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You haven’t seen me in over a year. It’s been a long time and you’re a both excited and nervous at the prospect of me staying with you for a full week. You know our history and that we’ve had both our good times as well as our bad times. The knock on the door makes your heart stop for a second, knowing that when you open it, I will be there. You put on a smile and answer it.

Immediately I embrace you in a hug. My arms wrapping around you and pulling you close. You can feel my muscles firmly holding your body against mine, warm and strong. You can feel just how much I’ve missed you and that the old flame still burns brightly despite our year apart. I harbor my passion and pull away for a moment, turning what could be more than a greeting into just that. You invite me in and we exchange pleasantries. You show me where to put my things and I offer to take you out to dinner.

We go to the restaurant of your choice, talking all though dinner. As we catch up there are smiles and laughter. You tell me what you’ve been doing and I tell you stories of how things have been going for me back in Vermont. It feels good to sit across the table from each other again. As we finish I pay the bill and we agree that it’s time to head back to the apartment. When we get back you pick a movie and we sit together and watch. It isn’t long before I have my arm around you and we are sitting close together.

I turn to you and look into your eyes, no longer paying any attention to the TV. I bring my hand up to your face and brush your hair back. You gaze deeply into mine for a second, unsure if you should stop me from what you know I’m about to do. I lean in and pull you gently towards me. You don’t fight it. The kiss is long and loving, but you can feel passion damned up behind it. Passion you know I’m only holding back for now, enjoying our first kiss in over a year and what I’ve missed for so long. We part for a moment etimesgut escort and catch our breath and look into each other’s eyes. With that look we both know the passion can no longer be contained.

We move in and begin to kiss again. Our movements becoming more fierce and driven by the unsatisfied hunger we feel towards each other. My arms press you hard against me, grinding our bodies together in a heat sparked by our desire. Our lips dance together as my arms continue to caress your body. You shudder at my touch only to want more. You feel my heat as I press into you and you wrap your legs around me, only craving more. I pull away from the kiss so you can catch your breath, but I don’t stop the assault. My mouth drops to your neck and my lips and tongue suck the flesh they find. I feel you gasp as I gently bite, testing the waters. My bites get harder but it only fuels the heat as my hand gently pulls your hair back, exposing more of your soft neck.

You feel the passion consuming you as my hands begin to lift your shirt. You hesitate for a second but know that there is nothing you want more than for me to rip off your shirt. I do so, throwing it to the side. My lips, only removed to let the shirt pass, begin attacking your flesh again, slowly sliding down to your chest. One hand cups your breast as my mouth begins to kiss your other. I part my lips and put them over your nipple. You shudder as you feel my tongue dance against its hardness and a gasp escapes your lips as I bite down, pulling roughly on it. I feel your body tremble against me as you shutter in both the pleasure and pain of it. I move to your other breast and repeat, this time you anticipate the bite but it does nothing to lessen its effect.

I give your poor nipples a break and suck them gently for a moment before moving farther down your body. My mouth draws a line, very slowly, with soft kisses as I reposition myself sincan escort between your legs. You feel my arms spread them apart and my head move exactly where you know you want it. I put my mouth against you and begin to bite into your pants. You can feel the heat of my breath as my mouth presses against you, as I can feel the heat coming from you. You squirm. You know you want more but your pants provide a barrier that prevents my mouth from doing anything but tease. You try to get away for a moment, if only to get those fucking pants off, but I hold tight, not letting you escape this embrace quite yet. Finally I pull back, grab your pants and ripping them off as well.

You barely have time to breath before I’m back at it. This time without your pants to shield you the pleasure is almost too much. Your hands grip my hair pressing my face deeper into you. You can feel my tongue pressing into you, tasting you, flicking gently against your clit. I suck on it, and you writhe in the pleasure of the move. You feel that pleasure building. You feel it begging for release with every movement of my tongue.

You gasp as you feel my finger slide inside you, not expecting the penetrating feel quite yet. It moves in and out working you up even more. A second joins the first and you feel it filling you. Every thrust of my hand bringing you more and more, closer and closer. You look down and I look up into your eyes, you’re face pleading with me, craving more. My fingers and my tongue moving together in that dance of pleasure. I hear you try to whisper something, but it’s barely audible between your gasps. I know what you want.

I pull my head away and my fingers out. You whimper for a moment at the loss of my touch, but you know what I am doing. I shed my own clothes and press my body against you again. Leaning I look into your eyes and kiss you passionately again, my body hovering over your own. You try to thrust escort etimesgut your body against me and I’m there to meet you. Slowly I start to slide inside you, letting you get reacquainted with my girth. Inch by inch I begin to fill you. You breath in short gasps every time I slide a little more into your wetness until I am completely inside you.

Your breathing becomes ragged as I begin to pull myself in and out. You feel it stretch you each time. My lips dance against yours, barely letting you catch your breath. I’m slow, each movement long and deliberate, each movement meant to fill you, meant to make you feel me completely. With each stroke a wave of pleasure brushes over you. I begin to speed up and you feel those waves building again. You grind against me, craving more of what I am giving you. I answer that craving by moving faster and thrusting harder. Our breathing as turned to panting as the pleasure drives us. My lips drop to your neck again, allowing you to breath more freely. Still harder, still faster I thrust. Your body begins to tense up and you can feel mind begin to do the same. I bite your neck as you can no longer contain the pleasure within your body. You begin to shudder as the orgasm is released. You gasp and stop breathing as my thrusting brings you over the edge. You feel my arms wrapped around you, holding you tighter than I ever have and you know we are in unison. We explode together and I pull my body closer towards yours as you ride out the last waves of pleasure.

We collapse together in a heap, panting heavily. Your breath escapes you as I slide out and off of you. I pull you close to me and hold you tightly and tenderly. Looking down I can see you glowing and exhausted. You hug me tightly as we cuddle together. I kiss you softly and watch you start to drift for a moment. A smile crosses my face as I consider running to the store to get you the ice cream I know you’re going to want in a moment, but I can’t bring myself to part from you just yet. I just want to hold you for a few more moments.

To think, I haven’t even had a chance to use the things in my bag. There’s always tomorrow for that.