Reason I am a cuck

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Reason I am a cuckWe been married for many years and we are really close and honest and in love with each other. About 5 years ago I asked her to try dating other guys, first started of as fantasy during sex. Then i started to buy her thicker bigger dildos. Over the time she found that she could only cum with thicker toys rather than my cock alone. I then bought a chastity cage which was a bit big and i could easily escape from there. She liked the idea she could control my masturbation and my cock was her property. She started wearing a anklet on her right leg and sometimes a necklace with the key on it. On my birthday she even bought me a pink coloured extra small chastity cage. I registered on some swinger sites etc. A lovely gent contacted us, she went on a meal with him for the first meet. They got along well. They istanbul escort only kissed this time, but it was the first time she ever kissed anyone else beside me since we got married. 2 weeks later they met each other again, she dressed up really sexy with a mini skirt tights , heels. This was the first time she fucked someone else besides me. That night they fucked about 11 to 12 times. She came back home all tired , but with that satisfied pink glow on her face. I knew from that day onward that we would carry on cuckolding. Seeing her glowing and satisfied look each time she got back home and actually feeling her pussy constantly wet has surely had had a positive effect on her and our sex life in general. avcılar escort Cuckolding has brought us closer and more in love. Our sex life has become more exciting.The saying variety is the spice of life, sure does work for us.Since starting cuckolding I have taken on a more submissive role and her a more dominating role. She enjoys telling me what she has been up to while I clean her cream-pied pussy which was literally pumped full of her bulls seed minutes before. I go into ecstasy when i am down under her licking her out, while she talks to me about her date and squeezes and slaps my cock and balls. She usually locks me up before going out. I help her get ready for her dates, by massaging her, helping her choose her dress, making her a bath before… While on dates she sometimes şirinevler escort texts me and sends me pictures, my cock gets rock hard, but cant do much locked up in my chastity cage. All i can say we are the happiest since we started cuckolding and i am really glad its worked out for us both.It helps i am not the possessive type, I honestly do believe if you truly love someone you should set them free and they will always come back. Seeing her enjoy dates , life’s pleasures without and guilt. Nothing wrong with that!! Just cause you are married doesnt mean you are tied down sexually. For her she has her cake and eats it too by having fun outside with other guys and having a nice stable loving family home to come back to..Win win situation in my opinion.This is our sex life story so far, please feel free to share your views and your storiesD and S x(pictures below are of me in chastity and her with her bull. She super glued shut the lock!!She unloaded the condoms on her pussy and made me lick her clean..mmmmShe does enjoy when in the mood a bit of cock and ball torture and Small penis humiliation. Which is true in my case as i have average length penis but its not girthy at all !!)deleted