Sarah from the beach

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Sarah from the beachTrue Story and the last day of Mike/Emma, Mia/Andy and Sarah/Johns holiday.So the last day of the trip we do an early morning dive as they fly the following afternoon and then they planned an easy afternoon chilling at the pool. They tipped me out for the week and said about meeting for drinks later. I meet them about 10.00PM after they’ve finished dinner and we head to a local bar. A buddy of mine was serving and kept lining up shots, around midnight we walk back to their hotel where some of the guys had said about a drink in the hotel bar. When we got back Emma said she wasn’t feeling great and was heading to bed while Mia also made her excuses (She had been the main reason for me joining them back at the hotel hoping for round 2, see Mia from the beach story). We grab some comfy lounge chairs out on the deck and ordered some drinks, as the rest of the week Sarah was pretty loud and seemed to really enjoy being the center of attention.Once we finished our drinks down stairs John said he had some rum up in the room he wanted to use before leaving the next day. We get to John and Sarahs room which was also a suite. We take seats on the sofa and chairs while John and Sarah head off to get the drinks. John comes back in with a nice bottle of rum and pours some istanbul escort drinks before taking a seat in a chair. We were sat chatting for a while when Sarah comes in dresses in just a silky dressing gown. She pretends to give Mike a little lap dance before heading over to her husband John where she spends a little longer dancing in front of him before turning to rub her ass in his crotch. As she did her gown came a little loose and i could see her naked breasts through the gap in the gown. As she leaned back into him she pulled the silk belt from the gown off exposing her naked body. She then tied one of Johns hands to the chair and then the other. Once he was securely tied to the chair she stood up and moved to the coffee table in the middle of the room.Once there without saying a word she spread her legs as the gown fell to her side showing her freshly shaved pussy. She started playing with her clit while we just sat there watching and finishing drinks. As her hand speeds up she starts to make more noise and i can see a few of the guys have got their cocks out and with mine rock hard i take my shirt off and pull mine out. We sit there watching her as she comes, she then gets up and goes and sits back on John while avcılar escort Mike gets up and kneels between her open legs and starts to eat her pussy. I then head over as Andy does and she grabs a cock in each hand and takes it in turns deep throating each cock while John is tied helplessly to the chair.With Mike between her legs she comes again before standing up and turning round. She keeps a tight hold of mine and Andys cock while Mike starts fucking her from behind. She puts her head in Johns still fully dressed crotch so each of Mikes thrusts would push her head into Johns hard cock. After a while she walks to my side of the chair and leans across both arms of the chair leaving her ass in the air Mike walks in front of her and sticks his cock in her mouth while Andy is still getting jerked off. I take the lube from her pussy and rub it over her ass and my cock. I slide my cock slowly in and out of her pussy to get it fully lubed while slowly working my thumb into her ass. As i start fucking her wet pussy my thumb is sliding in and out of her ass with some ease. After a while i take my cock out of Sarahs pussy and place it over her asshole. She mumbles something but with Mikes cock in her mouth I couldn’t hear her. John is sat there in silence watching şirinevler escort as i press my cock into his wife’s ass and start to fuck it long and and slowly. It was pretty tight and felt great, after a few minutes of fucking her ass Andy heads over and lays down on the table which was Sarah cue to stand up and join him by straddling over him and starts to ride him. I decide I wasn’t done with her ass and head over and thrust my cock back into her ass. Sarah starts talking dirty and gets louder as we are fucking both her holes pretty hard, i grab a handful of her hair pulling it back which jolted her head back and opened her mouth which Mike was happy to use for his cock again. As the three of us are fucking her, she comes again managing to free her mouth from Mikes cock she tells us to come in her holes and fill her up, asking us to fuck her harder. I was slamming her ass as hard as i could and was the first to come followed by Mike, I take a seat back on the sofa while Andy rolls her over so she’s on her back on the coffee table and continues to power fuck her pussy before he comes in it. Sarah still laying on the table thanks us for a great night and asks us to untie John on the way out. The last thing i saw as i shut the door was Sarah on all fours leaning on the coffee table as John tied her hands to it. I figured it was now time for him to have some fun.That was the last i saw of the group and ended one of the craziest sex weeks of my life. We keep in contact with the odd email but they haven’t been back down since which is a shame!!FYI i changed the names of those involved.