Ridge Fucks Me Raw

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My brother and I have always been very close. I guess that happens when there is just two years between siblings. I’m twenty and he is eighteen.Our rooms, upstairs, were across from each other and it was not uncommon for us to pass coming and going. More often than not, it was just after we showered and were wrapped in towels.I had no problem letting him see me like that. I was covered. He could not see my medium-sized bosom or my waxed smooth pussy. And neither could I see his cock under his towel. I knew it was there though. Sometimes I could see the outline of it. I never thought much about it. However, last night, I had reason to do so. This is what happened.I had just come home from studying for a final with a few of my college friends. I did not go off for college. I decided to stay in my hometown and attend the one not a mile from our house. It was simple and the college had my intended major of mass communications.I went into my room and stripped to my underclothes. Both the panties and bra matched and I did not think much about walking down the hall to the bathroom wearing just them. It was late and I figured my brother was already in his bed sleeping. I was so wrong.I stepped out and halfway down the hall, out from around the corner, came my brother with damp hair and the towel draped around his neck with nothing else on at all. It shocked not only me, but him also. We stood looking at each other while not moving. Although, one part of him moved.My brother got an instant boner. I never got a good look at his soft length because it rose so fast and jutted out so hard and straight and so fucking long! I did not know if it was because of me standing in front of him in my bra and panties or if şişli eskort it was an overwhelming reaction of being shocked. Maybe it was a combination of both.And then I knew I did something I should not have done. I smirked. I do not know why. It just came out. “Oh God, Sherrie, I’m sorry,” Ridge said and grabbed the towel from around his neck and covered his personal extension. Then he ran to his room.What could I do? Nothing really. It was one of those moments that just happened. I could have been the one naked and us running into each other while he was in his boxers. To tell the truth, that would not have been so noticeable.However, I had no idea seeing my brother that way would affect me the way it did. I did not know it until I actually stepped into the shower myself and let the hot water fall over me and I took the body sponge and ran it between my legs. Once I touched the spot where my clit was hidden, I literally jumped. The feeling was so intense and the tingle from it just rolled through me. Not to mention, the slickness that seeped out of my tender personal divide was evidence I was aroused and never even knew it.Now I found myself wanting even more stimulation and I could not help running my finger through my pink divided lips. God it was so warm and wet! My love chamber also constricted because it wanted something inside it. I moaned as I slowly inserted my finger all the way to the knuckle on my fist. I almost yelled out from the stimulation. Instead, I let out a long slow moan, almost like a sigh as I moved my finger in and out.My nipples began to lengthen on my average sized womanly facade and became very rigid, even under hot water. I touched one with my free hand and şişli escort I had an instant orgasm. The warm fluid from deep within my pink plush nest flowed all over my finger I still wriggled inside myself with the slightest of movements.Suddenly, the feeling overwhelmed my whole body and I went weak in the knees. My body began to shake uncontrollably and I had to remove my finger from my moistening pussy, quit feeling my nipple and breast with my other hand, and brace myself on the wall as my body twitched.In automatic instinct, I spread my legs and felt my labia protrude and the warmth from my inner depth drip slowly and onto the shower floor where my personal rendering slid down the drain along with the hot water falling over me.When the orgasmic convulsions were over, the euphoric warm sensations enveloped me all the way down to my toes that curled.As I cut the water off and grabbed the towel to dry, the feeling still overtook me and I knew what I had to do. I did not know if Ridge would be all for it, but it was a chance I had to take. I needed to be fucked and Ridge was the only guy around at the moment that could do it.I left the towel hanging on the shower rack and walked out naked and still a little damp. When I reached Ridge’s room door, I did not knock. I stood there for a moment, gave my wet head a shake, and opened it. I stood striking a pose with my hand still on the doorknob and my arm stretched out with it. I crossed my legs so he could only see my line of perfection form.”Sherrie, what the…! You’re na…! And so damn beautiful!””Fuck me Ridge. Fuck me until I’m raw!” I exclaimed and shut the door then leaned on it.Ridge stood and looked at me leaning against the door. mecidiyeköy escort He had to only remove his boxers if he truly wanted to fuck me. I guess he did. He let them drop to the floor and immediately, like in hall, he had an instant erection. It literally took him less than five seconds to get hard.Ridge moved towards me and my blood started rushing to areas that once again began to tingle. My nipples hardened and stuck out prominently. I saw his eyes go to them as he walked to me.”Oh Sherrie, I’ve always wanted to do this,” Ridge said and cupped my right breast with his hand. It was so warm and his touch made the goose bumps pop out all over my body. Then Ridge lowered his mouth to my nipple and began suck.I began to feel the moisture build in my pussy as Ridge sucked on my hard nipple. I felt its warmth trickle from deep inside and run to the edges of my smooth vertical line of sexual entrance. It was just thick enough not to drip, but thin enough to coat my labia in preparation for Ridge’s cock. Feeling the slow trickle of my warm sexual fluid fall between my folded partition sent tingles through my whole body. And with Ridge sucking my breast, the feeling doubled.I closed my eyes and moaned loudly as my brother used his lips to pucker my nipple in his hot mouth. He squeezed my breast with his hand, massaging it as much as he could with his mouth over my nipple. It felt like he was trying to… But I knew that was impossible. Or so I thought.Suddenly, as Ridge kept squeezing and pulling my round bosom with his mouth over its puffed center, I felt something give inside it. It was a feeling I could not explain; a feeling that just happened. It was like something inside my breast popped and wanted out. It was that kind of feeling. Then Ridge confirmed what I thought it was.”Mmm, Sherrie, your natural nourishment is so sweet and warm. I could drink it all day long!” Ridge said as he broke away from my breast.I did not know what to say.