Serving Mistress Brenda

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Serving Mistress BrendaWhen I do take time to think about my old life before I met my Mistress, which is very rare nowadays, I am astounded how easily I fell under her spell. I chuckle to myself when I think how I used to believe she had either d**gged or hypnotised me to give myself so easily and readily to her.It started one day when I received a job to repair a couple of windows at her very palatial home for the little family company I worked for. We did mainly high class work for rich clients and prided ourselves on the exclusive service we gave.My Boss’s daughter Jane, gave me the job and I knew immediately what the problem was. I was held in high regard at the company as a very good tradesman and I arranged with The Client to visit at lunchtime the following day. John who had fit the windows at the house originally asked me to sort it as his pay was being held back until the Client signed the job off once she was satisfied.He said the house owner was a very nice lady and I sorted the time out with her.When I got to the house I had to press an intercom at the main gates. I introduced myself and the female voice said to drive to the rear of the property. John had explained the layout and that the trades and entrance and parking was at the back of the house so I knew where to go.I rang the bell and an attractive blonde lady answered. She was about five foot seven but wore high black patent leather shoes. She was in a nice fitting black dress which showed off her slim figure. I slipped my blue overshoes on so as not to mark any carpets with my boots.She introduced herself as “Brenda” and we chatted before she led me up the double stairway to one of several doors.She was very friendly and showed me the window which was sticking when she tried to open it.I then followed her into another room, which was her bedroom, with another large window with the same issue.”I won’t bore you with the details” I grinned “But its honestly nothing, just a couple of packers that have dropped that hold the glass” I said”You said you wouldn’t bore me” she grinned “Although I don’t think a sexy young man like you could ever be classed as that” she added.I felt myself go red and she giggled “Have I embarrassed you?” She chuckled and I tried to laugh it off but felt my face redden more.”Oh I like that” she said touching my arm.”A sexy man who doesn’t know it” she saidI finally got myself together and chatted back and she stopped teasing me and offered me a drink. I gladly accepted to get a moment on my own and stop the red blush.”Come downstairs, I’ll show you where the kitchen is so you can help yourself” she smiled.we walked down the opposite staircase treading on the deep carpets. The house was enormous and was more like a hotel in size.The kitchen was an old servants quarter with rooms off and a large kitchen. We never comment on Clients houses as some find it embarrassing but this was one of the most opulent I had ever seen.Brenda made me a coffee and followed me back to the rooms as I carried my tools. I explained it wouldn’t take kadıköy escort me too long and she said “That’s a pity, I was hoping you would need to come back tomorrow when I’m alone”She smiled and her perfect white teeth showed against her red lips.”You are going to have me blushing again” I said, this time I was ready and confident.”I mean it” she said “You are just my type and I’d like to see you again, that’s if your not spoken for” she purred.My cock started to swell. She was very attractive and she stood closer than was comfortable and I could smell her perfume.”Are you? She grinnedI must have looked dumb, but I was honestly thinking of wether I should admit to being engaged to my girlfriend “Your stalling which means you are ,but tempted to say no” she laughed.I stuttered, then agreed she was right.”Wow, you really are the most straight talking lady I’ve ever met” I said and felt my cock go rock hard as she moved toward me and stroke my biceps as she weighed my body up.”Leave your stuff here and come back tomorrow” she said.I agreed totally and nodded when she said to call the following morning at eight thirty “That will give us all day together “ she said and kissed me. I held her close and kissed her passionately as she stroked my chest under my t shirt.”I need to get back to my guests downstairs” she said and pulled away and I followed her downstairs.She saw me to the door and stopped me as I drove away. I would the window of the van Dow to listen to her.”Shave all that hair off your chest tonight” she said. “I want you as smooth as you dare be tomorrow, shave everything you feel you can do to please me” she grinned.Again my cock got hard and I nodded as I drove off absolutely stunned.That evening I fucked my girlfriend thinking of Brenda. She was twice my girls age but also twice as sexy.I drove home and jumped into the shower. “I’ll show her” I grinned as I smothered my legs, chest, bottom and arms with the tubes of Veet I’d bought from the supermarket. I shaved my pubic hair off and winced as the cream stung my balls. I washed it off quickly and shaved them carefully.That evening I masturbated three times, the combination of my smooth skin against the sheets and the thought of being in bed with Brenda the following day.I arrived at her home earlier than arranged but she buzzed me in and said to wait at the back door.At exactly half eight she opened the door and stood and beckoned me in.She was dressed in a white see through blouse which showed off her small but firm breasts and an over the knee skin tight leather pencil skirt and black nylons and very high heeled shoes.She grinned sexily as I looked her up and down. As I got to the door she stopped me and slipped her hands inside my t shirt feeling my smooth skin.”Good boy” she purred sexily “How daring where you?She smiled.”Let me strip off and show you” I said confidently.She laughed and moved aside so I could enter the long hallway at the back of the house.She kissed me and stroked my chest and then led me üsküdar escort up the stairs by my hand. I took in her sexy figure as she walked in front of me and hoped the wank I’d had before I set off would help me last once she took me into her bed.”Strip off for me” she said and I undressed as she stood watching, her hands on her hips and smiling at my embarrassed fumbling.”Everything that’s a good boy” she encouraged as I stopped at my briefs. I’d wore my CK white briefs and now realised she wasn’t at all impressed by them.My cock leaked pre cum as she walked over to me, looking at my shaven cock.”Turn” she said and I slowly spun around as she inspected my body.”Mmm, stand on your tippy toes darling” she said and I did without hesitating. She had an aura about her, something that held me in her spell and I felt so at ease stood naked and showing off my body to her.She walked around me and stroked my bottom.”Come and undress me darling” she said softly and I kissed her neck as I undid the buttons on her blouse and laid it neatly on the bedside chair before unfastening the button on the skirt and pulling down the zip.She stepped out of it so confidently and led me to the bed by my dripping cock without even looking at me.”My favourite thing in all the world is having my feet worshipped” she smiled.As though we had done it a thousand times and I had been at her feet to please her, I found myself unashamedly kneeling and kissing her feet, licking the shoes and heels as I lost myself totally in her spell.I did try to look up and work my way up her legs but she placed a foot to the back of my head and pushed me back down to continue my licking of her shoes. My cock was pumping pre cum out and I fell completely into the role play to please her.After what must have been an hour licking and sucking each shoe, she raised my head slowly up by placing the pointed toe under my chin and raising it. I kissed her legs in turn and finally was allowed to kiss her gorgeous pussy through the tiny black panties. They were soaking wet when I nuzzled into them and she groaned in pleasure as she lay back on the bed and I slowly slipped her out of them and got to work on her clit with my mouth and tongue.She was stroking my smooth body and raising her pussy to my mouth so I could really get my tongue deep inside her. “Fuck me baby” she purred and I crawled across her and slipped my cock effortlessly inside her hot wet pussy.I have had sex with lots of girls in my twenty two years but never had any of them had me doing things like this. It was if I was someone else, I had absolutely no embarrassment or shyness when she told me to eat her arse out or get back down on my knees to worship her shoes again. She slid off the bed and stood with her legs apart And ordered me to crawl over to her and kiss her feet. I did without stopping to think. I loved this superior woman dominating me.We fucked all around the room, her on all fours as I shafted her over the table, every position she proposed and all the tuzla escort time, on my knees worshipping her feet whenever she demanded.Eventually we collapsed on the bed. It was dark and she stroked my cock.”Your staying tonight so don’t think you need to make an excuse to leave” she said. Before I could answer I found myself sliding off the bed to fulfil her order and sucked the heel of her shoe as she looked down at me smiling triumphantly.I was hooked. As I say I sometimes wondered if she had hypnotised me the way I ran after her. I visited her every day for two months and then was told to leave my van on a derelict industrial estate, post the keys to work and climbed into her black Range Rover and prepared to live the rest of my life with her. I never questioned or hesitated.”Now your mine” she said as we drove up the long driveway.”Yes Mistress” I obediently replied. I called her Mistress after we had been fucking one night and she stroked my face smiling as she said “I’m your bit on the side aren’t I, your Mistress”I laughed and she told me to say it. “what, Mistress?” I said”Yes, I like it”So she became Mistress and I became “Boy”. I loved it tooI had set up a room in the scullery which had been an old pantry and knew as I set up the chemitoilet and ankle and wrist restraints that I was about to spend time in there. She sat me on the board with a hole in for the toilet and placed a shelf against my neck. I then cut this down the length and with a hole in the centre so half was in the cupboard and when I sat down, the other half locked my head into place and when the door closed, kept my head in position.She praised my work and then fastened me in. She had made sure the wrist and ankle straps had been fastened in with heavy duty bolts so they couldn’t be pulled out. Then the shelf.The door closed and I stayed in there all night.The following morning she smiled and said I was a “Good boy” and told me to empty the toilet and go shower.I did and entered her bedroom.She was stood waiting in her stockings and suspenders and I got down on all fours and crawled over to her and worshipped her feet without anything being said.My life with my Mistress was unbelievable. We fucked every day and night. Her sex drive was insatiable and we did it everywhere in the house.I would clean, cook and do all the housework when she was away running her business. She pointed out cctv in every room so she could watch me do my chores.I was told not to masturbate if she wasn’t there to allow it.This inevitably led to my first “present” from my Mistress, a chastity cage which she delighted in fitting to me after shaving me.I thanked her by worshipping her feet that evening before she locked me “my room” in the scullery.My second “present” was a large butt plug. She lubed and quite adeptly slipped the plug in me before she left for work one day.This was replaced a week later by one so big I doubted it would fit inside me. She lubed it and placed it on a wooden chair and lit a cigarette and sat and watched as she told me to sit on it.I slowly lowered myself down but it seemed far too large and I winced as it stretched my hole. She stood up quickly and strode over to me”Legs up” she ordered. She grabbed my knees and ordered me to put my hands on my head.I cried out as the plug forced inside me. She smiled and said “Good boy”TBC