Sara’s Awakening Part 2. Through Daddys Eyes

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Sara’s Awakening Part 2. Through Daddys EyesPart two. Through Daddy’s eyes.Mark Smith stood at his daughter’s bedroom door. He wondered to himself for maybe the millionth time what the hell was wrong with him. Mark had always been a bit of horn dog. He loved the ladies and back when he was younger the ladies had loved him. He figured even now he could hit the bar and have his pick of most of the women there. So why the hell could he only think of one woman and of all women his own daughter. His conscience tried to correct him by having the word girl flash through his mind. “She’s not a woman Marky ol boy. She’s a girl. Your little girl” it mocked to him. She’s eighteen now Mark half heartedly retorted back. “Ah yes… how could I forget? The body of an eighteen year old but in the ways of sex she may as well be ten you sick dirty old man. Besides even if she wasn’t your daughter, your sweet innocent little girl what the hell would make you think she’d want an old man like you”? His conscience was right as always but as he’d become so very good at he ignored it. At least for now.His hand reached out to the doorknob and as quietly as possible he cracked the door open slightly. There she lay. Only a sheet covering her body. So soft and sweet. Her dark hair spilled over the pillow that she held tightly to her. He could see the outline of her slender back as it led down to her hips. Her hips always got him. What it would be like to have his hands on those perfectly curved hips as he pulled her to him. The thought caused him to slowly pull his cock (now rock hard) free from his pajama bottoms. He let his gaze continue down as his hand started out its familiar stroking pattern. Her ass was a thing of perfection. The thin sheet that cover her there was dark enough that he couldn’t see through but he could tell she was wearing panties only tonight. His speed increased now thinking about spanking her. Squeezing each deliciously firm cheek as he thrust in and out of her. He was about to check out her impossibly long legs when he she rolled over to face the door. She shifted slightly and he could see her breasts pressed firm against the sheet. He looked closely and was sure he could see a nipple erect. He had to güvenilir bahis leave he realized.Mark walked back to his bedroom and finished stroking himself till he came. The feeling was so incredibly intense that he nearly fell out of bed. His orgasms were always this good. At least they had been ever since he started watching Sara. He would not allow himself to cum at her door anymore. Not since the night she woke up. It hadn’t been the first time he’d watched her. But before his conscience had got the better of him before he got too far in. Before he had always just watched and let thoughts run through his mind. Deliciously dirty thoughts. But his good old conscience had kept him in check. Stopped him from doing anything foolish. That night he had shut his conscience out…*Standing at her door Mark stroked slower. The orgasm was building so fast. He’d never been a minute man but the excitement of what he was doing was overtaking him. His cock felt like it was burning from intense pleasure each time his hand moved over it. He wanted to savor this moment but it was too much. He gave up on his inner battle to draw out the pleasure and let his hand glide over his penis faster again. Squeezing tightly he felt the first wave start to come over him. That’s when his legs went weak. He hadn’t expected anything like this because he’d never experienced anything close to it before. He was gonna fall through the door with his pants around his ankles and cum all over his hand… and belly… and some on the floor behind him too. Quickly he reached out to the door frame but too hard. ***BANG*** It was loud. He knew it was loud but still silently hoped she’d sleep through it. She did not… Without thinking Mark cursed out loud “DAMMIT”! Oh you fucking idiot he thought. Quickly he pulled his pants up. He felt the now cool cum slide over him as he did and remembered that it was all over the place. He used his heel to rub what was on the floor into the carpet as best he could. Then quickly moved down the hall to the kitchen.He ran some water to wash it off his hands and used a cloth to wipe it off his belly.  Ah shit… he could hear her getting out of bed… “Just play it cool Mark” he told himself. She has canlı bahis no idea what was going on. Maybe she saw you maybe not. But he knew his daughter. She very rarely left the farm house. She had been home schooled for most all of her life till his bitch ex took off. So unless she learned about sex in the few months she’d been at school (which he highly doubted) she would have no idea what he was doing even if she had seen him.He heard her walking into the kitchen behind him. Maybe if he spoke first it would catch her off gaurd before she started asking questions… he decided to try that aproach.”What are you doing up baby girl”? he asked. Silently praying she wouldn’t answer “what are you doing jerking off outside my door”?”I just needed a drink of water” Sara replied. Did her voice sound shakey? Clearly she hadn’t woke up on her own to get a drink. But her small lie was nothing compared to what he’d been doing. So he decided not to push it.He turned to face her and saw a young beautiful angel in a night shirt standing before him. “Dammit she’s gonna make me hard again and then what the hell am I gonna do” he thought.”Here you can finish mine” he said.She was looking at him closely. He was thankful that she hadn’t glanced down to the tent he knew was gradually being built in his pjs. But what the hell could she be staring at?She answered his question with a question of her own. “Daddy… what are you doing up so late and why are you out of breath”?Oh perfect… he thought. In the rush of cleaning cum off of himself and everywhere else he hadn’t even thought about the rest of his appearance. What the hell could he say? His conscience reared its ugly head again “Come on Marky tell the truth. Well baby girl I can’t control myself around you so instead of being a good dad I decided to masturbate outside your door because I desperately want to fuck you. Instead of protect you from sickos like… well me” it teased.Bingo Mark thought. Protection! “Oh I thought I heard something outside. I went to check it out. Ended up chasing shadows out there.” He watched her as he spoke. She’s really buying this he thought. He couldn’t help but give a little laugh. “Then I started to worry that maybe you snuck out” bahis siteleri he said. Another lie but the thought really bothered him. “So I checked your room and saw that you were still there sleeping. My knee gave out on me and I smacked the wall… hope I didn’t wake you”She looked at him and asked “is your knee ok”?”Oh yeah its fine. Must be getting out of shape or maybe it was from relief of finding you still here”She beamed at him in that angelic way of her’s and said in her cheerist voice “oh daddy I’d never sneak out”Mark watched as she downed the last of the water and started his way. “Oh shit he thought. She’s gonna hug me.” Sara didn’t just give little hugs. She used her whole body. “If she presses those tits against me it’ll take every last bit of willpower to keep my cock down” he thought.Sara threw her arms around his neck and squeezed. And as he feared she used tits and all with her hug. “Christ she may as well wrap her damn legs around me” he thought. But there was nothing he could do but hug her back. He held her close. Arms tight around her. God he wanted her so bad. He moved his face close to her delicate throat and softly tried to take in her scent. She smelled wonderful.Then she pulled back from him. “Shit did she catch him smelling her”? he wondered. Then she leaned in and kissed him gently on the cheek. But she was so close to his lips… His mind went wild with thoughts of taking her right there and then. His cock started to stir in his pajamas. He had to get her the fuck out of there or he would lose what last bit of his sanity remained.Quickly he kissed her forehead and told her she needed to get back to bed.He watched her walk back to her room. She was moving kind of funny… almost like her legs were close together. Like she had to pee or something. That thought made his cock stiffen and he didn’t know why. Mark nearly ran to the safety of his bedroom where he knew he’d have the privacy that he would surely need. Once in his room he quickly tore out of his clothes and had his hand wrapped tightly around his cock. He lay in bed reliving the feeling of his daughter’s breasts pressed against him. Her lips so close to his own. He thought about picking her up and her legs wrapping around his waist. Then lowering her slowly onto his aching cock.Mark masturbated two more times before he finally gave in to his exhaustion. It was getting awfully late and he did have to be to work by nine after all. *