Royal Misadventures

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A large and tall figure covered in a gray light trench coat got off of a horse-drawn cart and walked through the alleys of the streets lined with stalls of expensive shops, fine restaurants, extravagant jewelry, elegant clothes. Gentlemen and Ladies hurrying from one side to another trying to keep up with their hurried and ostentatious life style. Slowly all those places and people demote to more mundane equivalent.

Classy people changed for children playing with plastic bottles as soccer balls. Refined shops for street stalls and enterprising men looking for a place in the high society changed for bums with bottle in hand asleep on the sidewalk and people walking over them.

The hooded figure walked past them until he reached a brothel in the slums with a waiting line, it would take a person at the very end of the line hours just to get in by the night, if that person was lucky, but the hooded figure got himself in line, passing everyone else in it, reaching the guard at the door, the hooded figure lifted his head just high enough so the guard could see his face, the guard caught off guard quickly composed himself as the two just nodded at each other and the guard let him pass, on the way earning curses and insults from the other men waiting in line.

Upon entering the first thing that greeted him was the loud music coming from the main hall where the prostitutes on their stages danced around a tube surrounded by dozens of men, devouring them with their eyes.

The next thing that greeted him was the owner of the place, Miss Liquor Lips, a lady in her 50s dressed in the same way as her employees, who saw the hooded figure and a bright formal smile formed on her face.

“Prince Richard, back so soon?” The woman got off, or rather, jumped off her desk, to greet the young man and soon her five feet tall height became obvious, and that same height difference soon became accented by the over seven feet tall height the blonde prince.

The hooded man sighed and removed the trench coat and the hood he was wearing, revealing a blond 21-year-old man with a poker and anxious face. “Hi, eh, did the new girls…?”

“Of course, a new squad of girls arrived a few days ago, and as requested, I informed them that you were coming, and I omitted your identity. Not that I want to make them look, ah, uneducated, but they would not recognize you anyways.”

“O…kay, er, I’ll just go to…” He pointed briefly to the door that lead to the V.I.P private rooms at the other side of the brothel, crossing the main room.

“Of course, of course! Go, I’ll send one of the girls to you soon, just the way you like them: Big breasts, that rabbit uniform~. She intoned leaning a bit towards Richard, who could only laugh nervously. “I ah…”

“Easy son, I’m just kidding, go have fun.”

Richard put on his hood once more as he crossed the main room, making sure to not make eye contact with anyone to arouse unwanted attention, until was dragged to the door of one of the VIP rooms and closed the door quickly and removed the hood again.

The private room consisted of a large space with dark pink walls like the venue, illuminated by dark blue neon lights. At the far end of the room was a Super King-size bed. To the right was a bathroom, with little more than a toilet, sink and a mirror that has a cabinet behind it, which Richard uses to store a bag with golden coins. He checked how strong and steady the door was. Right when he was about to remove his clothes he heard the door of the room opening and his first instinct was to check who was it.

He barely opened the door of the bathroom and his heartbeat was already racing, as he came out out, he saw one the girls of Miss Liquor Lips posing in the frame door. A black girl with black curly hair that covered one of her eyes, plump lips painted in a bright pink. She wore a black bunny suit, with her shoulders exposed, only held by her torso and moderated sized breasts, Her suit descended in a V shape down to her crotch and legs, covered in a black and grey fishnet leg lingerie.

“Hello darling, I heard you are looking for a good time?” She walked inside and closed the door pushing it with her feet and ambled to Richard while shaking lightly her hips until they were only inches away from each other, the black-haired girl posed her hand in his chest, pressing her legs next to Richard’s, and immediately the girl discovered a hard and burning trunk of meat tightly contained within his pants.

The girls’ bravado fell as she looked down, trying to make sure the man in front of him, or her own mind, were not playing a trick on her.

“Oh my god, what are you packing here?” The girl’s hands traveled down his legs, obsessively fondling and exploring every inch of his pants, as she built on her mind the faintest idea of what she was about to deal with.

“W-what’s your name?” Richard tried to make small talk trying to distract his mind from this situation, although, frequent for both of them in fact, it did not make it any less unsettling every time.

“You can call me whatever you escort izmir want, handsome.” She flirted a lot more confident despite her initial surprise as she worked on him and his pants. That did not help. Not at all. Richard frowned his expression.

“H-how abouuut…Aria? Do you…like that name?”

“Is that a crush name I hear, perhaps?” She hit on him back. Blood boiled. That only made the situation a lot more…difficult, for him to handle.

Before Richard could say anything else, “Aria” pulled him and threw him to the bed. Richard could only see stunned as she crawled to him, she removed his shirt, showing a skinny and thin body type and physique. Almost skeletal even, but with a certain and noticeable workout routine in his abdomen, as it had the silhouette of a six-pack on it. Then Aria went down at his pants and worked on getting rid of them, unbuttoning them and all of a sudden finding it so hard to pull them down, needing to use more force than what she would need with a normal person, but as she managed to carry on with her task, she discovered why of this.

The first thing she saw was a massive meat of trunk coming from Richard’s groin, covered in numerous purple veins that never stopped appearing as she continued going down. By the time she reached his knees, the girl decided to pull it all at once, in the process getting herself hit by Richard’s hot package, making her fall to the ground, as that meat tower raised above her, shadowing her body.

A cock nearly as long as Richard’s torso, with several fat veins draw in his shaft all throughout, coming from a groin and a cock base thick like a tree, all leading to a fist-sized tip, pink bright as Aria’s lips. The shaft and tip themselves were heavy enough to weight themselves down in a curve-like angle.

A primal fire filling her insides would have made her to get up and worship what was in front of her, but her tracks were stopped when she saw the tight ballsack hanging over the bed’s edge. Balls the size of footballs covered in just as many veins as Richard’s cock and nearly as big as her own breasts.

“Shit! I’m sorry, are you alright!?” Richard tried to look past his cock, but his width made it quite a difficult task, having to bend it aside to be able to check if the girl was ok, but just as he did that, an aggressive pair of hands jumped over his shaft, the girl’s hands stroke his shaft with all of their strength, catching for Richard a mouthful of moans he was not able to contain.

Even when the girl was giving her all to worship the massive monster in front of her, her best efforts, though moan-provoking, barely made a dent in the cock’s skin. In an attempt for causing a bigger reaction, the girl started to shower his cock with deep-hard kisses loaded with saliva, leaving marks of her pink lips on his shaft, only covering a minuscule part of it.

Richard tried to talk to her, so that at least he could join her, but the girl’s efforts were both faster than he could act on and said efforts were quickly rewarded with being showered in a spurt of a long precum stream coming off his tip, flying several inches up in the air before it falls in the girl and around her. The stream lasted several seconds, where the girl could do nothing but receive it and let her body become even more aroused and heated as the smell intoxicated the air and filled the room as it flooded her nose senses, making her already hard nipples to wet her bunny suit with her breast orgasm, starting as little dark dots, then grew in size. With her underwear, as her vagina extract her juices shared a similar outcome at a larger scale, with the darkening and wetting developing to a faster pace, to the point her lingerie started to drip it, like a leak in a ceiling during a rainstorm.

Richard could no longer keep his hands to himself, as a prima fire of his own took over him and he took the girl by her hips, rising her with little effort and threw her into the mattress. Precum flew through the room painting the walls for the sudden quick movement as Richard placed his cock tip right in front of the girl’s vagina, threatening to go in with all of his strength.

“Yes! Do it you hung fuckboy! Ruin me! Fill me with your seed!” She looked at Richard with crazy devoted eyes. Even before Richard could comply, the girl erased the little distance between her hole and his tip. Even without removing her black fishnet lingerie, the strength her body hit the giant tip of Richard’s cock was enough to tear through the fabric and let his cock inside her, earning even louder screams than the ones Richard gave. He should be grateful the rooms were sound proof or someone might think he was killing Aria.

Immediately an obscene bulge formed upon her abdomen, and through the brief pain and overwhelming pleasure the girl managed to push herself more into the gigantic fuckmeat she was trying to spear herself into. But Richard easily overpassed her efforts with a simple hips push, passing her bulge from her abdomen, right below her chest. With his cock right in her stomach, his precum took no time escort izmir in starting to swell it, slowly inflating it like a balloon, but not managing to make his cock silhouette disappear completely, not yet.

Richard started to pull and push his cock inside and out of the girl, slow at first, as his cock was still arranging her insides to fit the monster invading places so deep that such thing should not be able to go that far. Even as he went slow and steady, his massive sweaty sperm laden balls still took a toil in the mattress, making it shake with every thrust as they grew to basket balls and looked they were seconds away from exploding.

With every thrust the girl tossed and turned over herself, as much as she could since she had a what felt like a tree inside her, Richard’s cock stretched the lips of the girl’s vagina, taking almost entirely the space in it, but even at such tight space, all of the girl’s juices could flow, ejected at high pressure as they wetted Richard’s cock and thighs, making his thrusting and fucking just slightly easier before they ran down to his legs and feet, slowly creating a growing puddle.

In midst of her lust, the brunette girl teared apart her bunny suit, letting her DD breasts free to wobble like they were clay balls. Richard took the opportunity to bent over the girl and take her breasts with his hands, immediately soaked them with her breasts’ milk they expelled every second, but Richard didn’t mind that in the slightest, he in fact used his dampened hands to massage and caress her already wet breasts swiftly.

The girl was having the time of her life, but sadly, Richard could not say the same, for one hand the girl had orgasmed already several times, and while he was leaking precum like a broken pipe, he could feel he was nowhere close to having the actual release he craved and yearned for.

In a desparate attempt to achieve it, he speeded up his trusts for a few brief seconds gradually, but his lust and impatience played a bad team for him and made him haste his hips at once to the point the became a blurry image and a carnal nightmare for the girl left with little to no mercy. Eventually she could not keep up with their lewd game, her eyes fell to the back of her skull as her body followed them falling limp and still.

For a worryingly long while Richard seriously questioned whether or not he should or could keep using her, and as he scolded himself again for thinking that way, he could not bring himself to do such thing, so he pulled his cock completely out of her, and carried her to one of the sofas in the room as another girl came intobthe room.

Or girls, since two girls entered at once to the room, one blonde and the other red-haired, both with a similar modest bust size, and little more that could really pick Richard’s interest. In mere seconds, just like the first girl, both of them became affected by the overwhelming scent of his seed in the room, so it took only a simple command from Richard for the girl to kneel and suck his balls each one respectively, using their mouths and both of their hands, since one hand was not enough to hold a single ball, let alone cover it, while he occupied himself with stroking his giant length using both of his hands, as one could only cover half of his shaft, and just like his hips, his hands became a blurry image. His efforts became erratic as he couldn’t still push himself to orgasm. Much like the first girl and his cock, Richard’s balls were quickly covered in the blonde and red-haired girls’ saliva and lipstick marks.

And yet, despite of all their efforts combined, though Richard’s precum output increased, overriding the girl’s fluids in the floor, making them mere drops compared to the white ocean they were getting lost into.

Both of the girls got bored of his balls and climbed his cock, fighting to suck his mushroom-sized tip. With their six hands together across Richard’s length, there was still plenty of space in his meat untouched and free, he even joined the girls at sucking his own shaft with a simple tilt of his neck, all of their faces quickly became painted in cape after cape of white, and still Richard could feel how his now-unattended balls grew between his legs.

The red-haired girl took the initiative upon Richard’s over-sized tip despite how intimidating it seemed. Not only her lips stretched several times their original size but so it did her throat only to accommodate and bulged over Richard’s pink bright tip.

The blonde girl tried to take her coworker’s place but she was having none of it plus now the red-haired girl could not pull out his giant cock out of her mouth even if she wanted, not until Richard came, and came he was close to when the blonde girl put her fit breasts around his shaft, covering little more than half of it, kissing right above her breasts and below his tip where the red-haired girl was busy with sucking all of Richard’s precum.

Richard put his hands to work on the base of his cock while the girls worked on the rest of it. All of the rough movement made Richard’s ball sack bounce wildly and hit the mattress, as it yearned for release and it grew on overproduction mode, putting Richard at the edge of his incoming orgasm.

He arched his back before his cock flexed into a growth spurt through his length and tip, overfilling even more the red-haired girl’s mouth before his actual cum did that as well in a bigger scale. Her cheeks inflated before they spilled Richard’s real cum from the corners of her mouth as at the same time, the first several gallons of cum filled her stomach. His cock flexed before it release his load, giving a stretch to his cock in size both in his shaft and his tip. Bloating it slowly and giving her the looks of a pregnant woman. The growth and expansion a woman would do through out the months, the red-haired girl did it second after second.

The second prostitute looked in awe the effect Richard had on her friend and how her stomach swelled in front of her. She could smell the scent of cum in her friend’s breath, imprinting her noses with that very smell, making her caresses fondly Richard’s third leg as it continued to unload his sperm laden balls into the red-haired girl.

Thanks to the briefly size increase in his tip, Richard could pull his tip out of the red-haired girl’s mouth. And that let the blonde girl to take her place, though not by sucking his giant cockhead, instead she put Richard down into the bed and she stood right above him and his hard cock, erecting it so it aimed right at her wet vagina, dropping small blobs of her vaginal juices as she turned around and ripped off her leg lingerie and threw them next to the bed, showing her fit plump ass shadowing right above Richard’s tip.

“W-wait, are you s–?” Before the prince could finish his question, the blonde girl let herself fall into his tip, ramming it immediately into her pussy and a small part of his cock before the insane girth of Richard’s cock stopped her on her tracks, but only for a few moments as the girl caught her breath after the shock, and then at a slower pace, bobbing herself at his giant cock as she continued to go down further.

Richard was still worked up from his previous orgasm, he still shoot several ropes of hot cum to a lesser degree inside of the blonde girl. As the prostitute went up and down on his cock, some of his cum fell right back where it came from into his shaft and his groin. Even though the girl had her back on him, Richard could see how her breasts wobbled crazy just like her hair.

Moans and sweat began to fill the bed as it crouched too. Amidst the pleasure Richard couldn’t keep himself from pushing and putting his stamina into the girl, helping her get his pussy-breaker deeper into her. The idea of her going balls deep thrilled him to the point he began thrusting too. Slow at first, only as he was getting accustomed to the new girl and as the blonde got accustomed to his large-size cock.

While his penis was still inside her, the girl lay down on the bed over Richard. The man could feel the bulge on her stomach through her skin rubbing his own torso and then the girl went to his face to kiss him, starting by his neck as she fondled his shoulders and arms, with every kiss she left a large and thin tread of saliva hanging from her lips before she did it again in a different spot. Richard mimicked the effort by grabbing her by her waist in both sides and squeezing it lightly, gaining a moan from her and making her rub her body against his slightly stronger.

Then the hooker climbed to his face and put her lips against his own, she pressed their heads together to kiss harder to the point they could not breath and the girl tried to devour Richard’s mouth as she drooled all over it. Richard was not sure how long could he keep his breath like that and he broke their kiss.

“You don’t need to be shy, my love. I’ve heard you come here often, so you can always call for me when you come by, just ask for Grace and I’ll come in the blink of an eye.” She purred as she looked at him with seductive eyes with a confident and sensual smile.

“Is just…I’m not sure this is…a good idea, I mean, you taking my…c-cock like that. I’m not sure if you can take it.” Richard muttered as he could not bring himself to look her in the eyes or even at her body and his eyes bounced to everywhere in the room.

“There is only one way to find, honey.” And with that, Grace moved her hips up and down much faster than initially. The breath of Richard accelerated as he lost his eyes in the ceiling due to the pleasure, which earned a little giggle from Grace. “You may be hung like a horse, but I can still tell when a real man is close to cum.”

“B-but I–!”

“Don’t worry about it, babe. Cum inside me, I’m sure I can take it.”

She, in fact, could not take it. Richard’s cock stretched and flexed inside Grace, filling and clogging her pussy as it accentuated her bulge further slightly before his load did that much, much, bigger. His ball sack tensed before it contracted itself as Richard release his load inside Grace. His first shot lasted vastly over 50 seconds…by the time that shot ended, Grace looked several months pregnant, but still in pretty much control of her faculties, and then turned to Richard.