Santa Likes Femboys

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Santa Likes FemboysDid you know Santa Clause is real….and he likes femboys??!I It happened last Christmas Eve. I fell asleep listening to the snow fall just outside my window. I was comfy under my layers of warm blankets I clutched tightly, in the black lace panties and red lingerie night dress or nighty I wear to bed. A loud thud on the roof above me startled me awake and I heard the jingles of bells and the sounds of an a****l sneezing. A few seconds later I heard what sounded like someone walking around in my living room downstairs. Still groggy, I grabbed my cell phone to be ready to call 911 and peered out my door and down the hall. “Ho, ho, ho!” I heard a man’s deep voice say in a hearty laugh. I knew Santa wasn’t real, so I figured this was some robber trying to pass himself as Santa. But how stupid did this guy think I am?I crept down the stairs quietly and found my living room bathed in an unexplained light and a tall, chubby man standing in front of my Christmas Tree. He looked just like the stereotypical Santa Clause, some nerve. “What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled indignant.The man, who was eating the cookies and drinking the milk I left out just as a fun tradition, turned around to look at me. “Watch your language, Chrissy,” bahis siteleri he scolded me gently. “You’re already on my naughty list.” “How did you know my name?””Ho, ho, ho! I know everything about you, including when you’re sleeping and when you are awake. I’m Santa!””Santa isn’t real!””So you don’t believe your eyes?””You’re just some thug dressed up as Santa.””Ho, ho, ho! Look up at the roof and tell me how a thug got a magical sleigh and a team of magical, flying reindeer. Ho, ho, ho!”I didn’t have to look, the noise I heard on my roof earlier lined up perfectly with that of reindeer.”But…but…you’re not real.” I stuttered.”Chrissy, I’m as real as you want me to be. And you have been naughty. Ho, ho, ho!””If that’s true,” I challenged. “Why are you in my home?””Ho! Ho! Ho! Because I love naughty boys, I give them a big gift! Ho! Ho! Ho!” With that he unbuckled his black broad buckled belt and unzipped his red pants. Out jumped his huge, wrinkled, snow-white penis, uncut of course with lots of foreskin, and it was hard and long. There was pre-cum already dripping from it. Santa winked at me then said, “cum get your gift, Chrissy. Ho! Ho! Ho!”Being the naughty ladyboy femboy slut I am, I complied and fell to my knees in front of Santa. canlı bahis siteleri I grabbed his rock-hard cock and squeezed it while placing my lips around it. It was so salty, vinegary, wet and sticky….it had a bit of an odor, but I was able to ignore that. His manjuices were already leaking into my mouth as I sucked on him. *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* I stroked his dick as I sucked, then started fucking him with my mouth…going up and down, up and down on his penis…my tongue would lick the tip and shaft at times. Santa’s dick started to swell and throb…but he pushed my head away.”Ho, ho, ho! He said, “I finish in naughty boy’s ass.”He had me get on my hands and knees and stick my ass up into the air. Santa got on his knees behind me and straddled my backside. He lifted up my lingerie nighty, pulled down my lace panties, then spread my buttcheeks to expose my tight, pink little hole. Santa didn’t need lube, he was magical after all, as he entered me his dick got wet and slippery so that it moved freely into my rectum with no pain. He thrusted it rhythmically, gyrating…in and and and out…in…in…in…getting deeper each time. It was so big, it hit all my nerve endings and my p-spot giving me the coveted ass canlı bahis orgasm….while my dick got turned on and big, too….cum dripping from it…”Ho…ho….ho…” Santa moaned in pure ecstasy as my sphincter and buttcheeks squeezed his cock. His man meat swelled, throbbed….then….BOOM! Like a volcano or bazooka it exploded and shot four squirts of his semen, his sperm, his DNA into my anal cavity. I could feel it as it wet my insides and got sticky. “Ho, ho, ho, hooooo!!!!!!!!!!” Santa yelled with enjoyment. And he slapped my ass just for fun. Meanwhile, I had also cum and got my panties soaked and sticky, some dripping on to the floor in front of me. Santa stayed inside and on top of me for a minute or two while he caught his breath, then he pulled his awesome magical cock out of my hole, and I heard a “pop!” and wush sound of air escaping. I didn’t see it, but Santa then zipped his pants back up and buckled his belt.I got off my knees and stood up, fixing my panties and my nightgown, and turned to face Santa.”Here,” Santa said reaching into his bag, “I have a gift for you.” He pulled out a card. “I know you really like money.” Later I would discover it is a winning Lotto ticket with the award being in the millions of dollars. “Now you are back on my nice list,” he added. “And I’ll be visiting you more frequently.”As he flew off on his sleigh led by his reindeer, I could hear him yell, “Merry Christmas to all! And all a good night! And Chrissy is a great fuck!”