Seducing Daddy

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My daddy, Matt, watched as I ascended the stairs for my bedroom. I heard him call after me. “Can I get you anything, Sweetheart?” Shaking my head gloomily I disappeared into my room. I stripped off my clothes and put on one of my little nighties, the one with the buttons that were loose and ready to fly off. I walked by my parent’s door, which was slightly ajar, and there was my father, just stepping out of his jockey shorts. A gargantuan cock slapped against his leg. “I don’t believe this,” I gasped. There I was, frozen in my tracks, when suddenly I remembered to breathe. As I sucked in the much-needed oxygen, one of the silly buttons on my nightie decided it was time to go for a ride. Ping! It hit the door. “Oh great!” I ducked down the hall, not knowing if he saw me or not. Anyway, I wasn’t hanging around to find out.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and ripped the rest of the troublesome buttons from my nightie! “Boy, this thing has caused me a lot of trouble!” No wonder everybody was gawking at my body. It was now getting harder and harder to hide what I knew I didn’t feel like hiding anymore. Every square inch of the curvacious creature in the mirror positively dripped raw sex. As I stood there looking at myself in the mirror, I thought, maybe it really was time to unleash the new Lisa Dalton on the world.

As I was settling into the bathtub, my thoughts drifted, “Daddy?”

My mother seemed like a very satisfied woman, and now it looked pretty obvious WHY too. Also, I’d answered her own question as to whether my mother had ever sucked my father’s cock. “Noooooo way,” I giggled to myself! ” He’d dislocate her little jaws.” As I seductively opened my lustful mouth, I mused to herself, “If I can do Sean Tranor, I’ll bet I can do my Daddy’s too…….” With that thought I returned to bliss of the warm tub water. Maybe ‘I’ should have taken a cold shower instead.

I examined myself in the mirror with a critical eye. I was what I considered adorably cute, with wide blue eyes and plump juicy lips. I had the true hourglass body, with big, firm breasts that sat high on my chest and didn’t sag even the slightest. My waist was tiny and gave way to a pair of smoothly rounded hips and a perfect pair of jutting half moon buttocks. My blonde hair was full and thick and long, flowing over my shoulders and coming mid-way down my back. As far as I could see, I was as hot as any porno models was, and I’d seen the girls at school in the showers and locker rooms, and could see my body was definitely better than any of them.

I watched the alluring girl in the mirror, realizing with a mixture of fascination and amazement, that she was probably every man’s ‘wet dream.’ Though I had never actually had sex with a man, I somehow seemed to know perfectly every technique for sucking a cock, riding a cock, and using my vaginal muscles to rhythmically grip a cock as it penetrated me, whether from atop or from behind. “I’m a fuckin’ sex kitten!” I thought muttering to myself. “All I’m good for is fuckin’ and suckin’ cock!” It was only a matter of ‘who’ I chose.

After toweling off, I looked around the bathroom for something to wear. I had ripped the remaining buttons off that stupid nightie, meaning I had nothing else to wear. “Shit!” All I had to wear was the towel. It was big enough for most women to tie around themselves, but then most women don’t have these cantaloupes to contend with. I couldn’t even see my feet unless I bent over, and when I did, there was a significant amount of weight to overcome just to straighten back up.

With the towel wrapped around most of my ample body, I clutched what I could so it wouldn’t fall off, and headed down the hallway to the safety of my bedroom. Sure enough, wouldn’t you know it, just as I passed the parent’s door, Daddy walked out and bumped into me.

“Whoops! Oh, it’s you Baby Doll”. As the towel dropped to the floor there was like absolute silence….. As he stood back a little to take in the whole breath-taking sight of my totally naked body, he couldn’t make any words come out of his mouth. Neither of us moved or tried to pick up the towel. And to make matters more uncomfortable, I didn’t make any effort to hide my nakedness either. My heart beat loudly and my face flushed hotly.

Finally, Daddy bent down, slowly picked up my towel, drinking in every inch of my vulnerable body, as he stood back up. Then he reached out and picked me up in his big brawny arms and carried me to my bedroom. As he laid me gently on the bed, he gawked down at me with big crocodile tears in his eyes. “Lord have mercy, Dumpling. I’ve never seen anything that looked as good as you. Even when your momma was younger; never, this good.”

My breathing was labored. “Daddy? Please don’t go. I need you!” I reached out provocatively, but he had already turned and beat feet out of my door.

As I was getting dressed, I could hear the baseball game on TV downstairs. Damn, I was still awfully horny! I slipped on a pair of cut-off blue jeans, held my bra for a brief moment and tossed it. Instead, I sex izle pulled on a very small tee shirt that let my midriff show, and looked at myself in the mirror. Sweet sensations stirred in my lower abdomen, as I felt a salacious tingle as my nipples hardened against the cotton material. My big tits throbbed as if on impulse. Then I smiled remembering what had happened earlier in the hall.

Off I bounced, downstairs in my bare feet, to the kitchen. There was my handsome daddy, sipping on a cold beer watching the game. I grabbed a diet soda from the fridge, and walked boldly into the room where he was comfortably stretched out.

“Hi Daddy. Where is everyone?” I asked. Daddy’s attention was suddenly yanked from the TV, as his eyes drank in the stunning beauty of his voluptuous young daughter standing there with her hardened nipples poking into the ‘very tight’ tee shirt I wore! Stammering noticeably, he offered. “Your m-m-mother went to visit my her sister for the day, and the b-b-b-boys went surf fishing down at the p-p-p-pier.”

“Looks like you and me are all alone for the day,” I drawled. “I need, Big Guy?” As he stood, and reached for me, I couldn’t help feeling small next to his huge frame. I returned his hug with enthusiasm. “I love you so much, Daddy!” My firm unbridled breasts mashed against his sensitive stomach. We held the hug for a little longer than usual this time, but both of us knew it and neither minded.

“C..c..Come sit with me and watch the game, Honey.” I smiled up at him pristinely. “Oh Daddy, you know these dumb games bore me.” Daddy’s eyes were fixed on my nipples that were trying to poke holes though the flimsy material. “Yeah, I know, but I was kinda hoping you’d just snuggle with your old father for a while anyway.” I thought about if for half a second. “Okie Dokie, Big Guy.”

Daddy held his arm up so I could snuggle in the crook of his armpit, and curled my shapely legs beneath me. I could smell manly smells and beer. It was only 11am and he’d already had at least 3 bottles judging from the empties on the table. “How about a beer Darling,” he asked nervously? “If I do, I’ll just take a swallow of yours,” I replied seductively. My daddy looked down at my full moist lips and thought to himself. “I’ll give you something to swallow, you little cock teaser!” It was almost as if I could read his thoughts. I smiled up at him and then nuzzled deep into the crook of his big arm.

As he sat there with his mind and attention more on his supple little daughter than the game, he gradually allowed his arm and hand around my shoulder to slide down my back. The slight increase in weight caused my upper body to slowly slide down the front of him. His heart beat faster as my head approached his stomach, while his hand was now in perfect position to run across my breast. Apparently, he thought, I had drifted off, otherwise, I wouldn’t have continued to settle further down his torso, or would I!

Slowly and methodically, I adjusted my position, until my head was comfortably in his lap. As I lay there, breathing softly and directly towards his crotch, I began to feel a stirring,and what a stirring it was. I could feel my own heart beating noticeably faster. “Oooooooo,” I anticipated excitedly. “Come on, Daddy. Show your little girl how big your cock really is.” The bulge pressing into my neck directly under my cheekbones continued to grow…and grow. Again, I carefully rearranged myself on his lap, as if it were a natural reaction in my sleep. This was ideal for me to position my face so the side of my mouth was directly over the largest hunk of his humongous cock.

I know Daddy had completely forgotten the game on TV by now, and was in a full blown sweat, and a full blown hard on. He was trembling all over. I could almost hear him praying that he wouldn’t wake this vision of sexual desire directly on top of his hardened cock. All my thoughts were lost in a fantasy, as I imagined him sitting there naked, with me deep throating his big hard cock. The music of his commanding words……. “Wrap those sexy lips around my big cock, you little slut. Suck it all the way down to my balls!” Lost in my daydream, he consciously moved his hand to my breast and squeezed it. As he did, I opened my wildly excited big blue eyes and looked directly up into his. He froze like a deer caught in headlights. The fantasy suddenly vanished!

Softly, I whispered, “Daddy, don’t be scared. I know you want me.” I slid my hand up his leg and covered a small portion of that huge slab of hot cock meat that lay only superficially hidden under a layer of cloth.

“And I want you too.” As he sat there held captive by my soft wet eyes, my full luscious lips, I cautiously reached for his belt buckle and slowly pulled his zipper down. Stunned, he sat there, hardly able to breath. I slipped my soft little hand inside his pants and firmly took hold of his big daddy cock. He whispered hoarsely “If I die today, I will truly die the happiest man who ever lived.”

I couldn’t get it out with just one hand, so while sexmex porno never losing eye contact with him, I maneuvered my other hand in position to help free the steel tube. The head on it was tremendous!! Yes, it was as big as the toy in my mother’s drawer, but now, in the flesh it actually looked bigger. It was certainly almost a foot long, and definitely bigger and thicker than Jim’s was. I slid off the sofa and onto my knees between his legs still maintaining eye contact. I wasn’t about to let go of his impressive hard on. As I stroked its full length, I smiled provocatively at my hung daddy. The look on his face told all. How many times had he fantasized about his Lisa’s big sexy lips and cavernous mouth servicing his hard cock?!

I generously licked the palms of my hands, one at a time, and slowly worked them up and down his long thick shaft. I looked up into my adoring father’s eyes and purred hungrily. “Ooooooooo, Daddy! What a big beautiful cock you have. You do want me to suck it, don’t you?”

Before he could respond, I closed my eyes and slipped the swollen head of his cock between my warm lips and into my hot, wet mouth. “Muumf good” I managed to mumble approvingly, as I tasted the pre cum that began to ooze from the tip of the hard purple crown. The insides of my mouth were surprisingly soft, like he’d never felt before. Effortlessly, I slid the first 5 inches of his rod to the back of my throat, pausing slightly to suck lustfully. Then, Daddy gasped as I began working my way down towards the base of his gorgeous cock. My lips clung tightly around the shaft as I inched my way down its length, lubricating it with my very talented tongue. My warm saliva ran down the sides of his cock and over his balls. I sensed that he could have cum in 10 seconds, but he was obviously going to make this last as long as possible.

“Damn, Baby Doll! I had no idea that you were such a cock hungry little slut!” Moaning my approval against his prick in response, turning my eyes upward and nodding. Sliding him briefly out of my mouth, I gasped. “Yes Daddy, I love your cock in my mouth, especially because it so bigggggg and longgggg and fatttttttt!” I slapped the wet head against my chin playfully. My sexy mouth was wet with saliva and his precum. Then I turned my attention back to deep throating the entire length of his cock. At the base I slipped my tongue out to lightly lick at his balls. Then I let all but the big purple head slip out from between my soft wet lips. The sight of his cock disappearing completely into my mouth and down my throat was too much for him. There was no way he was going to be able to hold out much longer. He had never had a woman get the head of his massive cock in her mouth before, much less the entire thing completely down her throat! My mom was his first and only lover, and her mouth was too small to do what I could do.

“Where did she learn to suck cock like this?!” he asked himself. “She seems to know every trick!” He kept pulling my hair away from my face so he could watch his insatiable little nymph of a daughter suck and deep throat all the cock she wanted. I began to squeeze his balls with one hand while jerking his rod with the other, following my lip strokes with my tight hand motions. This was just too much, and he began to moan in anticipation of great release. Taking my mouth away momentarily I begged lustfully. “Please, Daddy…..Fill my mouth with your hot cum.”

He reached down and grabbed handfuls of my hair, and jammed my hot mouth back around his now throbbing prick. I returned to the incredible task of sucking on his huge swollen shaft. I could feel his balls tremble in my palm. I gave them one final squeeze, sending him over the edge. I could feel cum shooting up from his balls and out into my waiting mouth. He could hear my little slurping noises, as I tried valiantly not to gag on all that semen he was pumping into my hot young mouth.

“Don’t swallow yet”, he grunted. “I’m not gonna miss the chance to see my load in that pretty mouth of yours, Dumpling!” Obediently, I held my lips tightly around the head of his cock, keeping as much cum in my mouth as possible without swallowing it, but there was just so much. It eventually began to leak out between my plump red lips and down my chin, dripping onto these mammoth tits of mine. For someone who was supposedly a virgin, I had little trouble pumping every last drop of fluid from his throbbing dick. I knew how sexy I looked there…on my knees…..cummy lips, so I held the pose for my daddy to capture forever in his memory.

Carefully, I tilted my head back slightly so as not to spill any of his cum from my sexy mouth. Matt shook his head in awe. “Somehow I knew you’d be the best little cocksucker in the world!” I opened my mouth a bit wider, showing how full it was with his love juices. Then closing my eyes, I jealously swallowed his seed. Next, I licked each of my fingers clean right there in front of him. When the last shudders of his climax faded away, he guided her pretty face away from his well-sucked cock.

Bravely sikiş izle now….I whispered hoarsely, my eyes half closed in euphoric anticipation. “Please fuck me, Daddy, please…” He pulled me to my feet and quickly over to the dinning room table, then spun me around with my fanny towards him. I felt his rough hands on my supple back, pushing me face down. The table was smooth and cool against my hot perspiring body. It felt deliciously good, as I stretched out and grabbed hold of the other side of the table and braced herself. He ran his hands down myt back and over my round muscular buttocks. He kneaded them and felt me pushing against him, tilting my hips up towards him. He had to bend his knees a little to enter me. My feet barely reached the floor in this position and so I went onto my tiptoes as he positioned himself behind me, his now hard cock rubbing against my wet pussy lips.

I spread my legs a little wider to accommodate his massive hulk. He rubbed the head of his big prick along my slick opening, lubing it for an easier entry. “Oh, Daddy. I just know this is going to feel soooooooo good!” He began to move forward, slowly and methodically, delighting in the wet heat of my eagerly responding body.

As he pushed forword, he could feel my wet outer lips open up and welcome him into my hot pussy. I had the tightest pussy he could ever have imagined. Even as wet as I was, it gripped him like a vice, as he gently stroked in and out of me, deeper each time. His moans of pleasure were matched by my own as our bodies came together.

Comfortable now, he began to pick up the pace a bit, lifting me slightly off the floor with each powerful thrust. He gripped my tiny waist now, as he fucked me with short hard strokes, followed by long deep strokes. He loved the way my sexy ass jiggled as his body slammed against it. “Oh God”, I squealed. “It’s just like I thought it would be! Soooo good!!” I hoped it would never end…that he would keep fucking me deep and hard with his big cock!

Suddenly, he pulled out of me and stepped back. He rolled me quickly over onto my back. I helped to reposition myself on the edge of the table, face up, my thighs spread wide, leaning back on my elbows and arching my back, and sticking my big tits out for him to admire. I must have been something to see as I rubbed my soft pussy invitingly. “Come on, you big stud”, I whispered hotly. “Come and fuck me…Fuck me hard!”

Once again, he moved in between my strong thighs, his swollen cock in his hand, guiding its way back into my tight tunnel of ecstasy. In this position it was much easier for him to penetrate deeper inside of me with his monstrous hard on. Buried to the hilt, I wrapped her muscular legs around him and locked my ankles behind his neck. My grip was so powerful…but I knew it was just what he wanted. All I wanted to do was help him to fuck me hard and fast until I came. He bent his head down to my hard nipples and sucked alternately from one to the other. Meanwhile he pounded away at my tight pussy. Sucking and biting away at my tits as he fucked me was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. He held me tightly in his strong arms and continued to pound away, matching my urgent rhythm, while engulfing his face with my generous breasts.

Deliriously, I urged daddy on. “Fuck me Daddy! Make me cum!!! Your cock is so biggggggggg and hard!!! Make me cummmmmmmmm!!!!!” My screams of passion were cut off as I bit down hard on his shoulder, my passion uncontrollable as I came. He could feel my strong inner muscles squeeze away at his dick, milking him for all he was worth. The pain from his shoulder helped keep him from going over the edge, which was fine with him, since he wasn’t ready to cum too quickly anyway.

He continued to slam into me with incredible force and stamina, until my spasms subsided. I gripped him tightly with my muscled legs. “It’s alright,” I as barely able to gasp. “You can cum inside me if you want too…I’m on the pill.” Bending close to me, he whispered in my ear. “No thank you. I haven’t had enough of that sweet throat of yours yet.” Grinning broadly, he began to slowly pull back, feeling my pussy grip his shaft as he withdrew. He got almost out, then slammed forward into me one last time… hard. He smiled to himself as I cried out loudly in response.

A little disappointed, I moved around on the table again so my head fell slightly over the edge. “I’m that good, am I Daddy?” I kept one hand on my pussy and with my free hand, I grabbed his slick shaft and stuffed it into my hungry mouth. I jerked up and down the shaft of his cock as I fingered myself to the brink of yet another climax. Just as he felt the first of his sperm racing from his balls, he pulled his cock from my mouth to scream out in orgasm as well.

This time, I held my mouth wide open and lapped away at the streams of sperm that shot across my face onto my breasts. All of the penned up lust he had for me and me for him came spilling out. He did not stop shooting until my face and hair were completely coated with his white goo. When he finally did stop cumming, I returned to sucking him for a few moments before collapsing, a sweaty, cum covered satiated mess. Exhausted, my father gasped out loud, “Where did you learn how suck cock like that, you sweet-throated beauty?!”