Realizing our Passion Ch. 02

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When I awoke the next morning, I blinked groggily and tried to lift my left arm to wipe at my eyes, and found that it wouldn’t move. It was moment before I realized that there was a weight holding my arm down. It took me another half second to realize that it was warm and soft. I glanced down and saw Anabel curled up next to me with her arm draped lovingly across my chest. As I looked at her, the memory of the previous day and the memorable night came back to me. I smiled and gently stroked her hair. She stirred at my touch and made a cute little sound as she nuzzled her cheek against my shoulder. Her eyes drifted open and she looked up at me. A wide, happy smile spread over her mouth as she saw me.

“Good morning.” She said softly as the arm she had draped over me tightened a little and turned into a hug. I squeezed her back and smiled.

“Good morning you.” I said, leaning down and kissing her lightly. She returned the kiss happily. When we broke apart, she sighed happily.

“Jake last night, was the best night of my life.” She said. I stoked her cheek and squeezed her tightly.

“Mine too Ana.” I whispered. She nuzzled her cheek against me and let out a soft sound before kissing me again. I kissed her back and she giggled. “You are such a great kisser Jacob.” She murmured. I grinned and fixed my lips to hers again. She pressed against me a little bit as our tongues slid together. The passion developed rapidly and she rolled to lay on top of me. Her hips ground against mine eagerly and I glanced up at her.

“Seriously?” I blinked. She gave me a lustful grin.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time Jacob. I’ve finally got you big brother. I fully intend to make the most of the time I have with you.” She attacked my lips again as my cock started to rapidly harden against her grinding mound. We made out fevently until my cock grew painfully hard. She gasped lustfully and moved herself up a bit and before I knew it, I was sliding inside of her again. I gasped as her warm, velvety slit parted around me inch by inch again. She pressed down until her hips rested against mine and it took all of my composure to keep from blowing my load right then as I watched her head fall back, her mouth open in a wordless cry of passion. When she started moving, she didn’t start slow. She just immediately started humping me as fast and hard as she could. She gasped heavily with every movement and once again I got lost in passion. Having her on top of me this time was somehow even hotter that having her writhe beneath me. Her moans of ecstasy mingled with mine as she rode my cock like a pro.

She leaned down to hug my head to her chest. I turned my face so that I could suck a nipple into my mouth as her hot pussy continued to gyrate on my cock. I could feel my end building rapidly, but I tried to hold out as long as I could. She finally pulled back and arched her back, loosing an ecstatic scream. I felt her pussy start to flutter and pulse as she came. And yet again it pushed me over the edge. I moaned and felt the same rush of pleasure as I spewed inside her again. She collapsed on top of me when we both finished cumming and just let herself lay there. I held her while we regained our breath. I don’t know where the thought came from, but I suddenly spoke.

“Uh, Ana. That’s the second time I’ve gone and came inside you.” I said, giving her a worried look. She grinned and kissed the tip of my nose.

“Don’t worry about that. I’ve been on birth control for over a year. We’re perfectly safe.” She assured me. I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at her. She trailed a finger over my chest. “I’m not ready for a baby yet.” she commented idly. I nodded.

“Yeah. I don’t think I’m ready to be a father yet either.” She purred lightly and then started to stand up.

“I think we should probably go take a shower huh?” She said. I grinned lecherously and stood after her. She grinned back and glided into the bathroom that connected to my bedroom. I hurried in after her and closed the door. Ana had already turned the hot water on and then glanced back at me. “Think you can control yourself enough to take a hot shower, or do I need to throw you into a cold one?” She accused playfully. I arched an eyebrow at her.

“As I recall, you’re the one who initiated most of this.” I shot back. She bit her lip and bobbed her head in acknowledgment.

“Okay you do have a point there. But we really should clean up a bit. You made a major mess of me, and your hips are a mess as well.” She winked at me and stepped into the water. I stepped in after her and she welcomed me with a tender kiss. It wasn’t really fair to say that kissing her felt good, it didn’t. It was more than that. Kissing her was more like a necessity. It felt as natural and as necessary as breathing. I pulled her against me and her hands stayed pressed against my chest. After a long moment, we finally broke apart. She smiled coyly and then picked up the soap bar.

She turned back to me and started running it over my chest bursa escort and arms. I grinned at her and let her do what she would. She slowly dropped down to her knees and started lathering soap on my legs. It felt incredibly intimate, having my sister clean me in the shower. The water cascading over her body. The way her hands moved over every inch of me. I swallowed heavily as she took my cock and started rubbing soap over it. I saw a look of longing on her face, but she didn’t try to arouse me again, although I was already at half-mast. She washed the soap from my front and then coaxed me into turning around. I felt her lips gently caress the back of my neck as she started to run the soap over my back. Then she moved down and I felt her start washing my ass. She took her time before she finished and turned me back around.

She kissed my cheek as she pressed the soap into my hand. I nodded enthusiastically and took one of her arms in my hand. I slowly and gently soaped it up. I grinned at her as I felt the goosebumps appear on her flesh. She smiled up at me and then looked back down to watch as I lathered her arms and then her stomach. She gave me a quizzical look. She glanced down at her breasts and then back up at me. I grinned and gently nudged her to turn around. When she did, I slipped my hands under her arms and snaked them around to run my hands over her breasts. She sighed happily as I started to wash them. I took a little extra time making sure every inch of the perfect chest got washed. I washed her back and then lowered to my own knees. I leaned in and gave her ass cheek a good long kiss. I felt her giggle and then jump as I grew bold and bit down firmly. She yelped and swatted my head lightly.

“Hey! What was that?!” She shouted, feigning chagrin. I proceeded to wash her legs as though she hadn’t spoken. She gave me a fake pout but then just enjoyed the feeling of me washing her. When I’d rinsed her legs off, I turned her around again and was face to face with her pussy. I licked my lips as I stared at the beautiful flower that rested mere inches from my lips. She gave my cheek a gentle stroke.

“Focus big brother.” She purred. I glanced up at her and decided to ignore her completely. I leaned in and gave her pussy lips a hungry kiss. She giggled and halfheartedly pushed my head away. “Come on, Jake. Just wash for now. I promise you can-” She moaned as I gently knocked her hand out of the way and leaned back in to run my tongue over her slit. “H-hey. That’s cheating” She giggled. I gently sucked one of the lips into my mouth. She tasted exquisite. She was sweet and a little bit tart. She moaned again and leaned against the wall as I switched to the other side and reached up to gently rub her clit. She lightly humped against my mouth as I ate her out eagerly. I moved my lips to her clit and slid my hand around. I slipped my first two fingers into her pussy and start to finger fuck her as her cries rose in volume again. She panted and I felt it when she started to cum again. Her hands held the back of my head a pressed me tight against her pussy as she squirted her juices into my mouth. I drank her nectar happily until she finally finished cumming. I gave her a long minute to recover before I gently washed her pussy. I ran my mouth and face under the water and then stood up. She was still panting slightly, but she gave me a satisfied look. “Okay. I’ll let you get away with that one. That was great.” She said as she stepped up to kiss me.

We both quickly washed our hair and turned the water off. We stepped out of the shower and dried ourselves off. When we stepped out into the frigid air outside of the bathroom, I felt myself break out in goosebumps and couldn’t help but stare at Ana’s nipples as they hardened in the cold.

“Good grief, Jake.” She said. “Turn heat on will you!” I chuckled and dashed out to the thermostat. I raised the temperature a little. I walked back into my room and slipped my hands around her waist.

“There. It it should warm up here in a few minutes.” I told her. She smiled and nuzzled her cheek in my shoulder. That’s when we were interrupted by the doorbell ringing. We jumped apart and I saw Ana blush. She mumbled something and the dashed from my room and up the stairs. I quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and walked out to the front door. I unlocked it and pulled it open to find my best friend Alan standing there. I blinked for a moment as he held up his Xbox One and Star Wars Battlefront.

“Hey man. Ready to try this out?” He said. I gaped at him. I had totally forgotten that Alan was coming over. He gave me the usual derisive smirk and shook his head. “You forgot didn’t you.” He said. I snorted and stepped aside and invited him inside.

“Shut up and come on in jerk ass.” I said. He laughed and walked in. We walked over into the living room and he set the Xbox up. He had just finished plugging in the cords when Anabel came down the stairs. She had on a short t-shirt that exposed her gorgeous belly and the pair of crimson panties she bursa escort bayan had been wearing the night before. She had messed up her hair and walked as though she had just gotten out of bed. She walked past us as if she hadn’t even noticed us and into the kitchen. I heard her start to put a cup of coffee in dad’s Keurig coffee maker. Alan’s jaw was pretty much resting on his shoes.

“Dude! You should have told me you had a girl over! I would have am-scrayed!” He whispered. I gave him a confused look for a moment, and then it occurred to me that Alan had never met Anabel. And I also realized that I hadn’t bothered to tell him that she was coming out her. I’d probably think the same thing. Especially with Ana dressed like that. Something told me that she had seen Alan at the door at some point and decided to tease us both.

“Uh well…actually bro, she’s actually-”

“Jakey!” Ana called from the kitchen, her voice affectionate and loving. “The coffee maker isn’t working. Can you come fix it for me please babe?” She poked her head out of the kitchen and gave me a sexy smile. She clearly heard what Alan had said. I looked at her a bit baffled, and then decided to play along. I glanced sidelong at Alan and then walked toward the kitchen.

“Of course my sweet. I’d be happy to.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek as I passed her and leaned over the Keurig and saw that there was nothing wrong with it. I looked back at her and she winked at me. I grinned and pretended to fiddle with it and then pressed the start button. I walked over to Anabel and slid an arm around her waist. “There. It’s working now.” I told her. She smiled and pulled me into a nice hug, pressing her breasts into my chest. Alan walked up slowly and cleared his throat.

“Uh, hi there.” He stuttered, looking at Ana and offering her his hand. “I’m Alan. I’m Jacob’s best friend.” He introduced himself. She smiled and shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Alan.” she said sweetly. “I’m Anabel. I’m Jake’s sister.” She said, putting emphasis on the latter word. Alan’s mouth dropped open and he looked between the two of us with a bewildered look. It was so comical that Ana and I both almost fell to the floor when we started laughing. His face became even more confounded until he realized why we were laughing.

“Wait, you mean that was all an act?” he stammered. It sent Anabel into an even more intense fit of laughter.

“The look..on your face!!” she gasped as giggles shook her frame. Alan looked indignant as I laughed too. After a minute or so of gut twisting laughter, Ana and I finally settled down. Alan just stood there with his arms crossed looking unimpressed. Ana let out a final titter and looked up at him.

“I’m sorry, but Jake has told me a lot about you over the phone and I could only guess it was you. I just wanted to have a little fun with you.” She smiled sweetly. I saw his shoulders relax and he smiled back at her. She always did have that kind of smile.

“Oh alright. I gotta admit that was pretty funny.” He conceded. She stepped up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“It’s nice to meet you Alan. I take it that Jake didn’t bother to tell you that I was coming?” She said. He shook his head and gave me a poignant look.

“No. He never said anything about it.” He said. I held up my hands in surrender.

“Hey, I’m sorry man. I didn’t mean to leave you out of the loop.” I said. He laughed at me and punched me lightly in the shoulder.

“Don’t sweat it man. It’s alright. After all, not saying anything to either of us gave me a rather…splendid view.” he winked at Ana as he looked at her bare stomach and her exposed legs and hips. She gave him a fake incensed look.

“Well don’t you think you’re being a bit bold, good sir?” She asked. He smirked and shook his head.

“Not really. If I was being bold, I’d do this.” he replied, as he reached down and smacked her ass. She yelped and glared at him playfully. I couldn’t help a slight pang of jealousy and indignation as I watched, but I quickly masked it from my face. Anna crossed her arms as she looked up at Alan.

“Try that again big guy.” She challenged. He smirked again and swung his hand to spank her again. Before he could land the spank though, Ana spun and caught his arm. She twisted and held his arm braced behind him and had him bent over at the waist.

“Ah! Ah!” He shouted. “I give! I give!” She chuckled and just held him there.

“Now you’re my bitch big boy. I got you where you can’t do anything.” She mused. Then she giggled and pushed him away. He rubbed his shoulder and gave her an impressed look. I gave her one myself and whistled lowly.

“That was awesome sis. Where did you learn to do that?” I asked. She smiled and shrugged.

“Just a few self defense classes. That’s all.” She said modestly. Alan scoffed and gave her a thumbs up.

“Well whoever is teaching you knows what they’re doing. That was an effective arm lock.” He said. She smiled proudly and walked over escort bursa to plop on the couch.

“So you guys have plans today?” she asked innocently. Alan walked over and sat in the chair next to the couch.

“Just a game day and goofing off for the weekend.” He replied. “I gotta head back home Sunday night. Got work on Monday.” He elaborated. She perked up and looked at us both as I sat down next to her on the couch.

“Oh? What do you got?”

Alan held up the game box. “Star Wars: Battlefront. Just got it a few days ago and wanted my best bud to play it with me.” he said. Ana’s eyes lit up.

“Oh that’s awesome! Can I play?” She asked eagerly. I shrugged and gave Alan an uncaring look and shrugged.

“Sure, I got no problem with it.” I said. Alan nodded and pulled out his two main controllers and the third spare I knew he always kept in his bag. He put the game in and we started it up.

The game was a lot of fun, although Anabel turned out to be a natural in the firefights as she repeatedly killed both me and Alan when we were against each other and killed more AI troops than both us when we teamed up. After a couple of hours, we finally turned it off and Ana sat there smugly.

“Well then, I’d say I just kicked both your asses.” she crowed triumphantly. Alan and I just scoffed and eyed her.

“I think you cheated somehow.” I said to her. She giggled and shot back,

“How could I cheat? I’ve never played this game before.” Alan chuckled.

“Could have fooled me.” he said. She just sat there and smirked. We laughed for a second and then Alan’s cell phone went off. It was a text message. He looked up at me. “Hey Jake, it cool if I go and bring Sierra over for a while? She’s all on her own and she’s bored.” He said. I rolled my eyes and gave him a look. He laughed and shook his head. “Hey, I promise we’ll behave. For as long as we can.” He elaborated. I gave Ana a knowing look and then just waved him off.

“Go on then. Better bring her over here. Might as well make it a party.” I told him. He slapped his thighs as he stood up.

“Awesome man. Be back in about fifteen.” He dashed out the front door and a moment later we heard his car start. After a moment, Ana stood up and came to sit in my lap. She draped her arms around my neck and I rested my hands on her hips. We didn’t say anything, she just leaned down and pressed her lips to mine. I eagerly kissed her back and ran my hands up her sides. She pulled back to look at me.

“So, he’s here for the whole weekend?” she asked idly. I nodded.

“Yeah. Sorry sis. I forgot that I’d made plans with him.” I replied. She shrugged and kissed me again.

“That’s okay. But do you think you can go a whole day and a half without fucking me?” She teased. I snorted.

“Oh trust me, it’ll be hard.” I said lifting a hand to cup her breast. “But as long as I get to touch,” I leaned up to peck her lips again. “And kiss when they aren’t looking, I think I might be able to manage.” I finished. She giggled and pecked me lightly as her hand drifted down to my crotch.

“I like the sound of that. And I think the same could go for me. Though right now, I think we have time enough for me to return the favor.” She grinned as her hand slipped into my shorts to grasp my cock. I let out a pleased breath and smiled at her as she slid off of my lap and onto her knees. She slid my shorts down my thighs until my dick was completely freed. She gave me a sexy smile as she stroked it. I felt myself rapidly grow hard in her grasp. She licked her lips as she lowered her head. She gingerly kissed both of my balls before slowly sliding her warm, wet tongue along my shaft. I sighed slightly in pleasure as she ran her tongue over the tip of my cock and then entered heaven as she started to take me into her mouth. One hand remained massaging my balls while I slid into her mouth. She took me in as far as she could and I felt myself nudge the back of her throat. I felt her suppress a gag, but she didn’t try to take me any deeper and I didn’t need to try to force her. Just the sheer thought that my sister was sucking on my dick was enough to keep me going and make it that much more pleasurable. Her head bobbed slowly at first and then gained momentum as she grew more accustomed to me in her mouth. I moaned slightly as my sister gave me an amazing blowjob. I could feel it when I started to build to my orgasm. Apparently Ana could as well. When it was almost to it’s peak, Anabel opened her eyes and looked up into mine as she continued to suck on my cock. The sight was incredible. Her beautiful eyes staring up at me as my dick repeatedly disappeared into her mouth pushed me over the edge. I don’t know how she knew it when I did, but at just the final second she opened her mouth and pulled her head back. Her hand continued to stroke me, but I watched in awe as my white semen spurted from my cock and all over my sister’s face. She kept her tongue out and several strands landed on it while several more landed on her chin, her forehead. One even landed across her eye, plastering it shut. When I finished cumming, she close her mouth over the cum that had landed on her tongue I and I saw her swallow eagerly. She grinned up at me with her spunk-covered face.