Riding the Lakefront

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Riding the LakefrontI finished my training session and went to my car to get my bike. I always worked out and then rode the lakefront in Chicago. This was routine..Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesday, I finished my workout and headed to the path. It was 6:00pm and I rode from the Hollywood curve to 71st Street and back. I am usually able to do it in about 2 hours. August 13th, it was a hot night but I liked riding when it was that way. Joints all felt loose. Rode well. Carried some water bottles with me. Being intersexed with big tits, I always wore a bra. This night was no exception. I had a zippered shirt on and unzipped it most of the way. My tits were exposed to the fresh air and oncoming bikers but I didn’t care. I was HOT!Riding that far, I got to 71st Street and felt I might need to go to the bathroom. I didn’t think I could get back to my car and head back a few blocks to the gym. I knew there was a bathroom around 55th Street. I started back and then decided yes…I needed a piss stop. Wearing biker shorts, they were tight. 1xbet yeni giriş I went to a stall and pulled down the tight biker shorts to my knees. Whew..just made it. The place smelled awful. NO ventilation. Windows closed. Hot. Dirty. Floor looked filthy. Wondered if it had ever been cleaned. I didn’t care, actually, as I had to do my thing. Wouldn’t matter if I missed the toilet, either. The door openned and I heard voices. Laughing. The door closed. Within seconds, I find I am wearing some kind of black bag over my head.Hands quickly secured behind my back, unable to collect my wits, I struggled to maintain my balance.Basically dropped to the floor, two people were on me, ridiculing me and going to have their way with me..at my expense. Feeling a cock penetrating me, laughter and bantering got going quite a bit. “You be my bitch!” “We been watching you ride bitch and them tits..hhhmmmm…them tits were just begging us to have a hand on them….””Fucking whore…you want this…We have been watching you ride this trail 1xbet giriş all summer and planned this encounter.We want them tits, bitch. You…you put them right there for us to see…just asking for this. Well, you want it..you got it! Now, we are going to let you enjoy this time…savor the moment, whore.”For the next 30 minutes, I was fucked repeatedly. Plowed repeatedly. “Take it bitch. Admit it..you love it! Suck this while he fucks you. Breed this whore.” “Suck it…take it deep…you will be our pussy bitch from now on. Remember this day…””Love hitting on a shemale. God, our lucky day!”For the longest time, I was fucked…and fucked…and fucked….orally, anally, tits pulled, sucked, pinched. “Feels good don’t it whore?””Now, one more treat before we let you go.”With that, I felt a stream of their piss all over me. Through the bag, my tits, zippered shirt, clitdick laying in it, soaked. “Now, we leavin’ bitch. You lay here 5 minutes…we be gone…then you move. You move before this, you got more coming. We done 1xbet güvenilirmi have your address/phone number/name. We be gonna call you and you gonna be our white bitch…we got some brothas gonna make use of you…so, unless you want to answer whys you got some brothas calling you regular at home, you best be WHERE we tell you…WHEN we tell you….got that whore? So, we be calling you, you be respectful, write down the details, show up, and things be fine. Remember, you don’t know what we look like and we DO know what you are like…and you make a fine, FINE whore.””Ok, cunt, lay there for 5 minutes…don’t move…and all will be behind you for now.”I lay there, listened to the door, and moved as I thought I was alone. Sudden pain in my crotch…then another kick…then another…”Mother fucker…we told you 5 minutes…” and then another hard kick. The door creaked open and I lay there about 20 minutes!!! Rising, I got to a place where I freed my hands and took off the bag. I was filthy. Stunk of piss. Pulled up my pee filled bike shorts. Went out, took the lock off my bike, and began my ride to my car. Getting there about 8:00 and it was getting dark now.Getting in the car, fortunately, they were vinyl seats, found a note on the window….’Remember cunt…we own you!’