Secretary Follows Her Lust

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Some of us, as we get older, look at ourselves differently. When we look in the mirror, we see aging taking place. Body begins to droop in places, we put on weight, get wrinkles, and end up getting hair where we never had it before. Our lovers occasionally find their other half unattractive. Losing interest in loving or sexual relations.

Even though she tried keeping herself attractive for her husband. Mary sometimes felt unattractive, unloved, and seemed more like a maid and cook. Her husband for years now, showed less and less attention for Mary. Even though they have been married for twenty four years. Raising two children to adulthood, and both working to keep up with the finances. Mary had needs, even though she was married and getting older.

At first, she was content with her life. Tried putting the fire back into Mike, her husband. Buying lingerie, sex toys, even ordering porn movies to watch. Mike just seemed uninterested with her. Work and sports, is all that Mike stayed interested with. She got to the point, that she just gave up. When she felt sexually excited, she took care of herself. She really didn’t want to leave Mike. She truly loved him, even though he paid little attention to her.

Forty six year old Mary, was far from being ugly. Just under five feet tall, kept her hair long and colored blonde with brunette streaks. Very pretty face highlighted by her blue eyes and pouty type lips. Her chest was her prominent feature. She was a ‘D’ cup. Body was petite type, but she had a few extra pounds. Not overly fat, just more curvy. Always wore her make up perfectly. Had beautiful long fingernails, that were polished clear.

When she looked at herself in a full length mirror. She liked what she saw. So, her tits sagged some and had a few stretch marks. But, her tummy didn’t hang and her ass was bigger too, but curved just right. Could never understand why Mike felt the way he did. In her mind, she looked damned good for forty six.

She had a full time job as a secretary. Worked in a huge city hospital, in the medical records department. Had her own office, has a window and a fridge. Mostly works alone, but, occasionally her supervisor would visit. Mary loved her job. Hardly anyone bothered her, just her and the computer.

Most the time, she wore nice slacks and a blouse. Once in a great while, she’d feel adventurous, wearing a skirt. Dressed fairly conservative, but, sometimes showed a bit of cleavage. Why not, she was proud of her huge boobs. Probably, made the other ladies jealous. Gave the male employees something to see.

One morning, Mary entered her office. Turned the light switch on. Only half the lights in the ceiling lamps came on. Thought to herself, “Oh damn, stupid lights.” Walked to her desk, and called the maintenance room. Told the gentleman on the phone her dilemma. His response was someone would be right up to change the bulbs. Hung up the phone and went to work.

After an hour or so, someone knocked on her door. Got up from her desk chair and answered it. “Hi, I’m John from downstairs, I’m here to change your light bulbs.” She quickly scanned John over, and said, “I’m Mary, please come in.” She held the door open, while he carried some bulbs and a ladder in tow. Then closed her office door.

John setting his ladder up spoke, “How long have you been here, Mary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. And I’ve been here over ten years.”

“I’ve been here just shy of a year. I pretty much stay cooped up in here. This is a big building, I’m sure there’s plenty of people I haven’t met yet,” she answered.

“Yeah, I know, the way staff come and go, it’s hard to keep track sometimes.” He got his ladder set up, climbing up opening the ceiling light cover. Mary watches as he removes the burned out bulbs. Climbs back down getting the new bulbs. Mary smiles at him, John smiles back. Getting back on the ladder, holding a couple of bulbs. Reaches up installing them.

Mary watches, finding herself checking him out. In her mind she’s talking to herself, “Hmm, he’s got a nice sexy ass. His arms are muscular, couple of tattoo’s. He’s no Brad Pitt, but he’s not ugly.” She continues to look, hoping not to get caught. He comes back down off the ladder. Grabbing two more bulbs.

Back up he goes, installing the last two bulbs. Mary, still checking him out. He turns a bit, Mary staring hard. Again in her thoughts, “Oh my, that looks like quite a bulge there. No, that can’t be his cock. No Mary, stop looking, you can’t have it anyway. Sure looks big though, I bet it is big. Oh god, never seen a cock bulge like that. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Okay, Mary stop already.”

John climbs back down, folding up his ladder. Looks at Mary, “There ya go, nice and bright again.”

She smiles, “Thank you so much, you made my day much brighter.” She laughs and so does he.

“Glad to do it, well Mary, got other things to take care of. It was nice meeting you. Maybe see you around again soon.”

“Nice meeting you too John, I’ll be sure escort bostancı to call, if I ever have anymore troubles.”

They say goodbye to each other. John exits her office. Mary takes a few minutes to gather herself. Thinking once more to herself, “Damn, Mary, you’re becoming a dirty old lady. Get hold of yourself. Sure was nice to look at though. Been a long time since I cock watched. Glad I did though.”

Spent the rest of her work day, trying to concentrate on work. It was difficult. Her earlier vision kept popping up inside her mind. She finished her day, and headed home. As usual, she made dinner for her and her husband. They ate, but, didn’t say much. Mary went to bed her usual time. Mike stayed up later like normal to watch sports.

As Mary tried drifting off, she thought of John. Imagining, how big he was. What kind of lover was he? Does he take his time? Does he eat pussy? Good kisser? All these things scrambled in her brain. She was getting horny. Felt her pussy begin to tingle. Getting moist down there. Her big nipples hardening.

Lying on her back, she parted her legs, Putting her hand down inside her pajama bottoms. Using her middle finger, gently rubbing her excited clit. Pushing her finger down between her swollen pink lips. Her slit already sticky, easily slides her finger deep inside. Shoving her finger in and out. Softly moaning, putting her finger back on her clit. Making gentle circles on it. She cums quietly, now sliding her two middle fingers inside her juicy hole.

She fingers herself deep, using her thumb on her clit. Fingers all wet, she rubs them on her tight asshole. Slowly, she inserts her middle finger in her asshole. Goes only up to the second knuckle. In and out she fingers her ass. Moaning ever so quietly. Makes herself so hot, her pussy starts dribbling inside her panties. Pulled her finger out of her ass, back into her well juiced up pussy.

Kept finger fucking, until she came three times. Been a long time since she had done that. And the whole time she thought of John and his cock. All day long she was obsessed with him. Now she wondered what it would really feel like to actually have sex with John. She fantasized until she fell asleep.

Days went by, she never saw John ever at work. She even walked by the maintenance room, hoping to see him. Didn’t happen. She was actually hoping something in her office would break down or stop working. Just so she could call again.

About two weeks after meeting John, she finally saw him. He was in a hallway, on his knees, working on a plug outlet. Excitedly, she walked up to him. “Hi there stranger, how’s everything going?” Mary asked.

He looked up, “Hey, Mary, how’s life treating ya?”

She smiles, “Ah you know, same old, same old for me.”

Looking up at her, “Yeah, me too, not much going on with me either.” He finished working, standing back up. “Well, you look nice today,” he said really checking her out. She was wearing a knee high skirt and a shiny white blouse, that showed some serious cleavage. He did take a peek at her tits.

“Well, thank you, got to look good once in awhile,” she replied. Seeing him again, just made her day. So excited to finally see him. Felt good to be appreciated. To be complimented. She needed that so much. Even though she was still married, she craved male attention. Lusting over other men made her feel so naughty. She craved good sex again.

They talked for a few more minutes. But, both had to get back to work. Mary returned to her office feeling happy. Seeing John made her feel alive, almost young again. She couldn’t remove her thoughts about him, her fantasies. She decided in her mind, she wanted John. The hell with my husband.

Over the next few weeks, they only seen each other a couple of times. It was always just harmless talk. Very little flirting on both ends. Mary knew she would have to be the one to make any move. Many different plots and scenarios filled her head. But, she never went through with any of them. It was early December and they company always held a party for the season.

On her way to the cafeteria one morning, she saw John. Quickly, she sauntered up to him.

“Hi, how’s it going?”

“Oh, hi Mary, going alright, how about you?” He answered.

“Fine, fine, hey, I wanted to ask you, do you go the company Christmas party?”

John paused, “Ahh yeah, it’s a nice spread they put on. Plus, the open bar helps too. But, yeah, I’ll probably go, are you going too?”

Mary smiled, “Yeah, I thought I would go, be my first time going.”

“Well, if you do go, and your husband doesn’t mind, I’ll save a dance for you.”

“Oh hell, he won’t go with me. It’ll just be little ole me,” Mary replied.

“Very cool, then I’ll definitely save ya a dance then okay kiddo?”

Mary nodded her head in agreement. They chatted a few more minutes. Then, went their separate ways. Mary’s head filled with excitement, knowing John would be at the party. She was positively going, ümraniye escort she couldn’t wait.

She of course went home and told Mike about the party. He turned his nose at it. She knew he would. Told him she was going on her own. He didn’t care, have fun he said to her. Little did he realize, that was exactly what she had in mind. She was going to have fun.

It was the Saturday before Christmas. The company party was being held at a local golf course in their banquet hall. Mary spent most of the day, deciding on her attire for the evening. She drug out many outfits. Holding them against her body, looking in the mirror. Deciding finally on a red skirt, that was just above her knees.

She got herself ready, showering, shaving, and lotion-ed up her already soft skin. Did her hair, put on her make up, little perfume, and pulled her red skirt on. For her upper half, she wore a black lacy bra. Covered with a almond colored blouse. She was looking for some panty hose. She found a pair of black thigh highs she wore once for her husband. Naughtiness came over her, Yes, she thought, these will do.

She sat on the edge of her bed, slipping the thigh highs over her shapely legs. Stood up, modeling in front of her mirror. Damn she looked good, she told herself. Going to her underwear drawer, she was going through her panties. Trying to find the perfect pair. She couldn’t find a sexy enough pair. To herself she thought, “I’m not wearing any tonight, naughty time for me.” She smiled to herself, grabbing her coat and purse.

Off she went to the golf club. Parking lot filled with cars. Walked up to the banquet room door and opened. Instantly, music and loud chatter filled her ears. About a hundred people inside, eating, dancing, and drinking. DJ was playing music, his colored lights flashed in the room. Scanning the room looking for anyone she knew. But, Mostly for John.

First person she saw was Pat, her co-worker from across the hall. She walked towards her. Pat looked up, “Marrryyyy, glad you could make it. You look gorgeous woman. Let’s get you a drink, okay?” Mary nodded, as they walked to the bar. Mary and Pat talked as they sipped their drinks. Mary’s eyes roaming the room, where’s John, she thought.

Near the corner of the room, was a table filled with about twelve people. There was John sitting with a table with other workers. He hadn’t seen Mary yet. She stared, watching him drink and laugh with the table. Pat asked Mary if she wanted to mingle, say hello to others. Both of them walked around the room wishing people happy holidays and such. They finally walked near where John was sitting.

John gulped his drink hard after spotting Mary. She looked hot, he kept his eye on her. Got up from his seat, and casually walked over to her and Pat. “Hi guys, don’t you both look great. It’s nice to see your co-workers get all gussied up like this.”

“You look handsome too, John,” Mary beamed.

“I need another drink, can I get you two something?” Pat replied nothing for her, Mary said, “I could use another, I’ll go with you.”

John put his hand on Mary’s back, right below her neck. Guiding her through the crowd. Mary instantly got the shivers from his touch. They both got a new drink and John repeatedly told Mary how great she looked. He asked where her husband was. “I left that old sourpuss home, he doesn’t like going to these things. I’ll have more fun without him.”

John shrugged, “Okay, guess it’s his loss then. C’mon, why don’t we dance.” Again, he laid his hand on her back, walking back to his table. Put their drinks down and headed to the dance floor. Old classic rock was playing, people getting drunk, dancing like crazy. As they fast danced, both Mary and John watched each other intently.

They dance to a couple of faster songs. People were trying to get the DJ to play something slower. Finally, he did, John held out his hand, Mary took it. They embraced each other, and danced very slowly. Swaying to the song, John loving the aroma of her perfume. The softness of her back. Looking down on her, her huge breasts against his rib cage. Mary was loving it too.

The dancing was arousing John, his cock, growing under his slacks. Mary purposely and lightly rubbed her hip over his growing lump. Didn’t take long for him to achieve full hardness. His seven and a half inch prick noticeably protruding. Mary pressed harder against it, herself feeling it’s full extent.

Before long the song ended, everybody on the dance floor clapped. Not John and Mary, John looked at Mary, “What do you say if we stepped outside for awhile.” She nodded, walking together to the coat room. Putting their coats on and John put his arm around her shoulders. As soon as they reached his car, he pulled Mary into him. Planting his lips on hers. Both kissing passionately, their tongues rolling over each others.

John’s right hand began massaging her covered tits. Mary, using her right hand, rubbed hard over his incredible bulge. It was chilly outside, kartal escort bayan Mary pulled her lips from his, “I’m getting cold out here.”

He smiled, taking her hand, walking her to the passenger side. Opening the door for her. She sat down, John watching her legs as she did. He quickly got to the driver’s side. Opening his door, sitting down, then starting his car. After letting the key go, he and Mary instantly went back to kissing. Her left hand rubbed on his thigh, then gently over his cock. He squeezed and massaged her tits.

Both of them loving the heavy petting. Sucking each others tongue, lapping inside their mouths. Hands rubbing and grabbing each other. Few minutes pass, Mary pulls her lips away. “Can we go to your place?”

“No, my room mate is there, what’s wrong being in here?” He replied.

Mary leaned back, “Here in the car! Are you nuts. People will see us. You’re crazy!”

“No I’m not, tell you what, I’ll park over in that dark corner over there, away from the building. No one will see us. Come on, where’s you sense of fun huh.”

He put his car in gear, slowly pulled in the darker corner of the lot. Mary still had her doubts.

“There, no one parked around here, and I can see everyone coming from the party, okay” Mary took many glances all around. Turning her head all over the lot. The car was now warmer. Mary looked at John, “Okay, but, keep your eye out for anybody, I mean it. I don’t wanna get caught.”

“I promise, everything is cool, really.” Mary still concerned, removed her coat. setting it in the back seat. John did the same. John leaned way over to Mary. She responded, as they kissed again. As they kissed, he fumbled some undoing the buttons on her blouse. Reaching behind her, finding her bra clasp. Mary pulls away, slipping off her blouse. Then exposing her huge tits. John watched as she did.

Even in the dimly lighted car, he smiled and stared at them. Only lights around were dashboard and some from the parking lot. It wasn’t totally dark there. Her tits out, he reached out. Cupping his hands around both. They were so big, only got his hand around half. Holding them, he leaned in, kissing her nipple, switching back and forth. Her nipples grew larger and harder. He moaned taking them in his mouth.

She looked down, watching him enjoy her tits. Stroking his head as her used his tongue over her excited nipples. He never had a set of tits like this before. He really took his time nibbling them, gently biting, and sucking them. He pulled his mouth from them. Going back to kissing her on the lips.

Again, he stopped kissing her. Sat back upright in his seat. Unbuttoned his jacket, and then his shirt. Throwing them in the back seat. Mary watched smiling the whole time. He reached down undoing his slacks. Sliding them off under the steering wheel. Mary stared, then decided to do the same. She sat back, slipping her skirt off her hips.

Mary had a hard time seeing his cock. Wasted no time to move in. Mary now only wearing her black thigh highs, leaned in towards John. Her right hand immediately on his hairy chest. Running her hand all over. Stopping at times on his nipples. They were hard from her touch. Teasingly, she used her finger over them. Making little circles on his nipples.

She leaned in further, her hot mouth covering his right nipple. His head thrown back, as she gently sucked on it. Flicking her soft tongue over and over. She slid her right hand down towards his cock. She grasped it, thinking to herself, “Geezus christ, it is big.” Her moaning picked up, stroking his hard cock. Making his nipple harder.

Holding the base of his prick, she dropped her head quickly, in his lap. Opening her lips, tasting another mans cock for the first time. His pre-cum tasted good, her mouth working up and down his juicy cock. She was feeling so dirty, so naughty, and so slutty. Pumping his prick as she sucked hard.

“Ohh Mary, yesss, that’s so good, suck me baby, oh god yesss.” John murmured. His head way back on the car seat. Mary sucked and lapped at his cock like a whore. Moaning with her mouth full of his cock. She handled his big balls, gently pulling. Removing her mouth from his cock, Pulling his cock to his tummy, she sucked each of his big balls.

“Mmm yes,” she moaned out.

While she sucked him down. John kept playing with her hanging tits. Pulling softly on her hard nipples. Then, occasionally, rubbed her back. After a few minutes of hot cock sucking, John tapped Mary on her shoulder. Mary stopped sucking, still holding his cock. Looked up at him. “What?” she asked.

“That’s enough, I can’t take no more. Keep that up and I’ll cum.” Mary quietly laughed and said, “So!” And wrapped her beautiful lips back around his cock head.

“No, enough, really, let me return the favor.”

Mary’s mouth made a slight popping noise as she pulled her mouth from his cock. She sat back up, kissing him lightly on the lips. Her red lips covered in her saliva. Wet all down her chin. She wiped the back of her hand across her lips. John put both his hands on her shoulders. Easing her back towards her door. She stopped briefly, reaching in the back seat for some clothes. Using them as a pillow against the car door. Besides, the door was cold from outside.