. You still owe me…..”