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Sammy”s Kitchen Chapter 4

I had the weirdest dream ever. I was doing a live cooking show for our school. Over one hundred people gathered in the school gym and I was the center of attention. I don”t remember what I was cooking because the most important part was that I was naked. I was only wearing a see-through apron and everyone could see my junk as I was mixing something in a big bowl. Then I tried it – whatever it was, and the taste was so delicious, I started getting hard. All eyes were on me.

And then, I felt someone gently patting my cheeks.

“Wakey wakey, it”s your favorite brother Jakey!”

I opened my eyes and Jake was sitting across my legs with the silliest grin I”ve seen. “Wha- what happened?”

“Nothing, Sammy, it”s already 9 am! Wake up!”

“It”s Saturday! Let me sleep please.”

“What if I tell you we got lots and lots of comments for our ice cream video overnight and I can”t wait to read them with you?”

“Uhhh…” I moaned and covered my face with the pillow. I was a little excited but I wasn”t ready to face it yet.

Then I felt Jake”s hand manipulate my morning wood through the white briefs I like to sleep in.

“Must”ve been a nice dream you had, Sammy. What was it about?” he asked. I felt him play with my boner like a joystick through the fabric and I let out a soft moan into the pillow.

“Was I in the dream?” he asked when I didn”t say anything and accented it with a few quick strokes.

“The dream was… umm… it was about…”

Fuck! I forgot what the dream was about. Why does it always happen to me? It”s like, it”s right there at the tip of my tongue but the more I try to remember, the more I forget. Jake”s manual distraction wasn”t helping either.

I felt Jake”s hand let go of my penis as he lifted the pillow covering my face. Jake”s grin was as wide as ever.

“Okay, okay, I”ll get up!” I surrendered.

“You better. I”m not reading the comments without you.”

“I need to go and pee first,” I said as I stood up, the erection tenting my briefs obscenely.

“Me too, let”s go together.”

Peeing together was yet another of our rituals we often did together but before today I would wait until my erection wore off. This morning it felt a little exciting.

We lowered our undies, took out our dicks, and aimed them at the toilet. Jake”s was softish but I had to take an awkward pose to make my hard shaft point more or less in the right direction.

“Not like that, Sammy! Here, let me help you. Bend over and rest your hands against the wall.”

I obeyed and leaned diagonally over the toilet. Thinking about Jake”s plan made my dick go even harder. And indeed Jake took it into his hand and bent it all the way down. With my body angle, he managed to get it aligned perfectly.

“Let it flow, little bro, I got you!”

I tried but it wasn”t easy to focus. When I finally relaxed, a thin stream escaped from my slit and hit the rim of the toilet.

“Oops!” Jakey chuckled and quickly redirected the stream before we made a mess all over the floor. The relief of having my bladder emptied along with the feeling of Jake squeezing my glans made me let out a long sigh.

“There you go, just like that,” Jake encouraged me. “Let it all go down. You”re well-hydrated, Sammy!” he added, examining the color of the stream with the face of an expert.

Slowly, the stream slowed down. My dick finally softened a little and I”m glad it did because it was becoming a little painful. Without letting me go, Jake knelt down and inspected my tool.

“Hey Sammy, the skin around your balls is moving!”

“That”s incredible, Jakey.”

“I know, right? I think it”s unfolding. It was so tight!”

Meanwhile, I finished peeing, and Jake shook the last few droplets out of my penis and then gently wiped istanbul travesti the tip with toilet paper.

“See? All good. You”re not the only one who”s good at caring for his brother.”

“I wouldn”t last one day without you, Jakey,” I said as I pulled up my briefs. “And I just remembered what my dream was about!”


A few minutes later, we were squeezed next to each other in my bed. It was Saturday so there was no point in putting any extra clothes on. Jake placed his laptop between us and opened our video.

“Almost twenty thousand views…” I whispered. “In less than a day!”

“Cool, huh? Let”s read some comments.”

Petition to release the rest of the video, the top-voted one read. We chuckled and smiled at each other shyly.

I had cropped out everything that happened after the final ice cream mix taste. There was of course a longer version, safely hidden on my drive.

Yesterday, we made out for a long time after getting our orgasms. After about an hour of cuddling and kissing, we cleaned up, got dressed, and recorded a generic “please like and subscribe” outro. Looking at it now, we totally had this intangible after-sex glow.

I read aloud another comment: It”s a whole new level of taste testing. It reminded me of the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp, but hotter.

“I told you, Jakey, people will only care for one damn thing!”

“I got you one better, Sammy. Listen to this!” Is your next video going to involve a banana split??

I scratched my head. “Well, sure, I can make a pretty good banana split, why?”

Jake wailed with laughter and messed my hair. “Sammy, he meant the other banana split!”

I turned red, trying to imagine what the other banana split could be about. I decided to read the next comment because it seemed a little more innocent: What a way to test out ice cream flavours. I”m definitely going to try that one at home! Need to have some now to cool down!

The other comments were fairly mixed. Most said it was hot and cute, but there were many “wtf” ones and even a couple of homophobic ones. Overall, it was better than I expected. We reacted to some of the nice ones and replied to one or two. You have to engage with the community, right?

“Look, Sammy!” Jake exclaimed when we got to the very bottom of the comments section. I read the comment he pointed at: Nice recipe. Looks delicious and fairly easy to make. Do you think I can use lactose-free or vegan milk instead?

“Wow, someone actually cared for my cooking.”

At that second, my phone vibrated and I picked it up.

“It”s Dean,” I said and read the message. I turned my head to Jake. “Dude, what the fuck!”

“What? What did he write?”

“I just told you – Dude, what the fuck!”

“One more jealous prick,” Jake summed up. “Also, guess what. You have over 700 subscriptions.”

“That”s neat!”

“Do you know what it means, Sammy? You”ll be eligible for monetization as soon as you hit 1k subs.”

“Whoa. That would be nice. As long as they don”t ban us before it happens.”

“If they do, they”ll have to deal with me.”


Mom called and said she would be home early from work so I rushed to the kitchen. Jake left home to hang out with Sasha and others. I didn”t mind. I didn”t need any distractions and, as much as I hated to admit it, Jake was growing to be more and more of a distraction. I couldn”t comprehend how he could mess around with his own brother and then just go about his day as if nothing happened. Fuck, he seemed ready to tell all his friends about it. I should”ve made him promise to keep it quiet for a while. People were already starting to give us weird looks.

On second thought, I agreed to it. I let it happen. Sure, I edited the video to cut the kisses short, to make it kadıköy travesti appear that they only served the purpose of combining ice cream flavors in a creative way. Still, deep down I knew that I wasn”t fooling anyone but myself. What I did was probably enough to save my account from being banned but that”s about that. In people”s minds, we were two sexy twins going at it for the views. I could either remove the recent videos and go back to my stagnant career, or go with the flow.

I pulled out the duck from the fridge and stared at it for five minutes. What do I do? I forgot everything! My mind was somewhere else and the more I tried to think about the task at hand, the more it became clear that I couldn”t.

I took off my apron and threw it on the floor. I went to our room and opened my laptop. It was cheap and slow and as it was starting up, I took off all my clothes and threw them on the floor. I placed the laptop on my bed and lay in front of it comfortably. It didn”t take me long to get hard, as I was impatiently looking at the loading screen. When the desktop screen finally showed up, I quickly opened my youtube folder and played the long, unpublished version of the ice cream video.

I didn”t skip any of it. I slowly masturbated as I watched me and Jakey kissing and interacting. I imagined Jakey swallowing my dick with his mouth full of cold ice cream.

“Umh…” I moaned and sped up.

By the time I reached the humping scene, I was on the edge of a powerful explosion. I only gently massaged the tip of my dick and felt it was about to ignite with the smallest spark.

“I”m not going to last long, Jakey.” I heard my voice coming from the speakers.

This was the moment I was waiting for. As soon as I saw Jake shoot the first jet of cum, I grabbed my shaft firmly and finished myself off with a loud moan. I grunted and thrust my hips in the air, as sticky gobs of cum landed on my body. I slowly let my breathing slow down.

I scooped some of the gooey discharge from my belly and put it in my mouth at the same moment as Jake in the video did.

I”m so in love.

I”m sooo fucked!

Just a few minutes later, I was back in the kitchen, not forgetting to wash my hands first. I preheated the oven and cleaned the duck from excess fat. I drizzled some olive oil and a generous pinch of salt and pepper. The focus was back.


A few hours later, Mom texted me that she was driving home and I called Jake to come to dinner. When they both arrived, I took the duck out of the oven, glazed it with my custom dressing, based on balsamic vinegar, and served it along with baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. Healthy, nutritious, and…

“Delicious!” Mom said with her wide-open eyes when she tasted it. “You should open a restaurant, Sam, you”ve really outdone yourself today.”

Jake, who”s been sitting next to me, leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek with a loud mwah. “You”re so talented, Sammy, and in so many ways!”

“Okay, stop it, you both,” I mumbled, turning bright red.

“Not only talented. Humble, too!”

Mom laughed at us shamelessly. I barely ever saw her these days and when I did, she would usually be tired and frustrated. It was great to see her in a good mood for a change.

“Boys,” she said when we all calmed down, “you probably thought it”s going to be another birthday that we can”t afford to celebrate properly. Well, your birthdays were last week so it”s a little belated, but I got us three tickets to the new amusement park that opened this summer.”

Jake and I looked at each other with excitement.

“You can”t mean Hellzone???”

“That”s right, Jakey. We”re going tomorrow!”

“Woohoo!” We shouted in unison and punched the air like ten-year-olds.

Make no mistake. This wasn”t an amusement park bakırköy travesti for little kids. In fact, it was famous for being a place where you”d rather go yourself and leave your kids with grandma. It was said to have some of the most hardcore rides ever built and for that reason, you”d more likely find drunk college students than pre-schoolers there. There were even some safety-related protests when it was about to open but they were quickly silenced, especially after the Tweet from the park director bringing up a study that said that you are more likely to die when folding a lawn chair than on a roller coaster. Needless to say, ever since it had opened, we wanted to go there badly.


After dinner, Jake was helping me clean up while Mom was taking a bath.

“Hellzone, Sammy, can you believe it?” Jake spoke with palpable excitement.

“Yeah, it”s a dream come true… I just hope Mom won”t have to work extra hours for the next two months because of that.”

“Awww, Sammy, you”re right. But fear not, for soon we are going to be rich and famous, and Mom will never have to work another day in her life! So don”t worry about it now, think about Hellzone!” he exclaimed and threw a dirty plate across the kitchen at me like a frisbee. I barely caught it with my wet hands and saved it from crashing to the ground.

“Jakey!” I scolded him with a serious face and a second later he was hugging me tightly.

“I”m sorry, little bro, I”m just too excited!”

“You”re lucky that I love you,” I sighed and placed the plate on the table to hug him back.

“I am lucky, Sammy. And I love you too.”

After a small pause, I whispered: “Sometimes I fear that I love you too much, Jakey.”

Jake gave me a look of worry and raised his left eyebrow “What are you talking about, Sammy? You love me just the right amount.”

For some reason, I couldn”t handle his stare. How I envied him. He really had no inhibitions or second thoughts…

“I don”t know, Jakey… I love you more than life but I have this voice in my head that tells me that we”re ruining our friendship and… ugh, I don”t know how to explain it.”

“Do you mean that you”re not supposed to love your brother this way?” He asked quietly and moved his hands down to my hips. My arms were still wrapped up tightly behind his back and our noses were almost touching. I finally found the courage to look Jake in the eyes and I saw the entire Universe of love, trust, and…

… then we kissed. Very gently. Small, little kisses on our lips, with a little tongue, too. Quiet slurping sounds. Our eyes open. Biting his lower lip. Licking his upper lip. My fear and worries receding. Our hands touching – my dick getting very, very hard. So beautiful. How could something so pristine and beautiful be wrong? How could I have any doubts?

Jake took my hand and guided it to his crotch.

“See, Sammy? I love you that way, too.”

I replied by wrapping my hand around his hard shaft through his shorts and we leaned in for another kiss, this time deeper and more passionate. A moment later, I felt Jake”s hand diving under my pants and grabbing my throbbing dick. His touch made me shiver and I let out a loud moan right into his mouth. The heat coming from our bodies was intoxicating and I had to support myself against the counter.

The sound of the bathroom door opening sobered us up. We jumped apart and tried to look innocent. I only managed to hastily fix my sweatpants and t-shirt before Mom appeared in the kitchen door (or rather – hole).

“Do you need any help boys?”

Jake smiled at her. “No Mom, we”re good. Get some rest, we”ll join you soon.”

She smiled at us strangely. When she disappeared into the living room, Jake gave me a quick peck on the lips and we got back to cleaning.


Thanks for reading! I started this story just to take my mind off more serious projects for a while. I didn”t expect it to turn so good. Thank you for all the emails so far, keep them coming! I love reading and replying to them – ail

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