Sensual Baptism

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It had been months since she had been touched by a man. And the longer she was made to wait, the greater her want grew. She had reached the point of being almost numb to her own touch. The ever more elaborate scenarios she had set up as she locked herself in her bathroom were becoming less and less effective in satisfying her desires.

She had never had trouble getting herself off before, usually being able to give herself an orgasm with little more than a minute and a pair of fingers. There were days she might cum 4, 5, 8 or even 10 times if she was feeling really frisky. But now, she found it was getting harder to climax. And more than that, she would occasionally feel something between shame, embarrassment and disappointment afterward.

As the creeping desperation of unquenched lust continued to stalk her, her fantasies and waking dreams were going well beyond her story-book romantic thoughts from her teens and early twenties. She tried to resist the impulses that were driving her desires to darker and more deviant places, often times calling friends or family in order to stop the flow of these thoughts. But she could not stop these carnal cravings from hijacking her dreams.

The woman who commanded respect with her dogged determination…The same one who would not buckle under pressure…The one who would not back down, whether to man kartal escort or woman…The one who was just as powerful as any man and as cunning as any woman…The one who saw what she wanted and was unafraid to do whatever, say whatever to whomever in order to get what she felt she deserved…

…was the woman who had dreams of submitting herself in ways that would have once frightened her. Vivid dreams of sex acts her friends and family would regard as depraved were coming to her with increasing frequency. Soon, she was incorporating these more extreme elements into her daily musings.

She had regularly fantasized about getting on her knees to pleasure a man. Now her thoughts went further, envisioning taking him in deeper, forcing herself to take all of him in her mouth, even practicing her breathing and relaxing her muscles that she could push past her fear and take him all the way down her throat. A feeling of exhilaration rose as she imagined all of this with a man very well endowed.

She had regularly imagined a man pleasuring her orally, but the mental images she played in her head were venturing into new territories. In order to feel something more intense, she longed for her imaginary lover to slap her vulva, gently at first, between kisses, and then increasing in force and intensity. She had one dream of her body being maltepe escort bayan bound in a spread eagle position and being blindfolded with her lover using various instruments to slap, whip or otherwise batter her between her legs. She even took to slapping herself gently from time to time to help make her fantasy come closer to life.

She had regularly envisioned having sex, but she was now imagining feeling the intense pressure of being penetrated by a man with a large cock, one big enough that it would take tremendous force to break its way inside her. In one dream, she felt her whole body being broken open as though she were a wishbone being pulled apart. It wasn’t enough to have this man inside her, she wanted him to fill her up, stretch her past comfort. She would be brave and take all of him and not give up or tell him to stop.

She had never considered anal sex, but now she couldn’t stop herself from imagining this man forcing himself inside her ass. Her harsh refusals to previous lovers were a distant memory now. The training her mysterious lover had begun in her dreams made her want him- crave him- inside this forbidden place.

It was the ultimate intrusion, the ultimate submission, the ultimate trust, the ultimate intimacy. She even began training on her own as she masturbated, gingerly massaging between escort pendik her cheeks the first few times before slowly sneaking a pinky finger, graduating to a middle finger and eventually the middle and ring fingers at the same time. She imagined her fingers to be the slender beads he lubed and inserted in her as he penetrated her from the front. Soon she progressed to toys in front and back at the same time, bringing herself to orgasm almost immediately the first go around.

She wanted him everywhere, filling her up all at once, taking her body past its limits, tearing her open to reach her core, offering her body to be used in ways she could not voice. Her body was his to take without asking or apology. She wanted him to own her pleasure, own her desire, own her lust, own her body. Recurring images of him cumming on her, inside her, on her face, on her lips, on her tongue, down her throat infiltrated her thoughts. She wanted his cum on her body to turn runny and drip all over her before it dried, sticky and flaky. Kneeling before him, savoring his cum in her mouth before swallowing him, consuming his pleasure would be her ultimate gratification.

Afterward, he would bathe her in a golden shower. The heat of his body on her in this way was a warm embrace, washing away any and all fear or worry, gloriously cleansing her. She wanted him to scrub her in the shower afterwards with a sponge, the hot water helping to lather her favorite body wash as he scours her skin clean. Drying her off with fluffy white towels, she emerges reborn, renewed and rejuvenated. She is made virgin again in his sensual baptism.