Rendezvous with a Truck Driver

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One day I found myself chatting with an older black guy online. He was a truck driver passing through my area and he was hoping to get some ass along the way. We chatted for a little while and I told him that I was really just wanting to suck some cock and wasn’t actually looking to get fucked today. The truth is that after seeing his photos I really didn’t think I could take his big black cock.

He was massive. About nine inches of thick black uncut meat and I hadn’t actually been fucked by anyone in at least a month. He was desperate enough to blow his load though so we agreed to meet at one of the interstate exits close by where I would climb into his truck and give him a long sloppy blowjob.

I was very excited, and as I parked behind his truck and walked up to the cab on the inside of the shoulder, I felt like a cheap truck stop whore. I was wearing a silky top that gently hugged my budding breasts, and since I wasn’t planning on getting fucked, I wore some black leggings and heals. I had on my favorite pink thong too which made my booty look amazing as it jiggled with every step I took. As I walked alongside the massive truck, listening to it rumble, I felt very small and weak, and I liked it.

As I got to the truck cab the passenger side door swung open. “Get on up here.” I heard a deep commanding voice say. Without hesitation I began climbing up the running boards and into the truck. As I pulled myself up and into the passenger seat, I saw him standing there. He was huge! He must have been six two with over 230 pounds of muscle. He had a trimmed beard with specks of grey in it, a shaved head, and he was wearing a t-shirt with athletic shorts.

“Damn, you’re cute girl.” I’m sure I was blushing as I sat there looking up at him.

“Thank you, sir.” I said nervously.

“You want to taste this dick?” He asked, as he took a step back into the sleeper cab.

“Hell yeah!” I replied as I slid off of the seat and onto my knees crawling towards him.

He then laid back on the bunk bed and pulled his shorts down. “Oh my!” I exclaimed. There it was, his big beautiful black cock in all its glory. It was only semi-erect, but it was already way bigger than my little sissy clitty, and bigger than most of the guys I had been with. I took him into my hand and began gently stroking his heavy penis.

“You like that baby?” he asked.

“Oh yes! It’s so fucking big!” I cooed.

“Haha, it ain’t too big though… get yo lips around it.”

With that, as his cock laid across his stomach, I slid my hand under it and slowly ran my tongue from his balls all the way up to the tip which was just starting to peak out of his foreskin, and then, I picked his cock up and completely engulfed it with my mouth.

“Mmm there ya go.” He growled in approval.

I swirled my tongue around his cock head letting all of my saliva run down güvenilir bahis to lubricate my hand which was gently tugging and twisting his shaft. With my free hand I was massaging his big balls which felt so heavy I figured he could drown me in cum. As I worked my magic his cock kept growing in my mouth, stretching my lips out and making it harder and harder to keep my teeth off of him.

“Hmm this ain’t the first dick you sucked, huh girl?” He enquired with a chuckle.

“Mmphh mmphh…” I responded with a mouth full of cock.

“You good at this.” He said, as he placed his hands on the back of my blonde head. “See how far you can go down.”

That’s when I felt his big strong hands grip my scalp, and all at once I was gripped with fear. I was already taking as much of him as I could, but it’s hard to protest with a mouth full of man meat. All I could do was take a deep breath and relax my throat. Then, all at once he pushed my head down and thrust his hips upward. As the tip of his cock pushed passed my tonsils and into my throat, I raised up from my knees, my ass in the air, and pushed against his thighs trying to escape. As he released his grip and relaxed his thighs, I gagged so hard I thought I was going to puke, but luckily, I didn’t. I let his cock fall out of my mouth while I gasped for air. Saliva streamed from my mouth to his dick and tears ran down my cheeks.

“Yeah, girl! Catch yo breath and try again.”

What! I thought to myself. Again! As I glimpsed over at him, still heaving for air, I could see a smirk on his face. He was serious.

“Come on girl.” He insisted.

I leaned forward and too his cock in my mouth again, only this time he pulled my hand away and immediately took hold of my head with his hands. Oh god, I thought, and I immediately braced myself for what was going to happen. Just like the first time he pushed my head down and thrust his hips upward, forcing his cock down my throat, except this time he didn’t hold me there. Instead, he’d push into my throat and then relax his grip so I could gag and catch a breath, then he’d repeat it. Every time I would choke on his cock, and every time more saliva would spew forth covering his penis and balls. He was loving it, and I was actually enjoying the fact that I had no control.

This went on for a while before he finally just relaxed and let me suck him. It was then that I felt his big hand on my tiny butt. It felt nice. He was caressing my ass cheeks through my leggings, squeezing them now and then.

“Damn, you gotta cute lil booty on you.” I would’ve said thank you, but again, I had a mouth full of messy cock!

“Mmm I wanna see it.” Then, without even asking, he pulled my ass closer to him, grabbed my waste band and pulled my leggings down. I started to protest, but he reached over with one hand and pushed my face down on his cock. I took that to mean güvenilir bahis siteleri shut up and keep sucking, so I complied. He was spreading my cheeks and really inspecting me now, squeezing, smacking, and pawing at my plump white ass.

As I continued to work his cock with my now exhausted mouth, I could feel him pull my thong to the side. Then, I could feel a wet finger pushing against my butthole. I know I had told him no anal, but it was just a finger and it felt really good so I kept on blowing him while he had his fun.

“I can’t believe you won’t let me fuck this ass. Let me just put the tip in, girl. I need to feel that ass around my cock.”

Finally, I took his cock out of my mouth to respond. “I mean, I would but I didn’t even bring any lube.” I said, confident that would end the discussion.

“Oh shit, I got that covered!” Without hesitation, he then raised up from the bed and reached over to a shelf and pulled down a bottle of anal lube. And as he then stood up, towering over me, he said, “don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

I was shocked. My head was spinning. Did I just agree to let him fuck me? Can I even take this monster in my ass? I didn’t know what to do, plus I was light headed anyway from choaking on his cock for so long. He now stood in front of me, lube in hand. “Bend over.” Fuck. I guess this is happening.

I bit dazed and a bit confused, I submitted to him and bent over, my knees on the edge of the bed and my ass in the air. After squirting some lube into his hand, he threw the bottle down to me. I could hear him stroking his cock as I pulled down my thong and reached back to prepare my anus for what was about to happen. I inserted a lubed finger and worked it in and out, then a second finger. He continued to jerk as he watched me finger fuck myself.

“You ready to get this dick, baby?”

“I think so.” I replied nervously.

That’s all the invitation he needed. I felt him place a hand on the top of my tail bone and immediately after that, I felt his cock head pressing against my tight little exit. I took a deep breath and relaxed my entire body as I felt my anus stretching. To his credit he was going very slow. He obviously had some experience working his cock into tight spaces. In fact, I’m sure every hole he has ever conquered was a tight space. He stretched me, and stretched me, until finally with an audible gasp, I took his cock head inside my sissy pussy.

“Oh my god!” I moaned

“Yeeeahhhh!” he growled, “I knew you could take it.”

As he pushed more of himself inside me it felt so intense that I began to lean away, so he grabbed my hips with both hands and held me in place. “Why you runnin’ from this dick?”

“It’s fucking huge!” I cried out.

“Nah, bitch, you can take it.”

Something in his voice told me that there was no turning back now. He was inside me and iddaa siteleri he was going to stay inside me until he got his nut. I wondered if he had planned this all along? It didn’t matter now because he was taking my ass. He was deep inside me, and he was going to breed me.

“Fuck fuck fuuuuuck!” I continued to cry out as he pumped my ass.

“Yeah, yeah, take that dick!” my cries were making him harder. He was definitely enjoying this.

Somehow, I was now face down on his bed and he was lying on top of me straddling my ass. He was riding my booty like a horse, sweat dripping off of his head and landing on my face. He was fucking me so hard and fast now that his big pendulous balls were slapping against me. I felt so weak and powerless under this massive black bull of a man. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I wasn’t expecting this.

“Mmm, yeah, that’s it, take that dick, baby.” He grunted and groaned with every thrust. “I knew you wanted this dick. Take it.”

I just whimpered and moaned like the bottom bitch I was, taking my pounding, and letting him use me. I didn’t know how much more I could take, and didn’t know how much longer he could possibly last. He was fucking me faster and harder now, being more aggressive, and sweating profusely.

“You want dis nut don’t you bitch? Huh?”

“Oh god yes! Cum for me! Pleeeease!” I begged him.

“Yeah, you want me to fill yo little white ass up?”

“Fuck yes! Fill me up!”

“Ungh! Ungh! Unnnnnnghhhh!”

And with that he plunged balls deep inside of me and his cock erupted like a volcano shooting wad after wad of warm semen into my sissy pussy. He was convulsing and groaning so hard I thought he was going to have a heart attack, and I was right about his balls being heavy with cum because he really did fill me up. As his orgasm subsided, I could feel some of his warm jizz already leaking out of me. He collapsed on top of me and just laid there, gasping for air as his cock twitched inside of me and began to soften.

After a while, he pushed himself off of me and removed his cock from my butthole. When it popped out, his semen rolled out and down my own tiny little balls. As I lay there, dazed and light headed from the pounding I just took, he began to towel off and get dressed.

“That’s just what I needed.” He threw the towel at me as I slowly raised up. I quickly toweled off, but before I had even pulled my pants back up, he was ushering me out of the truck. “I really got to hit the road now. I’ll look you up again next time I come through.”

The next thing I knew, I was standing outside the truck and he was closing the door. As I stumbled back to my car, I could feel cum leaking from my gaping asshole. I didn’t think anything of it, I just kept walking. When I finally got to my car and sat down, I could feel his wet sticky jizz on my bottom. I felt so used and dirty. I then looked up into my rearview mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw. My skin was flushed red, my eye liner and mascara streaked down my cheeks, and my hair was a mess. I looked like a freshly fucked whore, and I loved it!