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SEDUCING MY MAID AUNTYHello indian sex stories dot net Readers, I am Rahul, This is my story when I was living with my parents in Hyderabad. We had a maid for quite a few years, her name was Sandhya; she is about 45 years old but still had very firm boobs and did not wear a bra for most of the times. Whenever she used to sweep, her ample bosoms would be visible; however, I could never stare as my mom was always present there. Therefore, I was always in search for the perfect moment when my mom wasn’t there.That moment soon arrived when my parents went to Mumbai for a few days to attend a wedding. The first day, I behaved quite normally so that she does not find anything suspicious. I started my seduction on the second day. You see, I used to come out of the shower in Jockey’s even in front of the maid and mom never used to mind. So, when she arrived that day, I came out of the shower in just my jockey’s, I had a slight bulge. She was a bit shocked, but she did not really pay any attention and I was disappointed.Since I was short of time and my parents would return in a couple of days I hatched a plan. Next day, while she was working I came out midway from the bath on the pretext that the water is not coming. I was dressed only in a towel with no undergarments underneath. She immediately went to the kitchen and switched on the motor. As the floor was wet, I fell down intentionally so that my towels dishevel. I screamed in pain listening to which she comes running. Now she became really canlı bahis worried about seeing me in that state because she thought me as her brother. She immediately got me to stand up because of which my towel fell down. I was completely nude. She was shocked like hell. She kept on gazing at my hard dick. She then took me to my bed. As I was in pain, she suggested massaging me.I lay on my back while she was getting the hot oil. I was desperately waiting for this moment for a very long time. God! I was already hard. Meanwhile, she had arrived with the hot oil. A sexual tension was developing between both of us.She was started on my back. She was gently massaging my back while I was dreaming about fucking her. I was now moaning very loudly; she thought that I was actually moaning in pain. When she was done with my back, she told me to turn so that she could do the chest also. I was waiting for this moment; instantly, I turned and let my dick stand in all glory. However, I did not want to give her the impression that I was lusting for her. Therefore, I attempted to hide my dick. She started laughing and said that she has already seen has enough, so no point in hiding. Furthermore, she said that I have a grown a lot since I was a c***d. At 18, my dick was as large as the rest of the men of my age; In short, it could get any women stare and get wet.Her provocative statement made me laugh and then we discussed my dick for a long time which seemed like an eternity. While we were bahis siteleri talking, she accidentally said that my penis was even bigger than her husband. I was happy as well as sad. I was happy about the fact that I was bigger than her husband; however, I was dejected about the fact that she had a husband. After a bit of chat, that became uncomfortable after that, she told me to rest and she then continued her work. I thought we were really nearing getting in bed together, but her silly husband got in between my penis and her pussy, after this incident, she started calling me Mr. Big.Next day, when I was going to bath, Sandhya comes and ask me whether I need a massage. I readily agreed. I lay down nude on the bed and called her in. She started applying oil on my back; however, this time she removed her sari saying that her clothes got dirty yesterday when she was applying oil. I didn’t really think about it as she usually used to work in her blouse even when my mom was in the home. Mom had asked her to stop it many times but Sandhya never agreed. Her boobs were forcibly coming out of her tight blouse and her nipples were clearly protruding out from the thin fabric. When she was applying oil on my chest, I was just gazing at her boobs. She suddenly caught me staring at her boobs and instantly starts covering up with her hands.This time, I was the one to laugh. I told her that I have already seen enough of her boobs. She acted being embarrassed, but she also started laughing and bahis şirketleri told that I have become really naughty. I was really hot and horny by now, even Sandhya could sense it and she saw precum on my dick, she took my dick in her hand and took my dick head in her mouth and tasted my precum, it’s sweet, she said. I coaxed her to keep sucking and she engulfed my dick and was moving her head up and down. I took my hand to her breasts and opened her blouse and took one in each hand teasing her now erect nipples. I pulled her towards me and took her nipple into my mouth and started sucking it. She too was getting aroused by this and I then slowly moved my had under her skirt and reached her pussy lips. The dual action of sucking her tits and fingering her pussy made her hot and I pushed two fingers and was manipulating her clit, her breath became hard and she was sucking me furiously and I knew I would come any moment.I matched her momentum and finger fucked her while she was sucking me expertly, when I screamed and told her that I am going to cum, she continued and I came in her mouth, this triggered her orgasm and flooded my fingers with her juices, he licked my dry and took out my fingers and sucked her juices. We rested for some time to catch our breath and she said that even her husband does not finger fuck her neither does he allow her to suck him, the combination made her cum so quickly and she immensely enjoyed it.I asked her to lie down and that I would return the favour by eating her pussy, but she said she was short of time and would do that some other day.It was not in my destiny as, Next day, my mom and dad gave me a shock of my life by coming home two days before they were supposed to