Sales Calls

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 “Sit,” Ann instructed. She reached over to the center of the conference room table for the water pitcher and a glass, her short skirt inching up enough for me to see she had on no underwear. She turned and looked at me, smiling. “Water?” she offered. Water was the farthest thing from my mind. Sales, I hate working in sales. But every now and then, the rewards can be great. I am organization effectiveness consultant and companies hire to me to him that maximize their production and profits. I was asked to go evaluate a small business that was tied to a large corporate conglomerate based out of New York. The business I had to evaluate was in Dallas, Texas. I was not overly thrilled to fly into Dallas in the middle of the summer. “I am here to see Ann,” I told the young lady at the reception desk, handing her my business card. She studied the card and then told me to take a seat. A few minutes later, I was escorted into a large conference room off to the side. “Ann will be with you in a moment,” the receptionist remarked, offering to get me a glass of water or coffee. I declined her offer and she left, closing the door behind her. A few minutes later, Ann stepped into the conference room. Ann was a small woman, about 5’0 to 5’1, with a cheerful smile and model-good looks. Her Asian features gave her an exotic look that immediately aroused my senses. She wore a tight fitting, one piece business outfit that showed off plenty of leg and her very womanly figure. “I’m Ann,” she remarked, extending her hand as she approached where I sat at the conference room table. I stood and extended my hand in return and introduced myself. “Sit,” she instructed, “we are istanbul travesti not that formal here.” I sat back down in the chair I had been sitting in and Ann took the seat right next to me, which was a little bit of a surprise, because most executives usually sit across the table from me. She crossed her legs, a knee over another knee, and the hem of her dress riding high on her thigh, well beyond any mark of modesty. The tip of her foot rested against the calf of my leg. “So tell me, what you do,” she began, placing her elbow on the table and her hand, balled in a fist up and under her chin. Her jet black hair was cut short and framed an angelic-like face. I was immediately struck by how enchanting and beautiful she was, her oval eyes drawing me in, her light pink semi-gloss lipstick enticing me. “I am an organizational effectiveness consultant,” I began, but Ann cut me off mid-sentence. “How long have you been married?” she asked. The unanticipated question caught me off guard. I was trying hard to ignore the obvious and be professional. “Ten years,” I replied. Ann rocked her leg back and forth, as she looked at me. “Why?” I asked. “I have been married ten years as well,” Ann replied. I failed to make the connection. “Do you want to look around?” Ann inquired. “Well, yes,” I replied, “but I thought I’d first get some background information on you and your management style.” “We can walk and talk,” Ann replied, “and then after that, we can do whatever you want to do.” Her emphasis on the whatever word really peeked my curiosity. “Come on,” she remarked, reaching out and gently tapping my hand. She stood and quickly istanbul travesti re-adjusted her skirt, which more or less confirmed for me, that she was at least aware of her leg flash. I followed her out of the conference room and into the main print shop. “Gee, you very tall,” Ann remarked as I stood next to her, surveying the print shop set up. Even in her stiletto heels, she barely reached my shoulders. “I am too short,” she added. “Nah,” I replied, “Good things come in small packages.” Ann smiled and walked over to a work station where one of her employees was busy organizing papers. She introduced me to her worker and then three of her other employees. Each nodded their head and quietly smiled, then quickly went back to their tasks without saying anything. We stepped into the shipping area, where five employees were busy packing products into cardboard boxes. The area was not air conditioned and the workers kept right on working as Ann and I watched them for a few seconds. “There are my best employees,” she replied, “Come, I show you more.” We stepped into a dimly light hallway. I paused to allow my eyes to adjust. Ann grabbed my hand in hers. “Come, I show you more,” she said pulling on my hand. “You have strong hand,” she remarked, still holding on to my hand as we walked down the hallway. I was not used to such a personal and close interaction with a client. We stepped into another room which was pitch-black. “Let me get the light,” Ann remarked, letting go of my hand. A few seconds later, the lights flickered on and I noticed it was another conference room. The room was air conditioned, and a small conference istanbul travesti table took up the entire room. “Sit,” Ann instructed. I followed her instructions. Just as before, she took up a seat right next to me, only this time, she rolled her chair back a small bit and faced me, her dress, once again, riding up enough to reveal a lot of leg and thigh. “OK,” she remarked, crossing one leg over another, her stiletto-heeled foot teasing me, rocking back and forth in front of me. “Now you tell me what I need to do.” I sat back in my chair and smiled, looking straight at her. I let a few seconds pass and then asked, “If I tell you what to do, will you do it?” “Yes,” she replied. “I can do anything.” I knew I was in dangerous territory by the way she said anything. “OK,” I replied. “For starters,” I began, “I need to know a few things.” As I spoke, Ann fiddled with her pearl drop earrings, taking each one off and carefully setting each on the conference room table beside her. The entire time, her leg never stopped rocking back and forth in front of me. “Do you have feel you have a good relationship with your employees?” I inquired. Ann uncrossed her legs and rolled up closer to where I sat, her knees right next to mine. “It’s OK,” Ann responded, her bare knees pressing against my leg, her hands clasped and resting in her lap. I was nervous. Ann reached down and fiddled with the ankle strap to her heels. I need to get more comfortable,” Ann remarked, adding, “I hope you don’t mind.” “Do your employees like working here?” I pressed on, as Ann slipped off one high heel shoe and then the other, setting each shoe on the table. “I think so,” Ann replied, “They never complain.” “What type of benefits do they get?” I pressed on. Ann stood next to me and re-adjusted the length of her skirt, pulling down on the hem. “Two week vacation, medical, paid sick day,” she responded, her English not yet perfected. “They are good employees,” Ann responded.