Sex Education the Perfect Way

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Reeta was wide-awake. She stretched and yawned. Five in the morning was too early for her to be up and about. She pulled up the thin cloth she used for cover and tried to compose herself to sleep when she heard her mother’s voice filtered in from the courtyard.

“She might be awake,” said mother.

“See if she is,” father replied. Reeta turned away and pretended to be asleep. Mother must have peeped. She closed the door, and Reeta heard her working the bolt.

“She’s soundly asleep,” said mother, “I have bolted the door.”

She was mistaken; she had drawn the bolt but not into the slot. When her daughter slowly turned her head she found the door not fully closed. The day that Reeta was dreaming about was upon her. This was not the first time mother had bolted the door early in the morning. Reeta was pretty sure that some form of intimacy with father was to happen, but she did not know what. At nights when mother thought she was asleep she bolted the door and moved to her husband’s bedroom, but that Reeta knew was for sex. But what were they up to in the morning? Suddenly she had qualms about peeping; it did not last for long. Reeta crept to the door and gently tried it. It opened noiselessly. Someone had oiled it very recently. She opened the door just enough for her to squeeze through. She hid behind a column. The view was perfect; there was no danger of detection.

* * *

Reeta’s lived in a small town deep in Southern India on the shores of the Vaigai River. She was the only child to her parents. She is nineteen years old and recently her parents had fixed the date of her marriage to her first cousin. The wedding was six months away. In rural South India fiancées do not meet before the wedding day. This did not really matter for they are usually closely related and knew each other for long. Reeta had played games with the boy she was to marry when they were young. Once she attained menarche, as per custom, they were not to speak to each other though on family occasions they had many chances to see each other. Waiting for the day could be boring, but luckily her parent’s, unknown to themselves, embroiled her in their activities, and that kept Reeta enthralled.

Her house was of ancient design, just perfect to keep the house cool without fans or air-conditioning in the heat of summer. The central courtyard that was open to the sky was the key to the design. A ten feet deep veranda surrounded the courtyard on all sides. Beyond the veranda were the rooms. The well in the courtyard was the only source of water for household use. Water had to be drawn using a bucket tied to a rope over a pulley. Piped water was unknown in that town. Drawing water was no problem for being near the river the water level was very high in the wells. The granite flooring of the courtyard was always wet, that and the country tiled roofing that allowed hot air out kept cool air in circulation. There were no bathrooms. The platform near the well was the bathroom. The toilet was beyond the house in a corner of the walled compound.

Reeta’s father like other men in the town bathed in the river. Taking bath in the open courtyard may sound difficult for women, but it was really not so. At bathing ghats in rivers and tanks in India one can see women taking bath. They tie a sari below the shoulders and very effectively wash all parts of the body without exposing any part they do not want to expose. Of course men, young and old, will be hovering about at a discreet distance waiting for an unexpected whiff of breeze, or a slip up on the part of the woman to uncover a bit of her secret parts. Distant glimpses that last fractions of a second seem to satisfy them.

Reeta took her bath when father was not in. Her mother was very strict about it. Though only mother was in the house Reeta used a wooden screen to hide behind. Mother bathed in the nude. But she bathed before sunrise when Reeta was asleep. Her father is an early riser too, but not at 4.30 when mother gets up. Father would occasionally be about when mother bathed, but between husband and wife that should not matter. Reeta has of course seen her mother in the nude. Sometimes when she has oil bath Reeta would assist her to bathe, wipe, and powder. Reeta’s mother’s czech harem porno trimmed her pubic hair and taught Reeta to trim her pubic hair too.

* * *

The sight that came to Reeta’s view as she crouched being the column was thrilling. Her father was standing in the courtyard and excising with his dumb bells. Reeta has seen her father using his dumbbells, but today it was different—he was quite naked. He was tall, fair, muscular, and very handsome. What Reeta was watching that morning was not his muscles, but his genitals. It was dark and hairy and Reeta thought that it looked very like the bandicoots that roam their compound in the night. She was amused that she should be comparing her father’s organ to bandicoots. It was not only dark and hairy but its size was that of a large bandicoot. More surprising it seemed to have a life of its own. Sometimes the testicle bag hung loose and dangled, and at other times it was tight against the testicles with the skin wrinkled. The testicles were a beauty. They were large and globular. The penis was another marvel. At times it was small and shrivelled like a chilli pod; at other times it swelled to a size of a banana.

Presently mother appeared. She removed her sari, then her blouse and then her bodice. Suddenly her father’s penis changed shape from a banana to a foot ruler. It had the same girth as a foot ruler, but was not that long. It was not hanging down either; it was pointing up like an anti-aircraft gun. Mother then shed her skirt and was totally in the nude.

“Don’t look at me like that as if you have not seen my body,” mother said.

“Seeing you lying with legs split on bed is one form of pleasure; seeing you like this is another.” Father fondled her, and then hugged and kissed her. Father’s hand went to her mother’s vulva and he tenderly rubbed it. Mother lifted one leg and rested it on the well wall. She moved her hips back and forth in obvious enjoyment.

Father then sat on a high stool, and mother sat on a small stool in front of him. Mother soaped his penis. Mother was holding it and rubbing it using both her hands like the way milkmen milk cows, and father was leaning forwards and playing with her breasts. This went on for some time and then father poured water on his penis, and mother washed it clear of all soap, and then she took the bulblike tip of the penis into her mouth and started sucking very animatedly. Father was shivering and trusting his penis into her mouth almost down her throat and then pulling it back till the bulb at the tip was visible but not quite out of the mouth. He did it again and again, and then he must have ejaculated for mother was sucking and swallowing. When the penis came out of mother’s mouth it was small and shrivelled. Mother took it tenderly in her hand and licked it clean. Then she got up and sat straddling on father’s hip and rubbed her vulva against his penis, and father put his hands on her buttocks and pressed. They stood up hugged and kissed on the lips, and then washed, and mother went away. Reeta quickly went back to her bed, and turning to the wall and closed her eyes as if in deep sleep. Her skirt was wet with her vulval juices. She rubbed her clitoris for pleasure of her own. When exciting herself she always, and with considerable effort, avoided using the image of her father for it was sin to do so, but today she fantasised about father without limit.

From then on Reeta closely watched her parents when they were together. She was thrilled and proud of what her parents were doing to each other. She vicariously participated in the love life of her parents. It was then that she noticed that the sexual attraction for each other was very great. Something was happening all the time especially when they were watching TV. During love scenes they would sit side by side and hold hands. When women in scanty dress appeared mother would displace her sari and bend down and look up, and they would exchange glances and smile. All this must have happened before too and Reeta wondered how she missed noticing. Sometimes when she found them excited by what was happening on the screen she would pretend as if she had to go to the water closet. As this meant going out into the czech mega swingers porno compound they had ample time for hugging, kissing and fondling. They must have, for when she returned she always found mother’s dress wrinkled and awry, and father had a big penis that he tried very ineffectually to conceal. One day even as early as dinnertime she could guess from the way they were looking at each other and touching each other in strategic parts that they would be having sex that night. Reeta wished she could have a peep that night.

Reeta pretended to be asleep. Mother got up and slowly went to the door, closed the door and bolted it, but greatly to Reeta’s joy she did not once again shoot the bolt properly. Suddenly she had a suspicion. Was mother deliberately keeping the door open? She did not spend too much time thinking about that. Time was of the essence for they were so greatly in need of sex that if Reeta delayed the show could well be over before she reached her ringside seat. Reeta crept to the door and slipped out. The door of her father’s room was partly open and the light was on. Reeta crouched on her knees and slowly crawled to the door. Taking care to be in the shadow she looked in through the ornamental railing of the cot.

Mother and father sat on the large ornate double bed that almost filled the small room. They were facing each other with legs bent and the knees entwined. Both were naked. Their organs were touching; their thighs and chest were in contact too, and they were kissing on the lips. With hands they were exploring each other’s bodies. It was a delicate demonstration of bonding in the truest sense of the word. There was nothing prurient about it. Reeta watched thrilled.

They were speaking softly into each other’s ears. Father must have said something for mother backed away, and leaning back with arms resting behind her on the bed she spread her legs, and bent her knees. Father went down on his knees and kissed her vulva; Reeta could see his tongue play round the clitoris. Mother then pushed him away playfully and as he fell back she caught his penis, now as thick as a crowbar, and taking the tip in her mouth she sucked it as if it were an ice stick. Then she sat with legs crossed and taking her husband’s head in her hands she cradled it on her laps and took her breast and offered a nipple like a mother to a suckling baby. He grabbed it with his lips and sucked and as he sucked she closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. After a while she turned and offered the other nipple to his lips, and she taking hold of his hand guided it to the free nipple and he gently teased it. She was moaning and interspersed with it she made clicking noises. Then she took his hand from the nipple and spreading her legs she placed it on her clitoris and he rubbed. Reeta could see that her vulva glistening with wetness.

Then mother moved back and taking his head in her hand she slid on her bottom and put his mouth against her vulva, and he like a blind pup licking a plate of milk, vigorously licked it. As he licked mother firmly held him by the hair and played with her feet against his shoulders and back. She took both her hands to the vulva and she spread out the lips for him to reach the heart of her clitoris. She was talking to him, but so softly that Reeta could not make out what she was telling him. His movement increased and mother shivered and then father suddenly slowed and licked with broad slow strokes. It was then that mother climaxed. This time she did not moan; she screamed softly as she had orgasms in cascades.

She lay back, legs high up in the air, asking him to hurry and father was on her. She guided his penis in and it sunk in like a dagger. Her legs were entwining him and their lips were in contact. From just a yard away it was a marvellous sight to Reeta to see her parents united bodily. She could see the penis move in and out of mother, first slowly and then rapidly. From his movements she knew when he ejaculated, and from mother’s movements she knew that her climax coincided with his. Then they relaxed for a moment and then mother climaxed again, and then again. They lay back exhausted now lying side by side in a tight embrace.

Reeta czech pool porno crept back to her room with her vulval juice wetting her up to mid thighs. She lay on the cot, and as she masturbated she sobbed in happiness. When she woke up it was daylight. She was in no hurry to get up. She relived the events of the previous night, every detail of it, and moaned with pleasure. When she went out of the room mother was serving breakfast to father. Emotions of joy surged within her, and if she could have had her way she would have embraced them both and told them what joy it was to watch them have sex.

* * *

A few days before the marriage one night her mother came to her room. From her body language Reeta not only knew that she wanted to talk to her on some serious matter but also that she was rather embarrassed to broach the topic. Reeta could guess what it was going to be. Suddenly she was in a mood to tease her mother.

“Reethu, in a week’s time you are going to have a husband.” Reeta nodded. “He is your uncle’s son and that makes it easier.” She looked at her and smiled. Then with an effort she came out with what she had come to say. “Reethu, the way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach. Do you know that?”

“No Ma. I have read that it is through the stomach. But what are the others.”

“Feeding him well is important, no doubt, but there are these other things that are more important.”

“I don’t think I understand you Ma,” said Reeta looking steadily at her. “You go on repeating that there are other things but you do not say what they are.” Her lips, in spite of her best efforts, curled into a smile.

“It is sex.” Mother was out in the open. “You must enjoy having sex, and you must tell him that you liked it very much?”

“Won’t it be immodest Ma to do that?”

“No my darling there is no such thing a modesty between husband and wife. You have to tell him in plain terms. If you want to have sex with him you must ask him in so many words. Men like women to take the dominant role from time to time. Women who plead headache when husbands want to have sex with them are foolish to an unimaginable extent. Every day you must lie by his side. You must kiss him and touch his cheeks tenderly. You must expose your breasts, and hold is hand and bring it to your breast. You must find out his mood, nay create the mood, and then give him whatever he wants.”

“Every day, Ma.”

“Every day, except when you are sick. Most men like to have the lights on. Do not object. And whenever you get an opportunity have sex in daylight. Most important of all do whatever he wants, and train yourself to like it. These are the ways for a happy married life. Understand?”

“You are once again being mysterious Amma. You are going on saying whatever he wants, there is only one thing isn’t.” Once again Reeta’s lips curled in a mischievous smile.

Mother pinched her cheek.

“You asked for it. Now you take it. He may want to put his organ in your mouth and ejaculate into your mouth. Allow him. Do not spit it out. Swallow it. At first you will find it disgusting, but as days go by you will come to love its tangy taste. He may want to lick your love button. Do you know what that is or do you want me to show you.” Now it was mother’s turn to tease. But daughter was up to it.

“I know Ma. Please don’t forget I have had college education.”

“You mean they teach you these things in class?”

“Not in class Ma, after the class. We classmates talk about.”

“Spread out you legs and with your fingers open the fold so that he gets a good bit to lick. Please let me assure you that for a woman nothing is more pleasurable than a good lick.”

“Has father done all this to you Ma?”

“He has, and you have seen him do so you mischievous imp.” Mother caught her in her arms and kissed her.

“Sorry Ma for peeping.”

“No darling there is no need to be sorry. It was no accident that you could peep. I deliberately left the door unbolted from time to time. On those mornings I inspected your skirts and from that I knew when you peeped. I am not college educated but I know that for my daughter to be happy she must be hungry for sex on the first night, and the days and nights that follow, and sex must not be a mystery. Educated people do not know it but the best way of educating children in the mysteries of sex is to allow children to watch their parents making love.”

Mother and daughter hugged and kissed. Reeta was never closer to her mother than at that moment.