Safe Sex Starts at Home Ch. 05

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Carol could not get enough of her son’s cock. For the next few days she would tease him by wearing her new undergarments then drop to her knees and suck him off. She learned that she only wanted to cum with her mouth full of her son’s hard cock. She sucked him several times a day. He often spanked his mother’s panty covered ass and thrust his cock down her throat. Carol felt like she was such a slut. She felt both shame and lust when her knees became rug burned. She knew this was the price she paid for being such a slut and she loved it. She saw her boss looking at her nylon covered knees one day and felt as though she was wearing a sign that said I’m a cock sucking whore. The idea that he might think of her on her knees excited her terribly.

Then came the inevitable. One night at dinner Carol complained about neck being sore.

“Go to your room and lie on your bed. After I finish the dishes I’ll give you a nice massage.” Carol didn’t argue. She wondered if it was because his offer was so nice or because his pendik escort tone was authoritative. It was more like a command than an offer.

A few minutes later David pushed open the door. The room was lit by a few candles and he saw his mother laying on the bed. She was naked. A bottle of baby oil lay between her legs. He was growing hard already.

Carol felt him crawl on the bed and her eyes flew open when she felt the warm skin of his legs on hers. She glanced in the mirror and saw her son was naked and moving up to straddle her legs. This was way too dangerous; why couldn’t she open her mouth and stop him. The words were there but her lips wouldn’t move.

She felt him settle into position. That was when his cock touch her naked ass. David squirted oil on his mom’s back and shoulders. Then she felt the oil land lower on her back and over her ass until it poured over his cock and down her ass. David closed the bottle and touched his mother’s back. He slid his hands up which caused his cock to slide through her escort pendik oiled crease. It made a slick sound. Carol couldn’t move. It was like she was drugged, her mind was screaming No but her body lay still, aware of every inch of his skin on hers.

David moved his hands up and down her back and felt her checks on the underside of his cock. He grew harder and leaned down on her back. Carol felt his lips on her neck and his breath in her ear. He shifted his pelvis and began to slide up and down her slick back. Carol could feel his smooth rod and balls on her ass. He slid lower and suddenly his staff was sliding up her wet lips and the head touched her clit. Carol came immediately. Her orgasm rocked her and she mashed down hard against him.

After she relaxed David started moving again. Now his cock was gliding up and down her swollen lips. Carol undulated her hips underneath him and suddenly she felt his head press against her opening. They both stopped, obsessed with the feeling between them. She moved her ass pendik escort bayan up which drew him in farther.

“No, please,” she said with no conviction, then she moaned as David leaned in and slid his cock all the way into his mother’s wet pussy. He shoved hard against her, then withdrew, then fucked it in again. Carol was moaning from deep in her throat and cried out when he sharply pulled his cock out and pulled up on her hips, raising her ass high in the air. Then he looked down and watched as his cock slipped in again. He held her hips and rocked back and forth.

Carol reached up between her legs and rubbed his balls. She mashed her wrist against her clit and let his balls slide up and down her fingers. David bucked into her, forcing her wrist to slide along her lips. David thrust faster and faster until they were both panting and moaning. Carol’s headboard crashed against the wall; the candles flickered. Then, with a loud groan, David shot his rich load deep inside her pussy. Her walls milked the cum from his balls and her climax started. Wave after blissful wave washed over her body as she felt her son’s cock twitching in her womb.

David rolled her over onto her side, still inside her, and held her as they fell asleep.