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His rock hard cock almost lifted me off the counter, and i knew then we’d made a mistake. “Please stop, this is a mistake, we’ve gone too far,” I said.

“I know you are 18 JD and old enough to think for yourself, but I’m still your mother and you will always be my baby.”

As I pushed him away, his look of embarrassment spoke volumes.

“I shouldn’t encourage you. It’s just your father is away, and I’m letting my emotions and desires take over; this is not your fault. Go finish your homework. I’ll get dinner on the table.”

Later that night, alone in bed I thought about my mistake.

“Is it wrong for there to be some strange sexual attraction between mother and son.” I said to myself.

How could he not be attracted to me. Men hit on me all the time. They see right through me into my dark sexual side and my wanton desires. I’ve had men proposition me based on the look in my eyes.

As I contemplated all of this, I let my hands slide over my breasts. My nipples hurt and reacted to the slight tough of the bed sheets. The fragrance of my still wet vagina made me realize, there was no mistaking the fact that JD fulfilled me in a way that I couldn’t compare. tipobet365 yeni giriş It was an entirely different experience — erotic, forbidden, tempting. It won’t happen again, I thought.

Saturday, when his father returns we’ll all fall into our familiar roles. With that thought, I slept soundly, and woke like it was all dream. And maybe it was.

JD’s father stayed true to form. He wandered around the house inspecting this and that, like a dog, finding its territory.

When we were together in our bedroom he took me. He grabbed me by the hair, lifted my nightie, and bent me over the side of the bed. I pretended to resist and care, just to keep him aroused enough to finish quickly. As he pounded me from behind, I wondered if he could feel the fact that my vagina was softer than normal and fragrant with JD’s cum.

When he’d gone as far as he could, he pulled out, grabbed my hair, pulled my lips to his cock, forced open my mouth, and pushed against the back of my throat.

“I want to cum on your face” he said. I watched him stroke his cock, throw his head back, and felt his load drip onto my lips. He smeared his cum on my face and put tipobet365 giriş his last drop on my chin. “You are my naughty bitch,” he said.

And with that, we were back to normal. His job was done and I was on the receiving end just the way he liked me.

When JD’s father left to play golf, I made a lunch for two, and left it on the table in case he decided to take a break from his usual TV and computer binge.

The sun was shining, the pool inviting, and things were back to normal, or so I hoped.

I took the moment of quiet to attend to myself. Applied a bit of make up, fixed my hair, shaved the morning stubble from my pussy.

I’d spent most of the summer working on a special tan with a thong bikini and micro top. I loved the way the patch of white accentuated my ass and left just enough to the imagination.

As I stretched out on the chase, sunglasses on, lipstick and gloss applied, I looked down at the bright red polish on my nails. In all honesty I couldn’t imagine why any man could resist me and admired JD for his ability to resist the temptation for as long as he had.

With that thought in mind, I let the warm sun wash over my tipobet365 güvenilirmi body. I felt the heat on my skin and dosed off unexpectedly.

I awoke to the sound of patio furniture moving on the deck. “Sorry mother. I don’t intend to wake you. Thanks for making me lunch.”

When JD finished eating, and leaned back in his chair I mentioned the episode in the kitchen. “Sorry for being a bit too forward last night. I got carried away, obviously, and it won’t happen again.”

“Mother, don’t blame yourself. I’m the one that should apologize. Whatever happened, it was nothing happened we should be ashamed of.”

“I almost wish it had” I said. “I’m not going to pretend that I don’t want you. That would be a lie. The fact of the matter is, the thought of you taking me is indelibly etched on my mind.”

And when I knew JD understood how I felt, I looked down at his shorts. JD looked away and I continued to watch for his cock. It was amazing how quickly he got hard and what little it took for me to arouse him. I knew then that just one word about “us” would unlock his trigger.

“Come over here JD” I said. “Let me look at you.”

I ran my hands through his hair, and brushed the crumbs from his lips. “You are a good boy” I said. “You make me proud.”

I reached down and let my hand brush ever so lightly over his shorts. I pretended not to notice the way the head of his hardening cock made an outline through the thin fabric of his shorts.