Sat Afternoon Fuckfest

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Sat Afternoon FuckfestIt was a hot Saturday afternoon. I had just comeback from running a few errands, and was laying back on the bed for a rest. I had the fan going as the air conditioner wasn’t getting the cool air around the house. Andrea comes up after putting a movie on for the k**s. She’s all hot and bothered. I’m wearing my shorts and am OK, but she’s wearing her jeans and a white top. She rushes in and goes to the bathroom, takes off her top and pants to reveal a sheer white DD Bra and dark green hip hugging panties. Seeing her undress gives me an instant hard on. I reach into my crotch and stroke myself as I watch her slip out of her clothes. Unaware of my horniness, she moves over to the fan and leans over it to get the breeze, exposing her hot cleavage and busty tits. She turns around and bends her ass over on the fan to cool off, as I enjoy her hot panties and curvy body. She stretches her arms back over her head and I’m in jack-off heaven, my swollen prick pokes out of my shorts, eager for some fuck action. As if unaware of my hard on, she says ”Let’s take a nap”. She locks the door and then I know she wants to do some late afternoon fucking. She lays down next to me and we spoon—her ass and hot panties up against my hard on, as I reach over and cup my left had over her lace bra. We lay there for a few minutes, and then I start to slowly rub over her white lace bra. I could see her erect aureoles perk up under the sheer white lace at my caress. I reach under her bra and cup her big tittie gladly in my hand. She had her eyes closed, as if trying to take a nap, but she gave me a boodie-check, rubbing her butt up next to me. I humped my hard on back at her in response and proceeded to caress her breastsfurther. Unsnapping her bra, I set her big ta-ta’s loose, lovingly caressing them from behind. Her grinding on my crotch intensified, as I began to rub her ass. She arched her left leg up as my cock was let loose. I quickly dropped my shorts and was rubbing the shaft of my cock along her now wet slit. She arched her leg higher, inviting me to penetrate her hot womb. I leaned back and guided the shaft of my member to her steamy hot entrance. My head ran up and down the lips pendik escort of her pussy slowly, and then over her now hot clit. I grabbed her butt cheek with my hands excitedly, caressing the folds of her thighs. I ran my hands and fingers over the hairy public mound, each touch sending her fuck temperature higher. She rocked her ass and hips from side to side in rhythm, finally I eased the tip of my penis inside her, she let out a loud moan of delight. With each slow soft thrust, I worked my member deeper and deeper into her fucking bitch cunt, until I was all up inside her pussy. It was on and fucking now! I started to slowly pump my dick into her waiting pussy. Holding her leg up, I was getting her all fucked up and nasty. “Fuck me, Randy, put Mr. Pee-pee up in my pussy” I fucked her harder and harder. My penis now moist from her hot juices. I eased her panties off to expose her ass completely. The breeze from the fan ran over us, but I began to sweat from the workout. I pulled my dick out and held back both of her legs wide. Her hairy hot pussy was up, and exposed. I took my tongue and dove in. She moaned in delight as I licked her pussy raw. I stuck my tongue up her cunt, licked her labia, and sucked on her clit. Her hands roamed over to my head, pushing me down into her as I devoured her vagina. On her back, she thrust her hips up to me as she pushed down on my head in bliss. I fucked her up with my mouth and tongue as a fuck tool, I stuck a finger in her ass and one in her pussy.—driving her wild with passion and lust. “Oh Shit” she squealed, as she wanted more. Her pussy was sopping wet with my saliva and sweat, and her cunt juice. I mounted her missionary style and fucked her cunt over and over again. She enjoyed every moment as my drops of sweat bathed her from above. I thrust at her over and over, caught up in the afternoon passion, my nuts slapping gently on the lower folds of her ass. I watched my cock work in and out of her pussy. She wrapped her legs over my back and locked her pussy onto me. We paused, and cherished our joining, fervently kissing and relishing the power of our mutual fuckfest. I continued to fuck and squeeze her tits. I got up and mounted her chest, mesmerized escort pendik by the sight of her fuckin’ breasts, big and natural displayed before me. I spat on them, combining with my sweat, they glistened as if they had been oiled. Pulling my cock out of her cunt. I put my dick between her breasts and squeezed her tit meat together—titfucking her breasts. She watched as the tip of my cock poked through with each stroke. Strangely aroused, she bent her head down to suck my dick. Her tongue swirling around my tip. I eased up over her and moved from her breasts to her mouth, she took me all in gladly as I rose up and slut humped her waiting mouth. I almost came, but turned around to oblige her again. We 69’d—locked up in each other, as I sucked her pussy and she savored my rod inside her mouth. I grabbed her ass cheeks from behind and darted my tongue all over her pussy, she would let out a moan, but her mouth was filled with my dick.After awhile, I turned over on the bed, my cock up and poised at attention waiting to fuck her pussy. She reared up, rubbing her breasts and posed herself over me. She straddled me and shoved her sweet melons into my face.  ‘Suck them, you MOTHERFUCKER, Suck My Sweet Titties” She shoved her voluptuous breasts into my face and I sucked them gladly, one at a time. She moaned with delight. Her hips grinding on my hard on, smothering my member with her love lust. I sucked her nipples til they were rock hard, licking them and caressing them like a crazy man. She knew I loved her tits and was getting off making me suck them. Now it was her turn to mount me. She raised up on her haunches, I could see her fuckin tits sway from below. I smelled her sweet love box. “Eat me again” she commanded “Gladly I Replied.” She sat up on my face and smothered me to my delight. I darted my tongue up into her pussy as she rocked up and down side to side in pleasure above me. I squeezed her big ass with both of my hands as she humped my mouth wildly. I was enjoying her humping on my face. She pressed down hard, hardly giving me room to breathe, but I was getting off knowing how much pleasure the pussy lick gave her.I moved back over to the top of the bed and arched by back pendik escort bayan up, my prick still wet, hot and hard. She eased her pussy over my cock and mounted me. I grabbed her hips as she was slowly riding my cock. I caressed her ass and tits as her hips swayed and gyrated in sheer delight, my shaft completely engulfed in the folds of her mound. I could feel the wet sliding of our joined bodies. Yes, no doubt, I was in her pussy and it felt like heaven! She held her hands up and then out as she bucked and fucked on top of me. I reached out to hold her hands as her hips had a mind of their own, Her hard rocking swayed the bed. She turned around over me for a moment and started to work my dick again. I beheld her ass on my dick and rubbed her butt as she cowgirl fucked me with an attitude! She turned around again and I arched my back up half way to her. This put my dick in the best penetration point for her. Andrea rode up and started to bitch fuck me. Her pussy and hips slapped on me rapidly as they worked their own beat. I put my hands on her sweet ass and thrust upward with each slap. I pulled her curvaceous body close to me as I knew she was about to climax. Her pussy convulsed and pulsed as her head arched back, I could feel her pussy squirt as she came hard on my cock. Before she could finish, I bent her on her side without leaving her pussy. I placed her in my favorite fuck position. Wildly excited that the bitch just came on me, her fiery love box hot and wet and funky. I lifted her leg up and worked my fuck tool in and out of her pussy. I reached out with my right hand to squeeze her big breast and grabbed her butt with the other. I was so turned on I could hardly contain it. I slid my rod in and out—fucking her like there was no tomorrow. My shaft banged the walls of her vagina, my nuts swollen with cum juice, ready to burst my semen deep inside. She rocked her pussy to me, all excited again as she knew I was about to shoot one off. My penis locked and quivered as I came like never before inside her. She reached down to grab my ass with her hand, pushing my cock up into her harder. My spunk shot up hot and gooey thick as I creamed her sweet pussy. I wasn’t going to pull out, because I wanted to fill her fuckin’ pussy with all my cum. She rolled her head back and came again as I continued to thrust. We both collapsed on the bed after some serious fucking and spooned to take a real nap.