Retail Fun

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This is a quick-paced story so here it goes enjoy…

He was a quiet guy, who worked in sporting goods.

She was the outgoing, loud girl who worked in apparel.

He loves music, listening to it, and also playing it. he’s a drummer and a guitarist.

She loves music, can’t really sing, she still sings in her car while driving, she sings in the shower and does karaoke with her girlfriends sometimes too.

He loves the outdoors.

She loves the outdoors.

She’s afraid of swimming in very deep water like the ocean.

He’s not afraid at all.

he’s 5’9”.

she’s 5’4”.

He’s a Pisces.

She’s a Gemini.

He’s paler.

She’s fresh out of the tanning bed.

He has medium brown hair with sexy stubble on his face.

She has long dark brown hair, a gorgeous smile, tasty looking lips.

He is sculpted and ripped.

She is small but fit.

He was a champion college wrestler.

She was a former high school cheerleader and is currently a nursing student.

He was born and raised in the South.

She was born and raised up North

This was his hometown, she had just moved to this city a couple of months ago.

He has had six girlfriends so far but slept with a few more than that (college athlete remember.)

She has dated 4 guys so far

He’s single and just doing his thing.

She had been single for only two and a half months after breaking up with her boyfriend.

She looked into his greenish-blue ocean eyes.

He stared back into her brownish-green eyes.

She said to him, you don’t say much do you.

He responded back nope.

She laughed. He laughed.

He smiled. She smiled.

She was intrigued by him instantly, he was a good-looking mystery to her.

He was intrigued by her, captivated by her beauty.

She started to talk to him more after that, every day they worked together.

He was so at ease talking to her too.

She wears two rings one on each hand.

He wears a watch.

She love to grab his left wrist when she asked him what time it was, He didn’t mind yalova escort that at all.

He sees her perky round fine fit butt in those leggings and shakes his head trying to snap out of it saying to himself Damn what an ass.

She sees his butt in his well-fitting blue jeans she looks away before he or anyone else sees her looking saying to herself damn he got a really nice ass.

She really liked to flirt and tease him.

He really liked to flirt and tease her right back.

She loved the smirk he would display often when they were together.

He loved how easy he could make her smile and make her laugh, a lot of time it was head up full mouth open laughing at her, he was willing to say anything he thought would make her laugh.

She could talk to him about anything.

He could talk to her about anything.

She was taken aback by how easy it was for them to talk flirt tease back and forth at each other and just get along especially with him being so quiet at first.

He was a big fan of her not only her beauty and her body but also her personality and her sense of humor.

She knew he was different than every other guy at work. he knew she was a special girl.

She likes how the muscles of his entire arm look and seeing the veins in his forearms.

He likes her small wrist tattoo and her cute little nose.

They walk right beside each other very close up to the front for the morning meeting before the store opens.

They are the first ones up there so they are still alone with each other. she tells him I shave my whole body. he gets shy but says oh that’s cool very sexy too.

She smiles and says you should fill how smooth my legs are. he says uh oh….okay.

She grabs his hand and rubs it across her ankle up to her right calf. he says yes oh smooth I like it.

She is biting her lip waiting for his approval she smiles and says well I am glad you like it.

He then sits down beside her, causing the rest of their co-workers are now upfront for the meeting.

After the meeting, work and the day goes by quickly.

She has to leave yalova escort bayan to go to class.

he stays two extra hours cause they have some projects here at work that has to be done.

She says I’ll text you later, to make sure you don’t work too hard she smiles. he says alright sounds good text me anytime you get bored in class text me all you want, he smiles.

He clocks in at 2:55 pm, and she clocks in at 2:59 pm

The next day it is 3 pm on a Friday night

We are both closings

She says this is gonna be a fun night, he says this is gonna be a good night I hope it’s fun.

She asks him for boxers or briefs. He says neither.

She smiles she says oh. He says I wear trunks most of the time and boxer briefs sometimes.

She says what are those. He says trunks there like boxer briefs but not as long.

She bits her lip, and her face is sorta blushing, oh okay makes sense, I think if your gonna wear boxers you might as well just wear shorts.

He says I agree that’s why I don’t wear them.

She says I have never scene trunk style underwear before. so I was just curious.

He says it’s all good, anytime you want to see what they look like just let me know.

She laughs I might just take you up on that some time. He smirks okay, anytime anywhere.

She says for real your serious I thought were joking. He says no I am for real I am not afraid, I trust you.

She says thanks.

He says you trust me right she says, of course, I trust you he says well I am glad

She grabbed his hand and pull him into one of the bigger fitting rooms.

He was looking down at her ass in those tight leggings she was wearing.

She shuts the door and locks it. she turns around their bodies join each other her hands around his shoulders his hands grab for the sides of her tight waist then wrap around to her lower back pulling her in even tighter into himself.

She looks into his eyes. He looks into her eyes.

He goes in for the kiss. She accepts the kiss.

Her fingers nails are pressing on his upper back. His hands are squeezing both of escort yalova her ass cheeks.

She moans. He lifts her up by her butt.

She takes off her sweatshirt no bra.

He grabs and lightly pinches her perky boobs and pink nipples.

She moans more and more. He licks and sucks on her nipples.

He puts her down. She takes off his shirt.

He pulls her leggings down exposing a sexy pair of pink thong undies. She undoes his belt unbuttons, unzips, and pulls down his pants.

She looks at him in his white trunks with a nice full package on display inside of them. yes please, I like them, nice undies you got a very nice body wow.

She says I like them but I want to see you without them on please.

He says okay then.

She kisses him then she pulls his trunk-style boxer briefs down to his ankles then helps him step out of his undies his pants and takes off his shoes.

He kisses her on the cheek then he pulls her thong down and helps her step out of her leggings and her panties.

He’s standing there in front of her completely naked.

She’s standing there in front of his ass naked. he says I like that you have no tan lines, very sexy. she says thanks, I like your pale white ripped body with that nice hard thick beautiful pink dick of yours, damn.

She grabs his dick and strokes it saying my new favorite dick right here. He smirks and says is that right.

She’s biting her lip and says yes yes it is. He says whatever you say, pretty girl.

She smiles and says good answer green eyes, He touches her hairless mound saying this is one of the softest feeling, prettiest pussy I have seen.

She is biting her lip, she says thanks, whoa how many pussies have you scene. he says a couple then smiles.

She rolls her eyes and then laughs, I bet you have seen a fair amount.

He smiles, I do alright.

She says I am not gonna disagree with you on that.

He says good you shouldn’t.

He grabs her picks her up and puts her up against the wall his right hand on her left butt cheek.

She has her legs wrapped around his waist and hips with both of her hands held above her head being held at her wrists by his left hand, while they kiss and make out with each other.

There’s a knock on the door…………do we get caught or not…….. stay tuned………..